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Writer by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

It never hand down the death’s verdict for twice, unless you appeal to
higher court, similar like the suspended animation of the cleaner by broom of split coconut midribs at Ampel’s mausoleum (II: I).

Do you know about the uprooting soul? A beginning of new journey
the end of sadness aims to the everlasting of love and lave (II: II).

Don’t you feel guilty walk in front of the sun
while going hand in hand with shadow? Rather the shadow is gone if you are grovel
in front of the light, it is a bird watching your steps (II: III).

Actually you don’t love the shadow but it always follows you,
doesn’t your calm and quiet spruced in the mirror of light? And the shadow is trembled by it (II: IV).

On the top of hill it speak loudly and command, follow my wing’s flapping alike follow your inner heart,
long time ago I had the shadow, when I was flying highly it lost by its self,
it can’t fly only weight to the wanderer (II: V).

Become butterfly of time, receive will become cocoon at first,
spin your silk string for a long time, will be elegant when show up (II: VI).

The flapping of your wings is arresting the eyes of an eagle that is passionate to reincarnate,
give the all kind of bones to be gnawed by ground worms (II: VII).

Do you know the eagle’s prayer when it was dying? It doesn’t want to incarnate
be spider or bat, it begs to be made become butterfly as your companion (II: VIII).

Be patient female butterfly, male butterflies are men
whom created only for immortality from a wander bird (II: IX).

Those butterflies adorn the bride’s park of flower,
make the garden of the farmers more beautiful on mountain’s slope of wine
and the poet pick it up for the poem of loving, but it mentioned as heaven (II: X).

It doesn’t want the sea of honey since it sailed, but the truth, dumped off on the seashore
is swept away by the wind with softly salt grain in it, it won’t forget from savored the surge’s growth of ocean (II: XI).

From the several beach that it is came, it found similarity, which is you always
At face, and when left it, the surge chased while at same time erase the trace of
foot print, alike the wind’s passion to bury the past time together with you (II: XII).

Therefore don’t come to the beloved one
if only it just the eyes of yearning without edge (II: XIII).

The butterflies don’t need diamond mine, but the air of freshmen,
thin weather of high land of familiarity, is warming on the intimation (II: XIV).

They give name on it is copulation, it mentions it as observance of religious duties
after the ring of rainbow circling around on sweet finger of river of understanding (II: XV).

If there are make the same meaning between wood stairs and elevator,
don’t waste the sweat to the cage of sky (II: XVI).

It let the misty be friendly,
but those butterflies are never exist, they said (II: XVII).

Under the furthest sky, obviously they can’t see it
because their neck’s bone yet broken, when look upward in front of the love (II: XVIII).

Those butterflies bow its wings fully polite
without harm it self hurt the others (II: XIX).

After the shelter of magrib is disappeared, be thoughtful much closer,
the stage will opened as soon as it can, the lamps wait for the dark of night
and the bright of stage miss the tinkling of dancer’s ankle ring (I: XX).

She is singing the song that you have been waiting, the poem that never sung
before, then your feeling, similar like her waiting at the past times (II: XXI).

Alas the soul whom follow the flowing and sank, be comfort in unmeasured depth,
it gave the message, knit the colors of the silk string for the dress that you embroidering (II: XXII).

It mentioned that is not love but just the early meeting,
does the first meeting born love?
And it doesn’t make the situation much bigger, or more over the joke (II: XXIII).

Let the content of our words be molten in the heart of universe,
if the truth is it has (II: XXIV).

You willing to be poisoned to safe the free souls,
mistaken don’t repeated, if don’t want to be mentioned as a fool or dummy (II: XXV).

But she prefers to be fooled by or assumed as hippies
than isolated as crazy person (II: XXVI).

Perfect your soul’s furs in order to be tuff when traverse the world,
interpret the night and day, from the cool of time assault into the stinging swelter (II: XXVII).

She won’t forget to pour ancestor’s kendi to her self, a sequence of the story
had done from the deepest motivation, the united of worship from the sound of flying horse
penetrate the dawn’s maturity of heart’s space (II: XXVIII).

Be there of your calling, be hurry to pack and bring the spices
alike bird be ready to fly entrust the morning and at night comes home
bring the wound also the greeting of the death dust (II: XXIX).

Dry up your fur of feathers, combed by thousands winds at first
and they don’t guess, what is your crown glaring based on (II: XXX).

