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Writer by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

The whisper of night’s rain asks to dance to wet all of body,
showers your soul that have frozen wings, and then light up the stove in the heart! (V: I).

The air blows the swing fire; the flare is boiled into the pit of the stomach, and prejudice
poured out steaks disaster, infiltrating into the bosom, become spirit into the soul (V: II).

In so many times, the cloud rides on the air, in throngs aim to the rotation of the sky,
grows the light of lightning flash together with the shadow of death (V: III).

On the height of branch, the spirits of angels of hill’s dweller come to screamed,
the waved of the softness air is glared, foam wildly at the beach, on gristle injured skin,
it sucks the sweat’s flowing of struggling, be thirsty on the honey of literary (V: IV).

The tembang reciting are pulsating rotates the surge of bile and the bitter on tongue
are felt like honey when makes a love, if storied about are stopped by the time’s law of complain (V: V).

The frozen had been flow again since from the pool of meditation,
be there as long as the age gives, reaches your days,
makes easy a row of horrible at the end of hospitality (V: VI).

It brings you wine when you are writing the letter about next celebration
a thousand of sun take revenge by spreads out the glass’s powder,
perpetuates the seeker’s breaths of genuineness way (V: VII).

The sediment on the blue space is wafting creates the color of drizzle,
as clear as the holy mind looks the cloud is looking around watches the deserter (V: VIII).

A torn piece by torn piece of mysterious memory in the poetry,
you uses it for theory of your laws (V: IX).

Is that the statue at the fontanel of town that knows the sky’s feet are faded,
a cloud of twilight is scattered around on the face of in sunless pedestrian (V: X).

The revolution’s flare was come from yearning collected the ideas before met,
and finally, makes the ones who creates the space’s rhyme of your destiny (V: XI).

The children pull the rope of horse-drown cart as heavy as their life’s burden,
it does in suffer constantly watches the broken glass- stillness- mirror be scattered on sorrow (V: XII).

As heavy as the rainfall recites the very- very noisy and in total confusing will be ended,
it vomits the most nauseated obsessed and then flared up
in its bosom had the almost broken air bubble (V: XIII).

The steps dry the wounds up also the falling off of leafs,
but in the shaking of branches there’s still owe that asking the question (V: XIV).

A span of goal hoes the cluster of rice field that cracked by dry season,
your sultry weather sheds salt grains of body’s sweat (V: XV).

Don’t be imprisoned without the desire to go there, love returns
to grow up nicely, the lake of heart’s ocean, the sky is the lake of yearning (V: XVI).

The heartbeat have saved the vibrating of the whole goal, it fulfills an impulse of
blood’s circulation in the ex wound, sprucing up into sorrow as mirror if doesn’t aim to the lake of soul (V: XVII).

Toasted is the way to say good-bye, or kills to open the cemetery of life (V: XVIII).

Anyone’s corpse is concurred by the universalism; it collects the over tired
from the buried boy’s revenge, on centuries of prejudice (V: XIX).

Why are you begging the immediately reply, be chased onto the top of mountain,
together with dry stem’s swaying is harder to be broken, or the logical reasoning can’t get there (V: XX).

The wind of time is back into the drizzle of moon’s light,
the prayer on desert’s jungle of the great grand mother’s sorrow (V: XXI).

The sky’s wail drop the stars off,
the dust is scattered into the eye’s looking with sorrow winked (V: XXII)

; a piece of fighting’s file, a line of poem in front of the logical reasoning of dreaming,
as if breathes the poet’s heart in so many times in the swamp’s water (V: XXIII).

Runs into the rainfalls if doesn’t want to be stiff in prison or chew the habitual,
compounds the fragrant of flower, the butterflies flap to yield on the bud of yearned (V: XXIV).

The softness of your wings is not in harmony with your dancing
which is lively and actively because of jealous (V: XXV).

Don’t be worried on a long of street,
finds the house’s key of sweetheart in the beloved hole (V: XXVI).

It watches surreptitiously on your hair’s hanging down is showered by wandering’s water source (V: XXVII).

Cambodia flower is commanded in words that your lips are the cracking of twilight, tombstones,
lightless lamps are alighted by odor’s mist touches the forehead of heart (V: XXVIII).

Scales does not heavier,
imagine that it is the cloud, you are the student in its eyes (V: XXIX).

No matter how soon the light absorbs, its traces are felt,
and of course the rose’s stalks are prickly (V: XXX).

Don’t wait unless on the stalks of flowers, because some day later
will entertain your eyes, a lot of sheaths will grow (V: XXXI).

Every times spills into the campfire, its flaring lick your beard to the head,
it is fire of eternality, on the top volcano of meranti (V: XXXII).

Your mistaken is because of the observation, receives the musing of ascetic’s teaching,
it is the actor of the first wish, and you climb whatever had token (V: XXXIII).

Why do you forget the most overripe mountains, too sensitive in the heart?
Climb and climb it, you will meet the truth edelweiss (V: XXXIV).

A colony of swan pound on the west gate realizing the storm,
in rolling to rotate- hit falls off the conviction only for the renewal (V: XXXV).

Who thought the walking of spider creates the way of a staring of stillness,
explained much more seen, it points at behind your bosom (V: XXXVI).

The soul is whispering in quiet, listens to pulsating have wheezed
rules over the wind of legend, visits the throb of history (V: XXXVII).

The emptiness of your eyes looking watches the pricks of middle way
alike the silent propeller meshes the blood, enjoy the hesitation,
to they want to smell the bloody wounded of the fighting (V: XXXVIII).

