Sue Responsibility of Authorship of Sutardji Calzoum Bachri (V)

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Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto


There are several Java’s mantra adopted from the doctrine values of Islam, if one of which is far from it should be, it will contaminate spiritual of its depths, such as the spell kulhu sunsang, taken from surah Al-Ikhlas, but distorted till turned a summersault aimlessly.

The mantras which have low-power spiritual and its aura seen red, are easy to learn because it serves to jinn or be united in one with jinn; the patterns of deviation from the true teaching that is deliberately dismantled for the sake of particular fame. It is usually worn by shamans who are not responsible.

What would be if Sutardji in his mantras defeature the language as he likes until blindly somersault meaning does not have the content, except for doubt and helpless of his philosophy. Paralyzed by perverted idea to liberate the words and at the beginning he intended to make Bahasa Indonesia sacred through the mantras but instead he poisoned it if it is read by students that have not understood at all. Such as his poem Shang Hai.


ping diatas pong
pong diatas ping
ping ping bilang pong
pong pong bilang ping
mau pong? bilang ping
mau mau bilang pong
mau ping? bilang pong
mau mau bilang ping
ya pong ya ping
ya ping ya pong
tak ya pong tak ya ping
ya tak ping ya tak pong
kutakpunya ping
kutakpunya pong
pinggir ping kumau pong
tak tak bilang ping
pinggir pong kumau ping
tak tak bilang pong
sembilu jarakMu merancap nyaring

(1973/Sutardji Calzoum Bahri, from the book O Amuk Kapak, three anthologies).

If he didn’t to make the language sacred, and then what he was initiated by simply freeing the words freely and new person just wrote letters, it can make a poem as he likes. Doesn’t his credo make the people fell into the abyss of Jahily, creativity of way into ignorance?


Generally, mysticism (Prof. Dr. Koentjaraningrat, put this in the chapter of Sistem Religi dan Ilmu Gaib (System of Religions and Occult)), in my knowledge, it’s grouped and incarnated three mountains of conviction, three parts of the yarn or three pillars: white, red, and black.

First: The prophets, apostles, saints, and people blessed. In the book A’maar Al Anbiyaa ‘, written by Jihad Muhammad Hujjaj, published by Maktabah Al-Imam Al Manshurah -Cairo, translated by Team Azzam, Cendekia Sentra Muslim, 2004, it says: “The prophets totaled 124 thousand while the apostles 313, as written in the hadith narrated by Abu Dhar Al Ghifari, in Kitab Al Bidayah wa An-Nihayah (Book of Al Bidayah wa An-Nihayah), p. 535 “. This amount includes the prophets, the apostles are unknowable, and may include Siddhartha, Tao Te Ching, as well as the followers willingly run his teachings. The God grant the primacy of his deed similar miracles, abundant science which remains surrounding the law of causality and a miracle appears reasonable, nor plunges into greedy and arrogant attitude. They were shaded by the weather as cold as snow that is not arbitrary, carefully but fully calculation. His admonition was quickly realizing and returned to the safe path, in addition there are so many failed to achieve the degree, and the figures above, wallahualam bissawab.

Second, shaman (example of shamanism is ceremony of sanghiyang dedari in Bali), the practice of shamanism, jinjangraja, pedande, priests, knowledgeable men (such as magicians martial art, sikep, pelet or mahabbah). Their will to recite the mantra to beg to the Almighty, but just because of cheated by bad intentions such as worldliness, it’s usually possessed by the power of improperly, such as the genie. Do not we know, the best of the jinn is the worst of the man.

They departed from asceticism-fasting which ignores the rite of Shari’a and performs the excessive form or featured to impress people, because the results it achieved was as if from a natural calculation. Usually it isn’t harmful to others, merely facilitates the smooth of desire, but at the end it is not good, if it is not covered by the character of sincere love.

Third, the black magic such as the mantra invited haunting spirits, ancestor’s wastrel, begejil, wewegombel, kuntilanak / matianak, etc. They were invited through the burning of incense along with mumbled of mouth reciting the mantra. Initially, these reciting came from the whisperings by the genie (Satan) to the ears of the shaman whom never sanctify his soul with love, mercy, and mildness, but hot-tempered drifting to merely lust.