Ride on the golden cart, which pulled by six horses with white wag wings
as fragrant as the jasmine, and accost the person whom gives motionless to stones,
she will come sonly, before the sun as high as a little piece of gateway (II: XXXI).

When make parable of her self, she was seriously sad, crying without sorrow’s tear,
the brighten of regret by shame, a piece of handkerchief bandage the wider injure (II: XXXII).

It shares to believes that some day later when not in the slicing of feeling,
those tear welled up to content the affection, as deep as mention the miracle (II: XXXIII).

She isn’t overload by trouble; her soul is tired cause never staying in one place, trembling to reach into the village of genuine feeling (II: XXXIV).

With separated missing, it talks with the language of spirit, the steps reach, beats the marble floors of inner heart, as often as the heart falls in love (II: XXXV).

Her breath is being difficult, be immeasurable thing if perhaps to understand the world of self’s softness and gentles,
how can you be so tuff (II: XXXVI).

Too long did not play the paint in canvas that its condition is dry,
only claws of pen on paper, does not wheezed on the color (II: XXXVII).

Cauldrons of creating is seethed to be molten, you are trembling for love,
dry stalk and stem dance the fire with a dripping of straw crying
rip the sky burnt the skin of cloud (II: XXXVIII).

Understands about the sympathetic times, this is truly of your most everlasting glory dress
while your wounds are purely memory (II: XXXIX).

If too hard to throws down then don’t regret its cracking, she doesn’t advice to buy again,
why you don’t tell the truth, that you don’t have a glass of goblet? (II: XL).

She didn’t name on the trouble or even the joke,
you should receive her whom is not in the seriously injure (II: XLI).

You are the princess of joy; I am the mysterious man,
I write your strange journey at that across place (II: XLII).

You shouldn’t be lulled by new situation
because you have prestige to hypnotize anyone watched on you (II: XLIII).

Don’t wait, be the one who waited for
because you and also all of the country have been waiting for your decision (II: XLIV).

They bury the attention of admiring you to receive the teaching,
its command control on the prosperity of untold times (II: XLV).

It really knows that looking, writes not on the top of your legend,
your time is back now, you are dancer, painter, music player, chiseller
and some times a figure of singer (II: XLVI).

Why do you doubt on the cross over of street? Take your inner will be enough
For the deserter, and don’t let the hesitation come for twice (II: XLVII).

You must determine your self, if you want to be loyal followed by them,
out of ideas of your mind yesterday because flap the wings doubly,
you shouldn’t be, there were any moan of heart at that time (II: XLVIII).

It lead your concern while smiling if you pass over,
won’t be over lapping, it loves the one who can take decision
similar like intelligent standard deadly kills the luck (II: XLIX).

Can it have new miracle? The ruins preserve developed, live fully with
creation, helped by the afternoon, your grateful thanks attitude shine the yard of nights (II: L).

It is not too late for logical reasoning to turn around caused of you is the content
when you be silently watch enough the prayer’s spray
the position where you are in un reachable by any other ship,
your desire beyond the all wave of oceans (II: LI).

Doesn’t feel lonely at once times later? Therefore step down sometimes
to expel the boring, cure the true yearning of them (II: LII).

When so much longing will be trembling fast, if not keep the promise,
the boring will sonly step up by ride the mist of instinct alike the savage bird,
mess up your throne for long time (II: LIII).

You need to be careful on in passing coming with overflowing of love, it persist like them
will berate you with the power of yearning and if not fulfill the deal,
the death’s hand curled up alike the stars of night’s assassination on the promises of wound
without meeting (II: LIV).

The beginning is never predicted; the aware of cloud blow the words
when lighted up by the incident’s jumping, splash the light of time up to the air,
ride on the loneliness retrace the tread of emptiness (II: LV).

The bird fly blindly on their weight, it just counts on its tactics to the wind,
storm is assaulting to insist them to harrow the side of line flying way
flap to go to one point even that must against the blown air direction,
but the don’t want to be curious in their heart (I: LVI).

Believe that the sun arise up from the east is an option,
while the sunset and the brown of rising sun are still same that is doesn’t want to talk,
rise and set of the sun are the color of the life’s dress (II: LVII).

Some day the sun lights step on the stairs of the hill,
we need to sit on the bund looking at the rice plants
the stems of sesbania pulled out by in passing wind,
the feet enjoy the flowing water of rice cultivation wash the sweat of morning at the afternoon (II: LVIII).

