Goethe Between Mozart and Beethoven

Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

In the Mozart, he said that the heart pours in smooth imagination, whereas in Beethoven, fantasy run with the brave to the endless: that is the fullness of sense opposite with confidence than strength (J. Van Ackere).

We can use both, depends on the psychological when producing the masterpieces, it can be viewed on Mozart when the soul was sucked under events, inhaled the power of charm such as glory of faith.

Entering the subtle imagination hope that the gentle prejudice incarnate formula of determining of the motion to soften the deepest feelings. In the depth, dry branch washed out by the big stream, humility to pay attention to the meaning of in dealing situation, whether the power of life softening in union of natural or even the creator.

Such amazement not deadly, awe took heart to follow bookmarks, whether the wind or unintended greeting upside down harmoniously with the developing. And every step as if the boy swept up by the situation, followed to the peninsula of probability of after and then signed by the previous fantasy of mind’s consideration.

Mozart was not motivator but the figure of persuader who used the situation of reproducing testimony, his soul was pulsed to touch and to tremble the others. As clouds swept the crown of mountain to the slopes of valley of meditation progress, also increased by the wind of feeling transform to be the fog of highlands to realize other peaks after following the submission manifested.

Mozart did not pump his soul, but he used the smallest moment to explore him self, unrealized he lifted up and curled up flying with it. This is the testimony of the destiny recipient to present the one as if it had unimagined but already there were vision. The subconscious stalked preoccupation while keep reading the situation so the built of logic would not diffuse, before the spreading of possibility be more chanted.

On Mozart’s path there were no sharp gravels unless explicitly explained delicious of chewing loneliness in hermitage cave of spirit, enters into a marriage at night, the tasty was endless and without boring to drink the sweet of sense; the soul essence is always virgin unless the human feeling dumb on calling.

The joy that far away from materialism which is sufficed by abundance of devotion to work, always felt the peak to thrill the testimony. The vision of his heart reveals heart the heart’s veil and gulped unparalleled, fantasy incarnated to be the built of music of creation, which is the event of debris of the history of humanity lifted up. He had fought the doubts before insisted the strokes. There was something endless submitted by the age, when touched by the eternal wind then submission to continue to wander.

More specifically Mozart accepted existing provisions fate, his music is human fitrah. According to him, human being is an artist when they follow the deepest feelings, the senses lead to accost the conscious one another and exchanges the mind and behavior (the sense of awareness), such as the flapping of angel wings bring over another world that drives the life.

He was a kind of man who diligently to be serious to his destiny and studied his natural fate, so have real happiness and pleasure poured from the surroundings natural fantasy. He learned to enjoy the presented and the reported to the others in the establishment was no less impressive. Because the sounds of music lifted up the colors of existed forms, like playing under the shadow of cloud, his spirit was infiltrated by the holiness of life to hypnotize and soften the understanding.

Now, in turn to discuss the soul of musician Beethoven. According to him, destiny only the vacant path that has to be filled by seriousness, by his hard working, the existence of human being could be impressive equally with the beauty of nature. Although learn from it would be more advanced through processing, here the functions of humanity is appropriate. The brave man doesn’t submit under the destiny, he would fight hard to raise the tense sense.

The human being must be hero if he wants to be remembered, this is Beethoven seriousness to conduct the ideal and to live the nature more than fragrant flowers. The courage of soul is thrilled and echoes to the world of tragic inner of struggle example, hence cluster of reasoning glories attended since the distance of feeling that sometimes we should leave it.

For Beethoven, the instinct was just lighter that is not breathe more; long history of bloodshed and war turmoil, forcing to be more wary on big jumps, stepping beyond the reason when it is going. The incarnation comes form the desire to collect the shiny life light transform glow when held.

And the music became painting of soul of the most restless human soul, the madness will be exist because of the dumb of understanding on around nature which sometimes assumed as the top of craziness. Here, the artist is the superior, his feeling like a grinding stone on a keris of thoughts, which is behaved by the soul as the field (land) and at once attack.

In Beethoven’s odyssey to find the longing soul of proud, it was not free from sweat of his attempting to spend his youth with the whole focus, like doesn’t respect someone if he doesn’t give a legitimate (deserved) place. His glorious achievements of the world, clawed reasoning of clouds stretch drags the overcast until the rain is insisted to come heavily.

He realized that the life was tough, unable to stand upright when was not true and really serious. His music was elevated greater grade than pastoral melody, he was the initiator and at once destroy it, when further consideration was worthless.

The consciousness of struggling blood of the values of patenting himself was really presented. And we got the souls of both in the grip of pen of the poet Goethe in his Faust which was like the olive seeds were not planted in the East and West.


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