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Writer by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

The splashing of black ink is used up for the passion of raging,
the starry sky in the stove of darkness (VII: I).

The grains of fire sprinkles to shine the night,
flamed before picked up by the ash of age (VII: II).

You should have ready to read
although the senile skins on the happening (VII: III).

Listened to the air of taught of hesitation,
as deep as your feeling skins the humanity (VII: IV).

Penetrate the peace of mysterious at the time of your devoutness,
tomorrow won’t be nervous to break the broken glass of stillness pour out the intention,
your small world had been able to do the fair thing (VII: V).

Alike the necklace’s pendant, this is the valuable uncomforted,
its weights are pure as fast as the anxious blesses the wedding of love,
and also can have prejudice similar like the colony of ancient’s cloud (VII: VI).

You listens to the angels are whispered after peep on you
have no more nervous to work, when your soul is in his love’s scale (VII: VII).

Runs the God’s will for the one who called will be immediately attend,
the pen drawn into the billing of your soul, creates the salt in the freezing of time
which came from the consciousness of inner heart although without a figure of face (VII: VIII).

The ghosts at the frontline is passed by, the face fully wound of shame,
remembered always on the painting of flattery triggers on the hidden love flared up (VII: IX).

Let the lush of storm collapses the trees, the stalk boughs
blocks to reach the height, you won’ change the direction of flight,
the light of words pierces the blue sky’s level of poet (VII: X).

You still be in dumb as much as the waiting of the cloudy moss, the spirit of life accompanies you
on the surface of time had become stones, in here ear pays good attention to the devoutness of lake,
misses on the stem’s conversation that speak out the command words about the leaf’s freshmen of heart (VII: XI).

The ink keeps moves on, its tip as much as the striping of the strong will to fight,
the celebration of intention is poured out overlaps and stabs each other (VII: XII).

The poling of pen signs the frontline, the spirits of best friends is spoken about
untied wish, the conviction flows from the height of consciousness (VII: XIII).

The burden bearers walk as thick as the paper suffers from the rain,
this sensitivity supports the moon attends in the remembrance,
the sight had become so clear to record the past splashing (VII: XIV).

Be stopped won’t be satisfied even drunk on the sacrificed,
therefore mate the space- time in the teaching of ascetic doer
as far as the wing’s flapping reaches the desire from the summit to summit (VII: XV).

The lights of words, the breath of blue sky on the strings of age,
open the curtain of dreamed day- night, won’t be burnt unless gathering (VII: XVI).

The seed needs heavy rainfall, you sail the black ink,
one-way feet’s stepping is formed the fate is collided on hunger in the journey (VII: XVII).

You found the hesitation get bored, hurts the intact thrust
receives the renewing of dawn on the maturity of leaving the toys (VII: XVIII).

After the drizzle followed, the cloud moves as the way it is
a stretching of ocean’s wave are still imprisoned by the doubt of wind,
punished by the shoot of top’s leafs of coconut’s stem (VII: XIX).

Waits for the blossoming fragrance of flower is fell off by the kissing, the fruit’s patient
fell with thud on the hall’s telatah, you are waited for at the gate of forgiveness,
be greeted by the smile of street’s lighter (VII: XX).

Won’t be enough to attended just a fragment, the question roams to find the answer,
and had arrived the greeting of rain in the bright night after the air licks the cloud (VII: XXI).

That poem whispers about the immortality,
fills the emptiness of soul passes by the half part of silent (VII: XXII).

If not finished keeps swayed,
hunts the essence are cut off on the hand of soporific (VII: XXIII).

Won’t write something for you if not touches on the mysteriousness,
a half part are stagnated, and flows down to the surge’s consciousness to the estuary of foam,
while you have the conviction’s eyes of the most first sailor (VII: XXIV).

The body of pen is uprooted from the bottle of ink,
the color of muddy land of his soul’s motherland (VII: XXV).

Since the cloud- rain are scattered and slapped each other,
city’s lamps are broken only for the completeness of boy’s darkness (VII: XXVI).

The bat’s formation hunts the fruit, alike the stars fall off into the lake,
spread out from the height of night, the new season comes through the curtains of casuarinas trees (VII: XXVII).

The south’s winds follow the steps of your desire to listen to the holy words command of time,
be poured out from firmament into the marrow of your heart, and the earth is yielded (VII: XXVIII).

When swirling the deepest of heart, lets the souls contain out
lifts up the sound’s echo of soul’s loneliness (VII: XXIX).

