Ben Okri and the Real Poet

Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

Poet contrasted with the world, because he could not accept anything appeared as it is (Ben Okri).

The poet comes from craze anxiety over the burden of his environment; sphere where he found great problems, in front of him statement of life is incompetent, colors are chaos. However, when he is seeing the blue sky, his breathing space is found in relief, the clouds is flying as such a form of social movements, stacks of civilization. And, when the wind is coming, he found the past ages giving news, and then decreased again to get a little tame chaos.

Hence, continued by wanderer to enter the wave of life riding on the wave of feeling of human being, meet precipice of eyes in the middle way and steep ravines of cynical looking among human being. He walked as if he did not tread also without shadow, in that situation he knew the words.

He was running shadows from the clouds of his body, carried deep and overwhelming sadness on the fate of socializing that lost in jungle of noise. When sorrow was culminating, he spilled tears out more than before to clarify the view. Frown was working like gathering of blackened clouds and then heavy rain falls, the earth of his heart was freshened like a miracle. Particular side is same rumpled like his hair that was showered by rain and such as the red of rusty iron.

Here, the poet was stabilized him self with the time and space to combine distance value of integrating eye. He stretched the possibility as far as he could when arrows of sunlight arrived at palace of birth. He was making love with various destiny of objects to investigate gently through the empty spaces of thoughts, compounded the matter about wholly embracing to stir up niche of humanity, visited to lovely lips of analyzing to kiss it deeply before spelling and seducing the words.

Night or day is not a problem for him because of supported the world of between, such as blanketed by veil of dusk atmosphere and the blossom of dawn; the earth and the sky has language. The plants scatter adage (advice), flowers inspire the hope of human being. Someday later will be his turn to be assumed as half crazy until degrees of insane because he often cut off the way that is considered important by most people, which are the rules of equity that kills. Hence sometimes he was looked alike making affair with the reality to get real answer, such as move seat.

Because of his reflections is so typical, they were fascinated but full of hatred, because of the attendance persons have exasperated valid understanding. But they need supports, because all problems are in the side of his sense. Which of course his sentences didn’t derive from visible dreaming and didn’t of motivation of dreams that is rooted from the narrow conviction in which waiting for miracle. His faith has been matured and embedded deeply inside his heart until his reaching transformed to be hearts voice boomed of together. Or his spirituality meditated socially to follow guarded circle of life, so it is hard to understand his words.

He was created by the definition of critical scholars, literary critics is just guessing and approximating and trying to approach as if experienced the poet’s life that sometimes crossed by the intersection theory he holds. While, if the poet produced criticism is that he had been experienced, self-critical on the way he passed through pulls the memory on creative motivation. If he quoted the words of other poets, it merely say hello to those poets.

Musing in childhood is an expensive sketch when is growing to adult, the daily experiences embedded tight and introspective guarded by carefulness. Resembling like glass of full water carrier is expected to not spill, carry receptacle on head where the balance is the first between reasoning and feeling in the fireplace of night. Also reading without flickering and will be disappeared when we sleepy, the sleepiness like the spirit of lover who died and came into us with understanding. So, his consciousness widens the sphere and weaving a long net for dismissed captured since the ambush of the meaning of words ambush.

His steps were a hunter of heavy rain and sharp stones on the face of political speculators threaten on the collapse of stock of humanity. Like the destiny of fresh flowers incarnation renewed by the petals, if the death incarnates to be the gold of love exchange. See him hit the thickness of the air of state on the invisible changes, but the air pressure from his heart was pumped by intensity to neutralize discourses. Hence he was more intelligence in sorting the happening and it was made a mirror of bright view which reversed the reflected panorama.

He doesn’t a creature like a psychic or a magician, but on the sense of fevering of watching the assassination and manifested in subtlety. The blowing of his poems asserts the heart, hypnotizes hormones that are arisen by the body of words which is not performed just once. It is impossible to get warm by the cold with wet clothes by rain; it would make him sleep on the floor, unless his eyes are still sharp to watch the noisy water in the gutter trash of material. He cleaned it up until his audience is felt adequate on treasury of certainty in a different life, which should be re-interpreted as poetical.

One time we saw a poet whispering to another with a closest distance but they are speaking loudly. This is deafness of our hearing because we have been preoccupied by off keys of the impact objects, or daily activities and concerned with our own future; pursue mutually one another to take the dreams. We have far away leaving the language of heart until anything he said we could not understand, and then we thought he was just saying nonsense.

The real poet walked away as if walking into the darkness of night and hard for us to pay his tracks because of overgrown by pride, we thought that the poet’s life is no more useful than homeless. At that time he entered to interpret human psychology which is like playing chess alone and composing the words. We are increasingly concentrated only enjoy the beauty of his words until feel be in trapped, then released the hearts to blind habit.

The world of poet is in the shades of past eras that is forgotten by human being and oftentimes have visited to the unthought-of times. Across the screen of time of in-out of reincarnation with double tickets, or in particular uses passport of deep contemplation, while his visa was steady skinning (uncovered) the reality of life.

He was the most bizarre human beings as such unique of traditions that hatched the form poem was not replaced by another form. The sightings of universe is his true friend, he got the dialogue that we never heard by those times. And his most objective informants are those who we thought crazy, whereas they brought the madness of the world, but because they had never dwell the broad consciousness, hence they could not tell. And by it, the poet took the quintessential of their anxiety in silent conversation; these were so much fun and he got more.

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