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Writer by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

Allahhumma shalli”ala sayyidinaa Muhammad;
Spirit testify on a dripping of drizzle deliver the feeling of universe’s atmosphere
is collected in the bottom of the sea in the depth of poet’s chest cavity (I)

The handle of lave is close, the desert’s surface is complain,
mind’s reaching reveals the spiraling of curtain; the tembang of mysterious is beating (II).

The complete one is enjoyed tottery want to be fully, from beginning until the end
is hoped to dissolve, it begin from the magnet sheet of light of feeling (III).

This whole paper have destiny on soul of sacrifice,
the eternality for tributary aim to estuary (IV).

Therefore don’t account on the time for practicing the asceticism,
suck the existence’s pole of its power (V).

This sprinkling come from olive seeds has saved oil in it
be brilliant without flame of fire, alike mankind have high wish
more than the throne of the angel Ruhaniyyun (VI).

The seriousness to submit to the God, felt like gone in front of the door;
You climb the age, it performs the air to you,
you visit the breadth of hand, it let the time for you too (VII).

Don’t be concrete into without haunting, won’t found a live,
if yet find the self be in pairs (VIII).

Why are you in short repeatedly time took your breath back? ,
These pens accompany the silent gamelan of holy sentence to niche’s billing of mystery (IX).

The embracing of laves and loves nurses each century,
and then the wings of reincarnation movement are on to you, to the billing of your soul (X).

Softly feathers also firm teach the unbroken alphabet
even though the water of ocean is blanketed by space’s silk clothe of soul (XI).

Purposely visit the past times
worship to gratefulness in the middle of searching on the genuine,
the divinity of God is danced had been carved on wall’s cave of history,
these are the relief from the men’s chiseling who had primary manner (XII).

On the firm’s cave stone won’t deadly lava and thunder,
the door and window are closed, lost memory will disappointed and at the cross side mind that
never guessed, while the peace is entrusted on the shaking of leafy (XIII).

The tired body of twilight’s eyes is as sharp as a wise vision measures the happening,
a handful of rice plant’s seed, the smile of holy sowing of the farmers (XIV).

Give the present of corn seeds from your gold bucket,
the yearning comes by its self while the drizzle is falling for a moment then go (XV).

Wash the feet of wanderer onto the mausoleum of saint,
there is blossoming lotus in the stretching times of afternoon,
at night is full moon, at the noon the fully secrets sheath is close (XVI).

Move your pain from the hand of nature to the passageway of time,
the splinter of sky’s light turn into the granite, alike salt grain
is flopped away by the surge to the flower of rock in repeatedly time (XVII).

The one who be loyal to trace the way step on the beach of essence, in the short time will know
the flower wijayakusuma is blossom, as requirement for coronation of Ratu adil (XVIII).

Is this the light of words in the night of full moon for folks? ,
understand this preface with whole resoluteness,
knit its silk strings for cloth of glory (XIX).

Basically illness have medicine, a span of bengawan water is flowing the ankle,
enjoy the stepping foot to walk over the muddy land to read the map of sea shore,
incarnate become way home’s dancing that is retraced on the content of history event (XX).

Glorify God’s charity as deep as bail in the deepest well,
if meditated inside the cave of inner heart (XXI).

In every take breath from you closes the eyes are satisfied
and the holy spirit of life absorbed nicely to manifest (XXII).

It doesn’t come from hesitant incarnate to be conviction, but
lift up the legend from prison of time since from the shackle of light (XXIII).

The intention of desire is in abundance; pile the stone of temple to be stupa,
if monument stands erectly at middle of town, people back and forth to ask question each other
to him self also more (XXIV).

At least you know the jumping to reach Eve’s feeling
more than speed of logical accounting of the questioners (XXV).

The long of kite’s string blown by the air,
hair is fallen apart by incoming clang shawl
and the night born the tale under the aware of creating (XXVI).

They are antipathy to accosted under the stingingly sun, thus remember
To the one whom flow to under the heart is always be forever
release the time space’s burden of the true filler (XXVII).

If understands the awareness core of natural is purify the eyes of inner heart,
that’s the dew on the eyelids of the flower Prabusetmata (XXVIII).

Purposely involves the law of sky on hill of Giri
caused of the earth rubs the body of the more worn out sun (XXIX).

The children of period lift up their magic places,
kiss over the odor’s hand (XXX).

The flower blossoms in the clouds drops the drizzle of heaven’s dew,
is sucked by wanderer that teaches your souls (XXX).

But its face often change when your looking is angry, therefore
light up the fire to one point, each mankind hides the true question
; I want to be buried in the bottom of the ocean; wanderer’s said (XXXII).

The one who know by heart embed the conviction deeply,
then the sweat of cure evaporate
beyond the cloud of thousands windows of rain (XXXIII).

The ruins are developed incarnate to be everlasting
and the scattered age are reorganized again (XXIV).

Before the blew get bigger
you are in short time repeatedly feel satiated,
this is not candy or market’s snacks (XXXV).

Go to the body of holiness,
when at slippery street found the cane at the middle of passageway,
you saved the precious stone, but the lovers don’t need it (XXXVI).

The sign had enough or you had vomited,
her dreams more prize than a circling of necklace at the princess’s neck (XXXVII).

The moon is not broken but it only falls on the night’s calendar
and the time returns the body of full moon (XXXVIII).

Your doubt is haunting, your strong have bridge,
it is at your side in every you lie down (XXXIX).

1. tembang= kind of java song.
2. gamelan= it takes from Java language which its mean is gamelan orchestra.
3. Ratu Adil= it takes from Javanese which mean fairly queen that believed will be the fairly king in Indonesia.
4. wijayakusuma= kind of flower when it blossoms is the sign to crown the king.
5. Giri= name of hill that become the mausoleum of saint Giri.

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