Ballad of Crazy Man Accost You

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Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

(I) This is the word of the crazy man,
pregnant for nine months of memory;
life- death in so many fall head long,
the head is a half cold of the angel, the left side is the real world.
The ship of nervousness is in any direction
alike wades the firmament that without color,
roaming in the middle of hurricane;
the time of turmoil of its children,
fall headfirst together with the wines of honor.

(II) He looks at them in crazy about,
think about the world is in crazy,
that the way of the book of craziness is created;
gets up from the sleep of un calamity.
Confused in sudden way to create the ballad of worship in the altar of The Great Power,
in the temple, church, square and in the cage of sky;
The planets are trembling, be breeding on the craziness.

(III) The morning without caused,
the beginning didn’t certain and become the usually,
before the dews are dropping off,
the soft fingers are taking the flower of grass,
then watches to infiltrate the air for the eyes of inner heart being born,
the sun doesn’t want to speak to the pale and bitter face,
also seem behind the veil of dark of the shadow,
the little and cute flowers are compounded by the spell of worship,
doesn’t clearly enough but is scratched by the consciousness of life in the holy morning.

(IV) When the noon open its eyes,
the wriggle lips had slapped then it mad,
the lost days are token by the weather of emptiness,
not token by forced but in passed token,
among that there is thief;
the twilight’s caressing picks the stalk of grasses,
the birds of spring season goes back to their nest,
as much as the acting of children of Bakauheni.
The waiting of paint misses its medicine; who walk arm in arm,
invites the sunless sun into the embracing of freshmen.

(V) The night climbs up the robe of slope at the distance of ravine,
a piece fells down when the brain is flying away;
the mysterious fingers are obtained with the poem’s strings,
the difficult step is changed by the rhyme, awake the depth of soul,
pries up the yearning, the flare of love and lave is back to light up.

(VI) The night is more telling about to reach the silent,
the stars looking each other, the heart is all in closing its eyes;
a slight of light till lighten the thing moves front to the incident.
This is the time of soft craziness, doesn’t seem when it flips,
the river flowing to the heavy current touches the whole inside of heart;
walks together with the soul, the others are joined,
to the hinterland of immeasurable mist.

(VII) The immeasurable poem, not the distance of fate of the crazy symptom;
at the top of remains of the past gate of Samber Nyawa at mountain Gambar,
the dry wind of hills, peels off the back skin of wanderer,
the first is ballad song and then cut off by the softness air of valley’s cluster rice field.

(VIII) In the morning of town’s corner he fell a sleep with disheveled clothes,
life off the grade the forehead fully with the dust at the town square of waiting;
has the dream about across the river, the dugout moves in harmony with the wave,
the water’s sound of gulp lessens his breath much longer flowing crazily.
This is the little smiling of laughing is tickled by the impossibility;
every aura of visiting stamps the feet to fly away,
alike the kapok without soul is blew by the a warehouse wind.
This is the news about the delivered of the news of eternality,
st the beginning was sleepy and then found the summit of romance.

(IX) Sad days like gray cloudy make the space like the earth,
the sun is shy to reap the grasses of paddy,
mean while the seeds bow down
as the sign to approve the season is changed;
continued in the era of perforated,
the sparrow is lazy to create the nest,
receives the cemetery at he corners of building.

(X) He is perfect when accost,
the language of smiling and laughing, the mysterious movement in the soul;
some is deserved to remember, gives the whole attention,
be polite to walk when the period is in crazy,
resembling like the blind man steps without any certain destination.

(XI) You are crazy or the rather crazy one is I?
Let this question is roaming, no need to be hurry aims to the estuary of answer,
Become more blurred to approach to there,
you came to me or more than ever,
you are in the depth of your heat;
you are crazy about the silent, realized until being alone.

(XII) This is craziness that before storied;
he is sailed to crochet of yet intact paint, even what the perfect is(?).
This is the other way that the pen took, no need to worry in the end of sentence,
enters into the room of crazy, be frozen again the steps of balance;
lessens the time’s burden of heart lighten, take a rest
the earth stretches the firmament, you are the cloud of wound.

