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Writer by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

The top of pen slides from the billing of stillness, sharpness of holy words
unsheathes, pierces the silent of time that told by breadth of hand (VIII: I).

He doesn’t follow anyone, he be rigid and also pure (VIII: II).

The frozen of gathering, comes to meet his personality has the power of love,
signatured with dragon snick, on the grass field below the bright full moon (VIII: III).

Aren’t you looking for the mature idea, the over youth of flying white ant’s shadow
that circles around approaches to the lamp, spellbound- taken in by own magnet (VIII: IV).

The sun’s light doesn’t control all splinter of granite,
therefore let your times lead you to it (VIII: V).

Opens the window in the early morning aims to the freshmen of air into the skin’s pores,
steps onto the garden of jasmine, there is your poem that waiting for finished at there (VIII: VI).

The fragrant flower be fragrance, hanging around at nature of turned white skies,
its fragrant is soft goes upward into the nose of devoutness (VIII: VII).

The farmer that so much misses to pick the jasmine up is mother of
flower seller at the market Menganti (waiting) until back (VIII: VIII).

The sweat on your palm of hand are incarnate become gold, the others are passionate to follow,
carried by the women onto the middle of city, to the villages of hope (VIII: IX).

Don’t be so quickly soluble in the song, or disappears antipathy to penetrate (VIII: X).

The long applause lightly and melodious laugh, enters shriek of singer
be sad of loving the honesty, talked with to release the shawl (VIII: XI).

The warm side-glance of your eyes are said,
don’t you want to pay good attention, even though it had been at the cross place? (VIII: XII).

Your silent saves a lot of deep conversation,
for long time will be sure to find the end of answer (VIII: XIII).

Understand again, as long as the mist and the misty cover the back hill,
embraces the tree of river, which flows the natural water source (VIII: XIV)

; through your breath to the end of misty sea, arranges the curvature of your fate’s running,
it had been long time surviving by sucks the nipple of completeness, alike talks about the time,
the direction passed over the century before you (VIII: XV).

It doesn’t want you to be disappointed on your dreams,
accept this combination of palm’s flowers for necklace when dances,
because doesn’t mean yet that the country follows pakem will be continuance (VII: XVI).

The tinkling of dancer ankle’s ring, throws away the ghosts of imagination,
disperses the strong desire of the looser (VIII: XVII).

It never guessed that the rose is showered in every morning
scratches the skin of own flesh, behind the blossoming loveliness
the sharp part of pen is inserted at the feather of enchant wings (VIII: XVIII).

It really understands the last words,
cleans the moss in the current trough stones, because doesn’t want there is someone to be slipped (VIII: XIX).

After rubs the moss, the feet be surely step on,
hard current of water flows showered by the high power of full and totally comprehension (VIII: XX).

He be strengthen and tuff holds the cane of loyalty
only for walks along at blessing way with the balances (VIII: XXI).

Waterfall is boiled up lines the map, player- watcher give the meaning,
the follower is also so simple to running on it, spreads the seed plants the insemination (VIII: XXII).

Waits for the fruit be bent down as high as gold color of cloud, the light of twilight be molten extended
into a piece of black steel Kris, on the late of practicing asceticism in the womb of night (VIII: XXIII).

It doesn’t only shadow, the night has been thinking the step to find the unpredicted form,
a combination between spirit and the soul of life goes to the immeasurable limit (VIII: XXIV).

Sometimes they forget to danger
when gulping a glass of wine, spilled out uselessly (VIII: XXV).

Butterflies concrete that picks up the flower
That is blown by wind of time’s finger incarnates become the combination of song (VIII: XXVI).

A piece of cigarette takes care of the night that sucked on the lips of worship,
the smoke billows alike the incense assaults the sky had understood on it (VIII: XXVII).

The awaken guard follows the current of unaware to find the souls
in the line of certainty, a half of them jeers at and the others understand (VIII: XXVIII).

The fallen star token by Empu, smelted by him the irresistible fevering,
the sorrow of thoughtfully yearning history is nursed by the frozen of time (VIII: XXIX).

Who can stop the heartbeats of swear
on volcanoes cauldron in boy’s chest? (VIII: XXX).

Its molten swallows the slope of hinterland, smelts the trees turned into stone,
the caves are covered by solid liquid, the cloud postpones the falling of rain (VIII: XXXI).

If were in sad also in fighting will be more weight on his pain, therefore lets
shake hand as tight as artery caresses the time observes the real truth (VIII: XXXII).

Where does the power of regretting come from? The stone’s aware as much as the passion of the outer world and inner self are increased,
he is the choosing person of time’s court, even though the mistaken go along follows him (VIII: XXXIII).