How pretty are the suffer heart are no more outburst, heat the crystal you are saved,
gives the waiter pulsating similar like shame steps to face the beloved (VII: XXX).

At the far away peninsula heard the throbs of your holy words
moves the spirit of period to be dissolved, aims to the enthrall stillness (VII: XXXI).

Peep at the midnight stylish drops the dew of leafs,
cures the nervous, as fresh as your soul recovers the deepest conviction
since from the alley of sunless, be tuff aims to the light of determination (VII: XXXII).

The wind’s language that they thought were dumb is been there,
the rhythm of aware swishing picks up the certainty (VII: XXXIII)

; its sound is echoing combs the hair of dancer,
when the swaying of rhythm is changed, your eyeballs be bright and red,
you are witness of unmeasured seriousness (VII: XXXIV).

Comforts your sitting place so can touch the peacefully, the rainbow’s singing
is same tone with combined brush wiping, its composition is in the sky’s canvas of feeling (VII: XXXV).

The birds are twittered at free strait to perform the melodious song,
which floods in your living place (VII: XXXVI).

Alike the windmill is passionate to salt the beach (VII: XXXVII).

You begin to approve the other path in your heart
and there is the willing to go there (VII: XXXVIII).

Enter it even tough so hard, and opens your most mysterious personality,
remove the interrupters coarse grasses, in order that won’t be doubt aims to the bright of moon (VII: XXXIX).

The cloudy sky’s wall attends the sun, the child of air flutters
the sweat and without worried to stop you, which have the hope (VII: XL).

Be self-silent and the blown always accosts on you,
its finger’s dancing has the soft power, fully polite returns the love (VII: XLI).

Your attention, the lips move to smile but won’t be far
and then the wind of the best friends is breathed about you (VII: XLII).

Pays good attention to the high wish, no needs to turn around onto the fragment of heart,
be intact to receives the sincerity, writes on the implied plate (VII: XLIII).

Squeals to as long as you are in longing, and then read the skin until in to it,
you meet the glories, opens the self in the jail of repent and forswear (VII: XLIV).

A half ones said, this stove is not ripe the caldron’s water yet,
leafs are not getting the certain useful yet, and the hills are doubt
watches your last night’s nervous with shallow thinking (VII:XLV).

So many times teaches the soul heated by the flare be filled by steel, this is the process of light’s sprinkling of
the wholly youth, the patient opens the holy command’s words with wary shield (VII: XLVI).

It was the Kris Gandring took the woman from the hand,
the symbol had scale to save the stabber, before- after
in fact the world punishes its own value (VII: XLVII).

The desire of universe seems like the poet’s commands
are tied very tightly in the holy command of disappointed priest (VII: XLVIII)

The fire burns the wood and it is flare up, screamed when dipped into the receptacle,
the scorch forest blacken with very black of the night’s skin, blinds the bird to pierce the darkness of night,
its wings are burnt and its body is ripe, because takes out the soul of loving (VII: XLIX).

Thousands bat fill up the eyes of noon, the prayer infiltrates into the body of Kris (VII: L).

Its prestige flows the power of creating, enters the valley of blood
be choked into the ravine of hermit’s abode (VII: LI).

The middle ages of horse makes the patient fail, billows the dust throws the gravel
engages the tying of fate, runs the big destiny movement of rebellion (VII: LII).

To the Empu who’s torn the incident of young, both are fights over for inadequate Kris
that is not provided with under layer yet by magic formula of universe justice tier (VII: LIII).)

This is the altercation soul that does irreparable damage to their own children,
stabbed by their own as the beginning history of the tragedy (VII: LIV).

The regret one leaves the arena,
in his is bosom saved the flared up of struggling (VII: LV).

Only for break lose the coconut’s flower on the shocked air of creation,
a flapping of bat spreads the weather of night before meet each other in cross over flight (VII: LVI).

Fight over to be pulled by the magnet are the face of movement, if the young tamarind fruits
are dropped off be fallen onto the roads tripped by heavy rainfall, the soft wind slowly move slickly
and the dusts are flied over to cover the depression (VII: LVII).

If the rose apple fruit retraces the river from the heavy of current,
the eyes of searching is flopped by the time aims to the decider (VII: LVIII).

The flash of lightning crashes the bosom of white cloud drags the wound,
the colors of twilight pours the blood into the orange ocean,
the star have the sorrow’s flicker, doesn’t another anger but the night of brighter (VII: LIX).

