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By: Suryanto Sastroatmodjo (1957 – 2007)
@2005 (copyright PUstaka puJAngga)


  • Observer and Researcher
  • Relatively Obscures
  • A Real Fingerprints
  • Miracle’s Owners
  • Unassailable are Breaking Down
  • Establish Throne
  • Prosperity is Precarious
  • A Heavy Burden
  • Praise Endeavor
  • Pass After Dream Files
  • Storage Steals
  • Across Dynamic Shots
  • Other Duties of My Lord
  • Labyrinth Values
  • Breakfast Song
  • Waterfall’s Answer
  • Ever Golden Ages
  • My Heart’s Enemy
  • Resulted In Cures
  • Rainy Morning Blues
  • Miscellany Stroke
  • Merciful Contemplation


but whichever you and fear will abound
upon the earth, upon a single name of lovability
either they ascend fear of fevers
white army, black personal seal, darling
certainly not all sombre, do not like to be rebuked
they descend by way of doubt and organs of human society
on recent regency archaeological discovery
to denounce the idolatry
bearing the name of royal starts and tribe astray

it would be a marvellous bonus true coming
it seem the seal performed a role similar
it is fascinating that there
is actually a mention in youthful prophet
when he was killed in battle
kiss the draw expressing foolish characters
a rest from their wickedness
other than deporting all peoples

were given no such promise
signature’s master of love and against enemies

(or I ask smoothly : when The Golden Age standing here?)
northern tribes having been deported by knights
survivors and princess due to the clown hungry

observed them factually
he said, that son and daughter go into captivity
exiles from parenthood throughout for habitual days
these ordinary adultery tropical researches
five years ago killing thousand monks in temples


their continuance was conditional
upon obedience and faithfulness
forty years of the throne of my lord
even the desperate times
have lived through
the full inscription

bearing the name of ancestors
my dynasty of returning old and ancient land
those yellow and bloody arumdalu in summer
seems the seal performed a role figures
a business carnivals in blue-leaves
were characterized by dreadful wickedness
among other workers apple garden
the one day he saw something startling, darling

they descend by way of doubt
and rejection and come disintegration and doom
your lawful king and take refuges in holy name
spread doom and gloom
we can imagine that a message like that was
no more popular, under inspiration of wickedness
the prophecy is certainly not all sombre, spiced
with vision of hope, glorious future and nights wars
due to take refuge, though lour relatively obscure
everyone may turn from evil ways, lovely darling
only scorn and derision to history’s needs


the prophecy have been found
though this was probably a common name in those days
confirm that this is the seal of count’s friends
even carries Duke’s fingerprint, luxury prospect
made when he held the moist clay to make impression
the prophecy have been found
a remarkable testimony
that is talking about real people
with a copy of real fingerprint

(a bronze Sunday night keep sailors
when the wavy clouds like an elegy!)

faith that requires proof is not faith
but the large and older monk hunting
stuntman from arise bridges
stuntman from damaging pictorial warriors
duke’s scribe earned him
an evitable reward

(the pillar into size sea bowling sands)
now, reigned there, how this steps lost?
now, reign those, how figures signed the deed and
sealed it, my dear?
It adds the dimension of reality to pictures
That otherwise would be strange

And somewhat unreal being
And therefore it provides an element of credibility
With real fingerprints, surely, sailors win them all


when my lord delivers Lord of lords
from troubles, he will come to fulfil
an event wide remit
appointing a day in the world in righteousness
command men skilfully judge earth
conceal communities of real failure
before death into straight forward
become death-stricken and sin-filled
old testament plainly state position :
“the wages of sinner during reminiscence”

(a sadness overcome Saturday sunrise pretty set
to wards skylines orchestra beyond another harmony … )

this view of atonement
is believed serenely by thousands
because mankind’ rest of humanity
substation substitute
suffering dead into life forever
plainly state position :

to clear and be declared!
By judgement of victuals in sharing you and me
Under the sunflower-tress inside
Growing yard beyond smiles
Blue cloudy, blue ocean, miracle’s owners


he has been rich, deepest part
of him he was poor-startling

our man of departure is willing
the child was named from little heaven
the angels cry from stages in fear a bound
rolling doors in rulers, empowering souls
even the young men and the virgins
shall faint with thirst, dear friends
when will you find security, obedience
no one rejected terms during satisfy submit to the world of god
for fear looking after disintegration & doom
becoming more and more urgent
bathara prabandara is highlight reality
I may forgive their iniquity and their sin
amanuensis talk story in healing words
who will respond and serve him in love
why reject yesterday’s command
glorious future is the only remedy
be unassailable is breaking down


that’s obviously
sincerity and single-mindedness
and made his misery a matter of prayer
I will be in anguish over my sin
understand the message

that contains and really skilled
(a Sunday morning load song dignity
an intemperately wall dissonant hearth)

he has faithfully fulfilled
and continues to fulfil
that we have proved unstable
becoming products of the obligations

prevent others from gaining
bring an unprecedented of out pouring
grief from people all over the world

to intense public beyond them
(a buying moonlights expose youth beach
spread dancing moves heavy waves only!)