Pounds on the mirror and the ruins of its cracking will finally ended,
its sharp is stabbing on the existence of “gathering” (V: XXXIX).

Lets read the deliberation to get the result of grace in every time,
the chord of drizzle washes the wanderer’s riddle feet, bathes the thirsty of soul
by word’s coming like hard rainfalls, which poured out by the spirit of secret memory (V: XL).

The thunderous of surge takes the fish to the edge follows the instinct
sways without worried after slipped away from the pulsating waits for the swing hand of fisherman by net
shocks the water’s surface of soul’s lake (V: XLI).

Matters pertaining of youth is lost by the willing to be cocoon, the strings of
your silk is dressing of worm’s dancer, will incarnate become butterflies on stage of shadow,
and it will send news about the lights of completeness (V: XLII).

It disturbs on softness at the across curvature,
finish the twilight at the unmeasured ended to meet the story (V: XLIII).

The early is not easy to keep consideration in secret, comforts your heart,
before love the altar of accusation (V: XLIV)

; the maturity are taught by the pressure of situation, picks up the wanderer’s devotion,
this is the mist’s wrestling of the back hill, to the rolling cloud (V: XLV).

Move the destiny of bird srigunting stretch its wings
when the drizzle is shakes its hand, to your gathering soul (: XLVI).

The world of loyalty is united in symphony gives the bright way,
while the stabbing into the soul, felt tired to flatter on you is yielding (V: XLVII).

There is the time for colors of shape colliding to addresses asks to be friendly,
trough fight at first against the prejudice (V: XLVIII).

Doesn’t the cutting of hair and finger’s nail means the age,
breathed in the history’s books, the stones of time (V: XLIX).

How short the alliance is, your depression jumps up and down
piled on the blue shoulder of passion, the drunk of body is fall on to the ground (V: L).

Are there any thirsty on lightly staring over there? Come to here,
it gives you as present a piece of sweet revenge, drinking of wine thicken the tongue
to the sweet crack lips (V: LI).

Smile at once, sees on its forehead have sign of rebel,
does the matter about the soft holiness, by resignation as the only way (V: LII).

After reading its sheath, the feet leave the flower’s park,
as far as the history explicitly the colors to be memorized its fragrant (V: LIII).

Not needs to mention on when is the corner reach the wholeheartedness,
the dew of teaks leafs become crystal in the jungle of lesson, takes glue of that loving
for hanging down of your long blackening hair as long as the waiting of forever mysterious (V: LIV).

Alike the seethed of palm wine into the top nerves of disorder, rides on the time
explains the spirit of word’s depth, the own body enter the isolated slot (V: LV).

In the billing of loneliness, find the crying of black ink at the time become slow and dumb,
with the fragrant of devout flowers from the heart’s regretting (V: LVI).

Whatever that it is whispered to are incarnates become thousand kissing of butterfly,
in every flower’s sheath, you got the parable (V: LVII)

; alike dawn and twilight does always repeated, keep coming the day- night,
wrap you at the veil of shade without ended (V: LVIII).

The time of passion blesses your increasing steps, takes care of your flame,
it is not less than that, no more than in the time’s searching of the time’s superiority (V: LIX).

Resolved on facing the tread of conviction, this is its birth land
when the aware accosts the cluster of valley’s rice field (V: LX).

Catches the flare up before the seriousness out of the prison,
the billowing of sorrow smoke nightmare are congested, gives new understanding (V: LXI).

Let have injure from the cock fighting,
only to found the meaning of arena (V: LXII).

When ever jump up and down to meet,
not only in the sentence’s limit of promised, you enter the loyalty of warm shawl of light,
the freshmen because of dances, in the long chance of age searches (V: LXIII).

Without burden of figure follows the whistle- swaying aims to the end,
where the position of hesitation is nursed, not proper to storied again (V: LXIV).

Ignore the sleepy too much when in far away travels (V: LXV).

The one who hopes on the time of hungry and thirsty, don’t alleviate your pain on burden,
before recites the tale about guerilla’s war finally found the winning (V: LXVI).

Since become brother, the place to press the wine,
doesn’t your fault is shy? From long time ago the porcelain had been empty by in passing fear,
you never guest, in fact the thirsty can strangle your neck (V: LXVII).

You are the pen that ho is lied down without care on the sheets of paper,
let your self- sleep, until lost the feeling to say (V: LXVIII).

Is this the children of century be imprisoned?
Chirp in the luxury’s cage, storied about the other form- color at their nearly around,
how pity are their fate, a line of black fur on the long and nicely neck (V: LXIX).

You are blessed to borrow the buried saying,
in the jail writes on the humid wall, the free air of your waiting (V: LXX).

There some are watching that alike enters the jungle of cemetery will come out tiredly,
as firm as the Kris of understanding is stopped, to the air’s rotation of ascetic’s trace (V: LXXI)

; devoutly manifests is colored by so many kinds of amazing light’s feeling,
once lost will be awaked later, its leader to followed does not dangerous (V: LXXII).

You don’t ever repeat the weariness agrees the dreams,
the imagination of your breath’s formed, in the big blowing of the nature (V: LXXIII).

The secrets are opened since from slapped the restrains,
the yearning is molten and gone, the death arises the feeling
and the feeling incarnates become the first knowledge (V: LXXIV).

1. Meranti= kind of timber trees.
2. Gathering= unite become one between two things usually for down level and upper level like people and government, human to the God.
3. Srigunting= in java they most famous as the incarnation from prosperity’s goddess.

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