Khalil Gibran (1883-1931)

Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

“Kami sangat menyayangimu
meski dengan kasih yang membisu
terlindung di balik tabir terselubung.
Dan kami masih selalu mengharapmu
bukan dalam basa-basi yang semu” (Khalil Gibran)

“We really love you
albeit with a silent love
shielded behind a veil of disguise.
And we still always expecting you
not in the false platitude “(Khalil Gibran)

Khalil Gibran was born in the land of Beshari, Lebanon. At that time it entered the province of Syria, the Ottoman Empire. He was born at January 6, 1883 and died at April 10, 1931. A poet and painter, who spent his most productive period in the United States.

He is a daydreamer who incarnates the figure of great writers. He has extraordinary natural talent, built from old books. Similar to the roots suck up the essence of the earth, there is no denial.

He followed rhythm of the life of innocence boy, his innocence brings beauty. Flabby souls are drained his strength by his musical memories lifted temporariness.

Anesthetized hope, because for him the sun should not be resisted but it is absorbed. Leaves of thinking are shady broadly and shaking, hypnotize the seeker.

The owner of patented absorption on the beauty of words did not release the solidity of the soul of readers. Revenge of cold dagger is as soft as until sincerity.

He was lulled by his own ballad, passed without any shock, streamed the river of life to the ocean.

Ascended the dark of longing at the brightness of yearn conveyed by the cloud.

Whoever followed the current gains silent freshness, tracing the soul. His good listeners get an abundance of fruits, hung on the cloud.

Only humility the rain drops, passed the tranquility to reach the colors of essences.

Doer of strong belief occurs; ground is pounded by the heart, the sky is reached sadly, inner harmony attained what he dreamed.

Fog comes down incarnates spots of dew, the ocean waves salt the shore, and then loyalty gets the abundant of reward.

Anxiousness disappeared, the gloomy ghost always follow. Surpassed the quiet path of solemn step is trapped. Not to stepped the foot, be paralyzed the delusion is too high.

When a cottonwoods came down without control of conscience. Hence half of mankind believe in it, the other half left.

The stillness of the night terrified hair strands of anesthetized the chirp of the bird of deaths. There are worries, but continued to take over to pass down the stairs of times.

If flied up to the star in space, the reflection of the moon in the lake gives meaning, and then loneliness of frangipani at the cemetery of regret spreads the aroma.

There can not be achieved but good to be felt, go through the hill of yearning toward the era expected by lover.

Mannered soul greeted peaceful, gentle soul snatched the spirit, the message of babies are born in holy;

cried wanted extra attention, the comfort current of livelihood, the breaths are in and out to purify the body.

Lonely prophet was crying in the inner of the words, entertains through attraction of holy sentence, dancing on stage that all was silent.

Didn’t know the audiences were amazed or went home, because its beam of light, was as strong as not recognizing the occurred.

Gibran says: “intellectual mind is just the song of robins in the beginning of slowly spring.”

This is to reconcile the differences so that no continuous warfare on earth. His life was charity of love to care, hugs to understand the birth of seedlings grown sustainable.

Threw down the nets as far as possible to receive what obtained since sincerely catching.

Only the heart of differences is intertwined, because the mind would be dangerous if sustained by greedy desires. Like a wild beast is ready to pounce on prey.

He seemed to say; comfort your reasoning with humility of the heart. Because pearls are sparkling; a side receives any light and at the same time emits it.

If the mind and the heart are harmonious, songs of the longing of tranquility are intercepting the sweats of crowded visitors. And the message of foreign lands, is spoken with smile of seriousness.

What doesn’t have is sufficiently realizing the story of each strain respectively. Hoping on the harmony sang from the depth of distance have been matured by the experience, gained in the street of the wanderer and slowly and very diligent it was taken.

Until the stones were hit by vehicle, incarnated to be firmly strong willing, and also natural disasters of teaching in order to pray for one another to a wing of love for mankind;
a torpor lonely soul, will awaken up and arise to live.

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