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Writer by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

Take a rest woman of grand, greet the tomorrow sun trough the newest shine of sunrise and show your shiny face in front of the light (III: I).

If awaked, embrace the sleepy blanketed with intimation,
but it will be more comply, to analyze with the inner heart of calamity (III: II).

Because the loyal staring, as a waiting for the awaked of dreaming
after snoring sleep, by the gulping wine of tired (III: III).

Her guardian without make you feel confuse and guilty,
she is not stupid to create the jealous, or cut off by anxious watching (III: IV).

Her soft attention is not really until demolish
what you are developing in your hand (III: V).

If her admiring is bothering you, she is willing to leave you
while brings a meaning word of thanks (III: VI).

If your prosperity is by the opening umbrella even though it went away,
that sun hat shaded when the extremely heat of sun and rain is falling (III: VII).

She is the incident, while you are the files,
she is the wind blower, mean while you are the painter (III: VIII).

The origin of time came from the age’s consciousness
and it is inhumanity if doesn’t want more (III: IX).

Her fate is paired off, and then the time will be weighted if got the fining,
a bird take piece by piece of grass, lighten the past (III: X).

You search for the use of the spirit’s nest beside for the place to shelter,
when the foam on the ocean were very spacious get its meaning for,
the human take the wisdom of restrains, learns onto the nature in so many times (III: XI).

The opportunity is a slice of understanding and a flash of shadow,
give your hand to the presence of sweetheart, the delivered one
doesn’t harm the other sides, on any used of the purposely logical reason (III: XII).

She is not just for the stuff of discussing, had trough the research’s levels,
you are the scientist uncover the untold, when hijab were explained alike the messenger brought the difference brightness, it is ought to the pearl have chiseled onto thousands face (III: XIII).

She is not the kind of real philosopher or the group of reach poets,
but her eye’s looking is obviously neared by, take the interpretation from her,
you will be satiated, on your personality which had the power of magnet (III: XIV).

Make the night decorated on the color be hug on the melody of soul in the lightly conversation,
it is all running in cheerfully, the one who pass by the silent wall be inpatient to wait (III: XV).

Don’t wait at the moment as your time,
the lost moments don’t mean not to be with you, you are weighted on the nervous
carry out the remembrance of careful, make you as the queen of time (III: XVI).

Since that time, you welcome her cheerfully coming,
peacefully without burry the mysteriousness, and her holy words of advice conceals your attitude,
if in party persiflage gradually, aim to the royal bed (III: XVII).

Receive the familiar loneliness; the time wants similar attention,
be fair because you are the throne in the immeasurable kingdom, and learn slowly
before it is all gone uselessly by the leisurely (III: XVIII).

Create your dreaming that came from the tired sleepy by guerrilla,
it is the tied part, out and in the folded time’s fragment;
look at the workers in the river, pile the sands to find the gold’s grains,
and sometimes less your burdens in order to the hoping felt lightly (III: XIX).

The one who in so many times have perspiration by heat will be fine at twilight,
even though stiflingly smile on the gate of rest, it is the holster of the door keeper (III: XX).

Purposely send letter which not only on that one time were lost, so many times the human spell
the matures tembangs to calm the baby, whom seem cry so hard (III: XXI).

It traverse the purity of tired, too many times left only for get the content of
sacrificing or human choice, it had decided to believed on its journey (III: XXII).

It understands the language of wave flopping swayed by your heart’s screen
stretch on the sound of depth, decorated with stars in a row with the cloud (III: XXIII).

Do you still remember which star you choose?
And then it got away and gone in the darkness of night (III: XXIV).

Assume that it was the leader of your thrust
although long times ago you thought in your mind in every hospitality (III: XXV).

Learn fullness, in order the doubt threw out
from the hating of shortly wedding’s ring (III: XXVI).

