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Writer by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

The sound of gendings still heaving in your soul,
although the music is stopped, feels its silent aim to the top of becoming blue
then the soul is whispered, knocks the windows of immortal women (IV: I).

The intonation of tembang heaves aim to the stairs of times’ rice cultivation,
it makes your most favorites drinking after long practicing
that trees of life swings the handle of your age (IV: II).

Come in here alas the souls out side
alike cloud- cumulus open the door,
please visit alas you are and stay in its peace (IV: III).

Take a rest on your height, let them stares the difficulty
because love and lave of its staring is nursed
although its breaths almost exterminate to the vast forest’s shoots of space jungle (IV: IV).

Fix your dancing, before the stage of night presents the full moon,
the times have been waiting by the eyes of clear dew of the stillness of genuine feeling (IV: V).

The swaying of your sash, purely another language of pliant soul,
while your ocean poking at the billing of humanity, but they are still quiet
alike rock be stupid on the sign of wave (IV: VI).

Borrows the pen from bottomless ocean,
the changed colors is difficult to capture it, only the vision of its soul become understanding
while the body is all abstract, when the shadow is meant as quiver only (IV: VII).

It will never bore to say, takes care of your self alas everlasting woman
because your destiny as fragrant as the prestige of the lotus’s history in the lake of love (IV: VIII).

Creates their heart’s pain by jealous,
by that they will understand the colors of stones in the bottom of river (IV: IX).

More shown the anger, remembered on the past time had ever sunk,
I am guider, lifts the body of pen as this time (IV: X).

Why aren’t in your soul anymore? Your body dance doesn’t mean to call,
learn the dawn’s firmness waits for the flight of swan
aims to the rice field of valley, the chasm of asceticism place trace (IV: XI).

Continue it, even though the sky is still spoiled wriggling on cockcrow,
makes the sun as road’s lighter for the sheep aims to the blossoming grass field (IV: XII).

Why you choose to sleep with idiot shepherd among the blossom of worships?
Come here, alas the one who sneaky around near the shutter behind the window’s screen! (IV: XIII).

Don’t reach the depth of suspicious carries out the prejudice,
release the whole burden of space- time, comes with crisp and lightly face
because your beauty as fresh as the tropic’s mountain in the screen of blue sky (IV: XIV).

You remember together with the wind swayed your hanged loosely hair,
the softness are spiraling down into the grave of boring and take the understanding
the cocoon creates the wings for butterfly to fly at the flower of looking
aims to the garden of your only looking (IV: XV).

If feels nervous, the essences of truth is approaching you,
the space- time perpetuate you explain the smiling (IV: XVI).

It doesn’t waste the experience of guiding,
leads its flowing aims to estuary of prosperity (IV: XVII).

A slab of stone plugs the water source breaks trough the logical reasoning of resoluteness,
its wish splits the gravel become useful (IV: XVIII).

Whoever born with strength, will dislodge to beat the enemy,
misses the blossoming, that is a spaciously of manner receives the accusation (IV: XIX).

The steep ravine and cliff are glared reflect the light
do not only receive bottomless pool of inner heart’s seriousness
if bailed, although besmeared with the death and have warrior’s blood (IV: XX).

Enjoy the mysteriousness; tomorrow will be awaked by the present truth
find the soul’s spurt from the essence of flower’s honey (IV: XXI).

The one who walks often forget that his fingers are curled up swayed
similar like body’s poem of the dancers aims to the limits of stillness
makes more clear for the consciousness’s fortress of his kingdom (IV: XXII).

You be palace in the whole of her self, alls are not awkward,
be molten become steam together with the souls fall in love (IV: XXIII).

Let the mysteriousness guides into the isolated small village,
passes over it make more friendly of the born feet’s stepping (IV: XXIV).

No needs to walk to avoid because of the shame,
let the meeting have tone on destiny gives- takes
as language of searching that have no distant (IV: XXV).

Throw away the queasy feeling to the blackening ink,
believe it before you store this note, tomorrow will be remembered
and inspects it with the inner as simple as it can for later (IV: XXVI).

She feels relieve you take care of the nearness of brotherhood, when bore
take this sacrifice, means the spare time not only for you (IV: XXVII).

She be very happy in the middle of prayer’s spray
takes care of the fingers appears the dancing of worships (IV: XXVIII).

Alas the softness, neat your finger’s nail with the scissor of wise,
I want to look at you be tidy in whole thing
without makes exception on your personality, so polite also the great forecaster (IV: XXIX).

You take care of the silently among your eyeballs,
you knew that the wanderer is going far into the billing of your womanhood
as equal as the space of life receives the teaching (IV: XXX).

Every its order won’t harm the jealous hurts you,
it wipes out the love of attention to really lave you (IV: XXXI).

Takes care of the river of your fingers
which purely flows from the slots of stillness (IV: XXXII).

Your body similar likes the bamboo that pulled by the wind or perhaps
the wind be pulled by your leafs, aims to the beach of hope (IV: XXXIII).

The purpose of this writing becomes the reading of your destiny,
the life opens when the steps go to the front (IV: XXXIV).

