Ballad on the Sand’s Hill of Hurricane

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Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

(I) The one who retraces the muddy sand of seashore,
climbs the hills of yearning,
and the wind always wipes my feet;
alike a princess caresses my forehead,
when the sweat is starting to come out
and then become steam quickly together with it.

(II) He is alike wanderer
is shaded under the old trembesi ,
the light of sun is going to the afternoon,
sings the gray ballad of romance;
and where is the beginning,
the living place of the world for should be?

(III) I am the weather of dry; write the poem of south sea,
move the paper of this letters,
which have the spirit of a form of creature,
then they are lulled by the wind of beach.

(IV) When the dark cloud is in long deep bowing,
be pulled by a throng of storm,
the sound of golden chariot is visiting the throne;
remains the past of I make the daydreaming of the world!

(V) The morning is also soft, there is some one is whispered behind,
a group of girls is talking about me, when on the hills of your sand.

(VI) Thousands pairs of eyes peep at the fate and my soul,
my nervousness is mixed with happiness,
because the rhythm of loyal sky’s flute gives the news,
alike the news that never end.

(VII) At a cluster of sand’s hill, I hear the thunderous of surge,
and then flutters, rumbles behind your heart;
the sound of bell much longer is louder,
the jingle of concert of gamelan music gets higher, be alike hill of guitars;
I am hunted by the shadow of death.

(VIII) The old wanderer is got hurry to step,
harrows the grass to safe the fauna;
I cross over the shadow of the sun,
be soft wiped by the wind of valley for always.

(IX) The head is took by the heart, enjoys my live,
the yearning specter of your time is ripped;
even your looking is far away be lost in thought,
but my only one wing, is never you paid attention of it.

(X) The leafs of acacia are flopped by the wind of alliance,
the vomit of wave erodes the rigidity,
and doesn’t felt; the sand whom you usually blow
is more burying my musing.

(XI) I tell you what, says the greeting for me to remember always; then
look at the small birds pass over and at once flopped in the air,
its noisy sound is disappeared, together with the spell of worship that ever pass.

(XII) In front of me, a male horse scrapes for its fate,
be lonely, because its feet are not similar like the power of young,
will it can lick the sky
a flaring of stove of kawah candradimuka.

(XIII) Slow down sweetheart, don’t chased your fear will be lonely pain by your self,
because at the armpit of those wings are inserted a pair of gleam knifes,
takes the soul of the one who falls asleep.

(XIV) You may do it,
becuae in your bosom the fate is quickly changed,
but do a wise thing, similar like the wind of bridge,
which always fans your trip.

(XV) Your long hair, lets it hang loosely, don’t
you pay good attention to the eyeballs follows your existence,
because you are blanketed by me with impressive mysteriousness
whom I never did to them.

(XVI) The thing that you do is as holy as noble wish;
the scholars in the cage,
or the east bird be freely to travel.
Inside of you, there is complete hesitation
which can unite the east- west,
and you will be like that forever.

(XVII) As a rhyme with the air,
this cloud of sadness follows the times that they must pass over it,
while you are, the fascinated symbol.

(XVIII) From far, the wind is howling fast; more than ten
wave is ready to assault the camps with stiffly shed,
it also will clutch the sand’s grains of humanity.

(XIX) In here you stay far away from the world of noisy,
while they are only recording the hurricane,
mean while you are developing the storm
a numerical wind teaches to you;
from the far edge you felt those,
then be memorized by the love on the honesty.

(XX) The yowling of dog seizures my devoutness,
I know the energy of its sound is helped by the wind of your everlasting;
gendings is soft for a while and then becoming like bell,
me also as the power of hurricane that you are copulated,
and doesn’t felt the wind of beach become the Master Teacher
when your heart is as cool as the snow.

(XXI) In at once comb your hair even for a while,
as same direction with the wind invites you to go far with it,
even though will return in thoroughly confused for later;
the thing you do,
similar like the fishes live in the bottom of the ocean,
need to breathe, as holy as the human being breathes the pulse of universe.

(XXII) The soft of that sand’s grains
is higher, the soft of shawl is flied by,
motivates to accost trough the letters had decided by God
for the sacrifice of your soul- my soul,
and your breath is my breath in the world of stage.

