Writer by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

When the world was in the form thickly mist, who said?
When the dew had not born yet, who reached?
When history had not written yet, who talked about words?
The times was still in form of light’s slicing,
who was the first one live at the ice ocean of light? (I: I).

Women decided by God to born their children,
breastfed their son and girl’s baby (I: II).

It is the gate opener of sky, when the book of time had not studied yet (I:III).

She is the primary human being on earth,
because of her the mist is shovel, the cloud is disappeared, the face of blue of sky (I: IV).

Mother’s prayer create the smile to breath the space
Resembling like the wave goes to the beach again and again (I: V).

Pretty virgin on this earth is Eve’s descent; the light is shine to her
and to each beloved man, certainly have king’s crown (I: VI).

Make the cloud become the veil for her,
and then the depression beat hardly to the one whom laughs at it (I: VII).

Too soon the virginity of boy means the girl, therefore walk to
follow the fragrant of kanthil aim to far away park at there (I: VIII).

Don’t force to hold the butterfly’s wings by hand,
it will struggle to get loose left wound, catch it by sight only,
because it had understood the wind’s fragrance on the air (I: IX).

The women are flower at the park of dream,
any one is absolutely wiped out breathe her depth; the mystery of softness will be arrived
as soft as colorfully curtain of cloud at the pole of the God’s great love (I: X).

To the nation who respect their great grand parents, the women
become leaders to follow, her long shawl drag the steps
and the world agrees, even so many times be flopped by hurricane (I:XI).

It creates deathly staggering storm,
rotate the knife of addicted to pick up the age, the molten stones are blown away by it (I: XII).

Its figure is as stiff as overripe winds pass over the firmament,
in its softness saves the firmness (I: XIII).

It is the beauty bury injures in every tidy folding,
it is a sweet thing that rules the market of cultural (I: XIV).

Its splendor set an example at the inner heart of artist,
the chiselers, the painters, the poets and also the dancers
were born by its courage’s flared up of its immortality (I: XV).

Loyal love, sincerely wash the phallus until powerless
in the embracing of love, the hand’s tug of intimated laves (I: XVI).

The women take your soul onto the top of solid desert of the daydreaming
alike green grasses are dancing by the whispering of height (I: XVII).

They are not realize already stepping too far into thorn bushes of smile
which perpetuate the everlasting of feeling (I: XVIII).

Take so long for you, master, to understand the beloved one,
but who have too glory decision, wise and also amaze the world?
You are the women from the empire of mysterious (I: XIX).

When the eyes understand, the future vision are captured
also the history before, it is the sun of eagle’s eyes at Maospati,
anything seen it will get it as prey (I: XX).

It is the cunning hunter, in its every wing’s flapping leisure the life of somnolent one
while its finger’s dancing is aim to the sky, erases the board of revenge days
to the world that not revolves forever (I: XXI).

Its bent fingers flow the water from the headwater,
the grain of dropping off dews is memorize the past (I: XXII).

Drizzle always opens the soft screen of shutters,
Great Park is back to reap the color give fragrance smell
for the coolness of every seen virgin (I: XXIII).

The brave queen of this universe is the beautifulness with end
as full as the jangle of poet’s words (I: XXIV).

Look at your sweetheart as much as ocean’s wave, because the sound of beach’s joke
are in front of the eyes, the blue sky and the blue the ocean are united intimately,
the glance of eyes never ended and keep looking for the deserter (I: XXV).

If the space of sky is in the things,
the shapes of mysteriousness give content to the one whom not born yet (I: XXVI).

The ego of eyes have the strength, spilt the fire to gild pomegranate gem stone,
the intact self knowing of its eyeballs, and destiny are supported by sight’s sharpness of soul (I: XXVII).

A half part of eye’s opinion is heart’s language,
the eyes are graceful when the sleepy seen so sad (I: XXVIII).

Who is installing his eyesight in every night,
at the noon the sight will be gloomy, and for the watcher
obey the magnet’s steps of full moon (I: XXIX).

The women is given more than just carefulness of observation; she can forecast the men
although without introduces at the first meeting (I: XXX).

If there is loveliness figure that can be bought her eyeballs as much as my self’s prize,
then I will be very lucky to approve it (I: XXXI).

Eyebrow is the second language of the eyes,
if a man sees it as a line of red dawn
don’t be angry if you are chased forever (I: XXXII).

The eyebrow is coast curve for sailor’s boat to mooring post,
eyebrow is a long of rock hills that had saved the source of firmness,
while the man hope peace in the bushes of prosperity (I: XXXIII).