You are too long standing in front of the mirror similar like the paper are not willing to attached by recipe,
in fact the strings of time are painful cured by the seriousness (VIII: XXXIV).

If bright star is picked up is the form of helping,
as far as the sun is threw by the twilight, in deep sleeping be stabbed by the night (VIII: XXXV).

If only there is no ballad singing, a flared up is still started, the mountain of ice floats,
Its molten incarnates become the ocean wave’s consciousness of thinking (VIII: XXXVI)

; under the ocean your logical reasoning is melancholy, press the snow stone with the heat of fire,
it is the world of stage wishes on brave human (VIII: XXXVII).

Climbs up and down of the mountain are taking, carries the secret words,
visit the sweetheart’s lips when the soul is gone into the field of sadness (VIII: XXXVIII).

The spirit of life had arise up now has the place to live in, teaches the everlasting in
the veranda of full moon, resembling like picks up the self is in shackling of prickly crown (VIII: XXXIX).

The flowers are falling off by stone’s throwing when the season is in loneliness,
before its soul is took out, mentions beautifulness until deeply into the marrow (VIII: XL).

At the height of your breath, the life’s power is flared up like flame of eternality
shines to the mannerism of observance of religious duties, only for the intact of the elder grandeur spirit (VIII: XLI).

The testimony fully with submission, crow rips the whole
body’s flesh, and the whole contain of stomach lacerated till there is nothing left (VIII: XLII).

The cloud blacken as the pure sadness, the broken wood be hugged by the heavy rainfall,
the flash of thunderclap strikes on the boat’s screen, the drizzle is crying (VIII: XLIII).

The looser runs head over heels be stated by the storm,
doesn’t the soft wind with calm’s wings welled up? (VIII: XLIV).

Goes along with your sweetheart hugs the beginning of its wings
and don’t be doubt, gulps your faith until up to the green sky (VIII: XLV).

Promise that you won’t pick up the blossoming flowers at the folding of hill,
you and her fills the heaven that fully with overripe fruit and decorated by holy ballads,
its waitress are boys and girls come from newly ostrich’s hatched of essence (VIII: XLVI).

It is among the light becomes the happiest occupant (VIII: XLVII).

The spirit’s blown comforts the life makes the ground be alive (VIII: XLVIII).

As clear as reads the relief of ancient inscription that chiseled on the lonely stones,
opens the threads of palm leafs to pay good attention on the meaning left behind (VIII: XLIX).

Writes the tale to give a little piece of smile and won’t less,
the secret is still saved the power in the warehouse of treasury (VIII: L).

Be the judge fairly in the exchange and don’t follow the wavelength,
or be seriously sacrifices without crave (VIII: LI).

Be sincere, don’t hope from me or refuse it,
If gave a slice of meat is the payment for your seriousness (VIII: LII).

The yearning is fresh since from the hurricane flopping,
as cool as the quietness in the well has prayer serviced (VIII: LIII).

The one who come at wonderfully breadth of hand is scattered with the flower,
its dancing are silent recites the worship as pretty as the hoping (VIII: LIV).

It came out from the meditation place then attends into your arm
more than your skin in the middle room fully with breaths (VIII: LV).

The passion of dawn waits for the bright understands thoroughly the sweat of yearning,
the air blown combs the hairs of your rice cultivation,
it is the bird’s chirp of lake’s inhabitant, reconciles the soul reaches the dreaming (VIII: LVI).

Stares at the wavelength of sunless showers the heart’s worship of the night,
all chains of stars sign to the wanderer, releases the whole doubt- temptation,
praises and also haunts (VIII: LVII).

Understand thoroughly sand grains of seashore by stepping the feet on,
the air accosts you that is standing intimately, gives the place but not the shackle of soul (VIII: LVIII).

The cold weather of your musing is breathed on yearning, in the enthusiasm of time’s intercourse,
the souls are flopped on the ungues greeting, before- after turned into the stone (VIII: LIX).

It is the air harrows your hair’s swaying thoroughly the flute’s playing
which its rhythms retraces the rock’s flower valley of thinking (VIII: LX).

Doesn’t have to climb, looks at to the tops of height in every morning,
the mist goes upward onto the mountain decorates the teaks, mahogany, trembesi,
to silk-cotton trees also bamboo’s cluster of heart (VIII: LXI).

The rain is rolled falls onto the birth lands
and the air expands to swing the season of renewal (VIII: LXII)

; the campfire warms the forester of night’s forest, the full moon
is perched on the branch- stalk, and the shadow of life is in memory (VIII: LXIII).

Be spilled out the whole complains and sigh onto the field of sadness
on fate’s swaying embraces the body of word’s end (VIII: LXIV).

