Zadig, scripture destiny of Voltaire (1694-1778) tested the Leibniz (1646-1716)

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Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

Perhaps, this author is the first story maker (motivator) in my head. Productive and qualified writer, and also philosophers by his choice on the right word among the gap of space-time of destiny had been determined, in each of his works.

This paper is the form of my joy after the split over ten years with his book “Zadig ou la Destinée.” Which translated and prologue by Ida Sundari Husen, published by Pustaka Jaya, first printed in 1989 entitle “Suratan Takdir.”

I got this book in bookstores flea market at Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM), but disappeared when I rented a building in Gedong Kuning Jogjakarta, 2001. This day I read again, after I got back from the critics Maman S. Mahayana. Here, I say thanks to him, also for the other books of Voltaire.

His real name is François-Marie Arouet. It is the subconscious world, in the midst also above, he developed the saga of Zadig with seriousness of the philosopher, without forgetting to entertain the souls thirst for wisdom. His research broke through the gap and almost sprinkled throughout all fields of reasoning of the reader, without patronizing attitude, except ribbing for unequal personality in the life.

The development of Zadig made his as French thinker until the end of time, tales covered by convincing atmosphere, anthropology, sociology, history and also imagination soaring the feeling. His study was no less than a great literary, superior as much as seduction suction of the entire joints of the life, he made it meaningful grains of science crown, for the figure of the searchers that is not satisfied to merely one understanding.

He is simply in his words, wise in solving the problem; immeasurably form on the reach of hope to the future of humanity. Some said that he was the husk embers in the French revolution, which continues to be written by historians. Investigated the peak of independence of thinking, he did not take sides but to the fate of the people of the entire universe, small insect (human) among billions celestial body, a systematic account of his truth.

He was raising up and down of his reasoning grade as such a carpenter making a chair-desk. He intended to make his creations inhabit the space with feasibility dimension of the study for the time after. His works are wealth enveloped in steam of joy of intelligent, he was cunning to process the story becomes wise words that will not finish to be interpreted, and continues to transform the standpoint of fate for the student.

I really remember when I saw his book, I read it very excited at TIM, while I was carrying the fate of wandering, and I was shocking to see it for the second time. No more than my willing to drink it again until I memorized by rote, for the sake of clarifying sketches that ever assertive, yet it was faded attacked by so much readings. Well, who knows my steps later can break through the heart of various fields I sail with the canoe of thought of the heart light, at midnight on the wave I be loyal to the fate to dance in the face of the sky.

I call him father, I could say novelist and philosopher Jostein Gaarder as uncle, I’m on their side away, near the volcano Krakatoa now, watched by millions years of wave of thought playing, toyed by the wind pressure, the air summer of season and the age attraction. A grain of sand does not mean among the giant fingers of history; the ferocity of war, subtle music of love, hatred, longing and revenge, a cynical or charming smile, I was among them.

The story of Zadig sculptured lateral-explicitly amazing, every side reflects the different wisdom. The ridicule of ridiculous mirror opened the nets of possibility, as long as readers have the power of thought wildly to wander fragrant fields, around the fate laid out perfectly, a type of scurrilous book of guidance in solving the chaos of life.

Ugly figures inflicted the luck to wander with so much science. The laws rammed by opponent for the willing to get an idea for a hit, such as steam distilled from the results of various livelihood water;

Smell of treacherous, cunning, stripped naked for the sake of logical balance, set the story accounted for in the table of research. Every series of events strengthen the desired form, found acquisition of more; big dictionary of human civilization.

Causality rose up and down and weighed heavy-light for case was putting forward, like serving delicious cuisine, fragrant of flowers remembered in isolated corner of silence thinking. Glare of heart clearness translated any branches and reached the air waves of taking breath. And the inspectors found the luxury always reflect the consciousness in harmony with the destiny follow the time, through the space to rise eternality.

Although his novel is in form of the fragment of short story, but with framed of title strengthens the content of it. No sentence that is not interwoven between the ways impassable. All are conical (focus) onto the shadow of character, the character that is desired by narrator. No coquettish figure but self-interest to obey sketch planned, for the sake of scientific attraction that stick to every character played.

Voltaire in the distance determined, is like a puppeteer (dalang) that is sometimes gathering to be one with fingers playing, pointing to the sharpness of his pen is worthy to inhabit the centuries ahead. This is how space-time studied, the events understood such as rewards of prosperity of people who want to dig the ground of age, as well as any mystery waiting. For instance the back is unattainable for the eyes, his existence cover the shortage.