Nurse your eyebrow, then your sight will be precisely (I: XXXIV).

The eyebrow is the curvature of arc releases the arrow when the cloud is in your soul
and the beautiful one always waits for the depth of man of period’s idol (I: XXXV).

The shaking of the eyebrow is the sign being watched
from unseen and unreachable distant, the eyebrow is symbolizing your attitude (I: XXXVI).

The eyebrow is the second veil for you, if it shaved until nothing left
will loose the crescent moon that hanging elegantly at midnight,
while the town’s lamps are just accessories (I: XXXVII).

The eyebrow is shelter to take care of the late of time, therefore pay good attention
not less than spoil your charming body (I: XXXVIII).

Not wrong if the mankind make their hair longer,
but the history of God’s will, the female kind are softer than lantern (I: XXXIX).

The long hair is combed a thousand times in a day,
together with the looker find the unmeasured glitter, and now
it will be enough with soft caress, find peace (I: XL).

Also neat your finger’s nail because that is the soul’s painting of the owner,
cut it off once a week, and in every days
cares it as if you clean your body (I: XLI).

Clean and curled up is symbolize your body caring,
they will be sonly understand after caress your finger
which sensed supple by shake hand of introducing (I: XLII).

For the worker’s women, there is another softness inside of her
and every human kind understands on fully love touching (I: XLIII).

Lips is always wetted by worship of a fasting dry teak,
blossoming flower flattered by dew and had been for long time it become bud
alike surge of the ocean lip’s sucked (I: XLIV).

It flow the power of enchantment, accept the time in the billing of musing,
the desire be poured out on stretching street, the aware movement is also uncommonly (I: XLV).

This rotation, the earth blessing to the men to climb Lime Mountain,
while the mist gives the best news about the rising dawn (I: XLVI).

Softly reminding is attending similar like saved any direction air,
room without partition, in every times there is the one who fill it (I: XLVII).

The called one will pay a visit, the soft strings are moved,
every willing of step will shown up, written on the sheets of life (I: XLVIII).

Holy words drags the tip of pen from passageway of love leave suspicious,
perpetuate the loyal promises as pretty as a pair of pigeon be chasing around in the air
that is the man who he is gave the love from lave embracing of universe (I: XLIX).

Resembling like the story of steam go upward onto the sky of soul
be in kissing on the summit of leafs be gilded by feeling’s light of the full moon
at the rainbow implied, the grass field blossom mahabbah (I: L).

if the wings of ocean meet the beach, the heart will be loosened by
the cluster stars of jewel, the tiers of night wake the birth of news up (I: LI).

The whole injure is cured, the mysteriousness peeled by silent blended over become one,
the sheaths of lotus nurses the secret of night,
waits for the attending of leader to follow (I: LII).

Although the night is not as white as opal stones or origin milk,
it keep comes to you, because the yearning had told by cloud (I: LIII).

The stars attend on the beach of villages, the house open their shutters, the desire of
earth snapped then clacked, slipped away from the sight enter the world of sunless (I: LIV).

It is beside you until forgetting the coming of meeting,
release the chasing that doesn’t know where is it going (I: LV).

Not proper to deny the seriousness, you should listen, more than
unreachable distant from near position want to be calm, aim to the blanket of exile (I: LVI).

It will complete if there is slipped in, perform the inner heart on the table of introducing,
the wine had been waiting when the river is drying, the source of rain come to you,
the thirsty rice field is begging (I: LVII).

From far away of top the water flows aim to here, to the dry rice field
except on sugar cane garden, because the dry season attend the desire to challenge the sweet candy, this is the result of fully love pressing, perspiration in work is really drunk (I: LVIII).

In celebration, it dance the pliant of peacock wing’s feather
when the king is hunting, that is the biggest for you about soul of glory,
lovely and friendly swaying movement, the simplicity are understood, its wisdom is easy to get (I: LIX).

Lets attend together with the beauties; lead the awareness of the deepest world,
it is useless fulfilled by wisdom, disaster if valuable theory made proud (I: LX).

Together with the luster of mist let’s attend with swing on the hand and expand,
purify the green morning’s pearl on the stretching street, a shoot of the beginning seeing of
the sun although in drizzle, the cloud of yearning is a span on the wet ground of birth (I: LXI).

At the back of hill, rice field be wiped by the air of hoping,
the swaying of casuarinas hair, sign the season changing,
record the memory in every heartbeat, back and forth moving of the time (I: LXII).

The shoots of the air take you to there, alas the waiter of patient,
every fragment of word is captured of its spirit aim to the body of upheaval
blood and flesh are torn to follow the dancing of straw (I: LXIII).