The broken stalk dries the almost ripe fruit, really the pockmarks storm
slaps without making differences to one another, makes overripe bud be dropped off uselessly (VII: LX).

Did it happen? And the time had come to create the more pure fruit
by the shaking of branches, the plumpness on the trees of yearned season (VII: LXI).

Whose night is deserted? Planned killing to the body of in sleeping world,
the blood come out without can be avoided again, anesthetized by conical air as sharp as the knife of time (VII: LXII).

As high as the freely ascending, the stiffly wings of eagle is stretched in every morning, its softly flapping will rule over the arena of battle (VII: LXIII)

; traverse the field of cumulus wades the solid and lumped up mist,
renews the free straits of sky above (VII: LXIV).

Indistinctly heard the sound is visiting your ear;
rajaku rajawali, daunku daun jati, embunku di pohon trembesi (VII: LXV).

The breaths cuts the buds off, the nervous height of a wail goes away up
to the passion of times limit, the living place flies away (VII: LXVI).

The rotation with the weather of awake up gets higher, the air in throng
gives the calm and quiet to its head fully polite and lively (VII: LXVII).

That sound is coming again; rajekku rajejekwesi, jiwaku dibawa turangga sembrani, suaraku takkan lenyap walau pohon bakau tidak lagi di pantai (VII: LXVIII).

The dry field cracked by the dry season, the seeds fall into it,
this is the death of opinion without the cloud becomes air shake hands each other (VII: LXIX).

It arises at the perfect time, showered by the seriousness of asceticism practicing
a nudge of wide explicit leafs that wet to be alive to (VII: LXX).

The rain by molten cloud, falls onto the almost die groin of earth,
it makes the grass alive, flower and the past trees (VII: LXXI).

The long dry season is returned become fresh for the time’s rotation follows the era,
aims to the reap waits for the breeding of birds (VII: LXXII).

The time of sunset folds the white cloud, the sun be ready
to dive the ocean, comes to the age’s top of morning (VII: LXXIII).

The swallowed at the valley of bright, be sunless aims to the field of coarse grasses,
it is enter the sunglass’s world of your unaware (VII: LXXIV).

The earth revolves passes over the steam and the moon has ring on cloud,
the gravity weights the backbones of guerrilla’s warriors (VII: LXXV).

The level of sky moves the fate of earth for the world of heart mind be opened,
the heart is beating, the color bents the power of feeling had purpose on love (VII: LXXVI).

The eyes are sobbed, the body is tapped, and regret blended over with symptom trembled,
he is alike your Pronocitro, be sticky shadowing in your staring (VII: LXXVII).

The splashing of your vision to the aware world of the secret of your vast forest
and Ni Roro Mendut very enough lied down (VII: LXXVIII).

Pronocitro said; “my parents is washed away token by the ocean’s wave,
will I sink in to the billing ocean of romance? (VII: LXXIX).

The wave at motherland are started to flop, be vicious
and then will I have the same fate like my father?” (VII: LXXX).

What the mankind stops their more weight feeling with?
His steps are trembled wobbly, crawls aim to his true love,
he is really deeply grooming and determines the strong will (VII: LXXXI).

Whoever belongs the boiled blood, seethes,
even however the meeting of feeling increase more (VII: LXXXII).

The heart’s turbulence fills the meaning of stories
born the word since from the ocean of truly soul (VII: LXXXIII).

His past hobby was pitting away against one another, the cock of his fate (VII: LXXXIV).

And he begin recognizes the honey as the wrapper of the Kris,
while you are attractive to his cock’s fighter (VII: LXXXV).

But the decision still he is submitted for you,
for the world also the time, and especially for the mist also stones (VII: LXXXVI).

Because of the sincerity of ink’s tongue misses The Yearned one that does God (VII: LXXXVII).

1. Kris gandring= one of the kind of the Kris from history of kingdom Majapahit whom made by Empu Gandring for Ken Arok and finally to used to took the women ken dedes from the hand of Tunggul Ametung as her husband and finally made revenge between their descends, it is just a fragment of history of the kingdom Majapahit.
2. Empu= the one who make the Kris.
3. rajaku rajawali, daunku daun jati, embunku di pohon trembesi. a spelling of magic formula.
4. rajekku rajejekwesi, jiwaku dibawa turangga sembrani, suaraku takkan lenyap walau pohon bakau tidak lagi di pantai; a spelling of magic formula.

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