It accurate and search for your gloomy face then get its sweets, and miss
the second slapping, create the similar slapping in order to when pay the owe is not
in hesitation’s condition, it love your hope on eternality (III: XXVII).

The desire aim to your in red cheeks is had been arrived,
it cares your hair and then stuck softly between her skin and yours
when twilight is whispering to the drizzle which same age with the leafs of bamboo,
its stream presented aim to the bed (III: XXVIII).

Intimate the reciting of last night memory’s tembang again,
it blow the spirit of life for the one who move onto the gate of century,
the stretching of blue with green feet, it retrace the trace of shepherd (III: XXIX).

Your blushing lives on the slots of room which is in the aroma of palm blossom,
your attending is not enough to be understood by sweetheart if you do not believe it (III: XXX).

Her sweet finger is encircled by the promise to account much more mysterious of time, had you found the cane of reaching? The east and west broken be dark and bright,
with actively feet walk to leave wrong foreboding (III: XXXI).

Who haunts you? Do you still friendly?
Together with the gamelan is stopped; the stillness rules over, your eyes were close
among the mysteriousness that keep looks for the deserter in the cave of kholwat (III: XXXII).

The beginning of our land had night’s sky with bright stars,
broken glass and clean and stillness are guarded by the group of solid stones, the fire is the cloud of yearning,
then the wave of wind revolve around the rolling of freezing time (III: XXXIII).

Where the riverbed of rock is raise up break trough the sand’s bank of seashore,
then the pattering of drizzle give hole of thousand on the metal (III: XXXIV).

The softly row enter the nature of god’s will from the embracing of words
whom in closely formation crawling aim to the mountain of wayang’s screen (III: XXXV).

The created of basic and down in to the earth of the pot of live,
the flower’s sheaths are sprout around, while the buds play the cord,
is mingled in the canvas of soul’s universe trough the ear of your yearning (III: XXXVI).

The clay’s colors of human’s heart, flared up follows the rhyme of rain,
and pulung is moved from its first telatah (III: XXXVII).

The one who maturely crouching retraces the big atmosphere,
the lake reflects the light of love; the blow wetly willing of life scatters the morning,
scrapped down to sprinkle the mountain of ancient (III: XXXVIII).

The coarse grasses are beamed like sun’s flower on the height of girl’s fresh breast
spelling the serat Centini written by clergyman with supernatural power (III: XXXIX).

Be satiated to breathe treasury of flower’s fragrant
because the mankind are not be able to paint the late of glorious,
receive also to flow the tributary of life (III: XL).

The foreign nations whom tether on your island
found the shrub of freshmen mangrove by the chirp of sea mew,
reply each other the wave’s singing create the pioneer of langgam (III: XLI).

The yearning of your soul is in climax alike the mountain with so many thread of mist
crawls the wiping paintbrush of butterfly’s wings flapping to go
captivate the hand’s finger of the fairy’s eyes (III: XLII).

When the cloud unite become smaller traverse the body of bengawan,
the fisherman by net wood boat is tiredly floating, while the farmers
plough the land on the height of hill; watch the paradise’s valley of the waiter (III: XLIII).

The flock of heron passes by the night of dry season in throngs
looking for the wetland by rainfall to stay and to be loyal (III: XLIV).

Seeds eater of bird sow the seeds
onto the half part of land was empty on its early fate,
this is the tale of conquer the fields of ancient (III: XLV).

The bird’s breeding guards the strings of everlasting, if their wing is sick
will be nursed by the swaying of morning’s leafs, it is jumping at once on the gravel,
when the cloud is changing over more than once to wade the eternality (III: XLVI).

Pass by the small path, little and cute of buds are dropped off together with the tinkling of rainfalls
to the body’s shoots of the policy’s vast forest (III: XLVII).

The contained rice plants are bend down by the slope’s weather storied about the genuine,
never burst by range of a period of in loving (III: XLVIII).