Wood nugget of age from the stove of past times,
remains the ashes smoke until disappear aim to the lake of sailing (I: LXIV).

Suck the wafting night’s leaf; it is captured in the bright of moon,
the grasses are sleeping deeply, the insect recite the ballad beside you are talking,
about the command words of poet from the quiet of dreaming (I: LXV).

Splash weakly revive the birth; you develop the shiny face,
receive the coming of butterflies from silk’s cocoon of heart (I: LXVI).

Create the shadowing smile when the throb become stronger,
the sun is as high as the acacia’s branch, its stillness is culminating,
fill the drawn soul, the dust scattered in the light beam (I: LXVII).

Attend without end for the beginning of the answer,
the stretching of loneliness be in flocked calls each other, waits for the sharing part (I: LXVIII).

The heart signalizes to child without dress on his bosom, enjoy the blowing of princess of wind
under the tree on the first birth land (I: LXIX).

Tell the tale about meeting before the boat move front
swallow the wave for storm, more find the secret,
it is the sign for seven days are passed over for the passion of news in the top of century (I: LXX).

The one in emotionally affects pulsating, stones are buried by time’s coated of seriousness to be molten
on the grandparent’s land, it is the command in every carry on head of the longing (I: LXXI).

The one who tired is not felt when look at the street behind seen the cloud
is collecting the guidance one by one (I: LXXII).

The last smile, supplies for going home is not forgotten,
everlasting in the heart, never destroy or disappeared away (I: LXXIII).

As sufficient the dreams to perfect the flower of dream in the line of face,
but not be able to forget the whole things, that is the trace tracking that it took (I: LXXIV).

The dew on teak’s leafs spend the day of boring word, is joggled by stalks
not disturbed because the time is not coming yet, the regret are said but never achieved (I: LXXV).

Is it symptom? Let the time sharpen the hunger,
receive the present advice which are doubted for the pioneer of langgam (I: LXXVI).

Sprucing up in the mirror at first before someone come to your home,
he is among them, whom disappeared in your mirror (I: LXXVII).

It is not more over than the already exist, at the day later are fully penetrated
by the mother’s nipple by the seriousness of her children (I:LXXVIII).

Step away from blushing of accepting the letter from him,
simplify of behavior deed won’t ever bored the madness reach the time
is the poem of nature’s composing blossoms at spring season (I: LXXIX).

Tasteless the grains of salt on every beach, date palm fruit on the table of reception,
the freshmen of the white jasmine’s smell, also prickly red rose (I: LXXX).

The kapok are blown away by dry season’s air of south’s mountain,
is it still flopped on bosom the clicking of admiring on life
on the yearning of night pounded of the period (I: LXXXI).

Whoever is sick incarnate become testimony aim to the summit of answer
as the creating essence of exist before the birth (I: LXXXII).

If the one who attend is inexistence, receive the less from him,
Doesn’t the sky’s anger fold the cloud incarnate become real on the sky (I: LXXXIII).

God gives more than before to the wiped out of idol, but the time always
come and go in sudden way, it is nursed by the earth until there is the one whom erode it (I: LXXXIV).

Took gone by ride the flying horse to leave the era
aim to the summit of universe, while the messenger is approaching bubbled with love (I: LXXXV).

The unusual mist, the steady movement of softest step,
the dropping of dews are passed by it in the peace of lake,
penetrate the later century that is not incarnate yet (I: LXXXVI).

The smile one response astonishes is grumbled,
you are without asking the question will be haunted when follow the inner heart (I: LXXXVII).

The fragrant of vine flower, hanging among the room of
seeing, that is the incarnation of incense’s smoke from the earth that tell story about the glorious (I: LXXXVIII).

They are upsetting on hair swaying of your soul, be honest to accept the meeting
attends unlimited feeling, at half dream awaked up
will not slipped away to remember on your breaths, even though walk away to leave the beach behind (I: LXXXIX).

Pick up the most elegance flower at street she took
only for a present for you (I: XC).

And now be in pair after the angels leave the situation,
the joyful be awaked by the wings that as white as dry season’s kapok,
the feet frame tightly on the back of flying horse (I: XCI).

Then go up to the highest level of sky,
there is no wafting dust, the soft wind release the shawl (I: XCII).

And it is not necessary to pick up the flower for grave again at the park of worldly, because
at her side is already exist the most humanity’s flower among the heaven’s flowers (I: XCIII).

1. Padmi: female lotus, in java, its mean women.
2. Kanthil= took from Java language which mean one of magnolia flower.
3. Langgam= one kind Javanese’s song or the style of songs.

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