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Writer by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

The night’s air expands slowly, brings news from the billing of stillness,
feels the wings of castle’s grandeurs, which is moved by Holy Spirit of life (VI: I).

The steps of words follow the blow’s wish of intimate fragrance air,
the times glare its light’s string in the pulsating of same kind’s love of human being (VI: II).

Clears away the era, touches the skin of vibration, the distant face of mysteriousness on
destiny is testified by the soul, makes primary’s personality become late (VI: III).

A blown of sunless breath, as soft as the strings of cloud are scattered
on the ballad’s composing, in the reception of nights (VI: IV).

Where it moves and then ticked, the music is continuously at the rice barn,
stories about goddess Sri dances by morning’s light as sash with lasting spirit,
comforts the souls, and there are no more obsesses face of the farmers (VI: V).

Approaches your smile, at the bright side of the moon takes cheerfully with,
the mist goes upward perpetuates the time, on translates the incident (VI: VI).

No need to be questioned because the destination is understood in the street of age,
only for the searching of noble’s stones, which lost and found back (VI: VII).

In the vast forest of traveler takes the ways of morning’s passion performs hearts brightener,
the ability fills the place, while the rooms give the chance to the wish (VI: VIII).

The spirit of life are misty, a hinge of mankind passes by the gland of awareness (VI: IX).

Intercepts you when will jump down to disconnect the spirit, the ropes stretch
alike the sash ties around the body, its dancing sways the tembang reciting of soul (VI: X).

Alas forecaster, shaded in your comfort’s soul, the promises comes to you
or you comes afterward, aims to the most definitely time’s roaring (VI: XI).

When the certainties are shown up, stories about the overripe fruit just with one blown, and the butterflies
flap intercourse by the air, by the most beauty willing to balance the soul (VI: XII).

The lantern at the middle of night, sways that never off,
growth by trees of silent, the flower of lesson is blossoming (VI: XIII).

The flared up courage are attended when infected by confusion, the heirs
disturb your controlled soul, forgets about the lighted up worry (VI: XIV)

; as the grade of silent when the mankind’s heart being alone,
opens- closes the noisy gives the color of naturalist’s freshmen (VI: XV).

The one visits his conviction will get the fragrant of flower,
the park fragrances in the long of nurses the casuarinas hair by the height of morning,
which drops the dew of sun’s light, onto the prickly grasses (VI: XVI).

Sits on the most intimate chairs without burdened by the dust of suspicious,
the water are fulfilled in the glass, if poured out in front of you is the soul (VI: XVII).

You approaches the glorious, takes the way of so many level of decision,
since studied the maturity, remembered on small world’s way that ever token,
similar like the spirit of loyal one, explains the vocabulary (VI: XVIII).

The attending of seconds repeats time of happening,
the human learns about their loneliness at social’s distant of light (VI: XIX).

If feels be blanketed by mysteriousness when embroiders the earth,
it so relieve the chains are rotated after united, in the intimate’s hugging (VI: XX).

The holy spirit of life is foamed on yearning, on the stove’s flaring follows the times,
creates the dew at your face, and a throwing of letter is dragged away by flowing (VI: XXI)

; fishes are in loving, delivered onto your shore, read by beach boys
after the waiting dried, thicken the papers of conviction (VI: XXII).

The beauties of gathered breaths incarnate become usual for that strange thing,
the spirit across the river retraces the side of bridge, its inner follows the air
opens the curtain of heart, aims to the steps of continuously freshmen (VI: XXIII).

You suck the weather of height of sweetheart’s hand curvature
on the hill have love’s wings lives in the softness of soul (VI: XXIV).

The aware is mysterious spirit, while the unaware is guessable for the depth,
your staring looks like eye’s lamentation is visited to there (VI: XXV).

