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Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

In reviewing cultural context, both personal identities and collective, critical theory, cultural theory, preferred to use the word “self” became using term “subject”. This is because the word “self” has traditionally led to the idea of identity as a private property, an idea of the individual as unit and autonomous. “Subject” is more ambivalent or ambiguous. The subject is passive or active. (Dani Cavallaro, 2001).

I wondered about the “subject” said by Cavallaro, which said that the subject is passive or active. And my question is: What serves as the subject is passive? Could it be the subject, if it does not have predicate or derivative identity?

Or, could we say that “self” as form of “ambition” and “subject” is incarnation of the “shadow.” Because of the ambition and the shadow, both are equally be sad onto uncertainty. Also both of them stopped at the corner of fatigue, tired of fatamorgana, though actually it came from excessive consciousness, a kind of longing or power of jealousy. This excessive made people think as the subject or self.

For example: “Self of that woman freeze her heart.” Does that sentence is enough to be meant as passive, while something moves the other things is the action that shows the reaction. The resemblance lies in this example: “The demonstrators were shut up.”

Then I wondered: doesn’t same between the demonstrators with the self of that woman? Or would you compare the quantity rather than the act of the self?

To get to real possibility, it shouldn’t decide the issue so easily enlightened by the argument that despite promises the truth. Therefore, be careful to accept an opinion, and remember the opinions are issued for income, or eyes distance of the radiant of presence that is the subject, or the self.

Because of every single detail of issue, the author is certainly hoped on his dream for the sake of his way of thinking. It can also be starting point of reason that does not comply with the intention of the season and the weather of longing in the matter the self.

Thus, the power of demand strongly bear sickness sincerely is the souls that should be continued. Because every struggling, upheaval of scattered values, if we are patiently picking it up for ownership.


Meanwhile turned to first step, usually you are provoked by your initial searching, or foundation of research. It could be happened that you interpret the causes due to depart from something caused for reference. In the other side, it is not definitely sure that the assumption of the cause is really “cause”. Then it could be assessed, you often take the meaning of “cause” is originated from the conviction, then the fact that “there is” is the belief as the cause that will be happened.

Before we got through the truth neglected since the beginning, this is a warning from me, on what you thought as the fact of truth of the cause, it does not merely came from the factual, because giving a conviction for the sake of study’s standpoint.

Thus your research became my hesitant, which always have abundant freshness. I see sometimes you boded the research, for example; which one is the first between chicken and egg? Driven by those spirits of the study, you quickly determine the belief, that “A” or “B” is the causes.

Benefits of this review, you can stand on the rock of myth without feeling skeptical, because the mythology is decline of the faith. It could the yesterday’s logic is valid or not run at all, because it had found the answer before the research. This information is deliberately I inverted to be passed for acrobatics, then it quickly exit since the doubts to reach anything should be positioned as standpoint.

I questioned: What is the cause? I hope you do not loose to apply the confidence, so I did not leave. (It’s a simple question but it made an impression, and appalling if the reception of its depths does not have the broad view).

The procession I relied on here: the cause is a singularity, but has several names. Which the cause is something has power and not something powered. Meaning of “powered” is not from the work of eat, but it’s in essence of natural, then I believe it has desire. Because of the “cause” is the greatness of the ego, or passion in abundance.

It went from a feeling of pure subjectivity. Tragedy of causality has been discussed by Nietzsche, but by eliminating a form of responsibility, due to heighten subjectivity of ego, by denial of God’s function.

But this time I demanded an answer by entering the real things, the distance that does not accept those formulas. He believes in single truth of himself. Although it is something should be proud to the wanderer.

If I take a little discussing about his personality, Nietzsche seemed reflect to himself, and it’s true if the mirror knows to its origin function. Hence, the consciousness to the light is a necessity, but he ignored the light by priding himself, in which capable to reflect everything in front of his study.

Fatality occurred, no clear explanation, as the space for satisfying standing that should be a clear destination which promises a peace. But it does not mean that I would accept anything from loneliness.

Some people say that it’s all because of the solitude from women. But if he realized to the loneliness, those things could transform into the cause of all things useful (precious). This is the first smell, if he willed to sit in one table for the same meal.

You ask: is it wrong that rotation of the world is the causality, continuing until now. And my answer: you could take that way, but should be realized that the cause of the early times of human being is his consciousness to his natural tendency.

Then you ask: But, the consciousness is always changing according to the power of growth since childhood, adulthood until the maturity of his thinking. Thus, the changes of consciousness means as the cause, which could be meant as the effect from previous consciousness.