The sign of the man deepening this school of knowledge, his eyes red like a drunk, his shoulders become heavy, hot temper, irritability, and haphazard. If a dodgy character, he will cover it and pretense in humble, instead in his heart he really arrogant, either his words are bizarre and difficult to understand, as if a delirious man without standpoint. When we re-asked about it, he would immediately talk something else.


Like a wave, those three signals are felt by all human beings, especially the thinkers whom are also blessed sharp senses, with fluctuating degrees according to deeds and reflections of surrounds. And the wave of mantra is in mesh each other and conflicting too (here, the meaning of mantra expands, it can be the truth, the intention fro the heart, think hard, and some other likeness which has radiant aura of conviction), besides the spirit of the trees, the mountains, the whole nature chained each other to enlighten or to darken.

The poets is just like the other thinkers, historians, philosophers, the slaves whom loyal to their deed intended for worship, they are going to heighten and lessen their degrees in this world and either in the world beyond. Acceleration of wave’s rise and fall is firmness of the heart in dealing temptations, arrested by persuasion, emanated of flakes of consciousness light by Ruhaniyyuun angels.

So is the human life measured up by time-place, always in weakness, doubts, confuses, anxious like a play; the story of play puppet predetermined its plot. Only they who remembers and vigilant in the sincerity and also the pattern sharpened for the seriousness of penance and fasting, their effort illuminate the face of waves to tend to the nearest, since from the third standpoint.

These three great mountains are truly come from two branches; Ibn Arabi mentions that it came from one of “pohon kejadian (the tree of happening)” in the book Syajaratul-Kaun. Similar the books Daqooiqul Akhbar, the work of Al Imam Abdur Rohim bin Ahmad Al Qodhi, which says the beginning of everything derived from the light of one seed that is kun: “?All that We say to a thing, when We will it, that is, when We will that it come into existence (qawlun? is a subject, the predicate of which is [what follows]) is to say to it ‘Be,’ and it is, in other words, and that [thing]is (a variant reading [for fa-yak?nu]has fa-yak?na as a supplement to naq?la). The verse is intended as an affirmation of the power [of God]to resurrect.” (QS; An Nahl 40)

Al Qodhi with the classical language says, the manifestation of the subject above performed to the creature like a bird, it’s just like a primitive civilization which was just new the consciousness of soul and remained perched on branches and quivering to have sweated. While Ibn Arabi was more advanced, the roots of trees are the will, the branch of power, the first is to meet the perfection, and second met the disbelief.

But I preferred to talk about “the tree of happening” is “the history of creation” that comes from the will to develop the noble power next to the destruction power, prosperity on the other side of greedy. While the emergence of three major branches, is no more than the reflections of both; humans’ doubt, misgivings, err, dim space-time that close to forgiveness and also mired in deeper.

In Thasin IV, Kitab Tentang Lingkaran, part I, in the book Ana al-Haqq, al-Hallaj reveal the theosophy of al-Hallaj in the book thawasin / by Gilani Kamran, translated by Wahyudi, S. Ag., published by Risalah Gusti, Second Printing, April 2001, states:

Lingkaran pertama di dunia penampakan
adalah dunia yang menuju ke arah dia,
Lingkaran kedua adalah yang mencapai dia
dan terputus; dan lingkaran ketiga adalah
Yang memasuki Realitas dan
kehilangan arah dalam hutan belantara.
Dan melalui lingkaran pertama ada
kemungkinan untuk mencapai dia;
tetapi melalui lingkaran kedua semua
kehilangan arah; dan dalam lingkaran
ketiga hanya terdapat pepohonan,
padang-padang pasir dan hutan belantara yang luas.

Which is retranslated into English would be more or less like below;

First circle in the world’s sighting
is the world headed toward him,
The second circle is that reached him
and disconnected, and the third circle is
the entering Reality
lost in the wilderness.
And through the first circle there are
possibilities to reach him;
but through the second circle all
loss of direction, and in the third circle
there are only trees,
sand plains and vast wilderness.

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