The residues of dust on grass’s foot are uprooted, slowly and leisurely raises seedling the heartbeat,
the bird’s chirp is competed without hiding, lonely in the cage (VIII: LXV).

Welcome the moon of bride, the flower’s honey at young age of bee’s nest,
this is the news of the cloud- cumulus in crowd movement, from top east of peace (VIII: LXVI).

Be gilded by full moon, your wine eyes as soft as the soul’s lake of wanderer,
while the grasses is shined, to the upset aware (VIII: LXVII).

Comforts your self to be in cocoon, and then grow your wing’s feather,
your flapping attractive the eyes, caresses the flower’s buds (VIII: LXVIII).

The flower is stepped by bents down intimately; its fragrant is guarded (VIII: LXIX).

When your dancing aim to the back of air, your wings are polished,
it is approaching to you as much as the accosting of yearning’s awaken dives the times (VIII: LXX).

After rolled in the most unbending compound’s room,
sucks the green breaths decorated with fully compliment (VIII: LXXI)

; the magic formula retraces the billowing smoke fragrances into the cavity of firmament,
writes the story of tomorrow, the sun dries the flat of twilight at the island of
cross remembrance (VIII: LXXII).

The stretching of twilight as fragrant as flower’s devoutness in the blessing gift of night’s guard,
and then the hesitation enter the tunnel of happiness (VIII: LXXIII).

The shadow is decreased when the lantern’s flame is in your heart, a piece of candle on the hand
splashes the hermit’s fire, glows- cracks the mirrors of soul (VIII: LXXIV).

There is no caught by daylight to find the essence of murder, the light stabs
in the room-folding, visits, not realize be blanketed by accusation (VIII: LXXV).

By your high humanity, deafens the ear, the unusual spirit scratches the words
from the watching of era sharpens the meaning(VIII: LXXVI).

So many earthenware flasks with a neck and spout of ink are used up for new description,
inspired by crowded and noisy army movement of the past time’s history (VIII: LXXVII).

The clearness of lake’s water doesn’t wash away the fallen dry leafs,
as long as creates the circle of surge aims to the edge of concern (VIII: LXXVIII).

The stone is thrown drawn into inside of it; the doubting is growth (VIII: LXXIX).

The aware of fingers reaches the picking up of the stars; the moon is storied about
the night’s thirsty, flows the power of yearning (VIII: LXXX).

The calf of leg of the time is blown by the air, the secret is opened oppresses the bosom, if can’t spill out the lava crack the rock, the sea is boil the island is sink,
the bird teal loosing its power, the butterflies are tired on the pressure of height’s air (VIII: LXXXI)

; in the loneliness is opened by it self, the thread of heart is out of your counting,
over here is still saved the across track it took (VIII: LXXXII).

The understanding indistinctly satiates the stomach of inner heart,
fills the comfort soul, the granted of hoping (VIII: LXXXIII).

If the glass of messenger over flows, floods into cup of the followers,
but is still infiltrated by flattery, except for the one who be sincere to struggled (VIII: LXXXIV).

Pinch the skin of lave born the wishes,
without making an exception for the holy worship’s words, the holy names (VIII: LXXXV).

A passion of cumulus delivers sturdy of the attending that get bigger,
the broken stalks will fill the hidden one in the eyes (VIII: LXXXVI).

It presents the flower’s tassel as a gift to the beach of sailing,
the island had ever drawn, this is the witness of any possibility (VIII: LXXXVII).

The smoke of incense goes upward rides on the heart with pigeon as its wings,
seriousness is scattered and swallowed by the ocean of musing, allows the worship
passes over the mist of end twilight’s wavelength (VIII: LXXXVIII).

Be washed away by wavelength be dragged onto the sand of stranger’s seashore
the swallowed by the time born the wheezed of chaotic (VIII: LXXXIX).

A gulping of water strengthens the steps aims to the height of pale wind,
the fragrant of flower khantil gives the news, remains the fragrant its drying
is locked in the valley’s waiting attends the light (VIII: XC).

Does the sky open by it self? The seeds of fear are lied down
on the restoration bucket had forgotten by the season, the stretching body alike want to scream;
where is the sun? And you are dancing in the dry bund (VIII: XCI).

Washes away the corn’s seeds onto the surface of ocean,
drunk by the wheezed of words, appears- drawn- floated are flopped
onto the new island, while the old memory is reign (VIII: XCII).

Plants it in the field of your heart, and when the blooming maize bears the corn,
enjoy it together with campfire as food for the stomach of emptiness (VIII: XCIII).

Your cursed is molten and finished when the bodies of incarnation are sacred,
get the nervous night is gone, when the lotus’s breaths are blossoming (VIII: XCIV)

; the simple poet recites tembangs of heart’s restrains
similar like the piled up stones become stupa to the front of full moon’s face (VIII: XCV).