A handful of loyal courage in the copper arm of worker,
rows the boat of era to the sun which is in its every morning scatters the warm,
it copulates the moon to agree on the earth collided by the night (III: XLIX).

When the fuzzy season of the life’s teaching, repeatedly the soul heightens the memory
drinks the water of young coconut, a soul of struggling won’t stop to dance of everlasting (III: L).

It set down the black soul to assault the power of handsome,
when the speeches are reverberated be praised the present time (III: LI).

At the depth of movement, the seizing of lightning to the tree slits hesitation,
and then the star is fallen kissed by it the body of river which stretch a long under the bridge
which was born by the dawn since from the most captivating night’s jungle (III: LII).

If a slice of bread remains some for ants is your alms
be continued on expected rotation to the beginning, alike suspended animation of death
pass by the desert of visited danger (III: LIII).

Even bitter be sincere to be dumped off to bless the wandering
on the heard of tembangs reciting as far as lift and carry the litters of guerrilla,
and your loyalty in the scale of blessing of miss the freedom (III: LIV).

On the litter it screamed; are you looking for the wandering body on the
sick earth? They were silent, breathed each other of the space to flopped down onto the earth (III: LV).

Absorb the colors and the fragrance from the altar of stillness,
the fate moves fully meaning, similar like the rock crack at its fiber
by flowing water pass over the softness to strengthen the soul (III: LVI).

The moon arrest every the eyes devoutness aim to the supported sky,
is this the promised singing? Above the wind doesn’t mean to forget the earth
and under the night is the beautiful of morning (III: LVII).

The day gives maturity; water disengages the chain of thirsty,
the land unites the strong will of air has place on the era, keep walking with shiny face
while the obsessed ghosts are imprisoned by dwarfish ambition of their selves (III: LVIII).

Dry desert is seen so captivated, when ruling over fulfills the souls
be lonely in reciting the tembangs, which formed had valued with praise perpetuated by nature (III: LIX).

Indistinctly be quiet and gone enter into the sunless space, soul are whispered;
pay good attention to the depth, don’t make clear to your heartbeat (III: LX).

Listen to the song of your heart is beaten on the bell assuages the ear,
while the shining of pure soul will born your soul (III: LXI).

The wiping of white cloth swing softly describes the behavior deed,
on the horse that its flapping aims to the mountain of kindness (III: LXII).

The late of strong willing on its accusation, while the differences of status
comes from sweat’s smell of struggling flower (III: LXIII).

Be sincere to be loyal alike flower’s soul, the broken stems
seem smile wonderfully of its sheaths (III: LXIV).

It is not cruelness that the women bring it to the market,
putted the bouquet on the mausoleum of the king (III: LXV).

Dry flowers in the bucket wait for buyer as deep as the devotion,
grave flowers are dumped off by fingers, languish in darkness, its sadness incarnate become noble (III: LXVI).

Together with shepherd’s flute calling leads the yearned one,
its loudly and clearly sound place around the inner had melodious valued,
hermit feels the river flowing of the worship and praise of the sun
will determine the inner attendances to follow the universe of eternal (III: LXVII).

The feet are step the eyes are watch the mountain are row with the trunk of mist,
green leafs had adult feeling,
awakes the grasses shakes the stillness of dew (III: LXVIII).

Pass by the trees infiltrate into the skin of bushes,
bamboo’s stem of last night ‘s campfire remains the smoke going upward
signs the top of longing as high as the cloud blossoming on the fontanel (III: LXIX).

The rainfalls of height showers the flower’s aroma on the land of hill,
the cool cloudy beyond the warm and the dews are molten
in the smiley face kills the hesitation (III: LXX).

The past times grasses creeps the light of conviction,
the lotus’s sheath are opened, the wandering butterflies are powerless in the hand of waiter,
its thin wings are caressed and the beauty body are kissed all around (III: LXXI).

The small kiss on her lips born the purity of mind,
the soul reaches the stillness which be longing by soft fur of attention (III: LXXII).

