Sue Responsibility of Authorship of Sutardji Calzoum Bachri (VI)

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Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto


In the book Raja Mantra Presiden Penyair, the poet, Taufik Ikram Jamil, wrote an essay entitle Bersama Sutardji Calzoum Bachri which has 16 pages, from page 64 to 79, tells of his familiarity with the figure which is known as mantra maker. Ikram told the story of Tardji since he was a kid to the creative process on the land of Pasundan, with warm hug of longing, it seems that Ikram knows exactly tread step and sniffed the scent, sign and shape of any cloud shades.

On tenderness of the Malay’s, Ikram was slowly entering reality around the story with fragrance flower, which is fine to the eyes. And in fact, it seemed that he totally criticized the mantra maker. Or it just my view, or amazement means more to boomerang alias weapon strikes its own master. But, although I do not know Ikram, I don’t think so. He’s been sneaking into the softness of manners of language like teachers teach the knowledge to the elementary children, through politeness of rhythm and sound; he took off one by one robe of Presiden Penyair.

I do not know how many times I mentioned in my writing. I’m jealous to the people of Sumatra (her literary man) in the past. Which affected to almost all my writing, as if I want to preserve the unique repertoire of Malay poets. But, because of I was born in the Java land, hence I sent the wind to the spirit of natural content of Dwipa land while expecting a blessing, in turn, as if I was chosen, to straighten out the darkness.

What I got into the sky of upper world, since known ages expanded the horizons of thought, enriched the mind, seriousness to draw scientific. The bones of ancestors are always clinging to be born by the feet step on the world of safety. That is the undeniable law; there is no escape except the bitter fate of simalakama inflicted, such as the practice of jailangkung; “arrived uninvited, return undelivered”.

Who is he? He is spirits irresponsible to the line of his writings, on the orders of the fad caller and those who faltering their heart. While the calling of ancestor spirits bases on the law of tranquility, which is recorded in each dust of traveling, on the foot of wanderer who considers as foreigner in the nature of life.


Almost all article of Ikram criticized deeply, or in other words peeling fruit of virgin by force and early raping. Slowly I paralyzed to quote:

“Maka, aku datang dalam tidurmu, dalam mati sementaramu, ketika rohmu diangkat ke Arasy. Tapi, kau lupa berwudhuk, maka engkau hanya dapat berada di pinggir. Kau lupa ucapkan ayat mantra, tak terbaca engkau seperti Al Qur’an. Pada gilirannya engkau berteriak, “Emak… Allah… Allah…” Lalu, aku sambut “Alif lam mim…”.

“So, I came in your sleep, in your temporarily death, when your spirit is raised to the Arasy. But, you forgot to ablution, and then you can only be on the edge. You forgot to say the verse of mantra; you were not read like the Qur’an. In turn, you shouting, “Emak (mother)… AllahAllah … “Then, I answered ” Alif lam mim …”.

With the word “tidur (sleep)”, Ikram spread granules of ash that has written sirep megananda (spell to lull people) by shaman to the fontanel of Tardji which was crowned presidency. Then raised it with the power of unconsciousness “mati sementara (temporarily death)” which means that the life is fully guile, mirage, near to haze hocuses attitude of authenticity.

As logical as the Divinity, Arasy is especially for only the Prophet Muhammad Saw., the angel Gabriel and also his mount Buraq was not allowed by Him. This is cleverness which has ingenuity to rise gently, but in fact it’s in the contrary. But Ikram worried, his expression was not read, hence he reminds that anyone void ablution when he is writing, so quickly to take the ablutions.

Each drop of ablution waters incarnates guardian angel, to increase solemnly to Him. Then the guardian angels of the grave ask things about displacement of the spirit power in the body through legislation have been determined. Tardji shocked and afraid because of his mantras burned. Then the mantra sheets revealed by the angel, his face became dark by opened up every verse of Scriptures that emits the light until its letters so difficult to read, his eyes dazzled. Finally he shouted, Ikram politely led him to pray “Alif lam mim …”. The word “sambut (answer)” is merely expressions of friends, so there won’t be deeper hurt feeling among friends with a little teasing.

