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By: Suryanto Sastroatmodjo
@2005 (copyright PUstaka puJAngga)
To my dear
Angela Wardhani


rice and noodles in heritage paper
can be sure of a grand feast in this house
living testament unique
unfortunate enough
our corner, interest and willingness
to expressing inexpressible is music
empowering design
regardless of the hurt that is caused
(alone-backing with Cakranahiswan)

rice and noodles equal sometimes
desperately wicked
deceitful above
the man whom he has ordained
both of them desperate
not abandon his plans
when perfection take place at first
(also strike by Uttapalasanti)

lonely organ smiles up and down
describes a surrounding globe
see things somewhat differently
remember his holy covenant
without fear, brother
despite our initial reluctance, brother
holy spirit approve in façade
be a truly speaker in capability


be filled with the spirit,
speaking to one another
in prays, hymns and making melody
certain of improving
meaning in life
how that affective gracious there’re in
it is song that call of neighbours

civilians rhythm are blown to surprises
doing that different inside
persuasive force whispering
polluting world that now exist
rules glory, rules gracely
a law in the pursuit planning
mainly voice, the honest remarks
recycling needs, perhaps stick
to make command to new melody

is still a stick standing front?
Is still a stick spears pruning hook?
Whenever you turn to the right hand
Or whenever you turn to the enemies


the correct form of adjectivism
was evident from the previous essays
in this fails and other copies
watches earnestly for the sign of his coming
truly image, truly committed
thousand years we waited
(offering-toast with Prabanarawidya)

the dead were judged according works
life, lived and reign
had restored his sight
he had received the holy spirit
ye the first action the took
was to submit to odjectivism
(terminology with Andrana-Riswami)

revelation that is prospect for all true believers
hear the rings and bells
eternal live, who still alive
equal to the angels
and we shall reign on the earth


there will be an abundance of grain in the heaven
its tastes lovely confession
of which were are witnesses
holy, harmless, become higher than stars
gentle and lowly in heart
a man where right values prevail
somebody knows

beat their swords into ploughshares
neither shall they learn war anymore
war through wars
diligently happened
blood out of every tribe and tongue
break in pieces the oppressor
as such he will be among these
find rest for your souls
how happy, brother, how happy for you

before failure from sadness and inferno
people is real and full of compassion
and we stand in focus of moon
in a strong blues


steps are necessary
to achieve a happier
and more fulfilled life
clear, friend, clear message
though miles away
from high clouds to own clothes
from their erstwhile adversary now at home
no doubt in deep contemplation

steps are resorted
to their favourite tactic
to eliminate the troublemakers
to become the typical sawfish responses
the disciples took
a measure of calm descended
upon the early believers
and their number began to increase

once can imagine his initial consternation
at finding himself alone
with a strange man
though a gentle pointer towards
become a powerful force
have the same effect in our lives


write to appropriate address
often summaries the gospel
in these tow ways
the kingdom of earthly words
the name of the steps in god’s willing
references in years’ issues
outlined about
life without death, own mystery

write to appropriate address
far away from this grass-hard
to believe all these things
endless simply entire world
the time is fulfilled
the wall is a state of decay
anger and violence
from the power of natural sign

now, read reign as king of the world
in a way which is appropriate to those
who seek to follow him
in their daily lives


who could rightly be called
who could seemly be called
who could first be called homer dancer
this profound statement
has far-reaching implications
hopely answered
(fly stupid how to access)

stamps beyond stamps included
not so much as to set his foot on
there would be many descendants
which is causing so much fear
and sit on the throne of father
from where he will rule
the world in sign of Hopeless
(high cost how to prefer)

answer’s today means
promises included possession
looking upwards
and the child bearing age
yet that he was promised before it
a further point to include all those
who belong to the lord


indeed, my son
you will look diligently for your house
the world will learn righteousness
when your judgments
are in the earth
and will break in pieces
the oppressor
they learn war anymore
indeed, my son, please
open your door
morning full comfort
on the top of the mountains
(by the times how to pretend the ancestors)

believes speaks:
I am gentle and lowly the heart
all nations shall serve me
grass in emotion’s judge
turn from the left
ever after


not yet fulfilled
drew attention to this significant facts
if you able to number them
that it is wall watered everywhere
bearing in mind
that those promised included procession
belongs to god’s children
alright told by genesis
into starlit sky

lovers gone with the wind
will not need
to be reminded of its significance
nor man nor nations
hearing wonderful blessing
the one from the other
chose them all the plain of heaven
during eyes shut

look now toward heaven
northward and eastward
these promises were made for us
society union was descended


what I could not accomplish ourselves
who had lived perfect
identifying with that sacrify
could be reckoned as right in God’s sight
remembrance heart by heart
only spoke signaturing twilight
oh, the personal failure to please God?
when destiny despaired
about goddess’s evil nature said :
”Bring your cruelty from my room!”
So then, with the mind
I my self serve the law of God
but with the flesh the law of sin.”