I answered: however the changes in yourself is called the cause, still went through since the right consciousness, not based on temporarily objective assessment for hope, the necessity of the standpoint of interim research on merely dreams and hope.

You seek more questions: How we interpret the consciousness as the cause. Try to see the case when we are hungry. What we have is the consciousness of eating, from here the eating means the effect of hunger. I thought this is so fatal cases, and including it’s decadent.

The degeneration needs to be observed. On the consciousness occupies the subject as an object or vice versa, because you doubt by just trust it as a fundament. Or you wanted to discredit me by taking confidence shown as research purposes.

Such cases, the goal of research results a decision for subjects, or the cause you choose as a conviction. My doubt, before you took an observation I had been take a decision, such as: I have to go from the line “A” to “B.” It’s decadence, because the result of research is a form of divination that been hoped before the research process.

So you followed the trusted way to find something dreamed, or has fortune-telling before. Hence it’s fatality if we are equating faith with fortune-telling. In the case I developed: “Create a cause.” With what? I had mentioned above. The cause bases on full consciousness, but the pain is not created or conditioned.

Or I assumed, the repetition of working is not the effect of the stupidity of the beginning of the time of perfection that does not want to be friends. But the process is the cause produces the effect (?). Here, I emphasized directly: the death is the effect of everything. Hence, the advantage of the work should be assessed, if deemed it had been abandoned. Thus, the repetition produces deterioration, as well as suicide.

The study of the effect is decadent. Such as the repetition or even dictating the history reviewed without producing the history. Or guidance that does not create demand. This is the fatal stagnation, fear lulls, processing as the beginning consciousness from the causes maturity.

The review of cases: the rigorously law will cut his own personality or policy is not a policy in other places, when the beliefs differ one another. To combine this diagram, we simply use the note of value from existing content. Until the meaning become universal.


Whoever has faith believes: God is the cause of all causes. We brought into this world, is not merely because of the God expelled Adam for his fault eating the fruit of Eternity (khuldi). But, here, it’s all for a cause that Rahmatan lil Alamin.

The cause is not the effect of the pain, but high vitality that does not come from healing just because of hate. We came from the womb in order to set the earth’s natural. The leader is the cause; we could take conclusion, as long as the people are still alive, he is the subject or the cause.

The cases is the people often feel the misery of the world because he often considers himself as an object, person (sufferer) or the effects, such as a derivative of sin. Man born in a state of holy, to keep this holiness we need to be always conscious that a man has duty for the sake of the benefit of nature.

Therefore the Lord put off the charity record, although after we dead. Because He is Wise, He does not close the possibility of meaningfully life is the process of subjectivity of self-confidence. To choose bad or good, definitely we have a mirror of conscience.

The conscience is not a form of passive standard on the looks, because the manipulation can be performed by dim light of uncertainty that ensnare step until fall. The conscience is the mirror that is deserved to use, when forgot the true meaning of subjectivity. Face of the self delegated, incarnated the cause on the world.

From the beginning I had discussed that the arrival of the subjects is abundant passion. Ego of abundant passion truly is not the subject, but it just a door to enter the consciousness. Why it did not say much in the beginning? Because of I want you firstly to sit on the bench of issue, for the truth in future.

It’s not the truth of the doubtless of the purpose of research. What had been criticized is not pride of ego’s face, but it’s the ego that considers itself as the original cause. What had been expected for our lives is rahmatan lil alamain: for the developing ego or process of abundant passion we do not forget, it’s all came from confidentiality of hidden treasury owner, which is Allah SWT.

In conclusion, our compliance is not named as the effect, but the pursuance is the cause of the Cause. In here, it does not mean that the human being is the son of God, but he is trusted to rule the affairs of the world, and does not exceed the limits of His provision.

All processes are subjects or the causes. Our compliance is the subjects from the Supreme Subject. And the effect we believe is the stumbling block (the devil), to condemn a destiny that is actually happy, as if conscious the life is the cause.


This part I meant as healthy white as milk in the glass. I began the meaning of “guilt.” The guilt is the degeneration, figure of moral decadence and teacher teach slump, melancholy, despair, principally anything make more stupid.

The feelings of guilt as the effect, or approve the emergence of the effect. I thought it’s too early decision if it’s called the effect. In the common view it’s the effect, I said it’s a staircase rising of the cause, or length of hand from the cause of the original intention.

The soul of the cause is always young and passionate. It’s true that the cause had ever have fatigue, but it’s not the result of the excessive causes. But for further research, it has occurred as study of sharpening process, strengthening the proof that the cause is the peak of demand.

