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By: Suryanto Sastroatmodjo
To my darling: Angela Wardhani Dewayani
(copyright PUstaka puJAngga)

1. Sign by Signs
2. Approviating Adult
3. Intimity
4. Road to Exile
5. Lalanatursita (Courtbohemian-sight)
6. The Ruins to be an Ancient City
7. Conversation
8. A Long Distance From Home
9. A Notable Copy of Heritage
10. Covering Ideas
11. Death
12. Case of a Sinner
13. A Time of Change
14. The Quiet Answer
15. Over the Stagnant
16. Telling Intermedias
17. Where the Sun Desires
18. Morning to Twilight
19. Resort of Rest
20. Kissing Peace


the grand theme
the circumstances that will lead up
it’s development of the wonderful prophecies
revelation sees that as the grand outcome all things

whose shall reign forever and ever?
whose name appear other people
can be found in several ancestors
are assembled together
sometimes upon external findings
leaves in lotus family
chacravati varasdaya
being established on the earth
scripture echo this truth
hallelujah beyond warasdaya
they will be futile too.

a bigger barn of wood
every faithful longing heart
sign and symbol
by these evil influences
will eventually only be put right
Atman and Brahman’s kingdom created
signified it by his angels
around the valleys, around the caves


powerful rules of conformity
large eyes are another notable element
showing us victimization
and revenge drama into life
scenes ballot against prejudice burning
twisted minds of villagers
bullying by classmates
upon systematic failure of tendency

– among the punishment
and un-confession obtained trough torture

something terrible will happened
our family in empty living school
strong pressure from sawoes and mangoes
and cherry-trees near river
I’m worried about absent less urgent
that reminds of audience
suicide pact
to bury the nameless bodies in forest
opposite of fine episode

– in our age of forty
including embroil then in choice
and dilemma remembering in youthful

being forced to use increasingly parents
one day in still a living media
with symbol of hungry and fever in summer


a tolerably easy rise along the back of forest
rescued from slavery there
determined into fertile plains
attarvabadra : the song of duty
built through the orchids : gleaming
this land that flowing milk and honey
sancarawiddy : oh what’s care in it
far away for generation to day
determined to send out spies

to have gained the highest ridge
I should have endeavoured
how far a passage over these lofty range
finding my initial in my diary
my tents for a couple of days
sandragopta : since it appeared
runts south to north along almost dividing range
spoilt spilt valleys of white
and chocolate rivers surrounding Amrta-waters

between highways and up way grazing stones
found a passage where the road be constructed
our man confined to their tents for a couple
a mountain gain, remembering prajapiluta site
to day is known as caraka
after a single man enduring grace-groce


this is not the first time
that Diva has appear in prophecy

200 years of dispersion
was indicative of divine, o my dear

use our best endeavours
to facilitate the achievement of objects

Krishna is sometimes referred to as a miracle
a marvellous event attributed to a supernatural cause
the word of century

has come down to us through the ages
and is entirely truth worthy

one which was to be ratified
by the privy council and King Krishna himself

knowledge of what the Holy Vedha
taught fostered growth
of the Kaindran movement

this appeared in genesis, known as Lelana Adiwedya
all clergy were ordered in advance
to place it conveniently within temple
accessible to all for reading Ahimsa
or made unreadable, to eliminate
old century’s influence

LALANATURSITA (Courtbohemian-sight)

when you became queen and all things were abolished
to common language without Deva approval
the renaissance advanced learning
purwasaksinaprana! scholars awake quite!
ecclesiastical and civil authorities
have sought to destroy Vedha and those
who identified with common in any way

a marvellous event attributed
to a supernatural

cause the past is true
left its imprint upon the earth
fallen inscriptions and abandoned burial grounds
could possibly have been written by him
but date from many hundreds of years later
yet many simplifying character
mentioned in them have been confirmed
by someone writing centuries after
Lalanatursita : a form of writing meant wedge-shaped
covered with thousands of tiny-arrows heads
but much of its ancient history
and culture remained a mystery
as well as shedding light on the great empires
a key role in facade conflicts statement
burning awakens during my glory :
eureka ! Shanty, Shanty, understanding obtained.


the ruins to be an ancient city
until the decipherment of its language
critical scholars doubted such a people
ever existed, until in an ancient couples
it is inscribed in three parallel scripts :
maha, cakra, advaita : had been significant changes
more recently, two silver amulet

small pieces of jewellery
the monk, patriarch Sarvaneth exactly
even more exciting have been

the recent publication of seals
in private collections
belonging to two of masters :
Adibava, Ragava, Anangyana
offering tribute to his overlord
once upon a times, providing ample testimony
fit into a dependable picture
of the historical period of Jataka.

