Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849)

Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

Edgar Allan Poe

Sejak detik lahirku, tidaklah aku
Bagai orang lainnya -tidaklah pandangku
Bagai pandang orang lain -birahi dan gairah
Kubawa; bersumber di telaga yang beda.
Bukan dari sumber yang sama sedihku
Kupetik; tidaklah terbangunkan olehku
Hati, untuk bergirang atas sama-bunyi;
Dan segala sedihku punya rekaman diri.
Dulu -selagi kanak-kanak di dinihari
Hidup badai berbadai, telah diraih
Kegaiban yang senantiasa mengikat
Dari segenap lubuk baik dan jahat,
Dari kali-kali atau air membersit,
Dari batumerah di gunung atau bukit,
Dari surya yang mendesing sekitar beta
Dalam rona musim gugurnya serba kencana,
Dari kilat-kilat di luar angkasa.
Yang ketika lewat daku, terbang laiknya,
Dari halilintar, guntur dan topan,
Serta awan yang mengambil sosokan
(Bila langit selebihnya semata biru)
Bagai sebangsa hantu dalam pandangku.

By Edgar Allan Poe

Since the time of by birth, I am not
Like any body else, my view is not
Like any one’s view – lust and passion
I brought forth; rises in the lake are different.
Not from the same source of my sadness
I picked; not awakened up by me
Heart, to be happy over the same-sound;
And all my woe had a record itself.
Long time ago, as a childhood at dawn
Stormy sorrow life, has been achieved
Mystery that always binds
From all the heart of good and evil,
From the rivers or burst of water,
From red stones on mountains or hills,
From whizzing sun around beta
In the hue of autumn is all-golden,
From lightning-flash in outer space.
That as it passed me, flying properly,
From lightning, thunder and hurricanes,
And the cloud that took characteristic
(When the rest of the sky is merely blue)
Like a ghost in my eyes.

Edgar Allan Poe (January 19, 1809 – October 7, 1849) was born in Boston, a child of worker in a drama of family life that did not provide decent livelihoods. He was orphan since child, he was taken care of by a rich tobacco merchant in Richmond, and he brought to London at 1815, after five years of schooling in there he went back to Richmond. He continued to the academy and then he entered to the University of Virginia and began making up poems. After he fought with his god father because of left the University, he worked at the company of his adoptive father, and then he fled the house because a lot of debt caused of losing gamble. In the army, he was allowed to join the army officers at West Point in 1820, then he published two sets of poems and that finally he did not finish the school. For few decades, he missed from the jungle of news, but in 1832 he had infiltrated the arena of literary by writing stories, poems, led the magazine of literature of the Southern Literary Messenger, he participated in the leadership of Burton’s Gentlemen’s Magazine and Graham Magazine, he received a prize 100 dollars for the story “The Gold Bug”. In 1845, his poem, The Raven appeared engendered him to be well known throughout the United States. Poe was one of three great poets who influenced European, beside Walt Whitman and T.S. Eliot. He disengaged away from the old chain of stream and is regarded as a pioneer of Poetes Maudits, accursed poets. (Source of Puisi Dunia (World Poetry), Volume II, Compiled by M. Taslim Ali, Balai Pustaka in 1953, which is re-translated into English would be more or less like above).

Feels the difference of fate moreover meet the miracle of viewpoint is the first way to open the valance of consciousness. Soul is brought to the adventures of various surprises, despite the preoccupation with pain. How valuable is to purpose the purity of birth that is blessed by misfortune, who will be discovered by the color of luck.

Poe was aware of inequalities must be geared up to achieve the desired sharpness; this is mirror of human seriousness to search. Anything in front of him is perceived, the way of destiny is surpassed by independent nature, the staring presents considerations of conflict to distinct characters to make it easier achieved any fulfilled dreamed.

He brought sadness of pain symptomatic onto eternity, body testified. If an author, his sentences resembling like grindstones sharpens the steel exceed the sharp of eagle eyes, honed blade of fate would be seemed its flash.

The suffering of adhesive to experience is manifested in the pure subjectivity on creative passion borne the softness of the hereditary onto unhealed wound. The poet is similar like bamboo flute taken from the stalks, how the pain is separated and shrill screams in consciousness cavities of ancestor clumps;

the suffering matures, to be as old as meaning that is dug to get thousands of fluorescent of the light. The balance of the soul of changes around the streets of age is the location of the determinant to find or simply to continue. Balancing of stabilized heart digs the pain to determine solidified quiet step forward not waver, his life philosophy is there was no rewards.

Allan Poe saw drops of his sweat incarnated angel wings of hopes keeper, so the storm just passed away, sleepiness of satisfaction crashed over but it might be tricked, mysteriousness of life bound strongly to the hopes despite the wheezing breath to the death was looming on fontanel of certitude.

He kept tapping the feeling again and again until going through the constellation of seriousness to pick the rocks of hills and mountains, climbing repatriated footsteps toward the valley of civilization. As the sun is passed along the autumn of doubts and one by one the cloud in the sky is blessing.

His personality was blessed as a self-enforcing the backbone of elusive words, except enters a white marrow to take enlightenment without loss, because arrogance covers the doors of possibilities.

The hollow eyes of Poe’ is as deep as received bitterness, the lip’s sucking of reality sharpens tongue tasted into the cavity to give the meaning of lightning, assertiveness of thunder to patent the saying;

there is no uselessness when keeps attacking to crush the problem without betrayed the embraced purity; the companionship folds the distance as strong as huddled shivering body to pen in the magnetic ideology absorbed the whole ability.

Because the fold is the source of the genuineness, a smile is growing and understood by previous heaven, other flight since the usually is similar the beginning of human consciousness. Poe covered his face tightly by pressing his two hands strongly, thus I interpreted his poetry on the warm of fireplace of closest eyes of soul.


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