As a good friend, Ikram reprimanded through the words of A’ishah r.a., or as vague as ascertained that Tardji will not buy it deeply. That is her softness; the beauty came out of the mouths of women:  “Seandainya aku dilahirkan sebagai daun…” Sebab, manusia pada hakikatnya kekal dan karenanya harus bertanggung jawab di depan mahkamah paling agung dengan hakim tunggal Yang Mahaagung pula.


“Tidak, engkau tidak bebas mencari Tuhanmu. Sebab, begitu kau mengembara dalam aorta, dalam rimba darahmu, hanya tertuju kepada-Nya, Ia menemukanmu dalam wajah yang tidak engkau ketahui, sebab tidak ada contoh pada pandanganmu, tak ada padanan dalam rasamu. Sebab itulah, engkau kemudian memandang pada berjuta-suatu angka yang dapat engkau namakan-apa pun, tak teduh dengan seribu pohon, tak jatuh pada seribu perawan, engkau tak akan bisa mengeluh….”.

“Had I been born as a leaf …” Because, truly the man is nature, and therefore he must be responsible in front of the Supreme Court with one and the only judge which is Sublime as well.”


“No, you do not free to seek your Lord. Because, once you’re wandering in the aorta, in the jungle of your blood, only directed to Him, He found you in the face that you do not know, because there is no example in your view, there are no equivalent in your feel. For that is, then you look at the millions and a number that can be-whatever you call, no shade with a thousand trees, no fall in a thousand virgins, you can not complain ….”.

The words “tertuju pada-Nya (directed to Him),” sweet and charming flattery, it seems that Ikram have memorized the mathematical formulation of the Sufis, ascending-down melodies with the word pressure at the ends are deadly and philosophically difficult to argue, if not contemplate it. Accounting of moral and manner on the meter of Shari’a that is reflected by spiritual deed, true dreams is not the truth, and the reality of things. The creatures glorify such as the angels only recognize the holy allegiance a number of creation, while the tune follows the rhythm of light letters, the God’s speech enlivens the joints of Islamic civilization. As the transparent circular form, the values emitted since confinement, in the depths of mirror reflected Ikram’s face was in the middle of solemn pray to the Sole Reality.

There are a few sentences dismantle Tardji’s habits through symbols of the Scripture, he was only ever come across or just saw it. Oh, the beauty gives clear parable to roughly one for those who understand. Here, I realized. Heart is more ancient than the languages of mind, thus the concepts of philosophers are right, it’s all about the feeling is the beginning of knowledge. Here, though Ikram is younger than 22 years of him, he showed that he could control situation of the field with the blown of small memories which all people used to enjoy it.

Here it can be summed, count of mathematical reasoning that is easily traced its formation, while the history of the inner and mind concentration, it’s hard being tracked, unless wisely contemplating the life, then figured out. It’s not wrong if Leo Tolstoy and others nearby with the nature of peace settlement as the foundation of values the declared for the next thinkers.


Dulu, kita menyebut selat yang memisahkan Riau dengan Singapura dan Johor hanya dengan sebutan parit (long time ago, we mention the strait separates Riau with Singapore and Johor just with trenches)”. The statement by Ikram was reminiscent of the expression of the Java community who live in villages, especially on the mountains. If there are wanderers asked, how far distance to be taken to get to the destination, it is usually answered, “only a few mounds of earth”. It looks like very close to the eyes, but actually it’s far and inappropriate with the imagined.

So be aware, the power of past people is superior than the state nowadays which was considered lightly to go along the long road as if so close, and now it’s answered by technological progress. But there are still eliminated; familiarity, measuring physical power, levels of walking through the nature, on the whole body through the pores; the wind blow permeates the content of life.

Is this the location to sum the breath, measure the clarity of nature love achievement to the human to expand the petals of life to the limit of consciousness to struggle. Without forgetting the edge of heart, until slightly exceeded but more acquisition, the true values capable to explore the genuine destiny, with spiritual comfort from the reflection of essence of sensory. Those which is appeared by the power of pure remorse, not soon be gone a change, then repeat the folly again.


