The Ballads of Too Early Destiny

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Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

(I) At the height of steam under the shelter of light,
the space fully with the grains of dew is dropped on the face of ocean;
before the wave of musing is swaying its hand to the final gesture of its period.

(II) The time is come for it to sit with cross legs in the water maelstrom of water source,
there is no spatter only the air of the owner of time harrows the surface.

(III) The smoke of incenses distills the air of height,
the atmosphere incarnates be compounding similar like the ballads in the ear of hermit;
a white pigeon flaps to go home to the nest of the peace of soul.

(IV) The destiny in the line of complain is poured to the blew remembrance,
from the firmament- tiles aim to the estuary in the land of dry season
for a handful of emptiness in the bosom,
and the meaning keep digs the burnt up before is getting to its times.

(V) Take your clothes off to copulate the room,
the rotation of destiny as fast as the atom of second;
to be broken or frozen of the mystery of echoing sounds,
beats the walls of water to splash to the face of the world.

(VI) Trough the finger’s dancing to sacred the hesitated soul,
the haunting spirit the curious soul, stays in here
together with a grimace of the star waits for the full moon;
the white clouds are pulled by the wish of the sky
spreads to the corners of firmament.
The throne of nigh is painted at there.

(VII) The tinkling of hand’s bracelet, the dancer’s ankle bracelet,
the heart’s poem to the valleys replies each other one another
at the pole of era, had written the after and before;
this is the happening of struggling of seashore’s sand,
be forget on the wind of stingingly sun on the chord playing of the light
which is peeled its skin by the first climbing.

(VIII) The flowers are falling off
leaves the fragrant on the birth land,
aims to the post of golden dry to incarnate become eternality;
i am in the depth over there sweetheart, together with you too.

(IX) The prayer’s hands create the power,
the colors of compounding of its sound is lifted by the universe’s mist,
the light reflects to the stone to create relief on the Magoa;
is it really placed on the place of its meditation?

(X) Cares your hair to enjoy the shaking green leaf,
many colors of lake are absorbed by the visiting sun;
it sits to look at the stones of knowledge,
throws the pebble to measure the yearning of nervous,
considers the goodness of suspicious before stepping away
aims to the eternality world of the poet.

(XI) Folds the free time, the shaking of softness hand,
the relieve of the breaths before is guided to keep breathe;
the cut off soul is united by the hunger to miss the truth.

(XII) In here the sucking is arranged,
the narrow room incarnates become magnet,
the cloud is the park the flower is the words,
the falling drizzle flows to the summit of crazy about,
the ocean is resembling like the town square as the place for children
of the river (tributary) to meet, god- goddess unites the fate.

(XIII) An ant drags its shadow
crawls and creeps to approach the light
and butterflies stretch down tiredly are swallowed by inexistence;
radiate like the glowworm to the devoutness of bow in resignation.

(XIV) Strange for it; all of the staring is seen mysterious,
hangs the strings between exist and inexistence,
when awake is at once moved lovely.

(XV) In one morning a dewy paper is wiped by fog,
the moon delirious in the calendar of era
and the shadow of tree is trembled by the fresh youth.

(XVI) Remember again about you the sand’s grains of holy alphabet,
suffuses the contented night in the niche of exciting life
and the cloud joins together at the walls of ancient’s sky;
the man kind steps on the stairs to the presence of God.

(XVII) The God’s wish is written alike a scratching of the pen is multiplied fold;
the carving of intention at the summit of sentence of God.

(XVIII) Surrenders the whole body and soul,
there is no repeatedly understood to breathe the air,
unless sucks the summits leafs of casuarinas;
at there the all kinds of bones are lined- gathered,
the deed of journey is a pulse of moving of love and lave.

(XIX) The intention of magnet pulls the grains of iron,
jars the flat of heart that its vibration is understood;
changes the subject- object in the room. He has the power
to wake the digging from the old well for the servant of God,
on the bright of light purifies the eyes of heart.

(XX) There is no ability to record,
the heard one is not memorized anymore or forget ache without any medicine.
Only the dawn returns the yearning by the past calling;
white clothe, white firmament, white ocean and everything
for the guided one is stabbed on the heart.
And the next is it prays in the space of universe;

(XXI) “Sweetheart, you know my secret in your house,
all dress of my worldly are taken off and be sincere to divorce
my pairs; you are blanketing me as heavy as the sleepy of
intimation, that sickness repairs my way aim to your kingdom.
And my contemptible is more than the dust on your yard
that you are hedging with certainty.”

(XXII) “Sweetheart, I am happy as beggar
at the quarter of the street in the middle city for erase
my life is crazy to be hoped by my lost emotionality.”

(XXIII) “I follow the destiny of quiet is mixed with the nervous,
the death reminds me to you;
returns the yearning to grow up without withered,
my winning is sitting down beside you dear
when everyone is seeing us in the middle of noisy.”

(XXIV) “Your willing is my life be molten,
thus flop it faster;
its horrifying to the beach of awareness.
The rock of my conceited is too weak,
so many rolling of surge break
that my fate of beating you want.”

(XXV) “Sometimes, i hate the beauty of nature,
when the moon- stars doesn’t entertain the sadness,
only the dew of your existence make me feel so comfort;
best friend, truly is i enjoy the silent by my self
but the God’s will pushes me to be not lonely,
my secret is fully on you.”

(XXVI) This often feels cold- terrible and lonely- painfully,
the gray looking is until be jealous to them,
but you pull me up while saying the word;
“you don’t be jealous because i can be like that either,
if you spend your youth to be not with me,”
then I am got the hesitation in all the time;
“where is your love for my youth?

(XXVII) Sometimes, I doubt if I am in your side,
or in federation of your enemy? “You are young will be better to be patient”
that sound comes from the best friend whom admonishes my sadness.
“I am not so strong my best friend, I was ever far away from you. Because of that
do I repeat it again now to create the jealous for you?”

(XXVIII) Oh my God, gives him determination,
the softness of clever the wisely understanding, and gives spacey relieve
on Your doors as You promise; the easiness for
souls of patient, waits also hopes the dearest sweetheart.

(XXIX) Oh The Inmost Sweetheart, he doesn’t mean to refuse Your kindness;
he just sighs and complains, all of his heart you understood.
You wish if he based on your shoulder only, don’t You?

(XXX) The news of tears nervousness is the winning from You,
it is your light, not for him the nobleness;
each flat is curved the much heavier sadness,
if settled up until here how to make intimation?
He is your fragment who misses lovely to be with you.

(XXXI) The gray eyes, feet and hand are dirty with dust;
“will I be happy like them under the area
of Your love and lave? Clean the wet dirt on the feet into Your lake
in the cocoon of sincerity, you pour onto.”

(XXXII) “Satisfies to pile the feeling and I receive
you be really angry to me because of mistaken gets out loosely
the abstract happiness; you laugh be blended over with the hate to miss
at the times watch my hypocrisy to you.

(XXXIII) I hear a star on the sky above
say the word to me; “Don’t I more bankrupt?
The human being moves freely while my fate is waiting?
The energy gave is used up, I can not do more
as the people dream on me. Thus be sincere to receive
as long as you are still breathing. “After that, the star is lightless
and never seen back at the similar nights.

September 30, 2000. Gedong Kuning Yogyakarta.

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