Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Muhammad Muhibbuddin

Raden Mas Subroto meditated
to face Sang Hyang Widi.
He in the long time meditated in love
for Suminten to be his beloved
until he was dead.

On the Jaran Dawuk foothill
he was wrestling with the universe;
in every breath in the air,
his voice slowly got soar
like cloud drifted by the wind.
The air in his body was soaring
like steam of water boiled until disappearing.

Like the dew his tear was dripping.
Like a cliffs his willpower was towering.
Strands of hair as dark as wine
flow like a river in the night,
like his inner wish being flared up
similar to heart-wrenching song of bamboo pipe.

The Son of Duke of Trenggalek Brotokusumo
always chanted mantras
his desire was melted away in the ancient mount,
in which The Resi purifies Himself from earthly interest.

His body took cross-legged.
His soul got around hill of love
among the gaps of leafy leaves of

Sometimes his soul transformed into a bird,
also got in a pale and shuffling body,
screaming before flying away
toward no man’s land.
The time rapidly turns
like the hot earth revolves
breaking the pride and greed.

The bitterness of reading a fate
is like the sliced young wood
shedding the red sap .

Although it is accomplished, the story to overtake
remains shaking his faith.
Everything is ordained.
“When destiny is established, nothing can stop it” [“Wahyaning wahyu
tumelung, tulus tan kena tinegor,”],
Romggowarsito said
in his masterpiece, Wirid Hidayat Jati.

Long, long before the poets
sniffed any tidings
that never runs out to access,
the universe is shrouded by His mystery,
stretching between water-air.

The glint of her eyes to be an augury
sadness of her heart conveyed his destiny
sculpted on the heaven clearly.
The black ink flows in abundance overwhelmingly
getting in and out for spreading the loyalty
in the time-space that is very very empty
like beating a drum unsuccessfully.

Subroto took the deep breath
creeping over scroll of His grace
through fingers of his sense.

The greater his belief,
the stronger his desire
to unify the person…..
surrounded with Jaran Dawuk hill
by spirit of the pure hearted Resi
for preserving his love.

No words for shaky,
no doubt shaking up
“Be!, then be!” a legend.

Afterwards, Suminten suddenly woke up from her sleeping,
gaspedly looking for a jug but nothing
it is the weirdest thirst, as thirsty as strange something.

She was sobbingly crying: “Why she be born”?
And what to pray for?”, when everything is annihilated in vain?!

Sum….Sum…..The arrow
has shot out of the arc,
don’t cry over spilt milk.
Suminten got wroth for the wrong preference.
Guno Seco Lurah Siman, her father
began to realize the great feel of shame
his face was so gloomy
though he was very honest on His will.

Subroto’s willingness was like riggings of Lencurangan,
twisted by longing for decades
went freely as far as the power of long to crawl over the body.

Now, Raden Mas Subroto was transformed into the cloud.
The ashes of Kayungyung was scaterred on the every passed road.
Subroto was endlessly narrated
at every village where Suminten passed.

who used to be gracious,
now is really riotous.
Her parents took blamed each other,
she couldn’t hold back her feeling.

She used to dress up modestly,
now she looks like a woman with seductive face.
glance of her eyes were like hungry eagle.
that its flap of wings led to danger.

The flame Subroto flashed on
in her soul flared up.
For many years she had suffered,
though herself frequently drew closer
to the Almighty;
as if her invocation was rejected.

She herself frazzled her clothes.
Her soul wandered for a handle.
Her parents no longer recognized
what was going on.
Her whole family got surrender
on any decision as quickly as possible.

Subroto transformed into white clouds charming.
Suminten didn’t know where to be going.
If it is a devotion, she has been fulfilling.
Herself was only remains of waiting.

The cloud subsequently thundered.
The heavy rain made guts dwindled
for several choices which were ill-advised.
Jaran Dawuk hill trembled,
some of the stones cracked.

Hum of the song was no longer heard,
dreams were not caught by rainbow during daylight,
due to his spirit was released to pursue his beloved.

It happened for a long time.
As heavy as its one and only Subroto’s sacrifice
and Suminten madness it was really achieved,
despite she was used to be female.

Noni fruit fell down to spread the seeds,
everything disappeared like young coconut leaves began to age
or no longer grew in front of her house.

(9/10/2012 Ponorogo – 16/2/2013 Lamongan)

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