The good smell of jasmine goes to the corners of period, its bud
since from universe’s locked, when the bosom blow up in the rotation of loving (III: LXXIII).

The wind of stage shakes bamboos leafs with its curled up fingers
at the curve of your eyebrow reaches the full moon (III: LXXIV).

If proof the desire, let the prisoner souls be free
because sketch only until the eye line as limit and the spirit is not captured by it (III: LXXV).

The torch of inner heart licks solar plexus and desire poured out,
if sharpen sword in the warangka of wisdom (III: LXXVI).

The horse’s step beats hardly run onto the sand of become more white seashore,
after eagle’s flight assaulted by wind of beach go to wonderfully star’s formation, manifests the seeds sticky in the park of understanding (III: LXXVII).

The sunlight roast the rain for eternality, facilitating all kinds of rope of
the flying horse’s restrains, be shocked aim to the ground of immortality (III: LXXVIII).

At the knowledge’s park of lover, we understands the aroma of flowers,
young stems scatter the bud’s seeds to every village’s corner of genuine feeling
because the desire be poured out moved by the around nature (III: LXXIX).

The flower’s park of words follows the wind of sentence aim to estuary,
while the noble stones floats and drifts into its billing (III: LXXX).

The fishes in the lake are looked each other without hesitation’s flopping, if only there
broken stem are fallen, it’s only a little rotation of current from different opinion of throwing (III: LXXXI).

Look how far is the wavelength can meet each other,
flattered as deep as the agreement band of time’s rotation (III: LXXXII).

The sun makes the crescent more beauty to be loyal to the times
fills the yearning to pass over the silence conversation (III: LXXXIII).

The birth of love and lave of painful on the stomach of determination,
shake the harmony of aware (III: LXXXIV).

The days on water and fire spilt up, weather also the ground- heart,
neither much more can’t captured by the sense (III: LXXXV).

The movement under unusual aware is reachable by the reality,
does this the nudge of human fate? The awareness does not reach the absolutes! (III: LXXXVI).

What the great is talking about what you have done, muddles the problem, caused you are thirsty,
bail the well of wisdom, and the drizzle accelerates the breath of prayer (III: LXXXVII).

Aim to the going upward cloud flatters your inner heart that is kayungyung
all steam release the shadow disappear the love on shape
also the sounds of rejection (III: LXXXVIII).

The drizzle erodes the cloud and cumulus; the prayer will scale in the flash way,
the spirit of life is roaming retraces the leafs of time aim to the summits of universe’s yearning,
the ashes is in heaped by stove, the flames are turned off by the water’s bubble of air’s breath (III: LXXXIX).

Wait to be flopped onto stones of sincere,
the water’s tinkling of resoluteness compounds the tone at the edge of soul (III: XC).

The world beyond awareness is the pulling of a kite’s string, while too weighted
under the awareness, and between both, the everlasting of rhyme is guarded (III: XCI).

The horse that stung at its skin is passionate to pointed its running aim to the air of inner heart,
it was motivated long time ago,
but now the glorious function the ropes, for the rate of later future (III: XCII).

While the inclination to makes daydreaming is abreast of beauty
which born the smiling without knowing the beginning of answer (III: XCIII).

1. hijab= took from Arabian which means something unseen inside the heart that cover God’s guidance
2. gamelan =orchestra usually use for puppet’s show in Java and Bali.
3. Kholwat= inner heart or the condition of silent for heart to search for the brightness.
4. wayang= shadow play with leather puppets often dramatizing themes from Hindu Epics, wayang
5. pulung=flash of light which gives one power enabling him to legitimized as ruler.
6. telatah=pulung’s place or one self characteristic ways, gestures, movement, etc.
7. langgam= a style, a kind of melody usually for java’s song.
8. warangka= the place for keeping the sword, kris, etc.
9. kayungyung= took from Javanese which mean crazy about something.

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