Rebecca’s talks again kindly
my world is now over fun
with evil and wickedness
from those questions
by the way they respond to God’s invitation


as we pray each day, honest true and pure
our heart walks in dwelling place
life blessing beyond we’re blessed
alone sky clouds swear
home, be after seeking souls homely
and trough earth by earth snowy
impressed quality files following days
because we’re alone without happiness

we have cigarettes, leaving dirty tobacco
fortune as quick as telling true
give a little smile, please
dwelling place nor palace ones
God’s values becomes early morning
the youthful kindly obscured
endless homely


faith if those believers
the spiritual spoke sparing the flack
do not touch, do not taste
and by smooth words
flattering speech
deceive the hearts
unless departure savage wolves
be turned aside to fables

his kindness and mercy in giving us opportunities
need to take not and act accordingly
as some count slackness
shall longsuffering toward us
shall come to repentance
see word events moving towards their final phase

white and rose in autumn sight
be a creation beginning innocent
flame a naked individual conflicts
describe outward circles
portrayed among you
human nature
bears no title of authorship and opinion


descendant of a great fore father
its lessons we should take to heart
its grand theme
to spare the time, God obey
about the circumstance that
as only be put right
has been lead up
keep their faith alive

power language obsession
hit and run, hit and run
chance there’d be
helpful traditions in saint
is remarkable inscription
the grand outcome of all things
overcome the temptations

letter to parents then heritages
all allowed important hearings
death on the cross
render it powerless
please the shining sun flaming
return from captivity
perform the miracle preaching

need of praying
finding a good place to settle
finding about gospel truth
ultimately find their fulfilment established


is the tower in your empowering promise
catching by the times your holiday
keep cruelty erected
and father and son grow
being oppositioned low
tell the imaginary song happily
towards to the be fresh  combine increase
endless dialogues
endless catalogues similarly
the bridal rhythm passing true
neither composed by rainy season
hassles voiced in water tremendous
(adore you among Tirtapramesthi)

because the drawing wholesome
cocktail party in suddenly fever
lost in passage, perishable stress
postulate dreams congratulate
spear and spoils
the poems intended loss through habits
endless kissing
imperial words in terminology
remembrance dialogue actually
(the victim implicate Saviratanjali)

and may unhappy sentences during dinner
approval capability
adjective consinary victims
subjects during dangerous term
while cries oppositely
compilation without dirty forms
you belongs to me


thousands were sold as slaves
bearing their fruits of it
he is announcing privileges
taken place in the fortunes
they were to be found in the great sites
flowers of flowers out from destiny
end of centuries
what will he do to those vinedresser?

but to be spiritually minded
is life and peace
about he taught when he instructed comer
but the Kingdom of Heaven
might choose again
will not inherit the palace of evident

longsuffering, kindness, faithfulness
there are hugely contrasting consequences
during describing came expressly
abandoned mankind

human affairs and take over the rulership
to be camally minded is death
covering compower works of the flesh
beyond truly ambitions
followers pray how to make distance
dynasty and closing numbers
in the new age and golden years


as so clearly showed
we recognize the abnormality and enlist God’s help
the same bias and the same, tendencies within themselves
master destroyed or put to death
that bias in our selves
partakers of nature
their lifetime subject to bondage
those tendencies to death, we shall live!

that anything else I long to be clean
oh our Grace, do long to be there
standing for all that is opposed to him
a marvellous hope
as promises great are unfurled

apostle Kamajaya trying power love
unchanging law arose through man’s disobedience
and the result would be the complete breakdown
of moral tradition of Javanese suggestion

will be present so long as man is mortal
these teaching of scripture
the clear statements we were going struggle!


they were magnificent physical specimen of manhood
allowing kind Pandavas and Kuravas
in the centre Javadwipa rivers and sea
by mountains in Hyang, by the hill of Deva’s mounts
increasingly jealous of Giants Count,
when they went out to battle
everyone in the well-known word of chronicler
(approach recycling karmayoga above)

please, god and goddess’ fellow
they was a disaster
they serve the purpose of uniting the tribes
when Sri, Laksmi, Saraswati, Devi Tara
shakti’s of Siva, Visnu, Brahma, expose
implicative of pilgrimage shadow-play

making observers-legends
around the world of imagination
due to indigenous ancient story-tellers
the literal meaning of the points of energy
(maybe the beginning of this process or re-gathering
in the establishment of the state of Amrtapura)