(XIII) Resembling like wipe the floor but not finish, rubbish scatters all around
but continue to do another thing; the ocean of nervous,
pours the grain of salt doesn’t clearly when it will end.
Enter the bucket repeatedly without need to be worried;
finish to sell it to the market of flower
and releases your wilderness to guess even though doesn’t same,
reaches the hoping fully with stretching wings of same kind of human being,
when the vision of universe at the branch of unlimited.
This is the history under the reality,
the power of gravity is coming out to penetrate the back of night,
the accounting of stars where does it go and where does it have to be,
be answered by the bitter of tongue, heal is injure.

(XIV) When getting bow feels like the mountain is conquered,
the cluster of bamboo soars up to be flute to the infiltrated wind
to the slots of squeak’s sound;
the crying groan of valley to the bottom of ravine of the memory,
and he back to become drunk on a compounding of flower.

(XV) Once time is also,
he is picking up the sheaths to be spread around make a circle,
the dancers pass over the first line of ecstasy, just when he made the work;
the immeasurable history is pulled from him as strong as the magnet,
the iron sands of a clump of memory become remembering.
The overcast lights on warm and naturally,
when doesn’t drop even up a sheet of drizzle,
the stingingly noon is swing by white and empty smoke.

(XVI) And smoke is keep billowing as the efforts of
the fragrant of yellow sandalwood, the incense incarnates become flowers
are collected to incarnate become the flying pigeon;
be released to leave the all footprint left behind,
visit the last and far away century
before the brain reaches the noon and night.

(XVII) Assault the blowing of wind, power of bright really goes on
doesn’t obey the pattern also the color, be perfectly crazy without feeling;
the bitter or sweet is forgotten, the light of feeling precipitates in the shoulder of loyal.

(XVIII) Thus forget lost the hearty laughter
flies upward and fast to the desert of thunderous,
the slowly one is fine, there is the rhythm that he is doing;
the one who knows also understands, visit for a moment,
feels the hesitation of spirit inside of someone’s body,
the softly insane doesn’t look like the imagined.

(XIX) Yesterday, lost his yesterday,
now is all empty aiming to the emptiness,
the sense doesn’t the sense anymore, mark it before too late.
Be far away to step won’t get anything,
the words without end, those rotation in the point of repeated;
as soft as the feeling thickens the intention of thinking.

(XX) Drop the dust be wiped by the in passing wind,
to your front they assume as usual; infiltrate in your heart
an ant on the white paper, you are sink in there.

(XXI) Since he incarnated become the flower, living in the park of Srowang,
there are no other flower unless him. The mysterious park had created in glory,
you muse the existence of mountain that doesn’t meet the end.

(XXII) He sends the greeting, when you are boring to read,
tomorrow will open the same world of aware but different in your accepting;
doesn’t with that way to play the chord with anger, listen to
the reciting of tembang of teaching that take you with to there.

(XXIII) His greeting reverberate, the cloud smoothes in the universe of space,
the tops of musing floats in the height of mountain
and every mysterious swaying is answered and be more complete,
the number walks aim to insanity; he is riding the night’s cart.
to story about the alphabet attends in the kingdom of God that he told
at the pulpit of humanity.

(XXIV) Embeds the dreaming in the gestures of unawareness,
the mysterious movement of tropic’s occupant is laminated with the fog,
where to find the softness, the soul of craziness,
was born together with the end of the history of these letters.
Be hurry to step to wander the forest of silent,
the bats infiltrate into the leafs of silent
incarnates be the air is tied by the night of your destiny.

(XXV) When the shadow come to call you to approach,
its greeting is for you, him also for them;
moves the sharp pen to go to the edge of seashore,
rolls the yearning up aim to the final estuary,
be flopped to beat the rock attack the garden is lying alongside liquidly,
i submit a pulse of water comes for the long time of dry season is released.