“Untunglah, belati yang selalu terselip di kaus kakimu -yang selalu engkau bawa entah untuk apa- tidak sempat “beroperasi”. Di Paris van Java, yang sekarang lebih banyak terdengar cerita-cerita miang membara, orang semula mengenalmu sebagai calon politikus gagal -benar juga, kuliahmu di Fisipol tak selesai. Engkau adalah kata-kata itu sendiri, sehingga ah…”rasa yang dalam”.
(“Fortunately, the knife that is always tucked in your socks – which you always take which I don’t know what for” – had no time to “operate”. In Paris Van Java, which is now more audible stories of flare up Miang, the used to know you as a failed political candidate –it’s true, your college in Fisipol didn’t finish. You are the words themselves, so ah … “deep feeling”.)

At first glance Tardji looks like he is not a figure of “thugs” in TIM nor in Bandung, his stage is only in the space of art. His artist characteristic is not hot temper by in and out of jail, he is the degree of reality to determine the pattern of beyond merely staging. His vagrant can be categorized as warm, he has not enough guts if attacked or have never touched by another power.

It appeared in my magic mirror, the totality of his modernity in the city is respected by the people of night, but his annoyance is not famous. Ah, if Tardji was in Yogyakarta, I would have teased him. Because of at the limits of particular anxious, knowable easily, how deep the power of creation consisted in from it. The word “operate” could be interpreted as has not stroke into the truth of humanity.

The word “failed politician” reminded me of the end of his essay about responsibility, more apparently he wished to control the stage of social, but caught by the dark scope that its nature of reality is not controlled yet. Walking in hunger, eyes are dizzy, ready to challenge of stabbing of sharp times. Doesn’t wave of fist of pedestrian perform the power of swing, with once bit would tear down opponent. This knowledge is not in the books, but do not we prefer to smell the fragrance of the garden than the bouquet?

Ya, ibu, seseorang yang harus diabdikan tiga kali lebih utama dari yang lainnya dalam hubungan sesama manusia (Yes, the mother is someone who should be served three times more primarily than any other in human relations)”. This sentence is correlation point of the previous sentence: “Emak … Allah … Alah …” which should be: Mother, Mother, Mother, father …. Here, I sensed the outrage of Tardji, next to the selfishness of his authorship as if he wished to erase the memories of ancestors.

“Astaga, tak serta-merta engkau diterima. Karya-karyamu dinilai bukan sajak, sebagaimana pernyataan Sutan Takdir Alisyahbana sampai akhir hayatnya yang begitu fanatik pada aliran konvensional. Betapapun, pada gilirannya engkau harus berbicara lewat kredomu bahwa kata-kata memiliki semangatnya sendiri, orang tak peduli karena mereka menganggap kata-kata hanyalah gula-gula. Tapi, Horison acuh saja dengan pandangan sinis penganut konvensional tadi. Sajak-sajakmu tetap dimuat-entah dengan alasan apa, tentulah bukan karena alasan temporer agaknya. Ketika O Amuk Kapak terbit 1981, satu generasi yang lalu, engkau telah mencari dan menemukan tempat, kata Hasan Junus”.

“Oh my God, you were not simply accepted. The work of yours is considered not the rhyme, as the state of Sutan Takdir Alisyahbana to the end of his life he was so fanatical in conventional stream. However, in turn, you should talk through your creed that the words have their own spirits; the people do not care because they think the words merely candy. But, Horison was indifferent with cynical view of those who follow the convensional view. Your rhyme was still printed – for some reason; certainly it’s not presumably for temporary reason. When O Amuk Kapak published in 1981, a past generation, you have searched and found the place, Hasan Junus said”.

There is a tendency, hot-tempered literary man has a strong belief, although his concept is weak but he would be arisen by his surroundings. Perhaps with specific destination that he would be realized on previous achievement through more robust construction. But the fatal mistake of the criticists, they are not seriously pay attention of any symptoms with any indication surrounded. So discrepancy strikes major failures, the foundation that takes care to be towering, forgotten that the initial of spike was not as deep as searching.