In here, we enter the gates that are at the right-left no weeds of doubt. However, perfect lighting will produce rainbow colors at a sharp eye lens. It’s proven even though there is not fountain present it in a concrete way.

The process until this stage, derived from the light of energy. For example, if there is no light, it is impossible to find us looking in the mirror. This is the proof that the light is not a manifestation of excessive ego or passion, but the light is one of the symbols of the Supreme Cause.

It’s true that heart is like a mirror and it would work if it found the light. However the study of minds clear is, but if it has no light of guidance, which seemed is only a stone of idol of the confidence in darkness. Therefore, the mirror should depend on the light, if wanted the benefits of its existence for the others.

Presumably the mirror is reflective. So as humans, it is the subject or the cause from the Supreme Cause. Or, the cause of man becomes the cause that is rahmatan lil alamin, if found the Supreme Cause. Until the cause of human being could reflect the attribute of The Cause of Light.

Wide and small of the mirror determines its spaciousness to receive the light. More we assume all processing as the cause, much more we grab the light of the Cause. But it does not have to say, the nature of the Light is similar the light in the mirror and found the brightness. Because of the essence of earning of the light on the mirror of ourselves, is such as the blessing of mandate or even the guidance.

More we could maintain the position of the mirror facing the accuracy of the arrival of the Light, more perfect the Light came into the self processing, and it’s the effort to illuminate around (rahmatan lil alamin). It could be interpreted that worship is the effort of mirror to face to the Light, the effort of subjects to submit the Supreme Subjects which is not in the form of a mirror, but it’s the Light, and also it’s a blessing from the Supreme Light.

The human being convey into the Light is more clearly, because his heart is like a glass of mirror. And his dull is guilt, which states the cause as the effect. Viewed from here, the principle of God’s birth, the child inherited the sins of their parents, and reincarnation, fatal errors, such as guilt. You ask: How about the natural laws, or sunnatullah such as befallen of punishment (adzab). And my answer: back on above, the guilt or the effect to the last effect.

If you think misery of the world is the punishment (adzab), or you doubt before the truly sanctions. Then it can be withdrawn benefits, it’s imposed for the warning. It’s sharpening of the Light into a self-cleaning the opaque mirror that is motioned upon arrival of the Light of suddenness.

It’s same position between punishment (adzab) and His temporary decision. Or full decisions, but not the end. The decision of adzab is stairs of rising from grade named the human causes. Or the second cause (human or mirror) which found Light.


Anybody given the opportunity to repent is not adzab, but the enjoyment of consciousness. Adzab can mean the arrival of a small disaster (death), which is happening (such as inflicted disaster to Noah and his people, and the end of life).

The next stage is love. According to this concept it is the midpoint of subjects to objects, the midpoint of the meaning of the cause and effect, the midpoint between the intentions of process proceeds with the final result of the effect. Here is decider where we faced the direction of the mirror, after having found the Light at the mirror of ourselves.

The love could be interpreted as another language of exam, or a ladder that will determine into the top straight, or upward and sideways. Surely we don’t want to step down the stairs before reaching the top since the process of the life journey. Because, even though, we go down for fear of exam, of course we must repeat our work yesterday, we would only find the darkness by standing behind the Light.

Why did I say the love really determine the continuing process of the cause, or the procession of the subject’s life. Because when we are in the point coordinates, we clearly found the actual characters of ourselves or with the point of balance, the mirror of the self could feel the vibration of seriousness from the Supreme Cause of the Divine Light: are we shaking, or getting absorbed by the coolness of the Light. Before we get to an end named the effect (die, weights reward).

I thought this exposure is clear, the process of living beings is the cause of the Almighty of Cause, in which the final result (the death, the end of the history of work, the top of revising); that is the procession result continues, before the final decision come which is the death. Hence, the suffering of the process is not the effect, but the stairs of the cause, for the sake of the cause of the long continuation, until we find the love and / or immortality.

Hopefully anything I had said would not become something engendered ignorance of the Cause to shine the Light to the cause (the natural world, the human, the believers). But, we find faith in harmony with His blessing. And it won’t find intricacy of research (study) to make the standpoint, but incarnates to be rahmatan lil alamin.

“And it is He who has made you successors upon the earth and has raised some of you above others in degrees [of rank]that He may try you through what He has given you. Indeed, your Lord is swift in penalty; but indeed, He is Forgiving and Merciful.” (QS.6: 165).

[1 and 3 Muharrom 1426 H, Suro 1938.10 and February 12, 2005]

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