Doesn’t every human need prosperity? Before the muddy land
is drying, step on it, before the breaths forget us (II: LIX).

A heaping of time space is the feather of pen sow the seeds,
alike farmers keep the strings be straight to the bund (II: LX).

Un softly hand withers the glare of the mirror,
reflects the light peels the layers of soul off, kiss the whole dry grass,
the dew’s grains toppled over on town square in the mid city (II: LXI).

Who is dressed up on the table of meeting arrest the mind?
Get hurry to parried the cracking of resurgence’s direction,
point upward the Kris while ride the horses of struggling (II: LXII).

The wound is wrapped by the shawl of curved rainbow on the skies of motherland,
alike a rolling piece of history on restless memory in the shocked heart
and there are no more the familiar faces in the memory been satisfied (II: LXIII)

; the flower’s picking up are gave even at interval’s after,
its fragrant live in the sheaths of moon light
and the eyes won’t be dazzled on the wish of policy (II: LXIV).

No need to admire the beauty of fragrant by yelled up,
it will be enough to traverse your overripe smiling so simple to receive the apology, be sincere
to move the gold twilight’s teaching, aim to the time of romance (II: LXV).

The dancer’s sash swinging is as flexible as the secret of the air blow the soft soul
whom is manifesting pliant (II: LXVI).

You are supported even not match with her opinion because the right of respecting
alike the flower in pot, the stalks creep to decorate your living place (II: LXVII).

Your talking is lightly to the right and left,
because the stage is shared on two according to their sitting place (II: LXVIII).

The first one showed up is trembling, doesn’t the beginning of love is beating of heart
the body felt fever, then become usual in habitual? (II: LXIX).

Bengawan solo needs dike from the true farmers,
on the corners of sunless room are shined by smiling,
hum the joke of palm wine in the kenduri (II: LXX).

Is there any hidden question in the silent conversation?
The daydreaming is often traveling to anywhere awaked up by striking of golden big bell, spur out the wine of stillness glass eyes scattered on the sorrow (II: LXXI)

; the earth quake move a bit of the atmosphere position from the sameness to get away
or the girl’s fingers are bleeding by un purposely knife’s dancing, spell bounded
alike the inner heart is sprout by sinful not stabilize the real world (II: LXXII).

Be serious to pay good attention on tired, don’t do asceticism about mount’s climbing, open and learn the map before you go (II: LXXIII).

If too much digest the wisdom will be bored, bend to and
fro to colorize the universe’s canvas, alas the slim feather paintbrush (II: LXXIV).

It is not wise to fly often the kite
who knows about the fast wind will quickly ended (II: LXXV).

Even the dancing over there is not boring, but pick up the flower of grass
in the village of rain, that is the farmer’s walking because of drizzle and lie down when it’s abate (II: LXXVI).

When the tread of feet is visited, movements of the sky breathe the ocean,
the overcast still jangles the stars,
at the strait of night the words wave the content (II: LXXVII).

Harrow the water of the sea aim to the rice fields, the swelter air stir up the small solid thing;
the experience strengthen the wind mill mature the time to meet the point of soul,
its wish attends salt’s grain become useful (II: LXXVIII).

There are hesitation uproars the universe, great shaken by the power of guilty
until on a slice of hesitation’s summit, cut the string of option (II: LXXIX).

Knocked its inner heart and say, be someone is not according to big or small of that one, the incarnation of knowledge’s wisdom is keep moving, while the one is not finding yet the direction
no more other than chased by tiredly time, be fallen to hunt with very tired energy (II: LXXX).

The value is not answered yet, does the moon not always in the shape of full moon? Sometimes
the sun is very lazy to accost, to its self the crescent wiped out by loyal love (II: LXXXI).

The waiting on the eternality doesn’t came from the big power,
this is the process of ostrich’s egg hatched the angels, a bird
doesn’t always humming melodiously on the stalk of perching (II: LXXXII)

; it’s all by the wish of universe’s owner, there is purposely, a half is in un purposely, while the dark and bright are option, inside the cave of inner heart or in the war field (II: LXXXIII).

Doesn’t it more beauty walk a long hardly to find the content
than the stays still of rock on the beach? (II: LXXXIV).

Day and night are blended over to mature the coloring,
even though onto the canvas is still add the patch of possibility (II: LXXXV).

It paint with bare finger without palette and paintbrush is still sketched,
more actively to try its softly striping as much as the value of searching (II: LXXXVI).