The perfection opens the nets of possibility to sing the harmony of rhythm; the life is worth to re-think deeper, as such introspection to see properly destiny. Struggle in the time matures aura and breathe the words to incarnate sweet song of the soul on the wealth of wisdom.

If I may describe, the live of Zadig had educated misfortunes, educating pleasures of the life. This is the melodious resonance of the life in skullcaps, filling the heart of efforts of self music with the nature as much as the events of the poetic meaning.

He also performs the plot behind the view, came from fortitude to interpret the journey of Zadig. Patience led him to meet the pastor, which nearly matching the lessons of the Prophet Moses in the presence of Khidr. Randomness is a silliness of cursory manner that unsustainable by policy, shown by the teacher, always debated in the course of seeking the great hidden knowledge.

The detail of signs, the colors of cursory flashing but firmly, determines the perfect answer of tomorrow; similar to revealing the noble natural before found the findings had been doing. And this presents pattern that science is no more than view and research to develop thousands graces. As such seed down on the fields of meaning experience, the certain law that has been parked by the God on the earth of good manner.

Surprisingly, Voltaire mentioned the origin places of spices, expensive ingredients from the land Tidore and Ternate, regions of our country Indonesia. No doubt how broad his knowledge (experience), depositional history of the formation of myth, seem short but smart, willing to mention the whole world through the one attraction of his novel;

it is undeniable, almost all of his work have springs melodiously with the motion of era for the progress. Here the advantage of letters is always open the pieces of history, the character of the man without giving inclination unless deserved to attribute to its natural; abundant sense, without covered by pettiness of understanding that is certainly blunders and confusing.

The writer carried mature sustainability, tenacity combined with the light shining into entire corner of the dark night brilliantly, though without turned on. His existence sheltered the mind, comforts the inner, whoever drank it would get perfect warmth, and always attacked by thirsty, because its sweetness is a simple cluster of offerings.

One time, German poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe argued, “With Voltaire the world seems like to be ended, but with Rousseau the world just like had been begun.”

This reflects the singing of works take ravine of pessimistic, just like the tragedy of his life that had so much misfortune, continued failures, despite supported by intellectual ability. Zadig represents the bitter fate beside the tough to sharpen the pen, for the sake of the dignity of science over the noble blood. His fortunate grudge firmly implanted in his belief, ended with the sharp pen shook the walls of the European snow.

I think it is difficult to find his equal, his role threaten the towers of rulers, intelligence of good manner dignity by the character of the proximity of all friends. It was also making the jealous to come to make him thrown into prison, exiled to England and repeatedly the bad luck whacked and matured him. So is the tough mental, a sail screen of writing capable to be admired by all ages, in all layers.

When entered it in deeper, I began to doubt the optimistic limit on all his capabilities issued, limitations of pessimism by any favors. Or what it should be? When adversity brings happiness to be sincere, otherwise complacent herd delicacy?

Presumably, the consciousness of the mind propeller, the realizing of the game on the earth that has been decided by the God has Voltaire grasped. Observers see the clouds sometimes hesitate to hang about to rain, but interpretation deepest, there is no gloom of shadow. All are decided that the motion determines the other destiny; the written, once fulfilled, even up on the highest sky.

That is the number of his reasoning plots, when finding out the power of ability against optimistic philosophy of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716), Zadig fairytale developed by using the dancing of story determined. At least tested the energy, before actually fighting for an unpopular ideology, a kind of prank joke as the way to turn off the thinkers;

underestimate the heavy matter is lightly, whether through repetition of sentences to form another sense or not. Or it put in places should not be that could result unbalanced, until the idea of his enemies refused in front of the audience.

His wander soul did not miss to Germany, before he stopped over into Geneva to mature his idea, when he directly debated with his opponent in the war of Philosophy with Rousseau, had polemics through the mails, and other writings were published. As if he found a cool field, riding a horse ferociously desire, a different side when he used to in the side of his lover, Madame du Châtelet.

Or it is the only ambition to continue the author of Racine, which is known only rely on the pen talented to write. He has proved he had beyond the people in his era, and also the world was not reluctant to give him special title; the century XVIII in France is called the century of Voltaire.

As an epilogue, I imagined how crowded the neighborhoods that its forest of spirit is cleared, may still be named Ferney-Voltaire.

Bandar Lampung – Lamongan, February-March 2011.

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