Kulya* in deep space of Philosophy III

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Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto


These are I, the writer, took; Kulya in the deep space of philosophy,
after I had read Leo Tolstoy’s composition:
A Calendar of Wisdom – Wise Thoughts for Every Day

1. Remember to the death is the highest consciousness.
2. The really crazy one doesn’t afraid to the most fatal risk.
3. The death is the better removal from the uselessness.
4. The essence wish is the deepest.
5. Trough questions we know someone’s character.
6. The true grace comes from virtue.
7. Pleonastic in eating is the beginning of disaster of our selves and our around.
8. Improving our selves by friend’s lighten, fastens prosperity, is much better than the light held by our selves and in same time work out.
9. Epithet means to make fun of some one is continuation indignity, but finds its benefactions after knew its meaning, by the name you hope.
10. The one ignores little possibilities will be left by great one.
11. God doesn’t hope to be loved. If we love Him, He gives back greater one.
12. Or maybe, we are pity to our selves on the name of loving God.
13. Employment and place becomes justification.
14. If aware where he came from, of course there won’t be any war. But, the third party is trigger.
15. Marriage is togetherness of hope against intimate in policy.
16. I don’t feel comfort talking about policy, but how could we know it is wise or not, hence honesty becomes the beginning of wisdom.
17. Existence is the common sense, whilst heart is motivation of joyfulness.
18. All writers said; you better be silent, but they don’t realize if their writing are conversation. Or, it’s all about values, volumes, high and low, and also weight and light.
19. More knowledge, the problem will be easy to solve, hopefully not as he likes.
20. Substantially, people don’t want to do bad things.
21. The rich men without poor men will feel more suffer.
22. Every body knows; riches are not about properties.
23. The most stupid person is the one who proud on his stupidity.
24. Can’t hide anything in our selves, this ghost always follow.
25. Man kinds are magnetic field.
26. Seethed passion doesn’t need to be explained.
27. Passion is tough mirror.
28. What kind of life? Hence, don’t waste your time; get hurry to go along with times.
29. Gripped burden clarifies destiny, than the one just in pass.
30. Life is useful struggling.
31. The essence of rightness doesn’t belong to human kind.
32. Pleonastic is the beginning of defects, and deficiency is the beginning of maturity.
33. Every name doesn’t only have material character, but also spiritual character.
34. A wise man deals his talents, but the coward doesn’t.
35. The crime had been done does not pure talent.
36. Idealistic of wise men are helping human kind.
37. Suffer is the true honor.
38. Great storm more than love is the shaking of faith.
39. Differentiate between conviction and myth and also escapism.
40. The strong man is proven to be able to control his passion. Where is the kind of that man?
41. Do anything you believe. Because life is short.
42. Are their visions wrong? When skinning the soul, needs clear and silent situation.
43. We learn from life. Then, what can we give to it?
44. Find the knowledge giver, although he has lower level profession in front of the others.
45. Socializes well, because its vibrations are influencing.
46. Control your self before have passion to master the Warfield.
47. It is undeniable, diligence bears some luck.
48. One of the ways to reach policy by forgives another.
49. Study philosophy in composure of your selves, body and soul, if you hope more.
50. One of the ways to solve desperation by condescending.
51. The man strongly holds responsibility will be leaded to the right path. Or, be hurry to repent and forswear if you do some mistakes, and willing to achieve the truth.
52. Great souls are the soul of forgivers.
53. Guilty feeling is like ghost to the believers, and God is the Mercies, hence enlighten your self with love to the others.
54. Intuitively mistaken saves unexpected God’s help.

*) In Arabic, we surely know the word ‘kul’ which mean ‘say of you or talk’ and ‘ya’ which mean ‘hey, alas’. In here, translator captured that the writer wished to combine this words becomes ‘kulya’ which mean ‘hey, you better say, or, hey, you better talk.’ Wallahu alam bishshowab.

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