Receive your waiting because you are the goddess that has been waiting for,
resembling like the overcast becomes black in the hopeless season (IV: XXXV).

Gives the smiling to the presence of your brothers,
your heart is not the first because all had decided by God
but your attending gave new meaning at that turn (IV: XXXVI).

Your gift by God can feel the inner heart’s striping of seriousness,
it is chiseling the relief at the building of your heart’s temple (IV: XXXVII).

Understands his feeling, he is in your most secret place
when you are nodding trough the softness air
flopped his breath into your breath (IV: XXXVIII).

This is the eternality that echoing on the hill, then it speech,
loves your women alike you believes on the times are forever (IV: XXXIX).

Carry on to control its space- time,
comes out- enters the world of emptiness aims to the immortality,
it just alike to say, on the top of hill the fate has the meaning (IV:XL).

The holy words of opening are very pressed similar like the last striping
therefore let the time will be always in quiet to mean its self, virgin doesn’t empty
alike field had dug by the life, incarnates become most humanity love’s hospitality (IV: XLI).

Believe it all have been arranged by the owner of wish that is God,
understands for long time the existence of the soul’s strings,
stares the looking in the rolling of loyal (IV: XLII).

Receive the pouring out of hot coffee from the tinkling of respect’s glass, the princess’s fate
to listen the closing of butterfly’s wings in the party of sowing’s season (IV: XLIII).

The well manners of wanderer are more than the butterfly’s longing of prince
which flaps since from the distant of very long time (IV: XLIV).

Only to give as fragrant as coarse grasses breezy greeting
similar like the fitroh of shrub bushes in the tropic’s forest near the road (IV: XLV).

When so tired he cures it with his own smile,
his body will be refresh in the as fragrant as musk’s lake (IV: XLVI).

When the night is lonely, asks for the teaching from the stars,
then watch which glaring you most liked (IV: XLVII).

Feel your existence then make the sign to pray,
in order to the morning star will be always lie down in the bosom (IV: XLVIII).

Remember by you those star but don’t answer
before your strange is friendly decreased, you give more than before
or that is your most virgin hypothesis which ever exist (IV: XLIX).

The holy spirit of life visits you, its wing’s flapping are strong and robust
guards you from the unknown distant and unwilling of it by you (IV: L).

Doesn’t your crazy about give the way of peace? Which
is its right and left be decorated by flowers and there are no the stones of suspicious
because your breaths is passionate on the sincerity (IV: LI).

The one who can pass over the trace of silent because knows the level of resoluteness
makes his self as deserter in the eyes of time, every woman is realized as
her own choice, it is the beginning of thrust in the sonly peacefully forever soul (IV: LII).

The wings of soul tempt on you from the enthusiastic devoutness,
goes back to the primer understanding, your really choice
doesn’t just indeed without conviction (IV: LIII).

Inherits your mother’s personality, be polite to learn
and be diligent to perfect the already exist (IV: LIV).

If recites one knowledge will become branchy and prickly,
fibered also sticky, you are decadences of powerful root trees (IV: LV).

It doesn’t mention as authority but the nice figure of humanity,
makes them shy by your fully light glaring
to the one whom watch it, certainly will be immeasurable grace (IV: LVI).

The one who harrows the night’s shelter only for a fragment of another world,
the surface of noon is circling fast and can’t held, only the light
while the shadow is not handicap (IV: LVII).

Your attending adds magnet when the nature behind hijab,
in the middle of night’s wandering grows the dawn’s light,
blown by the air opens the ear of the yearned (IV: LVIII).

Remember to leafy trees make poetize, the drizzle’s falling in the teak’s forest
when the full moon covered by cloud blown by wind of past’s teaching (IV: LIX).

This is the movement of seasons on the earth that followed by its decadences,
the cockcrow knocks the hammer opens the gate of early morning, the insect’s song
replays each other unites the rhyme of frog as much as a string of prayer services
as if doesn’t want to pass over the night without meaning (IV: LX).

Lonely- quiet bloom blossoming- stillness- fragrant devout the pen,
the lotus have white sheath receives the destiny of real (IV: LXI).

It sits with the cross leg among the trembling shadow be sharpen by light,
at once see the outside calm and quiet,
the hand of white clouds become not move feels the loneliness (IV: LXII).

The splinter of fuzzy mist accosts the climber’s desire,
its grace adds the undoubting numerical makes bigger the yearning,
to you only, as entertainer of separated antipathy (IV: LXIII).

The tinkling of mountain’s water aims to the valley of meditation
at the boy’s feet reaches the edge (IV: LXIV).

The tomorrow’s sun of female butterflies visit in front of the eyes,
its wings flap colorfully with smile tempts the soul (IV: LXV).

It waits for the comforter of soul’s field that has been drying for very long time,
the green of sea the blue of the yearned, who found the pair of shellfish on the beach
only for perfect the tembang of sacrifice (IV: LXVI).

Makes this as pricey stories of filler your overripe heart,
when the langgam of morning is perpetuated by the world, its soft spirit blown by the villages
aims to the cities whom the people are really drunk into the glories (IV: LXVII).

