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Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto


Before discussing the issue, let’s have submission to the cause of all causes. How could it become so important, because we often interpret the effect as the cause, or otherwise we understood the cause but the truth is the effect. And absolutely it is worrying to the freshness of faith in the mind. If the expression below will not appropriate with the provisions of His verses, so obey it. If there are compounds that implied his blast was written, not merely from the writer.

I hope you have a safety distance for which is conveyed not fetters. There have been many prominent figures explored the causality, but we need to review to grab the quest corresponding with our personalities. Doesn’t the new one usually found anomalies. I hope it could give the deepest impression, occupies the position of the cause and effect, on a common dance rhythm of divinity, amen.

The failure of Darwin’s theory was in his selection of samples, which the processes of his idea imposed to the living things. If his evolution interprets the existence of human being, perhaps it would be like this; shortly I took his theory when I set my own. That the processes of changing of human life, experience of the ups and downs of the life, as a creation of the cause of the will of the Cause. Then I crossed it into Nietzsche’s views, which disobey the responsibility, because he raised subjectivity by eliminating the function of the divine.

Before it got too far, I will present what is: The cause of all causes (1), the cause that cause (2), the cause approaching to the effect (3), and the effect toward the last effect or the final effect (result) (4). Hence it is clear between me and a general sense, as well as the initiator of Nietzsche. The difference is, I offer four points, while the public has two, the cause and effect. Actually I use those characters, but different striking when expressed as below.

(1) The cause of all causes
We do not deny that the universe known, is created by the cause of all causes. The height of its creator’s grade is in whole problem. His Essence is not derived from mystical creation, even less from abiogenetic. He’s not from a height of steam that rose and fell and transformed to the living creature, then grows and proliferates, no He doesn’t.

Neither He came from the elements of earth, He created the event and take its substance to the life of the human being living in the world. He neither begets nor is born, whether from the cradles of living beings or rock, no. He moves every consciousness and negligence, which is drifting on mirage of His test. He is the cause of all goodness, the creator of the experiment for His creature in the balance of work.

He is counterweight even though not from the circumstances He created, or He is problem-solvers of the cases He creates. He knows all to anything is being done by His each creatures, He is the ruler of before and after the life.

He’s not the sun shining on to the life; He’s not the moonlight shading at the night. He is the creator of the planets also the stars; He controls the entire galaxy we knew and also the visible one. He has Supreme wish to trust His prophets as the ruler of life on the earth, in the power of gravity and outside of it.

He is the initiator that is none could be equal to His policy which transcends the material and spiritual. He’s the Lord of the micro cosmos and macro cosmos, and beyond their limits. He is the height above the law of impermanence of human law. All laws created by His creatures are under His laws.

He’s absolute ruler that at once difficult to reach, except to the heart of faith: “Verily, the sky and the earth are powerless to reach Me, but I have been reached by the heart of a Mu’min.” (Hadith Qudsi, History of Wahab bin Ahmad Munabbih).

Because with the freshness of any mind the human being still faces the ozone of limitations. But any heart had planted the deepest love, hence all forgetfulness meet its successors with fresher remembrance, on stacking of heart’s memory increasing longing and yearning.

(2) the causes that cause
If in the first part, the cause of all causes, the Lord Allah who creates the cause. And all His creation is meant as the cause. Hence, the birth of the creature and the appearance of plants, fragrant of flowers, form of fruits, the rotation and revolution of the earth, is the event of the cause and it’s not automatically means as the effect since its First Creator.

Shortly, overview above is blurring, but this is the meaning of Rahmatan lil alamin. Man kind has authority on earth by His permission. The man has ability to reflect the event and experience, which brings wisdom of his research on His mercy.

Every faith man is a leader. This is the interpretation of the verses of God that is implied in this universe toward an explicit, though his ability is limited by God’s love. Through balance of psychology, in order to reach a high scientific, the results would not be satisfactory, if not by His blessings.

Why do I say the man is “the cause that cause?” Because of he makes the cause. It is not equating human character to the divine character. But back into the early matters, the granting authority to maintain the continuity of life for the sake of harmony to His willing, which had been told in the implied and written verses.

