Kulya* in deep space of Philosophy I

Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto


These are I, the writer, took; Kulya in the deep space of philosophy,
after I had read Leo Tolstoy’s composition:
A Calendar of Wisdom – Wise Thoughts for Every Day

1. The concrete one means so much to seriousness.
2. How much do you have quality times?
3. Your conviction is already half of world’s library.
4. There are difference between stone and pearl.
5. You better enjoy the nature, than you read low-grade books.
6. Put your readings in order to be able to research watermelon or maja fruit.
7. Conviction transforms to be decisive path.
8. The truth accepted by all human kind is mind.
9. Neighbors are like glass screen reflects our faces.
10. The light struck ancestors, inconceivable we just hold its shadow?
11. Is it true, the truth is in you?
12. Differentiate between the carrier of burden and the one who put it.
13. Our duty is bring conviction into reality.
14. Pain and happiness are lost by the coming of forget.
15. Consciousness creates powered elements.
16. The kindliness of sincerity is like a blind man.
17. Support is just made heavy use of feeling.
18. Making love is the realization of wars and loves.
19. Talking to the one who doesn’t value the knowledge, just wasting our times.
20. By composure you will be able to feel.
21. Be grateful so much will fin fire, but not much enough to thanks God.
22. The divine inspirations of Eastern beyond the time, but their body petrify like stone.
23. Alas the uproar, get distance of chaos to pick up the wisdom.
24. The mirrors have same meaning, only its reflections are different.
25. Even, a hungry crazy man must be respected by the love and mercy.
26. Unfortunately, I haven’t adapted yet like they hope.
27. Enlighten as a form of fallen light is like pulung.**
28. We are still not enough investigate on improperness.
29. Real knowledge comes from the learned and keeps fixing it.
30. Dawn, morning, noon, afternoon, evening, and night are bonding sketch.
31. Know your self from anyone else.
32. Develop quality of education is like creating tower of immortality, but build pleonastic materiality will make you be careful on robbery.
33. It doesn’t mean to find maturity, but chance patches some lacking.
34. Can you get anything from compliment?
35. Throw stones to the lake to entertain the depth of longing.
36. Mistaken transforms to be ghost that always shadowing.
37. Making a decision becomes the wall of composure.
38. The knowledge becomes tonic, the others become the killer of time.
39. Feel guilty is one of signs of faith.
40. Enlighten is such as a branch of luck.
41. Processing and loose soil and make it as earthenware vessels of captivation to the eyes of soul.
42. Policy is large space that transparent for the one in to it.

*) In Arabic, we surely know the word ‘kul’ which mean ‘say of you or talk’ and ‘ya’ which mean ‘hey, alas’. In here, translator captured that the writer wished to combine this words becomes ‘kulya’ which mean ‘hey, you better say, or, hey, you better talk.’ Wallahu alam bishshowab.

**) it comes from Javanese which means flash of light which gives one power enabling him to be legitimazed as ruler.

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