Writer by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

When the air sway smallest pieces of your hair,
the cloud- cumulus be in throng moved covers the skin of firmament (XII: I).

Its wings stretch on the hill without stars,
and then heard the gending-gending that comes from cluster of village,
the beginning place of visiting from the langgam without told (XII: II).

At the south valley, the tembangs reciting sometimes are melancholic and sometimes are fast,
be blown by season from the back, by teaching of the past times period (XII: III).

The days of falling of waterfall are without obstacle,
alike forgets the noon at the slob of stones (XII: IV).

Sleeps tight, the night comes to you are shy to move on,
so deeply be entertained by the flame of a piece of candle (XII: V).

Aren’t you traveling? If waits had not have the willing yet,
looks at the farmers in the painting, really ridiculous if just impressed but not goes to there (XII: VI).

When become boring, believe that will be free, the flame of freedom’s torch
billows the smoke licks at the mist, by last night’s firing of woods (XII: VII).

Doesn’t fugitively are controlled by the act from the residence of exhausted,
the teak’s leafs of dry season are buried to meet the freshmen (XII: VIII).

The hot weather drops the leafs off are released by the stalk without remains,
it just dry branch left as if it die, the rainy season returns its leafy,
alike never happen the barren wither hugged on the fate of dry as a bone (XII: IX).

The smell of straw is flared by fire, in the children’s singing of motherland,
the air is whistling on the flower of sesbania trees, while the body of bamboo soars up to the smallest one and can used for flute,
its leafs is sung, sways the pure heart of stranger (XII: X).

The poet stretches from the top of pen on the stages of white paper,
welcomes the beginning of emptiness, recites the struggling (XII: XI).

The melodious of sky’s smiling cracks a part at the villages,
a hand full of dust are scattered to fill the long room (XII: XII).

Bathes the Kris is splashed the holy water from the flowers ceremonial,
the spell as much as a line of memory’s poem, on the looking each other face (XII: XIII).

The body becomes wild in the limited room, a spans of resentment,
the time chews the flower of silent, the steamed stones are steamed burnt by infuriated (XII: XIV).

Retraces the loneliness of thickness as far as the heavy rainfall is roaming,
disappeared among the anxious aims to the hunting’s limit of drizzle (XII: XV).

No more than the ocean’s thunderous in the exhausted bosom; the current washes the leaf away
to the billing of secret, dissolves your time, be drawn swallowed by the century be born by the period (XII: XVI).

The stones are scattered around on the womb of universe, the bent down and fall off of the time to the throne of heart,
alike the lightning slaps the trees, the poured out lava buries the body of temple (XII: XVII).

Dig the command words of poet, lifts up the epigraphy of the dragon (XII: XVIII).

In the social intercourse, the spirit’s quiver enters the eternal desire,
the flare of light gets higher to the level staring of essence (XII: XIX).

With rainbow as shawl, scatters the light onto the fontanel
alike the light fly insects flies at the night be fragranced by the mind (XII: XX).

The misty blankets the dark that is scattered untouchable of its coming,
it brings a piece of promise to be loyal on the time for the top of leafs (XII: XXII).

Thrust on its live is just a gulping to return the memory,
apiece of cloud is blown by the low of sky the height of earth become more meaning (XII: XXIII).

The destiny was born before the dews were created, the fully yearning waiting
of ink is churned and boil, the solid perfume of time seethes to in the space of eternality (XII: XXIV).

A sheet by sheet of white paper is talked; make the sound of laugh of profound sorrow of foam,
the body is warmer at the beach of sunset, the thirsty of sailor’s longing is cured (XII: XXIV).

This is the corn’s seeds threw to the Blue Island that breathes on green leafs (XII: XXV).

The dry coarse grasses recites the winds command that dancing on the smoke of last night firing,
the old singing of ballad is whined shocks on the street of memory,
the horse’s feet disturbs the stones and the dust on the red land (XII:XXVI).

All at once the flood is overflowed the logical reasoning is kidnapped the feeling is robbed, so many years
are loosing you, the harmony of past cart is on the railroad of history (XII: XXVII).

At the mirror of stylish, the mist separated by the unlucky in the depth sensual of ravine,
the honesty from dream’s impulse of wet procession is poured out,
won’t be soluble at veranda except the spirit’s splashing since from the flaring of romance (XII: XXVIII).