Its memory stirred by something, understand the sides of eternality,
silent buzzing is no need to questioned, is that room, time, consciousness,
it fills the forgotten part (II: LXXXVII).

Be hurry to walk out from the conversation of skin, because all comes from God,
it will return to Him too. Unload the contents your soul’s reality to receive the ridicule,
its soft hand carry the lovers on shoulder, be hooked at the face without fidgety,
although doesn’t always perfect (II: LXXXVIII).

If the death will come, it will go overflowed with joyfulness,
It will be far away the talking behind about the sincerity (II: LXXXIX).

Big question is kissing the forehead engage your soul,
doesn’t all of your kind have hope? Makes love until get old? (II: XC).

It endures quiescent, when you are not skinning the hesitation,
familiar faces of awareness send the greeting of separation (II: XCI).

But the others gulp the poison of doubt,
or reads while stealing the time (II: XCII).

Because want to be part of it, chew your selfish too (II: XCIII).

The sentences attends unpredictable alike the dropping of the mist with rainbow
on that similarity wishes is the birth of dew in the luster of light (II: XCIV).

Never mind it, read your dreams then folds it, and packs it up aim to
campus of the world, because at the empty desk, always there is seriously conversation (II: XCV).

The air describe is symptom in every head, clear your striping
even fail is not without meaning of the power have an intention (II: XCVI).

All actor are respected to be loyal on their loneliness, this is the best work
doesn’t throw the flower’s plant from the pot (II: XCVII).

Make the mysterious side as deserter to talk about the salt at the across place,
try out of surge have so many foam aim to the beach (II: XCVIII).

It will fine to attend too late at day ride the cart of history,
because its tiredly take the soul to be free (II: XCIX).

Doesn’t it much better than the moving of empty railway coach?
Stop at the station you wanted or passionate to continue,
it recites the temban,g after understand the words (II: C).

Doesn’t the sailor is not forced to do anything unless in the middle of war?
Is there any tragedy in your bosom at that time? (II: CI).

Obviously sit down as high as one another receive each other, no need to compromise to the disappointed
as how the tale in the dream’s country of the rulers (II: CII).

Who is open the gates, visit the fast traces of night,
his inner heart is embrace and hooked with the star to capture the dark,
there is no language of suspicious over here, the leafs in the light’s glare of honesty
and the flying bird’s shadow, is disappeared in the bushes of cloud (II: CIII).

Take it a long with to arise up and the splendors are marked up
on the poured of the holy water’s kendi by the ancient’s teaching, showered
trough the throat of your deepest yearning (II: CIV).

It is the wind are swaying to open your hair slowly, its left
creates the longing of the silence conversation, be immediately aim to the eternality,
alas the shelter place for the heart, brings the pointer of time from it (II: CV).

It really not gives the gift to the others except onto you,
the thunderous of striping colors technique, the direction of anxious aim to the top of secret (II: CVI).

This is the ingredient’s compounding of the messenger had explained, grow the appetite to read,
the night mature the brown sky, hum the song of insects
at the slots of lake’s edge, when the sweetheart is standing at your side (II: CVII).

Her quiet is alike for centuries of solid cumulus mount,
send you back home to the lips of stillness aim to the beginning of tembangs,
and then enter the musing side of humanity (II: CVIII).

The scratching of poet’s greeting, how did your heart that time? The sculpture
doesn’t need to answered by the saying words, let them flow through
the dumb conversation, leads you until intimate with the dark (II: CIX).

It attend become the tale at the time of your unconsciousness,
I advice you submit its option (II: CX).

The flower’s sheath wafts out the revolution approaching the light,
the next time is submitted, leaves a half heart of remained bitter (II: CXI).

Its sound fills the silent space; you are so much more significant when you organized
the tread of fate, before understand the universe of your self is more than after by working (II: CXII).

It shouldn’t be grateful because it is your deepest awareness,
only a piece of paper is too easy, but why so difficult to move just a step of the foot?
Try to guess, where did the word ‘lover’ come from? (II: CXIII).

1. Ampel= the mausoleum for saint Ampel which in Surabaya.
2. Maghrib= sunset prayer for Islam.
3. Kendi= the earthenware flask with neck and spout usually for drinking place.
4. Kenduri= it took from Java which means party or celebration of wedding, etc.
5. Bengawan Solo= wide and very long distant of river which is lie down in the Central Java until East Java.

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