Reflects the colors of dawn, and twilight turned become for your whole staring
to the temples Prambanan perpetuates the story of romance (VIII: XCVI).

The corpse floats, the furs grows the wings stretches,
strong passion is absorbed by the color embraced by the time to manifest (VIII: XCVII).

How hurt folds the wings of white cloud pulls out the soul’s fur,
be fought on poured out winds covers the ocean- land,
the eyes chops up with no matter who it might be (VIII: XCVIII).

Let it be peeled, your corpse is ripped,
its satiated incarnates become solid part without ever separated, the flesh- blood, the brain- mind,
your passion- her breath are united in copulation inside of rule over soul (VIII: XCIX).

The journey teaches to dive the surge swallowed by the wave only for the storm,
as the grand master of yearning (VIII: C).

The awakens of its soul is the buried revenge without any sign,
be naked on the hill of sun, rubs the back with nail
as fast as the star slides down to the one who can take it on their lap (VIII: CI).

The heat of body and its cool is synchrony follows the time as the indication of your eternality,
pulls the magnet of firmament, be poured out possess into the enchantment of universe (VIII: CII)

; the brain’s vibrating rules over, infiltrates thoroughly the whole supple bone’s joints,
the adhered conviction leads the soul cling to, most known to be slipped
goes home to the nest of death (VIII: CIII).

When visit the mysteriousness, dances your pen until the limit of exhausted,
not uselessly shy, swallow the fruit maja for the way to get a kingdom (VIII: CIV).

As the drama of hate,
flops and embed as deep as your doubt haunts (VIII: CV).

The missing specter is repeatedly over, the love have believed to come
while the uncertain one will incarnate become everlasting for later (VIII: CVI).

Before enough to wander, the eyes of souls are faded and
all are shocked, have great difficulty by the much more insist passion (VIII: CVII).

At least the baby’s crying sets the arm to be free, hand and fingers,
reaches the yet unseen, and then treads on the essence of feeling (VIII: CVIII).

Why you make sufficient? What is the difficulty by the limited referent? (VIII: CIX).

How beauty is the shadow dancing reaches the thought on the hall,
the sensitivity of aware, as sharp as the sign of to be done of the dreams of real (VIII: CX).

When the feet step on the dynamics ankles jingle rings, much more to jump up and down
stories about the performer wedged, aim to the pliant soul fully with well manner of behavior (VIII: CXI).

The tired strait’s wind flops the bodies of ship,
the screen is torn, the ship’s masts are broken, the hanging ropes are broken,
kicks and at once of time shrieking the injured firmament (VIII: CXII).

The face of full moon goes to the one whose not passed yet,
it realized enough of its self in front of you (VIII: CXIII).

The night is drizzling for a moment; glorify the dew’s grains of sense’s light
when its shining is saved the dawn’s throb of forever exiting (VIII: CXIV).

They are in throngs to take their dress off, be submerged in the lake of love
which its stone is saved the enchant power of sunlight (VIII: CXV).

The stars are crocheting in a third of night; the moon is settled on the mind,
the swayed beauty leafs, on the air whispering of past times thinking (VIII: CXVI).

The body of heart is cleansed; its inner is leaded by the refinement of well manner,
motivated by the softness to self-nearing, sleepy without spite (VIII: CXVII).

The growth branch is forgotten, the eras slackens be combined on the formulation,
reads without dumps off of the night’s burden that shivering on fever (VIII: CXVIII).

It was at the gate, when the flying horse turned around to fly aim to your sweetheart,
entering your residence with wet on all around the body, her intimation is in the narrow room and crowded around by sick,
alike the bright glass tile and be silent without got free billowing, because of all
had scaled on oppressiveness- air, temperature- passion, regret- disappointed (VIII: CXIX).

It believes on the blue-sky misses for really,
therefore comes out from the cave of exile (VIII: CXX).

The thousands surge are cracked on the cliff, the heart of seashore sands are eroded
remain the sorrow with the shy as burden, gives the back eyes of history (VIII: CXXI).

The body has power to visit the roaming souls, but why
is nervous to spell the granted days involved by the desire of priest? (VIII: CXXII).

The power is as if uprooted from the embracing of whole world, it is the grass
in the hole of yearning, the sun, the night, the twilight also the rain passes over the slots of land,
the roots of time make its breaths from the season before (VIII: CXXIII).

1. Pakem= took from Javanese which means standing order of predecessors or ancestors that usually as the source book for the Javanese shadow play stories.
2. Maja= aegle marmelos, in the history of Majapahit, when would build the kingdom the people eat this as food, that why they called the kingdom as Majapahit which mean bitter maja.

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