The night’s sky bow as much as a stalk of cloud, and the voices of leafs
accost the stars, since from window’s eyes of century’s cart (VI: XXVI)

; respects the grass’s flower at the villages of rain, the possibility of cloud from
behind the back hill, hoped on the eye’s winked respects on the smiling (VI: XXVII).

Visit your struggling on the sadness of lost is moved by the soul
after chewed the miracle, supposing the water in glass is medicine compounding
your spirit’s carry over to the summit of deserter (VI: XXVIII).

The blessed spirit unites the soul as an impulse of love a blown of soft cotton
releases the exist- not existing in the room of same kind, pursuant to jasmine will (VI: XXIX).

It approaches onto your bosom, or you in the thunderous of its soul, feels awaken
of cold broken glass of lamentation, and the devoutness of your wings pick up the
intention (VI: XXX).

The feathers are free to leave the restrains, follows the cumulus’s calling,
misses on the opener’s light, at the hand’s fingers of prays (VI: XXXI).

The tip of pen stripes the poem as soft as the cold of knife in the night’s stabbing,
signs onto the sheets of the paper in the moment of silent of certainty (VI: XXXII).

Soft vibration returns the power, the breaths of dawn are blew,
visits the certainty of mysterious aims to the bright of understanding (VI: XXXIII).

The color of faded moon are shadowing your body, the spirit goes upward
its existence is pulsated, to the brittle bones of history (VI: XXXIV).

Its talking roams on your fontanel as the place for pity royal bed,
the anger eyeballs are trampled upon the stage’s feet of the insulter (VI: XXXV).

Alas the air blown, delivers him aim to the eternality of change the time
waits until the end of his hair is split, swayed by the blue sky (VI: XXXVI).

After the loneliness of sick, the drizzle leaves the emptiness powerless of hill,
receives the goblet had contained with poison, after finish the splendor duty from the elder,
lights up the torch of truth, on along of centuries fire flame (VI: XXXVII).

Self-crying be saved by pressing of trouble’s stone meets the earth,
steps on it crawls on it, tottered by sharp gravels (VI: XXXVIII).

Attends with fever and hugged by become cured, enters the marrow of faith,
and then returns the love from the hole of yearning, buries the memory of death (VI: XXXIX).

Don’t be antipathy to visit the tombstone in the sigh, because the sincerity
can stop torture, the prayer of freshmen in the world of waiting (VI: XL).

Drinks even just a gulping in the painfully night, the flame of oil lamp sways
for the broken pillar, become your motivator a thousand of cloud is running the time (VI: XLI).

The flash of lightning strikes on the existence, get ready to be kilt
in order that won’t be long to wait, for being fall headlong into the hole of uncertainty (VI: XLII).

Alas the darkness of night, signs up the aware of sun,
the quiver in the fontanel waits for the shadow gone (VI: XLIII).

Be powerless wrapped by yearning, really become faded the young and without honey flower,
the odor of soul is also empty, its sheaths are dropped off by in passing wind (VI: XLIV).

But you are alike the figure of flower is decided by God to be forever in lonely,
or a bottle of ink that is not touched by wonderfully fingers (VI: XLV).

The souls in suffer sends the news about the roamed ghost
in the long sleeping of the ruler, be submerged by jealous (VI: XLVI)

; you better tethered at the jungle of thirsty on love and lave,
the snow’s butterfly in the weak hand with sad eyes (VI: XLVII).

The histories of death carving, bothers the dream’s destiny of reality (VI: XLVIII).

Since lived in the shallow current, the fins of fish Betik are wiped out by the stiflingly weather,
Be dumped off flutters on the muddy ground, or dragged by dry ditch (VI: XLIX).

Who can stop the crazy about, to the neck, eyebrow and nose,
all body of silent be wet slickly, climbs onto the love of century neat the periods (VI: L).

Gives present, before the music of ferial commands to the cloud
to cover the walking of black coffin aim to the residence (VI: LI).