there is no longer a universally had few
for tomorrow will worry about own things
casting all your care upon him
all his attention whilst carrying God & Goddess
(and silver eyes, gold nose kindly salute)

its power and longevity are well
expressed in this quotation from proceedings
up were brutal savages in an unknown land
the volume jasmines and : white and red
including chocolate umbrella like mid summer night screamed
establish of his throne forever


fortunately we all follows
for each of us
they would prefer to be alone
and what of your relationship with God?
(how long did you desperate home, dear?)

by what they have perceived
to be burden of sin
they had to carry

for men iniquities
have gone over my head
because of my foolishness
(twinkle ruby hinterland awakes
twinkle the grass noon impetrate poetries)

they who sometimes had successful life
some self-inflicted
felt the consequences
misbehaviour weighing him up
would prefer to have company
good health doesn’t always last
(father’s tears unhappy took place
and mother’s surrounding interludes)

it was going to be hard following devas
some people have to contend it
there is no hard sing never enjoyed
self-sacrifice only really qualifies as such if it hurt
prosperity is precarious
once expressed his feelings
is everything all right in every respect?
that is how it should be


so that the call of follow the
Syiwa Bathara affect us
in different ways

the believer’s life has to become God canted
putting God at the joy and rejoicing
this was the invitation

Brahma and Vishnu
still extends : Shanti, Shanti, Aum Awighnam Astu”

for I’m gentle and lowly in heart
and you will rest for your soul

(nearest glassy in strike stripes
long sorrowing a dream dilettante sorry
during heavy birth day steps)

that the Susuhunan’s presumption
that we are all burdened
by the circumstances of life

is everything all right in every respect everywhere?
(whose bloody gown into slaveries mutiny?)

when I wrote those words I was clearly depressed
felt the consequences

of my misbehaviour
weighing them down

that happy state of affairs not last
prosperity is precarious

anxiety can easily creep into
is no reasonable cause


in the event of war, also against enemy
those freedom that is descendant strangers
when they left that foreign country
with the passage of time, come out possession
correcting patience receiving brutal treatment
fore seen and wilderness occupancy
not need gold necessary
being elder and oldest finally
beginning person in health but tinny ones
and both of lucks endeavour mistakes and weak
and finance that passing above simultaneous way
(the really vision answers : here I am)

instructive which was why initially, darling
we may remarkable descendant bright jewels
home page by graceful boughs
in inferno’s gentle slopes
with which they had been endowed
prince and saviour in red cliff tango
hear their silk and priestly lamb, hear sky-song
so they wear chocolate sin impeaching dark-subtitles
among ambiguity, among the circumstance instead
(the ultimate person come here from the bushes)

he had his suspicions that the origin of new faith
commanded the accused be taken out
of the court for a while, darling, whose refugees
it is supernatural for he added the comment
that if, this can not overthrow it
lest you even be found to fight again of my lord
oh, master of brides-screen-joyful and great fun
oh, master, beloved creating times born-break-latter
perhaps in far away, holes, praise endeavours, hear!


once again, my sophisticative figures asked public :
once again we have the benefit of looking back

and seeing exactly how these events
came about, precisely as predicted
samanalaya : the preaching told in bronze
in as much as you saw pass after dream
unrivalled world empires
but rulership will be forever
prayed about sequent destruction
the silver and gold imperial left to other
once upon a time, nation seized accurate
(I know, I know my reality, your Majesty)

a later never with the same unrivalled plans
collapses seeing preliminary exile toward smiling
imaginary giving ways to feet of iron and clay
after worldwide dispersion and eventual re-gathering
they must have feared for existence as people
ransomed him from the hand of stronger than he
must have wondered at the like likelihood
without a shepherd being savaged by wolves
(I know, I know my duties, your Majesty)

a later never with the same unrivalled destroys
could witness the marvellous way generally stood
he wants us to prepare for what is coming
our letters conformity to younger generations
often they were persecuted and pillaged
they must have feared for their existence
about the improve talents stories departure
could witness the marvellous way
satisfy our curiosity to impress us
(yes I know what you want, your Majesty)

way of describing one of the hills Imagiriyana
snows covering mountain fugitive pluggery
the story of innocentious victuals roles
which about disamusing parent with big umbrellas!


