Dedicated to Albert Camus

Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

Art is determined by its period (Albert Camus).
We know that there are music art, dance, karawitan, puppetry, commerce even also battle. Marcle art, paint, chisel, plays, writing, love, political, teaching and still many more.

The art infiltrates to whole sectors, created from talented people which was continuously in experiencing his/ her choice. Then we take it, lift it to be science.

At the other opportunity I have said, swan song is created on the excessivew feeling, flaring long, love smolder to whole possibility transform equipments, for the shake of reached destination.

In the other words, the artistic creators are the people firm in the heart, devoted to experience what he/ she believed, so that at his/ her area has many finding that nonplusing people around him/ her. And lines that intended- developed (experiencing life to art) will create marvellous matter, beared new way, new strategy, more careful analysis.

The word of Albert Camus was correct; Artistic is determined by its period. Artistic battle because situation claim to the mentioned to attend, art of build because the time of situation is in peace, the period to tidy up. Only talented people, who dare to be indeed to his / her confidence, be able to create artistic value.

Here there is demand of classify prefer sectors, also can create level, until which is executed not repetition. But, going up of foot steps, to doorstep of skill in one sector that is talented, the wrestling of.

I do not converse structure tightly which oftentimes hurt personality of talented people, we need distance to look into research more wisely. So that people who are in this band do not feel under pressure or teacher, because in creating swan song, in fact there is no term of teacher besides than experience.

Some people tell, the art is rebellion from previously, excessive feeling of the energy of longing. Here its place, longing could create bunch of masterpiece that is monumental and endless.

On the crazy about to the beloved, energy of miss is such kind of endless attemption, of considering time of buoyant which is sometime poured into sheets, for the shake of times that needs to be underscored.

Or the longing is equation of eternity, artistic of converse in coop of light color of jealous, poorness, deeply, explosively and all later make as sign.

Talk about to the rebellion of previous matter, meaning to firstly have awareness foundation, to be pulled as yarn in aid of cloth weave and the deed is conceived as the energy of artistic.

When you refuse, hence is not barren or dead. An artistic worker leaves from here, fondly copious trust. That excessive visible is the effect of fact around sliced dubious, such kind of sneaking fraction of stone to be blown by the high wind.

And I called as the storm of revolution. Can be told, artful is the way of learning to control our selves in releasing potency. What born is clearness leaves from sediment of long to claim something. Restraint is artistic of learn to forge the self, as coalescing singularity to create masterpiece.

Such kind of inclusion which is preceding trough commerce of value, so that hoped result is not pursuant to luck of currency, but with elastic calculation eyeglasses and everlasting. Referred as elastic and everlasting? Cause resides at circle of sudden, that once time claim to be summed up, and the distance different than readiness of, but have sprier bounce.

Rebellion of snubbing, does insult in the form of love or affection killing, which does not converse well-balancedly, visiblely dominate power. In here is the beauty of art of converse, well-balanced feel each other accepting, no straitening.

And artistic of rebel leaves from acceptance sufficiently long time, of excessive darling stroke the wrong way, hence energy of claim in the environment can be referred as the art of defence of gone through solid distance. Converse around his confidence region as something new.

The existing sectors in artistry, begining from the character of its entire carrier. When the characters are forged in such manner, by the place-time of age seeking, transforming perity, speciality of finding. Of seeking of the self personalality, or has sector, and people call, mention it as conceptor.

Even all have signed, does not get out of art of romantic that have been touched, as the father of science. The bearing of sign must be understood by its router, in aid of solid lesson stuff of the branch answers, spacious of congeniality.

And the processing of data around discourse in whole area, the cross meaning for the shake of reaching the formula that conducive of new ways. And also impasse of problem can be finished; even there are postponements at the past time.

This is formula, but everywhere is too tight at its height now. Ball of clay is rolling, the formula of opinion making healer discourse to enthusiasm bridled. Even also have to be paid attention, in order not to generate such kind reform of break the rules or in a passion with it.

The art and the revolution are two keen eyes tide of analysis. Studying it is fully level, precipitation, corrective and also race-meeting energy in coop of light of affection.