The presentation of wayang character are played by the decision
confused by the certainty of vision (VI: LII)

; the observer had lost by the followers love the darkness, to him the water source
won’t be dry from bailer, keeps coming from all around of the living place (VI: LIII).

Your ear is started to become thick wants to sleep in the embracing of night,
the angels gets ready to scatter the vocabulary (VI: LIV).

The lost passion is stolen by the goal, asks to scrub the power of gravities,
that atmospheres cracks the whole yearning, collected in the meditation (VI: LV).

Listen to before the sign buried down away into the earth, the night picks up the drizzle
wets on the trip’s grass of decider to attend, at your side forever (VI: LVI).

The flower creates the pain’s fate of the idol, as fragrant as the sheath of gathering
the certainty of the stalks become doubt, be released guarded by yearning (VI: LVII).

The weather of night embraces the pain, at the top of time tastes the immeasurable meaning,
be submerged in along of the seashore’s sand stretching, on the mysterious islands (VI: LVIII).

At the meeting whom become so high alike sky, the ruins of your greeting tread on,
the letter comes, when perform the ritual prayers left the drunken on shadow (VI: LIX).

Assumed horrible on the snored sleeping, spurt the prayers
onto a string of beating cloud teaches the heart of your devoutness (VI: LX).

The colors of all age overflowed gropes your fate,
the blind morning passes by the cemetery at the border of village, the soul climbs
the warm waiting of sun, at a span of eyes of everlasting dhukha (VI: LXI).

If the night foamed by the odor’s smell, run the feet to the limited oceans will be memorized,
the human act like stretch after sleep jump up and down, burnt by the fire of their own eternality (VI: LXII).

In the future will write the wonderful ones, story about blown mist’s breaths
pierce with embroidered on the height- low of coarse grass (VI: LXIII).

The musing of crazy about in the eternality, bathed together in the lake,
this is the lake of love, which ever known in the mind, and enter
the room of your heart awake the souls through the deepest daydreaming (VI: LXIV).

The scholar have constant in destination, although the ship is nervous at the ocean of hurricane,
his fate’s screen is lifted up, then expand aims to the cloud of hope (VI: LXV).

Until the branch pulls the pen, moved actively like bended over dancing
recites the lake’s falling water in the hand’s fingers of time,
witch the eyeballs, approve the bushes of your prosperity (VI: LXVI).

You begins bored to enter the forest hood, but it still want the same thing,
feels be burdened, your breath- its breath are in the passion of in loving (VI: LXVII).

Stop for a while, it will pick up the arrangement of step,
the shape of nearest shadow, the blown of in cocoon’s spirit (VI: LXVIII).

Since gave the color of calm and quiet, the long hair as long as the string of dawn
has the teaching of pair, the joy- sorrow are embraced by the knight (VI: LXIX).

Introduces your soul, sticky kissing sighs on the warm of love,
that is the hugging of making love, perpetuates the striping of tembang (VI: LXX).

Lets understand the breath’s action of the yearning giver,
while the imprisoned one, his conditions is borrowed (VI: LXXI).

The times are returned in indeed linked,
understands the flower’s fragrant at that season (VI: LXXII).

The drizzle falls beside the flash of light, when the sun doubts
is closed by the shame, the cloud opens resembling like shellfish have dweller (VI: LXXIII).

The nights scatter the bright stars,
the bell calls your night be purely without interrupters (VI: LXXIV).

She stops, when you are walking realized on the softness, nervous of love
unites the deepest desire, as fast as the period pulls the dark century (VI: LXXV).

For the one who found the renewals, similar like the same flame of torch,
this is the most morning screaming among the mornings (VI: LXXVI).

Resembling like disappears in the compact rotation with dancing on the stillness,
alike the all life of ocean’s surge, devoted to the night (VI: LXXVII).

1. Betik= took from Java languages which mean a kind of swamp’s fishes.
2. Dhukha= in Islam, prayer servicing at the time between morning and noon in the day, after the sun rise and it make shadow onto everything.

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