This letter is a handle of blossoming grave’s flower, takes good care of it as if you nurse your body
only for the next time recites the ballad of ancient’s tale that have the valued of well manner (IV: LXVIII).

The shriek of your night’s sound feels like ever experienced, the insect’s tembangs
passes over the era of cold and calm of so many thousands langgams of humanity (IV: LXIX).

Assumes the shadow as replaced friends, support the loneliness of silent,
after the heavy rainfalls shower the tlatah of the adiluhung manner from the elder (IV: LXX).

It shows the brightest face,
you pass over it be visited by the nights of past (IV: LXXI).

The one whom it runs is determined by the light of dawn,
thousands bats taste the hanging overripe moon’s fruit (IV: LXXII).

The sound of bell arrives the worship melts its wings become forever’s flapping,
it reaches the hill at the steeply slope of time’s inheriting (IV: LXXIII).

The whole creature visits, there are for some of them creeps, shortly jumps, flies away,
also there are some of them moves alike ships (IV: LXXIV).

Receives the without ending teaching,
also perpetuates your self to the continuous attending (IV: LXXV).

The golden cart is passing over beside you, waits for after from the water source,
where every the wave is the kingdom’s gate is opened (IV: LXXVI).

The light and dark of surge pleasant the feeling of pairs,
your soul- its soul also feels the dropping of accosted drizzle’s remains,
had wrote on the strings of leafs be collected by the time (IV: LXXVII).

They are also in throngs because they were left,
to the ones who had arrived at devoted place, get the dish from master of house
whom perform the flower’s fragrant of devout service’s freshmen (IV: LXXVIII).

The overripe fruit is tasted sweet and the Cambodia’s fragrant increases stimulus,
always feels thirsty on bee’s honey that saved for a long time on both shoulder of love’s wings,
this is not conflict, but it is the love’s spreading overflowed by lave (IV: LXXIX).

Every its breath’s taking recover the freshmen,
you gulps it fully devout by comes without late
or wait for the next train (IV: LXXX).

The odor’s body of angel is approaching fully passion with had sacred of love,
takes the power around your night,
for the one whom just in passing, no needs to give the answer (IV: LXXXI).

Doesn’t with much gratefully will bail the depth? You get
unimagined thing, it has become the rule before (IV: LXXXII).

The sleep’s rhyme of loyal feet had been arrived early,
than the one who snoring sleep or any direction of journey (IV: LXXXIII).

Who can reach the stone’s piling that turned into stupa reaches the sky’s existences?
Unless an eagle that has been decided by God to have the power to fly (IV: LXXXIV).

Alas my brother, safes the butterflies that in drooping at your yard
without resist its wings, falls off its powder, and caress its soft wings
in order that always to be loyal to guard on the palm of intimate hand fully sincere (IV: LXXXV).

Once love’s blown will rebuild the strength, and
puts down the burden of dying, doesn’t the butterfly have eggs and then hatch,
like the babies crawl, you are alike maggot (IV: LXXXVI).

The ink’s wrapping on the paper of fear streaks on the face’s skin,
you should become like it, not only visited (IV: LXXXVII).

The body of kentungan is stopped to shaking, why are still there the hesitation?
And why also saves the suspicious? What is the merit of it? (IV: LXXXVIII).

The water source by gray rain’s dropping recites the fallen leafs
a thousand shadow are left to fly, you heard the steps willing to go home,
aren’t the paths at your area not all of it are passed by yet? (IV: LXXXIX).

When in the silent is really need,
continue the age’s tread become more quiet, approaches your voice
to the echo of loneliness, it blesses the amazing journey (IV: XC).

You may quickly feels satiated, underestimated the cross road,
as long as your sword is sharper than the stones which came purposely from the highest mountain,
the place where the birds are never be able to breeds (IV: XCI).

The hill Ngerempak the white wood of village Ngelipar, their trunks
are brilliant had the forest of light, the gravels reflect the light of moon,
replaces the skin of women body’s (IV: XCII).

It will be better to firstly enjoy like usual
than watches the temporarily madness (IV: XCIII).

Intimates your fear similar like the feeling of falling in love,
then you will be accustomed even by the most mysterious weather (IV: XCIV).

Sharpen your whole senses in order to be sensitive to record the serves
which similar like the wind blow’s line retraces the trace of wanderer’s track (IV: XCV).

The one that tries to get out in hand by hand
only to find the essence of togetherness (IV: XCVI).

Doesn’t the presumption is more similar with a grimace of lion?
As how the three waves of goose’s sound reprimands the mind,
the swan teaches how to fly infiltrates the darkness of night (IV: XCVII).

The obedient one is really deserved to named as loyal, takes good care of these advice
similar like understands the universe of self, glowworm flies at night, gives their lights
to you, those group are blanketed by the guarded darkness (IV: XCVIII).

1. Gending= from Java which means the musical composition for gamelan.
2. Adiluhung= Great Spirit or great manner.
3. Kentungan= the drum made from bamboo or wood which is struck to sound alarm.
4. fitroh= took from Arabian which means the first destiny of all kind of creature in the world for should be.

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