Walter Savage Landor (1775-1864)

Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. harianto

Walter Savage Landor

Daun demi daun gugur, bunga demi bunga,
Disaat dingin, disaat panas: sebarang waktunya.
Hidup-hidup ia berkembang, hidup-hidup berguguran,
Semua disambut bumi, yang beri mereka makan.
Haruskah kita, putranya lebih budiman, kecewa
Kembali kekandungannya, bila hidup henti bernyala?

Leaf by Leaf Fall
By Walter Savage Landor

leaf by leaf falls, flower by flower,
At the cold, at the heat: at any time.
It growth lively, lively is falling,
All welcomed by the earth, which gives them food.
Should we, her kinder hearted son, disappointed
Return to her womb, when the life is stopped kindled?

Walter Savage Landor (January 30, 1775 to September 17, 1864), is English poet who was born in Ipsley (UK) and died in Florence (Italy). He has Oxford University graduation, and he showed up with an anthology “Poems” in 1795, and “Gebir” 1798. At 1808, he joined to fight against Napoleon in Spain. He became most popular by the tragedy of Don Julian in 1818, after that he moved to France, and then to Italy, he created “Imagery Conversation of Literary Men and Statesmen” (1824 to 1829), in it he argues, the most important in essay is its form. Landor tended to poet of Ancient Greek. He moved to Como (Switzerland) and then to France, then to England, returned to Italy to live on. By the situation above, he could be assumed as a restless spirit. His important work is “The examination of William Shakespeare Touching deer-stealing” (1834), “Pericles and Aspasia” (1836), “Pentamaron” (1837), “Hellenici” (1847), and “Poemeta et Inscriptiones” (1847), while his plays is not so strong. (From the book of (Puisi Dunia” (World Poetry), Volume II, Compiled by M. Taslim Ali, Balai Pustaka, 1953, which is retranslated into English would be more or less like above).

Because of here his poem is short, so allow me to interpret each line of it:

Awesome restless soul, a brown leaf fully treasure of the words, along with a singing of the song of life.

The blossoming flowers is marked by breaths, since from inner humming voiced out unfelt, like sound of speaking under breath is spoken.

There always something shut in chest cavity, longing but not quickly vanished.

Step of enthusiasm established himself, despite of the shadow disappears into the basis of dry season, in the middle of a real quest.

Landor been seriously to his destiny, as soft as the dust hits the skin, glued by salty of sweat.

Cold pressure, even felt hot, thickens the meaning derived the range of events.

To be serious to the whole feeling, for the memo that doesn’t lost by the change of intention.

When the body united with desire of mature consciousness animates the steps.

Shivering eerily and tasty-focus, taps the life to be as wide as hand to dignity of wherefores.

At the turn tranquility adhered in the fate and destiny, like the creeper stalk reaches the light.

Night-day is a flash view of understanding, on the running the way of life.

And any hard effort to blossom the flowers also then withered and falling in the future. Thus the best chance fills out the possibility.

Shifting values and the color of culture are felt, understood to continue learning.

Drew wells from his own inner, after digging hard lands of the difference.

By him, the works are not just breathes the spirit, but also the meaning confirms the idealism.

Between the turbulent of era of mature the personality, to the race of humanity.

Field of achievement of sacrifices the blood of morale.

Drops of sweat have seriousness of reflections, on the motion of skinning the certitude.

Embrace the freshness of motherland would be blessed by spaciousness of meaningful.

Over here the language is taken care of by the reader whom rest for a moment to chew the salt and to taste the bitter of ideology, flown through isms.

As freely as the birds out of cages, in order to see the other beauty, balancer of the dispute.

Leaf by leaf falls no need to be regretted, after combed by the wind sings the news of becoming.

Whatever being alive and had been nothingness overlap, disappointment is only exist in unemployment’s dictionary, whom missed the future without collect the ability.

One by one the sticks are collected by bond, forged mental is in inflamed thirsty, fulfilled by consciousness of carrying the matters.

And the poem is one of the currencies of key, for the sake of opening its sheets.

Landor keeps oppose to ask what he had grasped in his life, where the content of mystery is tested.

It is always carved with all powers, to get the lasting implication, the blowing of its researching intricacies.

On the reward of his times of wandering, which was filled by anxiety.

As if he wants to share to all, to find a worthy performs.

However, limitations of space-time, distance of wrinkles-forehead on the rate of age.

He released his arrows, and also because of the experiences of exploring, doubt tripped up wearing.

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