Kulya* in deep space of Philosophy VI

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Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto


These are I, the writer, took; Kulya in the deep space of philosophy,
after I had read Leo Tolstoy’s composition:
A Calendar of Wisdom – Wise Thoughts for Every Day

1. Look at the sky is recreation too.
2. Be happy or not is depending on the feeling of work and love.
3. Men and women are same. None of them is higher level, but they are completed one another.
4. Freedom is the realization of the truth.
5. We conscious the truths of God, when we are really need it.
6. Idea with foundation of memory has color of nowadays and has views of future.
7. Crime is mortality.
8. Self control is one of the ways to paralyze enemies inside or outside of our selves.
9. The true happiness we can get after we expanded the love.
10. Modesty becomes the true composure.
11. It doesn’t fax the rules, but soften the understanding.
12. Correction of the heart leads to the goodness of view.
13. Observes the way of live, in order to be able to drive the goal.
14. Understands your self and takes the messages.
15. The path comes from abundant passion.
16. Mistaken provokes the attending of dangerous.
17. Indefinite can determine constraints (certain definition).
18. Immortality of body naturally, could be the cause of the maturity of soul’s consciousness.
19. Regret is because of thinking about process in pessimism.
20. Spiritual is dynamic spirit and also eternal.
21. The power of man kind is ungues supposition; there is relation of desire at these.
22. The mind is not believed yet, doesn’t make any change of condition, and could be just a flash of obscure.
23. May be, pulse of death’s coming attends the top of reality.
24. Suffering can be quickly mature, not just unrefined or also distension.
25. The gathered feeling resembles like the soul flows together.
26. Flew destiny results prejudice, as strong as be responsible for reality.
27. The need of common sense is positive thinking.
28. The feeling of strange is because of haven’t met gathering yet.
29. What make the mind change are views.
30. Normal point of the heart of heart of every human is same.
31. Blame our selves is the shield of safety.
32. Forgive another, but don’t forgive your self, unless you are in desperate.
33. Differentiates between blame and advice.
34. Quixotic can dull the mind and grow forgetfulness.
35. The one didn’t say is a half of falsehood.
36. Insincerity or hopes on reward is fatal falsehood.
37. The mistaken of good people is in ignorance.
38. The idea is just dream and hope transforms become foundation.
39. Organizes without modesty is zero.
40. Imprecisely trusty will bear crimes.
41. Some times, honesty can stop crimes.
42. Imprecisely achievement is the beginning of misunderstanding.
43. Differentiate between misunderstanding and misconception.
44. The bright soul can receive reality with seriousness of sacrificing.
45. Reasons bear difference. Absolute reason is sacrificing of love.
46. Accept undivided love, it is yearned by all man kinds.
47. Don’t resist love in your heart, because it won’t mature for twice.
48. Be crazy to get war is sick.
49. Nervous is sick, but there some people likes to take care of it.
50. The starting point of war is on the nervous.
51. There is no other sun, different with the moon that mirrors on the lake.
52. Obligation becomes burden if we don’t have enlightened yet from fidelity.
53. Standardization is oftentimes deathly.
54. Pure exclamation comes from the heart. And, the heart is intently wreaked from the field of heaven.
55. Aptitude is the one hoped by Master of Nature.
56. Different comprehension is such as caesarean.
57. The live runs step by step.
58. The awareness doesn’t return the way of live, it is the regret.
59. Perspicacity oftentimes helps alike lucks.
60. The one beyond happiness is longing to genuineness.
61. Concentration of views transforms to the power that is not avoided.
62. Oftentimes bad luck bears luck.
63. Pure ideology can understand the life.
64. If the concepts of love of all religions are same, where is the reality?
65. The heart of heart is not religion and the religion didn’t bear from it, the heart is such as mirror.
66. The faith is the genuineness of life.
67. The distance of spirituality on the fidelity.
68. Want to be our self is more than awareness.
69. Sacrificing by hoping reward is not sacrificing.
70. The happy people realizes on change.
71. The slave of God is the mid way, at right and left side of him is another else or our self.
72. Remember to the death without find the determinant is just useless.
73. Comprehension can be got from modesty.
74. Remember to the death gives much understanding about life.
75. Liberation is realization of soul, or the soul as the realization of liberator.
76. Want to satisfied answer then go ask to your self through the heart of heart.
77. People don’t have impressions won’t present messages.
78. Sometimes, prejudice is igniting.
79. Why are you be responsible for someone else prejudice?
80. The truth appeared through the time.
81. Your feeling attracts some one.
82. Says hello each others lessens bad habit.
83. The true support is your loyally resoluteness.
84. The Dress you are wearing is older than your age.
85. The longing is the power of reaching of fragrance.
86. My age is older than you; said the tree at the side of street.
87. Habit establishes your personality.
88. The wise trusty gives the space to discuss.
89. The conviction without passed over obstacle is not what we call conviction.
90. Assumption without working is such as temptation fall into stupefying condition.
91. One virtue leads to another virtue, and on the contrary.
92. Character appears because of so many times in teaching.
93. Smelling is the power of scrape.
94. The essence of light is probably spherical.
95. If ignore the small thing will find the bigger, or not at all.
96. Realizing is appreciating.
97. The crime can be happened because of egoist.
98. Don’t act in anxiousness or sad.
99. Anxiousness by fear is unreasonable, hence stabilize your steps.
100. The feeling is embryo of science, before stage of musing.
101. Change is educated surprise.
102. The amelioration will be happen if you want to introspect.
103. Actually, the hard knock when we are stupefying.

*) In Arabic, we surely know the word ‘kul’ which mean ‘say of you or talk’ and ‘ya’ which mean ‘hey, alas’. In here, translator captured that the writer wished to combine this words becomes ‘kulya’ which mean ‘hey, you better say, or, hey, you better talk.’ Wallahu alam bishshowab.

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