The most important is to understand the intentions. The passion of blossoming flowers in the same direction of certainty, thus how sturdy the bridge of crossing, if it’s built on a swamp (weakness), it’s worrying that it would be fell into the belly of the policy. But Tardji is still the presiden penyair, he would adorn the media until the school, while the writer, Pramoedya Ananta Toer, is at the overhang of the history of Indonesian literature, because of his destiny was born in a small town, Blora.

I heard a voice, “ah it couldn’t be equated.” And the another voice came, “how couldn’t be, both are writers”. Those who said ‘couldn’t’, like dry and stiff branches that is easily broken, but the history doesn’t run merely for ten, twenty and one hundred years. The quality of the work roared louder when it left over by the owner. Also noteworthy, propaganda makes different destiny, a working of revising of the masterpiece refreshes the memory. However, at some level, the laws of nature remain valid. A powerful reverbs, fasting and efforts of physical and mental remove forcibly the fate covered by signed fog. Literature of this homeland is just like this; despite it had sacrificed a lot of victimizing everywhere.


“Kawanku, Abdul Wahab dan Bayau setuju dengan pendapat beberapa kalangan yang menyebutkan bahwa sajak-sajakmu berada dalam tataran transendental. Hasrat merasa adanya sesuatu yang agung, menguasai, dan sejenis dengan itu, sesuatu yang tak terjangkau, adalah naluri -fitroh. Sufi? Entahlah, sebab sufi cenderung pada menjalani suatu peristiwa dengan cara yang telah dicapainya, sementara engkau senantiasa dalam proses untuk berbagai hal termasuk cara mencapai sasaran, bahkan sasaran itu sendiri”.

“My friend, Abdul Wahab and Bayau agreed with the opinion of some society who said that your rhymes are in a transcendental grade. The desire to feel the presence of something grand, master, and such kind of it, something unattainable, it is instinct –pure destiny. Sufi? I don’t know, because Sufis tend to undergo an event in a way he has been achieved, while you are constantly in the process for various things including how to get to the target, even the target itself.”

Several times Ikram supported the rate of Tardji’s authorship through someone else’s voice. It made me remembered to the phrase of French literary and philosopher, Voltaire: “Even if I do not like your opinion, I would still support the right of your tongue”.

In the matter of seriously into Sufis and so on, back to the map of Indonesian literature, the owner of tendency manner to equate their own friends. If we compare Tardji with great predecessors, he’s nothing in drawing scientific and struggle of telling to the other. As if he ignored saga written, suddenly juxtaposed without a historical depth searching of each figure that reflects his achievements, then it could be said as practically magic.

At last, as the final writing in this session, the writer who was born in Telukbelitung, Bengkalis, Riau; Taufik Ikram Jamil, wrote an expression of Ratnawati S., an elementary school child in Jakarta, in early 1980’s, published in daily newspaper, Sinar Harapan, entitled “Puisis Buat Kak Sutardji”. He created the impression that Tardji is deserved to be example. But if you read the whole essay, the views deviated (purposely deviated) a little bit.

Indeed there is some certainty of Ikram’s voices to Tardji, but rather for the sake of the land of Malay’s, or as if there is no power of echoes buzzing loudly in his ears; Tardji is truly exist. About the celebration of his establishing, only the One knows more the secrets in its depths.

Ikram finished with tender words: “Kepada Allah saya minta ampun, segala kebaikan bersumber dari-Nya, sedangkan segala keburukan maupun kekurangan berasal dari saya sebagai tanda rahmat Allah yang menunjukkan bahwa saya tidaklah memiliki kemampuan apa-apa (In the presence of Allah I ask for forgiveness, all kindness comes from Him, while all the evils and shortcomings come from me as a sign of God’s grace that shows that I have no capabilities at all)”.

So do I, just as additional writing. If there is a form of Him Alhamdulillah, otherwise, hopefully may be given forgiveness, because of all the effort only comes from Him and also return to Him.

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