(XXVI) The craziness passes by the road that never realized before,
clutching the revenge, blossom wildly of the flower on the stalk
on the body’s fragrant of virgin girl.
Where is unlimited misses the stretching of eyes,
be soft and thick to close the post of the looking.

(XXVII) The craziness finally comes to its summits,
as easy as hermit’s souls flies that as soft as the shawl of the dancers;
the holy grass accompanies the butterflies flap to fell and drooping,
the weak crying is finished onto the sincerity of just one submission.

(XXVIII) The crazy man is remembered on the looking of pretty in front of him,
a figure of woman in the dream alike the glass flower;
he visit and then meets the bright of it,
nothing less than increases to record the time of floating
from the one continent to the others, from the island and then continues to wander,
doesn’t satisfy on the unconditionally adults, will be matured by the teaching burden.

(XXIX) The past one is allowed to go, don’t bob up and down the buried one,
keep coming a numerical lay figure of garden,
the birds will be afraid to the strings later,
while yet even a seed is presented
for their children had far away flied their imagine;
the greeting had come to you alas the bride of sunless.

(XXX) A letter for you as the filler of the alley fully light,
wheezing sound of color’s laughing rooms still buzzing silently in the ear,
and then the obsessed or gift, only the one is moved by the sign of the power
from everything are flowing to there
to one point similar like the poured down one, be lulled by the daydreaming as it likes,
as proper as boy is playing cheerfully, if you wish to wander then move it on.

(XXXI) The passed step, the special color on the surface of pure water,
look at the shadow of your face is facing something like that and then get there;
the drying leafs are falling off to scatter the mirror of the lake,
you are really mad by bring the bare chopping knife.

(XXXII) He is sleepy also be shy to begging,
the goodness of time runs from the thing the before,
be flexible in regularly, take and give is felt peacefully and in harmony at inside,
as fragrant as the blooming bud of flower of the virgin girl smiling.

(XXXIII) The other thing of that way,
the leaking cloud plays the chord with the hoarse sound
fills the echoing holy room to the valley of ravine,
be leaded by a humming of the shadow that misty with the death.
The tamarind tree isn’t have fruit, increasing the season to straightening,
the leafs crying spatters the dew always to us,
the other world is swallowed by the dumb wind after the breath is forget to meet.

(XXXIV) This tembangs are piercing the quiescence,
who is listening behind the devoutness,
the song composing of the crazy man is resounding;
the wave’s singing is dispersing and circle around of its foam
to the beach of relieve to constitute the child of period.

(XXXV) The sun rises from the curvature of sea’s blanket,
no more than is deserved to look at the sadness of the world you received,
feel the time has no place,
translates the place without era
or doesn’t both of them,
the feeling of empty is lost be awaken by the half crazy, alike
the surge washes you away to the near of its charming,
you are understanding the truth.

(XXXVI) As far as the rhythm of anxious,
the tapping sound of midnight clock;
climbs up to the moon is hanging without any certainty destination,
the habitual activity shackles the soul, a clod of cloud is mulching
above your head as the comfort umbrella, the green leafs are shined.

(XXXVII) The craziness leads to one hole,
doesn’t seen but felt,
digs the own grave in the entrenchment of ground,
uncovers the great grand mother; all kind of bones are breaking uncommonly,
spread around, be collapsed suppressed by the war. Where doesn’t change,
become the digger for the all brothers.

(XXXVIII) The bloody twin birth,
the shadow of death is a wink of sword’s glaring
cut off the cable in harmony with stopped flute tone;
as strong as the fingers choke to collapse the hoping
on the storm blowing strident to be delirious- confusion.

(XXXIX) Since the stupefied night is lost,
the stillness goes away the remembrance flies to the small and isolated village,
be prosper before the hurricane is happened which that is snatch away the water source
for field very dry
by the light of sun always thirsty.

