The Collapse of the Kingdom Daha by the Precursor of Majapahit Dynasty

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Written by Nurel Javissyarqi*
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

(Referenced since year 1144 Saka, on a piece of “Serat Pararaton Ken Arok”, who written by Dr. J. Brandes, Mangkudimedja)

I heard that at Daha soon would conduct a party? A young poet asked to the hermit. Yes, the King Dandanggendis will hold a celebration. He invited all Hermits, sages and poets from all over the country he conquered. Daha (Ndoho, now it is a small area in the district of Kediri).

On the sheet of palm leaves was written, the King expected their attendance at the ceremony. Representatives of the lower classes were imported too. In the minds of the sages, priests and poets had have different and various mysteries. What is going on until the King suddenly spread the invitation written with the gold ink (?).

Some was clearly thought that it must been so important and so secret commands. And some also have thought that the King was sick. He pretended to invite all in order the people didn’t know it at all, and the king expected the priests were willing to distribute their strengths for his cure. And, some also assumed, that the King might be joke this time, but it is impossible.

The invitations have been distributed; the date and time has been set. Inevitably, the destiny has been written. As if the provisions of god could be compromised, invited to discuss what would be. All level of heart was lining. A leader grasps the soul of his people, and every inch of passion determines the fate of the nation.

The hermits, sages, poets came to the King. Some of them were guarded by strong and robust men, also with the believed servants. And so did the clerk was presented to record the news that would be happened. Some of them came disguised as a beggar or a farmer. So, a lot of folk didn’t know, who was walking toward the Daha are high priests.

The attendees had gathered at the foot of the power of the King. Deftly the King Dandanggendis gave brief speech. The point was he felt victorious and invulnerable. All his invulnerabilities were exhibited to the audience. They were just open mouthed watching him. Then the King said: I have ruled this kingdom long enough and unshakable. Are there any of you do not submit and to worship me, your good, wise, and noble King. O priests, sages, poets and the audience I trusted. In our ideology, what make you don’t want to worship me. Whereas there is nothing can differentiate me from Bathara Guru. Somehow, the over presumption to ourselves often creates a boomerang.

The audiences were all upset; they wished to protest but afraid to the nails of power of the King. If they approved it means they had to lie to their own heart. And then one of priests said: “O, my lord, I haven’t heard there is priests worship to the king.” “It has never existed before, but now you have to worship me.” The brave words of the King said loudly.

The audience was dumb. The King smelled the sign while challenging by speaking loudly: if you doubt what I meant, then you all are permitted to try against me? As if it was altogether, the hall was silent and increasingly dumb, as if there was no living creature. Even an ant would not dare to move from its place, the mosquitoes likewise no flying, moreover biting, never. The King Dandanggendis is the respected king at that time, he had brave gallant army, his soldiers were dutifully uphold the commandment of the King
Somehow, the word of Dandanggendis referred to Dandanggula, in the present literature. This is carelessness of historians, change the name as he likes. Although the word gendis (: Java) significantly mean “gula” (sugar). This fatal loss as bankruptcy of the name, such as Krakatao Mount changed to be Krakatoa, when foreigners made movie about it. More fatal is it’s all are taken for granted as the sprain of language. If it’s all affected to the spirit of meaning, what would it be? I think this needs to be clarified, don’t just consider it as negligible. If we don’t want the images of our culture to be disappeared and swallowed by the earth of mother land, by the lack of our concern about a bland appearance.

The story of Dandanggendis is like the story of Pharaoh or even beyond, because he knowingly assumed that he was god without excessive intoxication. He wanted to find the heads of people prostrating before him. My memory was being led by the film labeled 300 (Sparta troops) who resisted against Persian army, King Xerxes, that was pretended as the god or the fate of men was in the grip of his fingers. Pride must have been tumbling by other pride and it will be stopped if anathema of the heart is completely perfect to do not serve.

The sound of palace’s auditorium of Daha was really silent. The King was back and forth around the audience that was entrusted to oust him incarnates to be Bathara Guru. His majestically steps decreased guts of hearing. I became remember the sound of clearing throat of a speculator in the superpower country, America, which could undermine the prizes of stocks. And the sound of clearing throat of the King Dandanggendis was no more less than to break mental that never been honed by the word of rebel.

No whispers of agreement among priests, hermits and poets. Simultaneously their soul was shocked by great power of the King that was so strong. And then they all broke down though most of them just physical nodded in defeat, swept off of guts. After the room had controlled by the King, he smiled happily, his laughter was echoing, undermined again to the mental that never sharpened by courage. The king was so satisfied, and then he asked the audiences were really kneeling in front of his feet. Marble floor of the main hall was trembling, by unmatched spirit of the king because his intention was so strong and unshakable.

After he considered enough, the audience is allowed to go home to their respective country. To preach that the King has incarnated the god of the universe. But, it was not so in the heart of all invitations, after they came home from the substations of the palace. Step by step their hearts sold down the river, be honest to the heart that a priest, sage and poet would not ever to bow to a king.

