Kulya* in the Deep Space of Philosophy VII

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Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto


These are I, the writer, took; Kulya in the deep space of philosophy,
after I had read Leo Tolstoy’s composition:
A Calendar of Wisdom – Wise Thoughts for Every Day

1. The man gives capability to take the truth and the mistake.
2. The law of everlasting harmony is about life.
3. We are the land, showered by the rain f love.
4. Alike the first created knowledge by God is beauty.
5. Talk about art is sense; to create it is such as awaken the feeling.
6. All person conscious about the meaning of freedom, but, a few of them can be free.
7. The beginning of freedom is analyzing the rule.
8. The one destructs the nature because of doing it on the name of violence with freedom.
9. God organizes prosperity life of man, and breaks men’s animality through the laws of intelligibility, to do not spread around like the fire.
10. We teach our children, so they could know there is rule in this live.
11. There is nothing uselessly in this world for the one who will conclude.
12. Knows the goodness, definitely knows the opposite.
13. The war doesn’t need to be happen, but who could deny it. Find something makes you fought in your self.
14. Without correct knowledge, there won’t be any truth, although in fully consciousness.
15. The consciousness is the gate to understand the truth.
16. Limitedness feels as a proof of unreachable existence of rules of us.
17. The way to loosen boring is by gives more intention to the spaces of jealous.
18. Thinks independently between the pressures of another’s opinion.
19. Public opinion is usually like the head without body.
20. Purpose of powers is truly to arrange.
21. Unbalancing must be included by the strength of balance, if not, the eternality will lose.
22. Life is as visible miracle.
23. The law of motion is the configuration of life.
24. What is the educing of God’s laws? Does it pure like the older?
25. If common senses meet, don’t mean its result is healthy.
26. As if God’s wishes about time had explained, when the problem is meeting the dead end.
27. God use symbols in this life, for the human being to easily recognize.
28. Life is surprising choice.
29. The eternality presences immortality is the spirit with sacred and pure soul to obey.
30. To get social justification, use your ability in the right way.
31. Mostly, after talked a lot, only a little can be described, this is such a kind of allocation of energy with improvidence evaporates to the air.
32. Simplicity forms composure to give opened wide path.
33. Every body knows that the cause of disaster is greedy.
34. We see the genuine wishes are reflected in the comfort live.
35. Sameness of pain transforms the biggest power to create change.
36. If you give promise for twice, which one you think the most correct and most pure?
37. The event you experienced becomes free guidance when you be sincere to receive.
38. The intention to do something good is just such as embryo of faith.
39. Pronouncement is collection of some understanding, because the man doesn’t live alone.
40. Your decision had tested by God is raised by Him to the surface.
41. The true disadvantage comes from our selves, this run in reverse ways.
42. Understanding or to understand is effort of virtue.
43. We often pay attention much more, which will not give any safety.
44. Freedom doesn’t purpose, but, as the means to reach happiness.
45. The place to study doesn’t in school, but, on the field of reality.
46. The change in this life is included in hypnotic aims to miracle.
47. Don’t take miracle by more than usual amazement, if you hope on the mercy of God’s laws.
48. The word ‘too late’ is only belong to the people has no strength.
49. Foolish oftentimes because of some behave of ngeyel in take action to this life. (ngeyel is a word from Javanese, which mean disagree with something as if he knows much about it. In fact, his knowledge is just a little bit.)
50. Immobilize and derange is the sick of common sense because of drunk.
51. When anger culminates, the common sense is remaining one step.
52. Resisting the truth of the hearth, it is not purely by the common sense.
53. Blind man pride on his riches.

*) In Arabic, we surely know the word ‘kul’ which mean ‘say of you or talk’ and ‘ya’ which mean ‘hey, alas’. In here, translator captured that the writer wished to combine this words becomes ‘kulya’ which mean ‘hey, you better say, or, hey, you better talk.’ Wallahu alam bishshowab.

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