To the old town, the white moon friendly on the night’s field, the pedestrians are dusty
the overcast floats, the sweats are collided each other about the humidity, his sleep is against one side cheek
as thin as the whine’s skin or the date palm fruits (XII: XXIX).

The time teaches to make choice, be changed in a moment in every the tapped ruins,
the fate is embroidered with the willing and the certainty is still to the mysterious (XII: XXX).

At least with the strength to decide the changing trough deep vision,
this is the filling of breathes the soul, the impulse of alphabet the booming of light (XII: XXXI).

Your eyeballs mean the form- color of sweet- bitter of the candy,
be existed on the nice tongue savors the taste (XII: XXXII).

You recite the story; your sash returns everything,
who is laughing while the book of her womanhood on the top of desperate?
Was she be grimace, when the executor cut off her soft neck? (XII: XXXIII).

Takes the heart of sacrifice, the wine of awareness’s pressing is yours,
on the blood of loneliness, similar like the bird leaves the shadow (XII: XXXIV)

; its flapping forgets about the past, the present also the next
caused of its inner heart is attractive by the light of immortality (XII: XXXV).

The crying of black ink fragrances the room of your devoutness, the cloudy sky
the rhyme of surge aims to an embracing island, a pulse of vein from getting to blue ocean (XII: XXXVI).

The used up of ink is refilled, purposely won’t be visited, so many months are shocking,
calms the boat of period down, for the staging of returns the conviction (XII: XXXVII).

The wanderer’s riding becomes symbol, don’t be hated too much, it
curses on its self, swear won’t be ready to take the serious risks into the soft of your looking body (XII: XXXVIII).

It knows you are very angry to accepted, if you are nauseated to read,
try to save it first, open it when your times are very- very spare,
will get the problem as usual as the staring later (XII: XXXIX).

Your trembling is still seem from far, isn’t it doing?
The soft souls of mysterious meeting, see the self has the staring (XII: XL)

; firstly asks to follow the dreams, the others embroider the string,
while the love and lave, among the absolute hesitation (XII: XLI).

Gets the goodness of being silent in a bunch of smiling of the attractively conversation
as if is chained by the other awareness, it is the ship’s mast for screen gaffing (XII: XLII).

It is the long hope, finds the flower’s fragrant on the beach,
your attending compounds the flower, the seven days of possibility to be eternal (XII: XLIII).

Weakly daydreaming can’t reach the place of memory (XII: XLIV)

; the souls of climber crawls on the top of solid cloud which is saved the ballad,
those are the group of floated ants, alike the boat on the surface of quiet water (XII: XLV).

Stiff wings are snowy, the low of cloud bends down as white as the cold of wound,
similar like the groveled on the sky’s feet pours out the crying (XII: XLVI).

Be bothered by the treaded stove, the mist deflects the fingers of leaf
and the dew nurses the river’s impulse until immeasurable (XII: XLVII).

Where the place doesn’t move the ocean,
although their coasts are not same (XII: XLVIII).

The loyal spirit won’t be shocked, the sailing lands onto the summit of telatah,
gets into the essence, be pushed to give or be forced by condition (XII: XLIX).

The mountains snore and moved into the noon the mists soars
fragrances the flower in the valley on the flowing of everlasting river (XII: L).

The sand’s grains are flopped onto the beach,
the noisy sounds are recorded by the period to the beach of future world (XII: LI).

The dawn and also the twilight of the coconuts leaf, sings the cumulus’s composing,
when the mist of height is late, caresses the back of wanderer (XII: LII).

Once shocking of storm to you, the horse’s track carves its street,
far away distant of inner heart is token, the power of yearning moves the awareness
retraces the guessable field of coarse grasses before the reception (XII: LIII).

The dust’s billowing of incense’s smoke is visited,
the birds fly to harrow the skin of firmament (XII: LIV).

Who is pulling out the gravity since from the face of sky,
the spirit of cotton is blown to born the strings (XII: LV).

As holy as the cracking field grows and be sprouted,
your looking will be sonly know the beauties (XII: LVI).

Oh cumulus is alike the horse flies, from the summits of green,
perhaps leafs understand about the coming of sun (XII: LVII).