(XL) So many sheets of papers of the testimony
on the lava that has been spilled thousands years ago;
the mountain was fully trees, the hills were surrounding
the holy fire was circling the tradition’s ceremony, and
the soul’s dancing was moved by the spirit.
The thunderous of drum was incessantly replying each other and chasing after,
the sound of feet of the soldier alike the bird’s chirp in the jungle,
its breath in the flat of history by the flowing testimony.
All craziness doesn’t come in sudden way,
had arranged by the one who rules the nights of stars
the one who nurses the lotus on the lake of silent reaches the meaning,
as the green fields at the day of tomorrow.

(XLI) Without limit doesn’t mean extinct, don’t you guess it;
there is no other thing except the equality of life hood
that is the movement of inner heart that doesn’t be understood,
in the hand of the mystical power of the God’s line.

(XLII) Wait a moment,
your love will come with a stalk of smiling;
the rose of silent composer cures the pain of heart
and the flowers of lotus as the composer of art.

(XLIII) You understand on lines that run,
translates the nature is moved softly,
the light is on, the rainbow is shining the path
doesn’t forget in the flash moment, gulp the cloud rides the period;
which wait for you to meet, which be doubt to get the stones.
Doesn’t the harmony is created by the values of love?
You are believing, the drum of love is stroke incessantly then getting far away
visit you on the pitches of heart’s pain; greeting for him
alas the bride of time,
you are always remembered in your absent.

(XLIV) Be loyal until the death comes to get you,
be smiled like the full moon, the flowers along of history
that pulls the true soul up to stare at the everlasting sun.

(XLV) The lessen for your shallow vision,
gets hurry to get out in the holy morning returns everything;
the people in throng fill the bargaining each other to the middle of the road
never finish to be eternal is not in the mind, doesn’t in the heart of consciousness,
but in the taken hinterland on the mirror reflection of the honesty.

(XLVI) Sometime the parallel moving you thought as the truth,
the vision states that you are not understanding the meaning yet
then enter into inside; is this the master piece?
Everything is thought- felt,
the top of craziness doesn’t the imagination without explanation,
receives each of the musing before the memory about all is lost;
the snow mountain floats on the ocean that more the body below
from the top melt in abundant is carried by the consciousness of creating.

(XLVII) On the desert the flower is blooming wildly
without any attention also plan,
equal with the myth of the virgin incarnates become question;
as long as you open the padlock of your closing heart,
the wind infiltrates the conversation of the rushing sound- pliant.
The coming down water fulfills the empty room of the sleeping glass,
behind the wall there is stretching up and down stupefied make sound.
Who said enough or overflow?
For you to know the limit of your self, the sun is almost sink,
its light to the valleys of soul
in the stretching of paddy that is contained with the teaching.

(XLVIII) Together with the holy song of the chord playing,
surrounding like necklace to fill the night’s space of the train’s trip;
he gives a piece of fragrant of loyal curvature,
doesn’t deserve to tell unless for you
which is drowning in the cradle of intimate love.

(XLIX) Similar like the tembang is recited by the insect,
announced the dreams of a slight of the wander bird
sign up the secret is not ever been yet to paddle
alike the separated swaying; they nurse the consciousness of shadow of the nervous,
if doesn’t the night of full moon won’t flap into the hinterland,
and your attending is accounted in rumble without ever light off.

(L) The time of silent gives the place,
together moving attacks the sleepy; the stillness talks each other,
the nights is not dropping yet on the reaching of top.
The freedom of his self to be lulled by to follow the feeling,
a little by a little receives the soft, without limit
and then copulate the heavy time before climb down the mountain,
the leaf of kissing mist is different then incarnates become the real accepting.

(LI) Keep going forward; be uproarious to listen to the twilight,
the weight of yearning’s stone as the door closer of the cave of meeting;
the lost wanderer is no other else except the step without asking the question,
the sound of gulping of morning is threw away from the back of reality.
The pain doesn’t thought by the knife but the grace is gift;
the stretching of jump up and down didn’t care until the certainty shows up.