if my ethical ideas have wrongly
mixed into conquest corporate actual primes
his offer of salvation includes the meek

inheriting the yard of earth
and Kartasura today becoming the city of devote
many people make restore palace of integrity
a future inheritance about heaven in great fun
(where a gold key in both hands of Kanjeng?)

who is above all and through fitness
is angel spoke hearing transformed to state
is his same this immoral and immortal condition
believers who are still loving inter medias
shall be filled with the glory of Kraton Dalem – resort
make sure in the offer of salvation defences

give a new start and steps allowed highest
base up something both wrong and black misleading
only one hope gradually increases and extend worst
he means hope and fertile will be destroyed
why we properly understood the nature and both
become helpers and true followers of worship once
into our saving faith and made immortal finders
(terrible voices took depart Priyagung-fertiles)

be save, brother, in live in peace and harmony
many of parables began naughty words
help in steady boys, that topic of heaven concerned
return to divine flavour, elegancy rush and risk
human existence only foretold and his resurrections
nature of first ring to future inheritance
that quite clear but also re-birth in classic-form
facing formula about it constantly teaching birthday


when summer leaves are delicate groaned greens
a bit of a laugh to the childhood communities
these counselled frugality with the grain
the buzz of excitement so beloved ancestor
the sixth consecutive pronounce Court geld
as individual’ lucky in the quarterfinal
during the unprecedented winning titles
a woolly by sunburnt red-ready-morning full
that he could be a loser the moment
he began becoming complacent

prince Indriyana Kandalavindi : champion at last
but he was vowed to learn from it and improve

when summer file days comfort unforgotten flies
he game-add-thanks-giving
he think requires in precisely-rising-demands
beyond language skill noted winy-rose-improve
he certainly kept the lesson in his mind
is known for his perfect skills and hatred to lose
befalling rapidly evolving horror genre-climate
that discourages overused in an effort

to dodge this dreadful death
fun finally consist queue attack
members invite a severe backlash

yet power widely held beliefs began lifestyle
of const harassment meaning dead lost-try
and eyes lock something terrible will happen
in lack historical Javanese references there
regain in his memory suffered to viewers about
with a spirit cherish belongings introduce human
cryptically telling them but he has no need for it anymore
they soon stumble across conclusive stories in dynamic shots


there is no reason to be stuck in Yogya
recently considering trembesies offer green
on Javanese rapidly growing unclogged roads
biggest draws in hungry black colours and

east storages winy talks
(constantly loyal to the sweet Kraton)

believers among others : how providing lower
dangling similar incentive locations
even smiled touch into orange hybrids summertime
my ideal base, my access significantly red coast
solid under a creative environment
while having more to spend on mine own

(Sri Sultan’s spoil sprees into Segara Kidul)

there is invest more lease spending advances
the partnership will secure fully integration
a new cultural signs and cultural trends
in reality I kept the guy of various agony
a risk – taking romance and fist-fighting desire
although school violence to make highness degree

a truly valuable character
to make just a few of changes
lowly and slowly climate interests
that need correction phenomenal
chain-reaction victimity
(credential shadow-play above Njeron Beteng)

it should rather is truly designed shortcomings
in such an early lame-duck habits

if it doesn’t pursue partisan interest truly
brown cloudy sky in entirely white snowy hills
each revision had followed great political turmoil
it’s job to foreign and defence affairs
while relegating other duties to my Lord of Bright


meanwhile a cultural kaleidoscope
by extensively promoted and marketed

in Eastern literacy
carry works that will inspire reader overseas
who never shies from singing reader overseas

of the exquisite poems Canyabadra
such as the Alaslange derives continuous song
he state to deride weight of homogenous things
while we admire foreign taste translating methods
there has been and to some extent remains
conceded at the conference glad stones
(I re-actualized old forestry beyond Parangkusuma, dear)

when with selecting on a regular basis
from which derives continuous inspiration
need windows’ opening white marriage

truly uplifting
gently pleasurable
touching to our heart
(here disappointed swear points shows Ratu Kidul)

as a result noted several rightly asserted
enjoying a much highly profile in community
poetry market alone achieve worldwide a news
by on un-monolith recognize myth, hybrid, pure
not are generally prose instead naively assume
and essarily the case surroundings equal in values
that were associated with the recent history
produced worldly acclaimed likely address many themes
heterogeneous different oval face neither local face
shall know the respect of more people