If sunless is covered by the overcast, the swinging of days in a pair of eagle’s eyes
similar like wine’s picking up at the most shade garden, friendly air of your thousands past times
that misses the news about the immortality (XII: LVIII).

Picks the musing of dew, the light matures the shaking of hesitation,
all of them are fall down, while they don’t know, we had reach it (XII: LIX).

The dancing of young leafs of coconut trees is pulled by kindness, you receive the blowing of window’s air,
opens the stepping shoes of long calendar of the creating world (XII: LX).

Let’s go home sweetheart,
before the sunset at behind, before the dark at outside comes to here (XII: LXI).

Presents a cup of honor, a cup of bread on the old table;
the asking of sincerity, be odor to be gulped really serious (XII: LXII).

Won’t pour out demolished and exhausted of forgetting the meeting (XII: LXIII).

The sick of forget will be cured by memorize the tembang,
be whined to understand about the self, had been arrived alike the steam no need to caught,
senses the collected dews on your clothe (XII: LXIV).

Or penetrates into the coming of soul is wrapped by the flesh’s skin of your heart,
come here the innocent and beauty face, aim to the flower’s season of sky’s park (XII: LXV).

Delivers the splendor’s smell of thousand kissing, onto the blossoming sheath
by the sun’s tongue licks at curve’s stalks chisels the soul (XII: LXVI).

You are fully questioned and answered by intimately kissing
with the wink of butterfly’s eyes that is just arrived (XII: LXVII).

At across of taught your smiling are blossoming on the yard, softly
be growth by grasses among the road’s stones of the park (XII: LXVIII)

; takes the breath as fresh as the joking of boys- girls shower the soul
flower for you to them as the special stories (XII: LXIX).

Your heart touches around, you receive the soul’s pulse of love’s spirit,
follows the dancing of soul on the stage of changed fate’s rhythm (XII: LXX).

When at far away place be remembered on the advice of times before visited,
this writing is shined the light to get its meaning (XII: LXXI).

Be wandered to tell the tembang that had not heard yet
on the birth of adviser scratches the white cloud at the space of sunset,
doesn’t the thread of heart have so many curtains on shy? (XII: LXXII).

The honesty delivers the truly creation of the words (XII: LXXIII).

The one who is free to meet on table of musing are tied on a book,
the times follow the plot of story will depart from your breath (XII: LXXIV).

The sunset is more sink in the silent of night,
are you there behind, the mist is passed closes the door of house? (XII: LXXV).

The hands are nervous on the boy’s bosom searches the morning,
you want to go back picks up a flower of coconut’s trees in the heart (XII: LXXVI).

The kissing blossoms as deep as your last breath,
until the whole body is lost its senses (XII: LXXVII).

You are shocked when enters the spirit of period, the dream is threw out into the ravine,
that is your shadow paints the bat is moved by the dark of night (XII: LXXVIII).

You present a glass of honor at the fully color town,
the light of lamps buries the yearning of raised dawn (XII: LXXIX).

The heartbeat retraces the river to the surface of stage,
has the wave’s curvature of law’s consciousness (XII: LXXX)

; that is the groan of feet’s chain by your smiling
be able to survive until now (XII: LXXXI).

The waiting thickens the threads of yearning, releases the dancer
Washes away the soul- body, be drunk by gulps to pour out the desire (XII: LXXXII).

The bosoms of watcher are beating at every child of beach looks with hope,
the soul spell is buried by the brightness in the hunting of sun (XII: LXXXIII).

It is penetrate the tired breaths that planted in the billing of the earth
and thousands of the mountain deliver naturally water source (XII: LXXXIV).

The whole things go to the sky together with the wind of mountain climbs down the valley,
when the lightning slaps the bird harrows in the leafy trees (XII: LXXXV).

The screaming of plunged branch, but the farmers are still plowing
the muddy rice field of his self, the rain of planting in the season of happiness (XII: LXXXVI).

The drizzle awakes the shocked face that is showered by the face of noon, it is moved
while picking up the blunt, when the imagination is exhausted swallowed by the noisy (XII: LXXXVII).

Outside of logical reasoning- mind, back and forth finds the spindle of decider, sweeps
the room watches around on dust of time’s limit, similar like the grave’s digger (XII: LXXXVIII).