(the Book of Judges describe how,
because of their failure to keep Natural Command,
they were oppressed by nation of the land)
the people had so degenerated that eventually
the whole nation be united under one Head
just Amrtapura trouble Pandava and Kurawa each other
specimen of manhood into the royal court
and exalt the home of his anointed


it is a sad reflection
that far too many who profess
to be followers of our head of time
stabilizing master
was understanding and understandably distressed
”clearly this is no ordinary person had made mention of my name”
(in Prabhu-Satyawidya-title)

for any angel, for somebody’s need
prophet addresses people
showed how God foresees the future
especially bearing in mind
recognize the importance of the Master
his evidently miraculous acts
what sense can we make these words?
(precious willing : Pranadevantacakra)

what kind of life is for you
had learned a huge
amount about how best to live
enjoy today a famous
thoughtful consideration
what life has offer before telling happiest?
(habitually among Bhaqavalanaditantra)

when he was arrested
was seized in the Garden of Hopes
a fully times denied that they had connection?


if you thinks carefully
people salvation would come to nations
the courage and resourcefulness
of the human spirit
camp of the last few verses
speak of a worldwide dispersion
that terror will your hearts and green sights
instead of maintaining their racial purity
this is telling reminder
man’s inhumanity to man
revolt against angels in powerful witness
that happened their Messiah
would appear on earth

we are not concerned with here
hunger’s judgements for integrated
so much with other man
yet those sufferings were not to last forever
only too vividly portrayed here :
”eyes weary with longing and a despairing hearth
if the refused to obey Him”

a scarce commodity and ethnic violence
telling reminder of unhappy situation
but a tool in God’s hand
nothing less than two world wars
millions rebirth a clean miracle
will possess the land forever


at last the owner goes to pilgrimage temples
cutting pilgrimage journeys
since relief confused
during the purification of mankind
long long age diffused
sometimes the delightful plunged
sincerely between I and children
towards impress livingly
towards our publics mean offerings
bitter conclusions were gleaming
purpose deeply
often hearing pilgrimage tours indeed
(usually façade Tattwa-wardhayanta)

since comrades-in-arms being composed
may be actually tempest
alone in the yard of smiles
public regards congratulate
owners in the circumstances
times formal future tongue
sincerely my finest and holy figures
(impressed about Satyanamanti)

when the relief confused
beliefs sincerely ours, brother
owner the going truly acceptable
clover leaves pursuit happiness
going on true


a precise act of obedience
born a new
how men can insert reasons
for not accepting
such KONFERCAB appeal
they went down the road
he was oppressed
and he was afflicted
yet he opened not his mouth
(ever dream only Handayana-huning)

for the transgression of my people
he was stricken
the passage which he was reading
the virgin birth
quite probable
a proselyte convert
(trust improve Moqatista-Kiwan)

pointless of sprinkling
was acceptable
God’s purpose, my dear
event more significant
the accord with other descriptions
until the water indicated that immersion


a personality, my dear
just an impersonal power
a character of his own
which made known to mankind
(seek effectually Wimana-Karkandari)

the Holy Spirit declare his generation
ancient times they suggest

this man a proselyte convert
for the transgressions of people
that he was quite probable
and complete letters had been

purchased during
the visit of Peck and Pock
about the trial

had not defended himself
against the false charges
(going improve Bojawali-Andhuswinala)

character opens silent mouth again
when villages pocket shut the doors
but people design yellow leaves become green
last floors to be attitude
injurted bloody and then black


the camp was cunningly as a contained community
a flourishing cultural life and the nights
as a self-contained community
to write family and local-friends
villages in spare hearth covering yellow
gave any hint of their ultimate fate
togetherness, friendships, allowing enlightened
where barracks once stood there camp site area
(sightflies :Ambarabadrawanti)

the original lay out, improve totally- white resort
and a stretch of a railway line
the fate of those who departed by train
diary after their skin-war
survived, only their further survived
but strained to the limit
sometimes queue to view the hidden staircase
a testimony to the courage of human spirit
these victims of year solution
drink blue, eat experiences
when barracks once stood
beyond a sting violins and violence
symbolized the fate of those
(including Mahisa-Mandhala)

moreover to catch signal of signatures
prophets run, just as predicted
or a bit quiet reflection beforehand
and heaven declare the glory of God!

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