Kulya* in deep space of Philosophy VIII

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Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto


These are I, the writer, took; Kulya in the deep space of philosophy,
after I had read Leo Tolstoy’s composition:
A Calendar of Wisdom – Wise Thoughts for Every Day

1. Mind as soul. It is always young.
2. The life of body is not freely, although there is some have learned the magic to break the body.
3. Be free or restrained is seen from the color of his mind.
4. Passion without mind is just like the wind.
5. The mind without efforts is like old folks.
6. Death is not change.
7. Differentiates between change and transferring.
8. Who told you that benefaction of spiritual and crime of spiritual is outside the time?
9. The time has causal relation as such the space, recompense is called as result.
10. Regret is not punishment, but it such a light of brightness.
11. Sadness is the mirror of unsolved problems.
12. Comprehension of life is the essence of breath to experience the journey.
13. The blessed man is needed by most people, and he needs a few.
14. People have independence personality without example had already given example.
15. Common words came from phenomenal words, we feel great at behind, and we are influenced by its telling, not by its meaning.
16. Your view determines your steps.
17. A life fire of candle must be careful in bringing it to run, in order to do not be blown by the wind or melting away before get into the purposed place.
18. Brave soul is such as the light of torch brought to run won’t be fire off at mid way, instead flaming up until the purposed place.
19. Behold your path, and then think how you step.
20. Come in to the soul of writer, will be easier to understand him.
21. Awareness is embosoming our selves gives warning, is that from children’s talking, from psycho, from beggar, or from the stones of stumbling block.
22. The life bears miracle of shown God’s line.
23. Straighten your mind, because the feet are at the edge of gap.
24. There is no pulse in this world except nearness.
25. Ride on your time by trying hard.
26. The space and time is yours, hence don’t just stand up like statue to disperse love.
27. We have to have guider for our mind and heart, in order to do not lost and also conceited.
28. Greedy comes from realizes ownership. Remember, that’s all are mandate.
29. Generosity by conscious on what goes on as the foundation of live.
30. Differentiates among the language of the heart, spirit, mind, life spirit, and soul, to make you easier to enter it.
31. His (God) wish is absolute, hence straighten your comprehending.
32. You are hypnotized by the words you think right.
33. The one suspicious as competitor becomes the one who gives motivation.
34. The truth is the truth, no matter it accomplishes or not. We can measure the mountain without climb it, will be enough just use ruler with accurate quantification.
35. Is it true, leave from approximation and then become undeniable?
36. All problems shouldn’t ask for consideration. Don’t you feel enough belief your self in loneliness?
37. There is deficiency must be finish, if getting in the late of time of useless.
38. The true happiness resulted by aimed mind and work hard of body and heart.
39. What we are doing is what we wanted, this is pleasure.
40. The best creature runs his pure destiny by fittingness.
41. Pros and cons of outside and inside of our selves are depending on the comprehending of both parts.
42. Skill is variety, whilst the realization of freedom is given by God.
43. Giving forgiveness is one of the top of consciousness and also resuscitation.
44. The virtue can comfort the soul, this is not interesting but it needed.
45. The former lesson about virtue comes from religion.
46. The religion doesn’t contradict with the heart, but realizes it.
47. Your virtue to mean to the longing is for balance.
48. The real sincerity becomes undeniable happiness.
49. Since the first born, human kind needs help.
50. The best times of your live are in harmony with God’s wish.
51. The pray is granted, where else to conscious His present embraces inside of us.
52. Your deeds in the heart are undeniable pray; hence make sure in whole of your steps.
53. The one is counting the material happiness will be suffer when left by.
54. My beloved country is fevering on potboiler, I tolerate it. It just unusual if it is happening until respected generation.
55. The truth can be understood by searching its source in the heart.
56. The composure is the capital for mastering in the darkness and also in the bright.
57. The composure is holding the water in the glass in order not to spill out when brought in the walking.
58. If start the journey, it will be better if arrive at the expected place.
59. The God’s speeches are perfect. It is only we are not enough to discover His sign.
60. All searcher of freedom, mostly they are fettered by material wealth.
61. If penance is according to human kind’s standard, the religion mustn’t from the God.
62. The process transforms to be really valuable pleasure.
63. Laziness is at the door of dying to the death.
64. The love is another language of Justice.
65. Joyfulness as the foundation of justice.
66. The good deed is branch keys of justice.
67. The one understand him self knows the secret without read; the self is such as walking record.
68. If you are looking for power, get ready to be mastered by it.
69. If you hope on riches, you better prepare will not get it.
70. The happiness needs balance for the eternality of the yearned.
71. Bad luck is because of insisting the way of mind; it doesn’t the comfort of the heart.
72. Heavy problem is because of unprepared, whilst you have so much time before.
73. Faith doesn’t the treasury of soul. But, it is the field. Hence, processes it for the other man kinds.
74. The one has faith won’t believe any else unless what he believes.
75. The faith gives guidance, alike twilight for farmer to right the way to go home.
76. The conviction is much more appearing, when in complicated situation.
77. Yield to the God as you understand the deepest side of you.
78. It is not right yet although the holy sentences are correct, hence, find or do it to get the genuine.
79. The rain comes from the cloud, that’s our origin to the ocean. But, then the paths become different. Some through wasted river and also pretty one with beauty turn. But, what is it? The one didn’t flow anywhere, useless as the lake.
80. The longing means tendency to the time feels it.
81. Public awareness doesn’t mean the truth. There is mist freezing comprehending in community, alike the habit of misconception labeled on tradition.
82. The one who look at the mountain will climb, whilst the climber miss the birth land.
83. The power of God is smelled until powerlessness of man kind.
84. The most delight in is the art of making love, but only a few understand its depth.
85. The most beauty masterpiece is not the result of memory, but, the future captivity like throwing fish-net will get the things is not shown before.

*) In Arabic, we surely know the word ‘kul’ which mean ‘say of you or talk’ and ‘ya’ which mean ‘hey, alas’. In here, translator captured that the writer wished to combine this words becomes ‘kulya’ which mean ‘hey, you better say, or, hey, you better talk.’ Wallahu alam bishshowab.

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