Why the process is the creation, because viability of this life is continuity. Interpret history to conclude a sign, not the formation of the identification of the effect, but the experience of life to the better. So, what they called (common view) as the effect, I just said that it is temporary effect, or the studies of case that has not been established yet.

It is proven that law created by the man often unused in the future. It went through because the law he made is a kind of assurance on the case approved as a standpoint to a certain research. It would be good it if it is not a standard. It would be worse if it is standardized, and the next generation would not argue, because they were afraid not to be trusted, just because the previous rules already agreed upon audiences.

If those laws define the implied verses by His will, the true result actually guarantees the goodness, rather than confining the ideas of future generations. So every rule has been approved should be flexible for relativities in whole field of each field of study.

Why it’s stressed that the man is the cause that cause. It’s all for stream of policies that open the creation of good and beautify rules, fully wind of peaceful and harmony.

Man-made rules are often hurt the soul of humanity. If the rules are standardized without any possibilities, so the war is inevitable. Despite the machinations of war was inhumane. Here the maps of the origin of war, which can occur due to misconception, in understanding the effects and causes.

I believe that man was born in a state of noble without derivatives sin. So the causes of war are the application of the law wounded instinct. Or the war would be happened because of bestial characters; jealousy, envy, revenge, blind jealousy, etc, which is planted in human heart that provokes blackness of the stage of the world.

Hence the man (the cause) that causes or creates (process of evolution of humanity) is the source of goodness. By educating history in every study, rather than taking the conclusion for the law of conservation progressing. That should accept the wind of present days, hope on waves of humanity nowadays.

Like the rainbow departs from the surroundings, conditioning the age, the water fall creates the color. Not the next rainbow, but awareness on the evolution of humanity values, the color of light in the intimate unity. And East-West is only the poles of the rainbow that visited the rivers of civilization, after the heavy rains of universal awareness.

(3) the cause approaching to the effect
The cause in this part is skill of the man on His power, to create the causation to set cycle of his requirement. It causes the process of the evolution of values on the cause of him self. Or work process of beings towards feasibility of good reception.

This status is approaching to the effect. The effect itself is the process where the cause takes the essence of procession, the work done on the previously or the finishing derived from the life, the final evaluation of the period movement. At the applied history, the process approaching the effect means final revision before the destination day. The true time of the real rules are the laws harmoniously with the love swept the forehead of His prophet.

Machiavelli smelled consciousness to the age in his second book “The Discourses”: “The man always glorifies the past, searching mistaken in the present without any reason, and suddenly when he got old, he flattering all they’ve ever experienced when young.”

And I begun it with believe, which is considered by historian, just a “myth”, monument stones exceeded by historian. This is the personal appearance of nowadays, and repeated lessons create a lot of experience.

Being is the mirror that always opens the consciousness of the soul; the existence does not doubt the certainty of tomorrow. The tomorrow is something, but it is already there from now because to be serious onto the life. It is promising without so much dictation to the history of the past.

Fukuyama realizes the novelty in his preface of “The End of History and The Last Man”. Perhaps this book was finishing of the work of Hegel, “The Philosophy of History”. Fukuyama says: “The desire to be admitted that accompanied by the feelings of anger, shame and pride, is part of the human personality that is critical to political life.”

I interpret the anger as the research for more, seriousness to research the essence, the anger to the doubts of present human being, enlarge the situation of yesterday and neglect to the present. If it is true it still forgetfulness, as such interpreted the effect in the life is decadent.

Pride is the rise of subtlety manner, trapped in stunning situation, all the elements seem shiny in the vicinity of the history, becomes very strong materials of development. And the pride did not just ideals of mechanical formula, but the soul should penetrate humanity peacefully, universal consciousness filled the life in balance.

Shame provokes nerve saggy and incarnates the power of benefits; the communication experience among the others is rather than overlapping. But linked and completed one another by leaving deceitful, quality of peace identity took precedence. I hope the reader understood the meaning of “the causes approaching to the effect”. It means is the appreciation of the age movement that opens the possibility of the end of attribute, through deepening the traditional values harmoniously to His mercy.

(4) the effect toward the last effect or the final effect (result)
This is the result of part one, two and three are expected the meaning of rahmatan lil alamin. In a cultural studies such as the dream of Madhani community, realizing a prominent position; that the movement should be on the first ideology. So as not on the wrong determination, the effect as the cause or the causes confused as the effect.

