The Water Zam-Zam For You

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Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

(I) All the time of empty space, ghost for specter of yearning,
room should be empty, creates the strange voice in the ear of bird;
the power of absorbing is back, dust is scattered around from the weakly walls.

(II) Just like this or exaggerates the problem,
enough for storm of hurricane that born the beginning world of holy fire,
the worshiping is done together with the one who enters into the soul of feeling,
doesn’t recorded become mystery; whose ghost be brave to accompany (?).

(III) So overripe the spirit’s nest of the effort of civilization,
the long time to scale, whole universe helps,
in accelerated of motion of fate light of change.

(IV) The light of sky is opened, the color for me and for them,
the fireworks in the middle of night, the angels is small beads- stars;
be poured you felt the many kind of flower in the hand,
but useless if without destination.

(V) Best friend, calm down,
at the clear lake you enjoy the stalks of thinking,
grass of feeling on the dew be spruced up into the mirror, the eagle’s eyes of wanderer;
once grain is fell down, chord playing is rolled on the stage of the world.

(VI) The one who gets into the pole climbs down the valley,
together with the sun moves body- freezing a bit be molten,
then you got the stars copulate the light;
the tear of wood’s dew turns into crystal at the tied strong willing.

(VII) He spends all the energy of morning’s aroma in lonely way,
purses are moved away, the cone-shaped objects of musing is understood,
item means incarnate become the magnet, the grains of iron adheres
onto the self strongly, the energy of natural power.

(VIII) The self’s universe of loyalty makes into time and space, far away
recites tembang to compose the ballad of mysterious
aims to the stillness point of meditation.

(IX) Someone misses his cave of meditation,
watches around the nest of spider; then he is piercing the ceiling,
the light of bluefish of life has been breaking trough since from the slot of secret.

(X) When doesn’t understand, he released from the energy of gravity;
wanderer is building the house, the stones of mountain unite the fate,
the earth’s thirsty of everlasting splendor, aims to the centuries of thrust.

(XI) From behind the doesn’t understood thing, he had the content;
feels the wafting of dust into the pores of human’s heart
be touched and moved to see the existence of God’s line.

(XII) Situation enters to make a hole into the soul, be cracked by the atmosphere
also unites them; at the immeasurable era won’t be back,
the God’s wish as how the inner heart does.

(XIII) It spends the ancient’s aroma,
the history place as the birth of myth- legend;
sometimes, the human is forget on the ambush,
be free to be lulled beside certainty.

(XIV) If just finish it comes out in real,
in front of the door accosts the firmament;
its breath is universe, its twin brother is the cloud of soul,
the spreading out of light peeps at its beauty,
flies away without law except the God’s wish.

(XV) Remembers on the past grasses, the air delivers
the aroma of flower on the shaking stalk;
that is the chirps of bird flies at night
alike ships wade the wave,
sails the life be spread out with the seas,
fight for the beach must have scarified.

(XVI) The spirits room into the space around the firmament,
the paint brush dances to wander the map, and the sky always blue,
the cloud herds the season and yearning, the place for you is my heart,
the blue one, the face of yearning meets the kapok of yearning on the royal bed.

(XVII) The land is fertile for the seeds, the lake for its fishes,
the sea’s wave with its patient salts the beach,
the feeling is completed, the mountain has the tree of giant tamarind fruit;
hope on the waited presentation, the form of a boy misses.

(XVIII) After long sleeping, the moving are flogged,
the conviction is buried for centuries and now is raising again,
to collapse the stones, collide those statues;
be cracked and be molten without yearning.

(XIX) It lifts the flopping water with the color of mature up;
the hundreds years teak’s tree, the skin become thicker stands firmly,
its branches are big its stems are fresh, its leafs are green and be wider.
Because of it be fall off or blossoming, the fast wind is just
the truth princess; she keeps tough to accost the changing of season,
its root pierces the earth unites the wind,
and the rotation of river has the field of cloud.

(XX) The eyes tinged watches the night- noon without tired,
at the old and weakly body, whole its wings are knowledge;
has been flying since from one continent to the others, its claws
grip the head, and they are more jumpy.

(XXI) It is the incarnation of past century, perching on the cluster of rock;
the life watches strangely at the afternoon of be quiet on the power.
Want to stop before it is blew by the darkness of night,
the faces are roaming, its wings are thick,
and again, its shadow is creeping the death.

(XXII) The story pandemonium, when it is dying on the desert of Sahara,
the wanderer help it , giving it a gulp of water as the brighter;
its said,
that water came out from the feet of Ismail whom struggled in thirsty.

(XXIII) It flied to step on the bluefish stair, the news are broadcasted
to the whole universe. The angels are envious, when the it shake hand with the prophets,
seeing face to face with the whole heart; begging for mercy of all greedy,
on the sign of its dream in the noon, which without safe of the place.

September 26, 2000, Kadipaten Kulon Yogyakarta.

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