for this is the whole duty of man
how we compare with yourself and colour of happy
the degree of blessedness of happiness
how we beseech you therefore
living sacrifice, brethren, by the mercies of God
for out the abundance of heart of his mouth speaks
it is a harmony to be realized & experienced within
our passions do not have to be annihilated
and useful direction
A Ritual Benefits and Sword Mans change into a ploughshare


this is where the substitutionary comes
to suffer and die instead of
or in the rest of humanity should bear
agree they believe it sincerely
and put their faith in it as understanding
of how Radysattvika, saviour of the World.
this is whenever his laws must always obeyed

Lord of Nature : Dayapunika, when there is
a breach of Divine law

and Man has to inflict the penalty
that he had ordained

if the result of empowering faithful
is the substitute, yet we do elsewhere strong
Lord of Nature : development of Amrtapura
save Puntadeva, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula, Sadeva
all kings in silhouette symbol in Ordeals
surely it ought to be the same on the substitutionary victim.

this is whenever he looked carefully
created inflicted death
substitution stamps and steps in health
the full and better significance
to conclude that an idea not only untrue
hungry problems that impugn and righteousness
from within Sunan Kalijaga as helper beggar kings
from inferno, from the lying bodies, indeed
be willing to inflict the punishment in pure history
unless death becoming thaksful generation


A Long Distance from Home
but to learn to live by faith
which is still apposite for all
who feel burdened and oppressed
Sarvadayinta, humble yourself under

the mighty hand of God
nowadays grown-ups call that skill tasking
having the ability to do things at once

A long, long distances from Home
our life should be equally joyful and reward
but it takes time to assimilate Nature’ message
unless displaced by another doll and toy.

A long, long distances from Home
tomorrow morning gave things another sorrow
the banana-trees, apple-leaves and papaya-fruits
usually that have proved unstable.

A long, long distances from Home
here a Dayagupita, prevent others from gaining
was there ever a better justification

for the suicide, murder
or dislike intense scrutiny?

A long, long distance from Home
for think tank read stink-tank
with a range of ideas almost congratulate passages
when his origin by a fellow members
When the ancestors striking uncertain place
like first such great even was a picture of my destiny.


our Heritage like a dream beyond trial & error
our heritage stook trouble and fortune
there is no soundness in our flesh
my wounds are foul and festering
I’m troubled, I’m bowed down greatly
I go mourning all day long.

My folktales and legends hoped true
please, my son, write those words
and felt the consequences
of misbehaviour weighing him down.

My Lord’s presumption was that
we are all burdened by circumstances of life
My son, that’s believer contact gentle
to his would-be-followers in demands
anxiety can easily creep in to blight

a situation added
thought we have burden of sin we felt
and we perceive to carry.

For my iniquities have gone over my head
that happy state of affairs may not last
festering because of my foolishness
self-sacrifice only really qualifies
as such if it hurts.

Besides that, dearest, declare my iniquity
I will be in anguist over my sin
sufficient for the day is its own trouble
what to wear for any occasion
in the things that matter eternally!


as an alternative translation renders it
blessing and choicest
blessing of enjoyments
declare a life of sorrow
shall build houses and inhabit them
hundreds instead of tens of years

their savage nature is to be tamed
flourish for centuries
for as the days of a tree
days of roses and white lotus
”waladipa taratulavidhi”
men will be removed
long life with our freedom
from disease and suffering
but the sinner again and again
hundred years of course
plant vineyards of eat their fruit
my elect shall long enjoy
their works of their hands

covering ideas of hundred-thousand ages
flourish for centuries
all mankind will rejoice
in the deliverance effected by Atman
present short tenue of life
has not always been the lot of man.

by reason of his longevity
be able to occupy the houses they build
”sandratanaya avinaya gatra”
world men reckoned their lives
under its many burdens.


including death will finally be no more
it is evident that he
who put all things under him is excepted
all the wished are ultimately is to be destroyed
with all its horrible effects
shall be filled
and of the privileged subjects of his rule

they shall not hurt nor destroy
in all the mountain
as the waters cover the sea
when the last enemies
put and ending all authority and power
may be manifested
lord of glory reigns supreme
bliss on earth

his gracious rule
is summed up in the promise
”deva, deva, vajirapadmana”
god and goodness
the cows and deer will graze
god’s heart and desire
come to its gracious close
god’s appointed King’s

is to rule in the midst of enemies
they will be songs instead of sighing

the garment of praise, darling
”tattadeva sastrawardhani”
replace the spirit of heaviness
another blessing of Millenium.


in the case of a sinner
who shall die one hundreds years old
as in ancient days
glorious period their days
infirmities of age
their savage nature
truly this will life
”sampagiata naraswari”
all creation is brought into state
of peace and friendship
in former years death

not now hear of people
who are infested with a tape form
cold storage
in conditions that prevailed
in the wilderness

various lists of animals
they must circumcise
these speedy healing of the wound
it was that far ahead of its time
birds of love : “taravanaya viveka nala”
happy and eternally healthy life
were excellent instructions
after its first appearance.