Why do I say that this study endanger the health of the reason of faith. Because, if we have misconception about the causality, we could be slipped into the valley of confusion. And the results of wrong causality, it could be misleading many people. Thus, we need carefulness to the charming argument, apology seductive to images.

We should strengthen the power of inner with the view carefully. This section is the effect inflicted by the God onto the humanity process, the final reward through the count. The effect toward the last effect is the totality of evolution that puts the total value of the procession endeavor at front.

This section is the balancing human findings on the play of His flute. A kind of the word “or” to soften the meaning of the word “and.” Or the word “or” is the descent of the softness of the word “and.” Perhaps this is the similarity type of motion of “the effect toward the last effect”.

The difficulty due to the meaning of the right effect, if it’s not through pure insight such as the word “and” also “or” that is usually taken in order to approach more. Sharpening of mild willing is difficult to reach, if only relied on the effectiveness of units of the word “and” also “or” that could hide the possibility around the issue.

As a reflection I recite an-Najm, verses 39 to 42:

“And that there is not for man except that [good]for which he strives. And that his effort is going to be seen. Then he will be recompensed for it with the fullest recompense. And that to your Lord is the finality.”

Nietzsche was honestly said in the preceding of his sentences, “Four Great Errors” in the book “Twilight of the Idols and the Antichrist”, the mistaken of the cause as the effect, “there’s no mistaken that the most dangerous than misinterpret the effect for the cause, I call this a form of intrinsic of evil mind (illusions).”

By taking the example of Cornaro’s book: “the diet was the cause of the long life, while the requisite for long-life, a very slow metabolism, and the amount of food a bit for the cause.”

This is where my initial intersection with. Nietzsche and Cornaro were equally so hasty to determine the cause and effect. I said so, because Cornaro still said, “low capacity of eating as the cause, in the occurrence of the cause or diet, for the sake of long life.”

This meaning is briefly approached my view at the second part, the cause that cause or process of human life. But with the brighter lights, we could grasp the shadow of clarity he had hoped.

By emphasizing the “long life”, it seemed that eat a little will establish health with diet (the cause). Or fasting for the cause of health. The difference is clear when the next season Nietzsche gave example: “The most common formula, which underlies every religion and morality are doing this and this, do not do this and this, and you’ll be happy”.

Nietzsche was so far judge the morality of religion, I understood why, because he did not see the description of human being as the cause that cause (rahmatan lil alamin), which does not incriminate himself with over dietary. So as anything expected by fasting as the final dreams and hopes, while the desire of slimming body as spiritual health.

As if the dreams and expectancy promise an exciting effect. To me, the dreams and expectations above, is not quite right before it passed the laws that are believed until its position is in submission. What I meant by results, it does not hurt the natural sides, but it represents anything trusted.

Let’s see quotes of Derrida in the book “Specter of Max” by Fukuyama: Both Hegel and Max believes that the evolution of human societies is not without end, but will end when mankind had achieved a form of society that could satisfy their deepest and most fundamental longings. Thus, both thinkers were proposed an “end of history.” For Hegel it is a liberal state, while for the Max, it is a communist society.

I thought it has capacity as such having seat on different floors, but still in one breath of gravity of the humanity. The words by Fukuyama, is harmoniously missed by Cornaro, but Nietzsche is different. After I passed the approaching of the word of “dreams” or “hopes” above in the language of Fukuyama, I made a conclusion that the end of human evolution, when it reached a form of society that could satisfy its deepest and fundamental longings.

The underline of the word surrender or submission is not a form from the dreams or the deepest longings of humanity. But it’s entering the aura of the divine, the harmony of the nature and its inhabitants, the unity of discourse to the consciousness of civilization. By leaving understanding of history studies, is not the process of effect. But it’s new treasure or the birth of higher generation, for the causes that cause.

And at the stage of the causes that result, it does not mean that there will be nothing after the deepest and fundamentally longings achieved. Because by using the four stages of evolution above will be present the situation and condition of rahmatan lil alamin. Or you’re comparing, between submissions with the most fundamental. If I interpret the meaning of “most fundamental”, it is the needs of material happiness. While the meaning of “surrender or submission”, it includes the material and spiritual.

[2005 – 2009, Lamongan, Java]

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