(XXIII) At the fontanel of my head,
the cloud incarnates become nets of space
more quickly to spread around,
its willing is me as its capture,
for the sacrificing on the temple’s altar of the gods;
but there is another power prevents,
until I was missed from the jail,
because The Time (God) is not pleased yet.

(XXIV) The one who creates the time
becomes the flowers of beach’s dweller;
he is the figure of garden keeper,
sits down lonely enjoys the fragrant of flower,
from one season to another season;
and then the skin of spirit is spellbound and enchants.

(XXV) Back to look at you,
the dancing of the palm’s leafs is harmonious with the time gets blue,
follows the rhythm of heard wavelength
from behind the hill of the world;
the soft of it has curtain,
while you, how many level you had passed over the curtain?

(XXVI) When the mouth is being dumb, I read her eyeball,
her polite hand is so soft, there is never boring waiting
waits for the pretty one comes to visit you;
the green leaf is shined, the pure dew becomes crystal.

(XXVII) My brother,
move your sitting place a bit even for a while,
actually behind the back of hill,
the fertile trees are shoots each other,
stands clearly on the wind’s flopping of your inner heart,
but do you know? And do you think about them?
It does that, waits for your attending,
your friendly embracing,
before the separation of destiny engages.

(XXVIII) You shouldn’t stop until that way,
because the spirit in your bosom is ready to help,
as if the time always new aims to the youth of light.

(XXIX) If you are taking peace by peace the outpouring strings
from the love and lave of rain to you, that is still exist.

(XXX) The one who’s usually in the isolated world, why still have nervous?
Then want to finish the grace of loving vibration?
The fact is already a lot of powers that you had took from its passion;
doesn’t it only feel bad to your best friends?
Which has been waiting with depressed like you too.

(XXXI) What he doing is sharpen the summit of the rock
makes the grains of sand to have the meaning;
does not only for you, also for them,
although that time they forget about you,
even up be whined to be agree
on the wind- wave that he ever visited,
as the place to bail those well of eternality.

(XXXII) Just relax,
enough for you to remember, then they feel too;
let him walks with his own option,
and you step on your conviction.
Straight or had enough,
until gets back as strange human in front of them.

(XXXIII) The one had moved
the fate’s gravity of the world even for a second,
the particle of my aura glares lightly,
and the perfume of its atmosphere is still sticky onto them;
this is the black rose, liquid poison of period’s compounding, they said.

(XXXIV) He strips the supplies off
when his black ink is sailed without plan;
you did too,
felt how this earth had pounded from inside,
and your body has a layer of the power.

(XXXV) Heighten the soul’s element of essence
to the land of noble,
the lotus is getting higher at its stalk;
your superiority from them,
which only waits the a queue of the time.

(XXXVI) Doesn’t enough to stretch,
has been long time spends the atom of life
only for the traveling without gestures,
resembling like be stabbed by knife of night shivers in desperate.
You hug the stars after looking each other,
only for returns the power;
the stolen one will be back, the one who gives will be sonly receive,
for present the smiling, get the intimate kissing.

(XXXVII) Now the eyes of lake is turbid,
the sand is spread around, be seethed in the heavy current,
throwing the body to make a hole in the space;
only the near eyes, understands the yearning from the sad of the top of pen.

(XXVIII) The staging is starting to show,
the painters stripe a little of the courage of color,
and the poets re just started to scratch a few alphabet,
as if summarizes the world with the arrogance;
they think had superior than The Creator (God).
A half of them are said;
“if God still there, He has the plan!”

(XXXIX) Mean while,
i keep in sitting on the green virgin grasses,
while chiseling the time on the stone,
to tell my destiny fortune for them.

(XL) Occasionally the hanging loosely hair is touching my face,
I allow it, and sometimes I caress it softly
with hand’s fingers that there is the loyal ring from her.

(XLI) Then she walks, while understanding the meaning of tombstones;
in so many times the twilight drags the sun,
the hours are back to stopped in the leaf’s dew of your heart,
similar like the nights before,
loneliness without a friend,
also there is no more, they said;
“the face that is deserved to imagine!”

September 21, 2000. Parangtritis Yogyakarta.

1. Kawah Candradimuka: a name for cauldron in the stories of wayang playing.
2. Gending: the musical composition for gamelan.

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