François Villon (1430-1480)

Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

François Villon

“Apa kauperbuat” datang tanya tiba-tiba,
“Sampai tersangka jadi pencuri di lautan?”
Yang ditanya buru-buru menjawab tanya:
“Kenapa aku pencuri kaunamakan?
Karena aku membajak di lautan?
Dengan hanya sebuah kapal kecil dan lemah?
Aku kini pasti telah raja di lautan,
Andai aku bagai kau punya balatentara.”

By François Villon

“What have you done” came questions suddenly,
“Until the suspect was a thief in the ocean?”
Who asked was in a hurry to answer questions:
“Why did you call me a thief?
Because of I was plowing in the sea?
With merely using a small boat and weak?
I might be a king at sea now,
If only I was you have the army. ”

François Villon, his origin name was François de Montcorbier or François des Loges, was born in Paris in 1430, and died around 1480. The great poet in the middle age who was following the stream of romanticism at XII century; his soul vibrations reverberates until he got attention from the poets of modern France, Apollinaire and Cargo. Through the beautiful simplicity of inflamed emotion, he promised the human being in suffering. Villon derived from poor families, he had rich family thereby he could study in Sorbonne University. When he was a student, he was involved into the incident that ended by the death of someone. Villon banished and then he joined into the gang of robbers. He conduced to gallows twice, only luck saved him, but he got punishment of ten-year exile, since that his condition was no longer heard. His poems are well known: “Grand Testament”, “Ballade des Pendus”, “Ballade des Dames du Temps Jadis”, and “Prier Ballade pour nostre Dame”. (Took from the book “Puisi Dunia” (World Poetry), Volume I, compiled by M. Taslim Ali, published by Balai Pustaka, 1952, which is retranslated into English would be more or less like above).

Life is a striving for a life for intractable, because a compromise profitable for the philosophers whose loosed face; so, faintly I heard in my ear, whether my heart or a reflection from Villon’s voice.

In different places I could think, a robber is more responsible for their children, when that was robbed do not have a sense of shame to hoard wealth, without seeing neighbors that are starving.

The severity of life is to set the feet of a person determines the course of more assertive than the statement that even makes sense.

There was a solid day and night in the body of spirit, painted on the light of eyeballs, the streets are be silent, loud screaming was unheard, but it shook up a lot till the far places.

The distance could not be estimated surpassed the darkest centuries of history; therefore the sun is closer to understand the meaning of rotation.

Villon was intercourse with time, when everybody fell into sleep at the breath of flesh. When his soul was as hot as coals, he did not consider that in the night the moon and soft wind bowed their staring at.

His view is more accurate than bullets on trigger pulled by thousands worried, the desire was boiling up like the chest of a stone been broken by striking of a hammer, its ruins spread over all around to the eyes.

The people who wanted to meet must change their character in order to accept the unconquerable aura, because of shaded by the goddess Fortuna.

There is poetic sincerity when destiny felt pinched; the reality showed the beauty of reason that been wild to be reacted to the flashing lights or the water of rain is jumping to give thoughts into heart.

There were pliant throwing fully events of the meaning that is much more beautiful since the singing of ballads, while the targeted affected soft breeze of a similar feeling.

The similarity of the fate accelerated the insight to be penetrated or through the seriously reception was, the unknown world became intimately from the values of harmony that felt previously.

Here, the unconventional occupies the space of heart such as the deadlock of certitude is in the life. And Villon was capable to declare so charming, therefore the stage was justified to perform.

There is mature humility beyond endurance of stone with a hole above by the water droplets. At its peak the story came out of the cave of hermitage, crossed into the dense of conversation to get into the space of contemplation, wades the waves of discussing through the desert of isolation, on the roar of the storm of change.

The emotion inflamed from reality of emphasis, poking like the balloon containing with the air soaked in the water, the strength is created to express the honesty about natural subject, and suddenly it is bursting inevitable.

The strong complaint of oppression is represented by such thing of regret to the forgiveness but not being good. At the side of it, the seriousness was emitted to give judgments, scales of conservation of times; God gives the level of consciousness onto the estuary.


My all brothers who lives after us,
Do not ossify your hearts to us,
As for, if you mercy this poor of us,
Then you would be forgiven by God.
You saw we are about five-six person hanging;
Our fleshes, we were packed so much with the food,
It was almost entirely rotten, falling apart,
Then we, the skeletons, into powder and dust.
Do not laugh at this poor of us,
But pray for us: Lord forgive us and you.

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