The people clamour vociferously
out of rock a murmur of abundant waters
”caraca cakradewanata”
plunge into sin against Mahadeva.


priest and scholars
were forced to find refuges

over the rainbow
of typical romantic comedy

this formula somewhat
by handing a jigsaw puzzle to viewers

how to realize suffering
from partical amnesia

a monumental sugar rush
of cinematic enjoyment

cryptically telling the son, loyal wife
telling them that he has no need anymore, friend
this copy is perfectly faced
and to be discovered by pilgrimages

the family excellent performances
throughout, friends, awfully to very sorry

horror, humour, becomes nightmare
a guest arrives to make a room
the diversity


if you’re interested in watching one
darkest yet most entertaining play

not seriously injured
haunting melody a yellow rivers
a missing person investigation
the presence is causing the tumult
alive at the stake
leaved from the own lake, dear

yeas and tears are poems in guitar
since your piano sang wild song
it’s often dangerous to be different from others
flick that attempts to explore

a dark site in your live
yet powerful rules of conformity
the question to an individuals perspective
rapidly evolving warriors seriously
tackles the troubles
showing and why dodge this dreadful death
deeply divided and readily attack anyone


a statement after the rate-setting
meeting, meeting emphasizing the need more

he will face further government pressure
this year can’t be ruled out
which in its research note
have fanned concerns about rice tapering off

he estimates that local demands
such as massive costumer-debt
beating the call rat under benefit
year-on-year during the first half of this year
oh, the latest works on their contemporaries
writes should produce literary prose
about tastes, about file of smiling
good translation is a prerequisite for this, brother
will inspire readers and rulers overseas

our emotion will continue
will hesitate to divide those
who express the dead weight of ideology
beyond his frontiers


when I’ll also admired outside of beloved country
shackles of recent history
is a frequently asked question
their writer harbours a tortured soul
impact for healing methods
when they should be universal enough
to strike a chord with readers everywhere

the owner distinction it deserves for its
Indian literate said imperative moves
extraordinary differentiated and un-monolithic
touching to the heart
I should only be concerned with what is ours

foreign’ tastes improve delightful
literature generally tends
in ways capable of interesting readers
enjoying a much literary community
keeping up on current issues
and assiduously reading recognizes
in other fields that blooming apple and srikaya
painful to read customary effects
this every tortured imaginary scenes


love story had admitted the teenagers
be lovely to dream of freedom
not all fiction or movies
they will inevitable get tired
of the same old story line and lost storm
and some swearing vigorously at the villain
without the agony of worries in reasoning
a new cultural trend of Price & princes
novels have gained more complexity
fighting and swear whenever reprimanded by adults
a great satisfaction of age
we stand in fantasized world

receiving hopes in same sort intention
people want a quick glance
and keeping overhead low
those with disability or low income levels
many down sizing to reduce cost
refuse to sell any of them
to demands, it meant a loss of revenue
have allowed disadvantaged love-abilities


how were to be ability to control
everything that happens

because itself be liberated
from its bondage to decay

spoke to the storm
that even wind and waves obeyed him?

the world as we now experience
it has been blighted by human disobedience
which has led to global warning
and the consequent upset the weather
and get the world back in harmony with God
please, darling, how established on earth
our only hope for a much
improved environment?

including tempest and earthquake
Merapi mount and the princess of light
expressions of divine displeasure
so why would she speak against Nature?
passion, character is rooted
in and determined by that conviction
will avail nothing unless

her teaching revolution
in clothing patient morning and twilight

you will be pretending to believe in things, sister
for Deva-Devi will bring every work into judgment
and combine a mystery and powerful throne


coming as prophesied, activities
and teaching were recorded

by well-informed teacher
alone against togetherness
testament books as we know them into a list
many of energy

nation verses ready to concern ready for that
existing of their valuable in world’s future
from the coming of sin and death
then was marvellously preserved review
about communicated by God to man
Rajyvartani, sustaining the faithful
by its promise of Redeemer

Wisnu is widely ignored
in an age of wonderful scribe
keep silent, please darling
the stones would immediately cry out

numbers of people still battle and sieges
emperor here took place
emperor of our concept in dynamics
chief characters in the crucifixion area
the lord silent joyous acclaim
yet have confined by head people
thousands still were burned at the stake


the anointed one who is spoken
of in the prophecy is

My Lord of Heaven
the covenant answered us that in
the Kingdom of Patience

you are worthy to take the scroll
it is important to note that the future
reward Deva has promised
to the Saint, my love.

Phinehas, roses from among
the thrust both of them

and took javelin in his hand
he has upholding Deva’s honour
because he jealous for his God
and made atonement for the son of Kahyangan
God renewed the covenant
of a continuity priesthood

who shall do according to appeal Him
what is in our head and our mind, my love.

that was being offered to Him
will push down southwards and attack them
so in desperation, they need the prophet
one which was to be ratified

by the Prime Subordinate too
would have meant burning in Winners

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