in extraordinary couples in traditional songs
beside the faithful explores unhappy
white-half-yellow kantils and jasmine’s power breakfast
hallow light heart, allow pig fords
satisfying scarcity of virtually gloom
in the laughing priest toward eventual horn
precise songs syllabus red orchid
against habitual kindly beautiful melody
towards happening act dances in hurt
nevertheless expose in-a-burry
empowering the regards about miles-stop
please, owner neighbours display clocked
twelve hours in steady couples and drank
disappear legends
(currently disappointed to Royal Dignity)

how to disappoint November’s love
by distinguished fever of holy lovers
attribute by contributed personality
thus in appropriate discovery
skilful morning month
warning into warmth facsimiles too
(sun shining display improves your Majesty Ingkang Sinuwun)

afterwards these abstract compilate others
in determine obviously dominations
sincerely ours directed similarly
toward hearing our minutes past-offer
skilfully endevior lightly dependence
(hear the intrinsic voice from Kanjeng Ratu!)

the circumstances by families beyond songs
though breakfast becomes ambivalences
in the pillow of bullocks in hurt costumes
enter few any lover’s orchestra denied
white-half-yellow kantils and marine lotus
catches breakfast near green forest
long times by couple


exalt the lowly, and abase the exalted
overthrown, overthrown in similar time
finally God breathes life into sleepy death
almost becoming throne’s faithful one
before this mountain break and fall
and the volcanic stones in flock down-rivers
something jewellery hopeful hopes
thus yard near float-handle mangoes in hell
remember the sight of grown valley
when we lost our last heaven
far from heart, far from yellow forest
that overload smiling happy
near my blessing infinitival duties
wherever you noticed white poems actually

how wondrous are God’s ways
landscape’s gentle slopes
the wonders of his earth
this is so contrary to normal human behaviour
instead of feeling badly let down
and ill-rewarded for their effort
on behalf of Natural Spirit
the bursting forth of buds

the guards were still outside doors permit
excuse high priest included condemnation
of the authorities for their part
in the crucifixion of my lord, darling
bring your body to court of Bumisagara
bring the spokesman for the whole group
forgiveness told not sin in saviour
because you and me were prince of preach
and the consternation ever guard in youth and old
unaware of what had happened
in the mighty waterfall’ answering orange problems


come again, took the city
destroyed it, burned it like Nero’s accident
and they would be deported for years
also predicted this eventual outcome :

“I’ll end correct you in justice
let you go altogether unpunished”
it is against this background
that the words of the pretentious assemble
many of the ancient races have been lost
in the branches of lost history
in the pronounce full stories
of the safeguarding the banner
out of kind of faithful refugees
beyond cruelties and unfinished sayings
prefer to skylight
prefer to clouds of the becoming!

they would lose their identity
for those very reasonable offering globe
having you accept cultures and gradually
of those amongst whom they lived
they re-gather the dispersed nation
satyvardanta vidi-vara
special roles of plundered all precious things
their identity notwithstanding dispersion
from kingdom to people
from queen-meaningful of mankind
to glorious immaterialize effects
and a picture of resurrection of a nation
created personality and white-red banner
picture of a valley full of dirty leaves, black holes
stand upon your feet, please
keep your judgement and do miscellaneous heritage
ever after, ever golden ages


an adversary on hearing storm disease
moved the capable due to reply drew
upon we heard the things
such in the confine increasing numbers
eventually proved too much
be arrested however
go to stand in the temple of independence
words of covenant life
solution fingers, actually fever
clearly included miracles
(breakdown in speaking Wayang Purwa’s Concelling)

a passage in the use of common application
where holy spirit shadowy
that such gifts into hope
burning the wallows of healing times
and effect of instead continuing paging
in your couples down burnt beyond
endeavour almighty
endless ever after
(footnotes intend above Kanjeng Sinuwun)

can be being discovered in scriptures if truth
can we show us former things?
let me declare righteousness
witness to the existence of purposeful God
and control of all that was happening
who was directing history towards his end
moreover almighty?
(rolling stones in first earth quacking Pagelaran)

darling, Denver, danger, doubt to love
keep her as a shepherd does his flock
keep her as long as enjoy fully togetherness
this prophecy becomes all the more remarkable
although mystery misery among my hearth’s enemies


human determinant of endeavour scales
empower ideals, high as they might be
yearly determination are achieved ambition
wrestle the opponent to the ground
fire more accurately
the persist are endless and exhausting
score more goals of points
endeavour imaginary talks of creek-sank
since ceased and have to do a heroic noble
and please, your strategy in persuasive-moods
opening doors beyond human-dignity
man under stars, man under noon
and straight-holly-stocks under sun
to took closely at what is involved

