Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

Written Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

Emily Dickinson

Tak pernah kulihat padang,
Tak pernah kulihat lautan,
Namun kukenal pucuk gelinggang
Dan tahu makna gelombang.

Tak pernah kusapa Tuhan,
Maupun berkunjung ke surga
Namun tempatnya kudapat pastikan,
Seakan tertera di peta.

I’ve Never Seen Field
Emily Dickinson

I’ve never seen the field,
I’ve never seen the ocean,
But I know shoots of arena
And I know the meaning of the wave.

I had never spoke to God,
Or even visit to the Paradise
But I could make sure the place,
As if written on the map.

Emily Elizabeth Dickinson, (December 10, 1830 – May 15, 1886), known as Emily Dickinson, American poet with secondary school education which prioritizes the Christian doctrine. Emily’s father was treasurer of Amherst high school. Five years of interfering live in the society in Amherst. At age 23, along with Emily’s father, Emily went to Washington to attend the Congress. Emily’s romance was not happy that led Emily back to Amherst and stayed there. Emily was looking for entertainment with composed poems until Emily became one of the pioneers of the poets of the 20th century. Her poems showed a simple nature in words, pouring out of telling the heart and reveal main summary of events. Until Emily’s name was famous in the world of American literature. Emily’s first poem’s anthology published in 1890. (from the book Puisi Dunia (The World Poetry), volume II, by M. Taslim Ali, Balai Pustaka 1953)

The romance without happiness at the end similar leakage of ozone sucks springs of inner, dries the fields of soul, even dew is lazy to open its most beautiful eyes.

Like cape’s altitude of consciousness, stinging sun, sea waves to the foot and reincarnate to be salt quickly, crabs are fired before being attacked by army of ants that was in streamed from the Emily’s eyelash.

Emily chosen a simple life until it’s reflected in Emily’s poems, after the dry of soul, despair and gone without anything left, Emily’s hope was only spelling dream which unknown to be understood as the most suffer.

Or pasture attacked by dry season and was forgotten of taste of rain, legs of shepherding. Stable simplicity received condition, realize to the dreams beside her were arranging the means of life, colorful flowers fragrant in the hearts followed immature smile to calm every pain.

In Amherst, Emily was determined to compose her heart’s poems as left songs, declared natural of feeling to intercourse with universal of the earth, her soul slashed by knife, the lover refused love and chastity of love.

She buried deeply and transformed strong willing; forever unsullied love, though pain and grief more than thunderstruck knocked out the primordial leaves. Emily had always sung it in the pain of loneliness, very quiet without explorer of the hearts be crazy in love.

When the human being pointed anything with the strong willing to pronounce the worship, untold rain came suddenly to present her in famous. Made the past feel eerie, flowers of orthosiphon grandiflorus poked thickness of meat and tear the heart to break puzzles.

The fragrant scattered and sting to nose into the throat, dry lips that used to sneer without greeting. Now, allowed me to start interpreting her poem, hopefully delighted in my breaths that sometimes irregular and unstable, alike shady trees attacked by the rain and the storm of late:

When Emily’s heart disappointed to pieces, deny any view and superficial beating. Because at inside was watching panorama beyond bareness, testimony beyond the felt.

Or didn’t dismiss but declined advantages, such as overflowed water from a glass that is filled constantly. Flood of feeling stymied the ear, besides the thunderous and turmoil in the soul.

Seemed that how impress the language of nature was could represent, a touch beyond the top of waves of sharp waves, a rock was tapering to the tenderness of vortex.

There was mannered spacious to create a rainbow in the eyes, the raised hell pounding reflected thousands of meaning. Nothing was installed to achieve and even showed off, when the will to make peace after so long in the war.

It’s bored be in pain, no moment was followed except the heart in the unity of body and soul. Emily’s understanding challenged what she ever felt, the piling of feelings alike a ripe bunch of bananas.

Whoever observed carefulness will get completeness, tranquility rest on top of disappointment, prosperity has the face of comfort that was not coming from the defeat.

Also, how mysterious of God did not create a curiosity; depressed heart probed and penetrated like the roots planted into the depth of soil, sucking the water of source springs of life.

How soft was Emily’s feeling, which was shiny like a silk yarn from silkworm that missed to be cocoon and incarnate butterflies. But the threads were glowing of light rays, drawn by the isolated spider in meditation cave.

Although fragile, her sang is ringing in their ears. Similar to this interpretation, completed colonized inner or tranquility of oppression of the sounds noised on disastrous.

When nervous, do not ask also do not open the sheet of map, because it was useless. That’s why; tranquilize your self before stepping and greeting.

Emily, the fortitude strengthened the spirit of words which did not come out in vain or even was turned toward without meaning.

Patience inhabits the silence a hard rock which is continuously dropped by water, and for long it will sunken and echoes surrounding sound, as the sign of there is inhabitant who think of something.


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