The burden of hungry lightens the night; the army chases the wave
that is robed on the dawn; the sunbeam attends to spread around on the ocean (XII: LXXXIX).

The beach of memory records the shadow of bare feet
retraces the thousands miles of seashore in the conviction to teach and to search (XII: XC)

; swallows the times without realize gropes in own dress’s torn pocket,
the corn’s seeds are falling and growth in the hinterland of consciousness (XII: XCI).

A gulp of water ignore on pain assaults- stayed to climb onto the hill,
the speech is alike the plants support the permanently universe of nature (XII: XCII).

Comes with hoarse sound as thick as the slapped door,
pounds on the first wall, its smiling is as fragrant as the flower of lotus (XII: XCIII).

The colors of sky are changed but the steps of wanderer are always guided, is
this stillness? It left the place, disappeared from face (XII: XCIV).

Pulls the tip of pen, dances to summarize the longing from the group of
eye’s destiny to be met, similar like the cigarette is matched by addicted sucking (XII: XCV).

This is the composing of memory’s songs, leafs are clanged,
the blood of boys circulates the flare of romance in the arc of arrow (XII: XCVI).

The one who makes the stomach become thin and flat near to the bone, his breath is a live lost
the pulling of his fate bails the divine inspiration of love and lave as calm as the virgin girls (XII: XCVII).

It does hang the desire on your most long and slender neck,
a long rope circles is hoped as the arm hanged around intimately (XII: XCVIII).

You still play the soul’s chord spells the slope’s climbing of your heart, this is
steeply ravine allows the stones to be fell a part to the bottom of rock (XII: XCIX).

It still hopes you have cumulus as wings
passes over the valley drags the joy and sorrow (XII: C)

; the beginning of trembling is shake by the seriousness
is in front of you of their testimony (XII: CI).

The freshmen of the end of river brings the fish to play hard in the current of stiff
river, releases the teaching of combs the hair is swayed by stalk of coconut’s trees air (XII: CII).

You incarnate become the mist blankets the nights
when follows the nice weather with sunless as wings (XII: CII).

The polite one softens your soul attends himself,
finds the unheard into the veil of softness (XII: CIV)

; makes bigger the cradle of universe’s womb be incarcerated by wisdom’s details,
you makes higher pierces the abstract folding in the mother’s womb (XII: CV).

You just left to follow the plot, the script of sky had described
similar like the spider’s nets be pulled to rotate the certainty (XII: CVI).

The human kind walk similar like dust-howling life of knowledge, or is this
the flame at hesitate sunless of determination, attends only for the end (XII: CVII).

They found uncertainty face; the relief is buried by the moss of time
and continues after got the depth, have more than wear,
resembling like skin’s tap, the trees can be erectly standing to survive by it (XII: CVIII).

It doesn’t talk a lot, be sure the fastest moving of your smile is endured,
the street are continuously to jump the power of reincarnation (XII: CIX).

Ignore the pleasure for the existed of the spirit on your bosom
be buried on the yearning of sky spreads around the cloud on the city of knowledge (XII: CX)

; the child of period is nervous, the overcast is moved in crowd of noon peeps at the night (XII: CXI).

The stiff hand fingers, the flag is showered by the fog of feeling, the country child is vomited
on the stealing treasure, and you almost be parallel with the sea, unfortunately you are sinking (XII: CXII).

Pounds on the dust leaves shadow’s site of depletion, the leafy
takes the children sleep be hugged on the wind of branch breaks trough the stalks of trees,
the colors of your heart on the searching are really passionate (XII: CXIII).

Sits down, it will tell you what you experience for later,
the creepy creature as the carrier of brain’s controller, and the race- horse is mentioned as inner heart,
pays good attention on the hunger- thirsty, in order to feel there is no similar strangeness (XII: CXIV).

Your tired before the mysteriousness controls your self, you know
the consciousness of sick aims to the top secret of cured (XII: CXV).

Comes to plague the throbbed feeling,
sits down with soft and gentle, in order that your talking is not awkward (XII: CXVI).

Doesn’t the chain of hand’s tier cut off with a kissing of musing?
This its willing, in order to you know the lesson (XII: CXVII)

; the live throws the glowing of your light as far as vibrating of nervous
as finisher of the rotation of the main values (XII: CXVIII).

1. Gending= the music of Javanese people.

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