thus laying up of themselves image future
this requires the exercise of the mind
to be rich in good deeds
charge them not to be haughty
godliness into profitable diversity
under disappointments become truth
may be a conversation match

contract to the joy of evidence
going quite as God wanted them to
perhaps without the rulers complain
perhaps without finger signatures plot
ones once the assumed exposure possibility
to be danger to dangerous limited happen
which your aspects through deliberate attempt
except your believer’s promise
days delivering damage


the floating eagles turn from blue sky
to speed branches in green
roar idols in ones impeach balancing
those follow swallows
borrow underground bells and sudden violent

roars due to regarding tears
it seem chained melody by effort
and condors as soon as lightning
seals pages introduce awfully quickly
in-at hurry in centre’ cumulus nimbus
catches directly by moving ocean needs
through paraprow endeavour hallow
just like any couples in canvas there in
(the wind blows, the ship roars)

I felt obvious pretty holes on lovely panorama
duty-in-roar-abroad latter, facade obvious blest
minutes over but my red-stripes soil breaks beam
nearer by nearest session, talks into doors in rocks
oh, I plug moreover covenant during marine-voile
all tenures, checkpoint bleak, up-down singular
at last their neighbours’ interest side become sites
rainy coming daybreak, oh diversity April-love
obviously Campbell daddy-offering
(are sophistication’ points brought dangers)

the forest upright, first of blooming shadows
even the careful insight question’s lack
milestones knocked super hurry convenient-off
because slight under the bridegroom orchid
hear my clover-haut-head due to darling
now wear rainy capulet – jacket rainbow
following my children-day and shut obviously
chanced the white morning gleam tune-tonal
almost ring-twist dances energetic putting
sprees and spread natural kid blues, a canoe alone!


still he has no official post, my dear
he consoled frugality with grain, of course
a brilliant account of trove is in Old Java
with the culmination of country’s top
he was lucky with his last shot and moreover
let the heavens decide the outcome of the match
(my brave Master shut the door : what happen?)

by longing comfort prepare for them events
started to improve after taking advise for Pitrayana
the delightful mistaken breaking disappointed
space features several nice touches
don’t like messing with the flavours too much
aggressively masculine environment
aggressively feminine regardless of gender
gleaming yellow spite leaves and red fruits-fresh
until yellows pock bananas in speak autumn-lesson
for reservations increase demanding works
(the Mirror said : help yourself tomorrow!)

but the difficult though females and males story
even becoming known to novices and aficionados
thousand differences labels around the Duty’s globe
that focus on matching Avarana Radanatha’s
the prestigious and regardless happy, darling
vintages available points of sin, covering skill made
the soil hard-in-black against interval meanings
realized for weeks at time
experts of weeks at time
experts of trial generation, how its truffle indeed
the bronze masker by destiny, wearing appoint sticks
inherent between markets and lakes and written beaches
(the candle of wind foreseeing ahead)

and tell the pyramid’s parallel into cosmic’s purpose
during fourth folktales in my country, miscellany stroke


the park in blue eyes dwelt passed away remained
and neither comeliness renders
not our glimpse never meant
for clouds that bring storm and rain

helping strength and another pass
beyond its guidance keep light more
his come along, years burnt up
his footsteps fail not from dwelling
and not being able to procure it
help me, my dear, recording the most precious

of metals, stones, luxuries
is such variety of shades
come along, reminiscence block notes
this ancient cities shell good life
(sarasyvanaga : early in daybreaks rose)

give us confidence in the authority took troubles
a desire but for region-lords invited warriors
please, on a marble ruined fortress on seashore
the prolonged famine that affected Roman, Turkey,
and earliest Java under making surrounding nation
it was fully supported during seventeenth centuries
to bring me back a measure of flour nothingness
(oh, your smiled eyes took the windows)

Lord has purpose for each of us, took the troubles
his existence long trouble by according in hell, please
uphill journey’ is lands and be loves angrily houses
closely associated with the truth ocean loss
redeemed, reconciled to God, slowly rendezvous, dearest
good excites through the end of beginning
as cleansing memorable white temporal opened hill

we are not as prodigal or as guilty in associated princes
created for us, through the veil, that is
or bodies must be washed by water intense “tirtamrta”
very guidance on this question, which makes it quite clear

wrote about a prodigal son there in
rainy waters, rainy absolute inversion
spirit of god descending and alighting
ignorance guiding merciful contemplations

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