It had been long time that the priests, sages and poets of Daha have heard that in the Tumapel which changed its name to Singosari (the area before entering the city of Malang, and now it is merely a small town). There was a king who was dignified and respected, entitled Sri Rajasa. Natural of farming of rice and crops, also trade in that region was prosperous, as if the Gods gave the blessing of prosperity for his throne forever.

Not far from the border city of Daha, the invitations of the King canceled their steps into their respective country. Their heart gave confidence to the ruling of Singosari, as next blessing. Most of them aimed to Singosari to meet Rajasa. That at early birth was named Ken Angrok (Ken Arok). After the priests, sages, and poets of Daha kingdom made deal to go to Singorasi, they departed.

While we were waiting for their arrival. Let me tell you how the character of Angrok is. Ken Angrok, before he became a king, is a figure of hoodlums. He was famous robber, gambler. He likes gamecock, also likes roadside flower pickers. One time he had a rooster, the rooster was very famous, many opponents rooster were afraid and ran helter-skelter, as well as many of them passed away in defeats. The brave chicken of Angrok became legend, because it died in the middle of ring. It fought with the whole soul-body for the master, until the last breath. Unlike other roosters that fled in fear, weak and lost before got dying.

Angrok’s life at that time was no less than the scoundrel, profligate and reckless. Used up money from gambling made him a robber who robbed the merchant passed through the woods, where he awaited a waiting queue of unlucky. There, he has an interesting story. Once there was an old man passed through the woods and said hello to Angrok: Son, the rumor said that passed through this forest is dangerous. Can you help me on my way home? Angrok was smile; he took the person to his home. The way of human life is unpredictable, always winding into the spaces of the soul. Nobody understands his other personality sensitively and completely.

The man has knowledge and experience, when he was raised his degree to be a ruler. The answer is getting greedy, or be generous to his people. And Angrok choose the second way. As if he was satisfied enough on anger, and satisfied on indulgence in desires. Or he had been repented and forswear, because of his action when he seized the power by force. Over his desire carried away the bright light of nareswari from crotch of Ken Dedes. When Tunggul Ametung exposed to be quiet (witchcraft lull the enemy), and was wounded by Gandring kris of Angrok. And after that Angrok buried deeply in his hostile character. He showed polite face and love to his people, such as his face when he looked his lovers, Ken Dedes and Ken Umang.

When the poets, sages, and priests came to the town of Singosari. Then this group bowed and gave support on the grounds of wealth nations. Also counteracted the bad voices of the center power which in Daha. And later the news was known by the King. The King Dandanggendis was loudly boasted: No body capable to against me, except Batara Guru himself coming down from Suralaya (heaven).

The echoes of the words of pride were captured by intelligence of Singosari, and told to Sri Rajasa Sang Amurwabumi. With the instinct of confidence, Ken Angrok asked for blessing from all priests, hermits and poets who loyally supported him. To rise him entitled Sang Hyang Caturbuja or Batara Guru, as his effort to solidify his mentality through myth, that human being can transform to anything. In order to pass his destiny he made an effort within his effort through his inner, with all his strength.

The nature has been ready to wait the shocks. The sun and moon testified that anything they passed fully cloud of history. Birds sent the news to the lands and country far away. The inner motion of human being and the nature were bent down to accept his destiny.

Dandanggendis was beginning to tremble when he heard that his sages, priests also poets has blessed Sang Rajasa entitled Batara Guru. Only swearword and rap out came out of the mouth of the King. It didn’t wasted by Angrok. When the mental of arrogance of war was provoked, the magnetic attracted the strength, or thrown away from the opponent. Intention like a magnet, it can pull the needle nearby. And it can vibrate the steel plate even though the eyes do not see it.

Angrok, together with the nature and thunderous sky of earth power, close his ranks. His soldiers who trained directly by him, has been trained to gather attack also defense. As if infiltrated by ancestral spirits, the soldiers poured and crashing into the town of Daha. Some went along the riverbanks, some climbed hills and cliffs, and the rest slipped like a wind in the grass.

Troops of Singosari were intercepted by Daha army in the north of Ganter. Both sides fought to the end, they used each of their invulnerabilities. Perhaps, it’s all by the God’s will, warlord of Daha was killed. His soldiers were ran like scattered stones of river hit by flash floods. Most of them were down like the falling banana tree crushed by flood of river water. Drifted and followed currents of defeat until the ocean of conquest.

Dandanggendis knew that his side had totally lost, he ran helter-skelter. Then the kingdom of Daha was erased by raging rapids and insistent attacks. Angrok himself chased of the King until the heaven. The King lost his desire and didn’t go down to the earth again, when he saw his army reinforcements topsy-turvy. And Sri Rajasa came down to ride his horse into the city of Singosari. The world of awareness of the King found disappointment, and then reached out to the great hope to Rajasa. Like turning a boring map, from remorse then turned into the noble willing.

*) Wanderer that had ever visited the ancestral heritage, also met the local archaeologists in Singosari, Malang and Ndoho (Daha) Kediri.

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