(LII) The long of whole alley of emptiness finds the meaning,
be implied by the thunderous of dying heart among the buzzing of insect;
never bored to entertain for the mankind carries on his period.
He uses the whole words to move the heavy night,
the tree Klampis waits for the collected of leveling fog,
the perfection of the dew in the eyes of formatting leaf.

(LIII) Curtseying the heavy night only for the lightly noon,
the loyal sun passes over without ever tired to keep the sweet promise,
nurses the attention of the people is the big chain of humanity.
The sound of laughing gives the meaning; sink in the thousand of quiet.

(LIV) The cloud covers the cluster night of stars,
the sky drops the color’s sheath of flower’s smell off
hypnotizes the intention to create the ballad;
from the thick alley you mention the craziness,
in the sentence is going to the end leaves the water source
to the estuary of sacrifice, to the all yearning of compliment.

(LV) The next night is so lightly,
the fast train as fast as a shining light fly away fast,
when the sheath is engaged by the water source;
he is alike the told leaf is showered by the memory,
sanctifying the greeting of peace of the brotherhood.
Its hard to be touch by sense from the dropping leaf off in the middle of night,
his age as mature as the season is circumcised on the tinkling dawn,
the hard booming realize to be attacked by the time in concern;
the ballad is composed by the poets take care of the loyal night,
for the soft wings of poem’s fragrant, alike
a cover of coconut’s flower especially for the sacrifice of policy.

(LVI) Be patient, the light comes to you
if you be in devout to create the feeling;
there is no other word except the waiting of going to late night
and the power of strength exaggerates its value
only to get the purpose of missing the full moon.
He has been waiting since from behind the curtain stillness.

(LVII) He stays submerged his body in the middle of swamp,
be drowning in the cold of night to feel
the absorption of the skin’s pores on the blossoming lotus;
is the truly happiness over there?
The night mature the behavior deed with the whole power
pierces the limit of period to release the soul,
for the sediment of the body- heart reminds him
still keep fighting for a gulping of water
cures the poison of understanding of past time.

(LVIII) Is this the incarnation of lament,
be flopped to be alone to penetrate the body
with your strength rips the limit of really,
at the sand of the veins of your humanity.
The descent owe is paid then conviction stronger,
be held by the night makes as its heir;
the embracing is hanging around asks without answer,
the one who aims to there he hugs, and there is no more
all are collected in the bosom of forgiver.

(LIX) The breath blowing pushes the enthusiasm
leaves far the weakly body,
then be usual to find the benediction what overflows.
My brother, come with your invisible smiling
while bringing the cup with honey in it
in order this body to be cure from weakly loneliness.
Then you move this hand so actively,
dances on the melodious leafs by the air of the one who misses;
a handful of hand before,
the night teaches its child to start the night
with the seriousness of love and lave it tells.
Trough a letter of doleful clangs,
your soft hand is slackening touches
onto the easiness that embraced.

(LX) If the season echoes as a moving of soul of wave,
the sky’s accosting of lightly air become overcast onto the abnormally niche;
firstly is the end and then be determined in the heart, nimbly hug the nervous bosom
reciting the kumambang is no other else than splashing of a body’s grace with destination.
That is the water spatters from the lip of sand- white of the silent memory.

(LXI) Its bottom freezes the bones,
the news of descent appears the real story,
a kind of fish is salted; is it here the craziness of death?
The cold wind licks the back of knife,
the wafted cotton incarnates become white cloud,
without limit also fully with the limit
be blew together with the world of gratitude.

(LXII) The procession of Adam- eve is always repeated in the stage of the world,
the human’s inner heart ting-a-ling the step of life- to involve;
echoes the whole universe of the cocoon incarnates become the butterflies
or will be burnt in the stinging of dumb, the bay of bile on the promise of the cutter of heart .

(LXIII) Does like this the story? A stage of craziness;
the light attends to welcome the dancing of crazy man
lets the red light loose, the sound of sky is keep echoing,
the all kind of bones are crushed to bits before the earth say good bye.
When lost the conversation, the judgment is killed without satisfaction.

(LXIV) It is really crazy to move without soul,
a piece of wet maize with the cup; death bodies
are lay sprawled to be tapped by the carcass birds.
Doesn’t the coffin open widely?
The shadow of bat is picking up the fruit of the rose- apple,
its wings is burnt to present the night of creation;
but on whose face the wound is surrendered to the blood trickle?
The bad sorrow he compounds incarnates be the compounding of flowers,
special for the wedding of east and west.

(LXV) The aroma of crazy is moved and then is rising,
the quiver is coming from here; mysterious- gossips, speeches- says,
the mysteriousness will not ignore the stone’s throwing,
screaming as far as they are not sacrifices.
Incarnate become the stones of magnet on the surface of pebbles,
commensurable with the bottle is flopped onto the sand of seashore.
This is the wings of past pierces the head
sees you at the times you are not guessed to be wilder
as the heart beating in the body of its sign.

(LXVI) They know the timekeeper
creates the place in the limit of feeling,
and anyone can go there.
On the top of height the reaching burns cigarette,
the necessary of breathe management designs the pattern of forecasting,
and then at his side is filled by the brightness.
Appears the smoke to thicken the birds at the sky,
be blocked by the cloud of stupidity, the fresh blood gushes
from the intent body special for the thirsty of the wanderer;
the mysterious cups are filled with the oil to light the lamp on,
before light off is fulfilled with the silent, the crowded is colored.
You are lucky to be understood by the musing of footprint in the splendor way,
and will meet the really understanding for later.

(LXVII) Won’t be hoped because you are not him;
that is the sign of another craziness since from the single insanity.
Together with this I entrust the greeting through the trembled hand,
Which he looking for in the late by climb up the body of nights.

(LXVIII) There is something lost after that,
your memory is loosed on the field of noisy;
i wait your inexistence until back to be aware,
your truth you believe as not me or him.
The tones friction of violin climbs up the steep slope,
find you near the cloud; a clump of cloud is coming,
the pouring of rain for you is outguessed to sign up the hurricane.

(LXIX) The insanity is decided to climb down the valley of difficult,
more crazy dig up into the point to be lost in thought into the seeds;
where the trees are planted between the mind and the insanity
The stupidity is under the aware of Jadab.

(LXX) The snow mountain melts to freeze the body dint,
the rain closes the door, creates the fire to heat your thinking;
because of the fire, the stems of bamboo need that.
The river flowing of great grandmother, its freshmen sinks the words
and at its turn, you aren’t trust your self either. After that
God take their doubt out, and then the loyalty is overwhelmed.

(LXXI) The wide river flows to be incarnated becomes the blue ocean;
the children wait at the seashore, he comes to you
gives to one another the bread to perpetuate the happiness
by giving the receptacle with the water of Zam- Zam in it.
Finds him, who comes down as the saver of hurricane
cures the crazy men,
the full valued he is spattering on the forehead of man kind,
before get the small intimate kissing of separated.

(LXXII) In the wandering,
the ragged clothes without supplies unless love and lave,
any his words incarnates become fragrant of flower in his lips;
his small kisses is as odor as the musk, while the swaying of feet
as light as the honey bee whom doesn’t collide the grasses,
the palm of hand is lighted so bright by the behavior deed.
He balances the moving of fate through the season caught up with him;
takes care of the gate of century to be loyal to the mandate,
the angel be obey to the pure of his behave and
the wind spoils at the stinging noon,
breaks through the sweat more than the cloud with slots.
Does the crazy man is the noble person?
Or he runs away from the reality of destiny?
Or gets out bring his fate aims to the world of crazy?

October 11, 2000. The working of this poetry is about one year, above the ceiling of Teeter Eska, UIN Yogyakarta.

1. Kumambang: took from Javanese which means kind of java’s song/ poetry.

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