Kulya* in deep space of Philosophy V

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Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Abus B. Harianto


These are I, the writer, took; Kulya in the deep space of philosophy,
after I had read Leo Tolstoy’s composition:
A Calendar of Wisdom – Wise Thoughts for Every Day

1. The one always thinks, his life so firmly establishes.
2. So afraid if God doesn’t achieve his deed.
3. The immature one is dangerous, also incapable to break trough happiness.
4. Truth will be accepted if alike soft air.
5. Real knowledge leads man to devote to God.
6. Pain of wounded soul won’t be gone easily, and reversed to receive the truth.
7. Some advices are like the power of heart knocking the doors of heart.
8. Logical reasoning is neutral. It can be useful or be disaster, depends on where this power came from or where this power aims to.
9. Don’t chew the fruit of opinion, before you are sitting alone to eat those.
10. Self excavation is one of deed of searching the truth.
11. The one who safes you is your nearness to the truth.
12. The heart is the king; his mind is advisor, whilst his people are his feeling.
13. We fight to aim to comfort soul.
14. These pronouncements are for me, if you like, take it.
15. Man is struggling in maintain humanity.
16. Conviction can be got by keep wandering and learning.
17. We were born to fill this life, hence don’t you be just a gulping of water.
18. Actually, the mind is the power of concrete spiritual.
19. The feelings that see each other will meet misunderstanding also loyalty.
20. The passion is just temporarily.
21. Create new world comes from small things.
22. The soul is the real fact.
23. Don’t justify teachers are like stair-case.
24. The reaching is such as longing land to the right place and keeps conclude the meaning.
25. Sailor reads a meter of his sailing distance through the longing of past memory.
26. The man kinds want equipment only for easier to understand the goal.
27. The happiness near to the composure also the death.
28. The one conscious of his destination will use his time as well as he could.
29. The top of intellectual is the gathering of understanding about the god in his self.
30. If you realize was born at rainy season, you should remember the season is changed.
31. Swaying of hand means waiting and also good bye.
32. The time’s additional asks to forget to throw the times and memory.
33. If you want to be speeded up, believe that the time is such as surprise.
34. The question is challenge. It must be answered or even fight for it.
35. The soul of mind should learn to reach peace that is in loyally.
36. The talents which always sharpen will become more fragrant.
37. The peace is approved comprehension.
38. The truth is the received reality, although some people deny it.
39. The soul is the unexpected space and time, unless by your understanding.
40. Destruction of soul if you ignore it.
41. Sharpen the mind of feeling is excavation of the hidden treasury.
42. Instinct is such as tunnel without forks.
43. Silly people resist the truth uselessly.
44. The honesty of positive thinking safes the journey.
45. The world without religion will fasten the coming of disaster (judgment day).
46. The happiness means to the conviction by working and then understands.
47. Every human kind feels good and right, it must be learned to find the truth.
48. Comprehension looks alike joyfully power.
49. The hidden essence can appear by practice hard.
50. The true power is self confidence.
51. The essence unites with His loneliness.
52. Your virtue is for another, without you.
53. The truth is unchanged law.
54. The real conviction doesn’t come from the result of some crossing belief.
55. The law of spiritual is like love, or love is the softness of spiritual.
56. Enlighten is the Pure Light. It’s not just as suggestion or just a dream.
57. Crime is always fettering.
58. Foundation of freedom is the honesty and be loyal to agreement.
59. The goodness the beginning of freedom, and the honesty is the beginning of happiness.
60. If you hope to be mercies by God, mercy the others: they said.
61. Be grateful by the kindliness you did, and it was by His permission.
62. Be conscious or not, the change through the repeating of sharpness.
63. The great thinking is born from the matured souls by experience.
64. Correct, life is miracle.
65. Certainty is discharge of anything, also doesn’t escape from trusty.
66. You must know the limit of tired, thirsty also hungry.
67. Usually, the trifling one often hurts.
68. The happiness is the meeting to free also to sincere.
69. Has no limit is not man kind’s purity.
70. Affection is the working of love in the body if man.
71. Stupid person pretend as if clever. He feels as the owner of religion.
72. Don’t listen to the compliment, although it isn’t there.
73. You can be calm down by enlighten you are doing.
74. Dying is the time to decide the certainty.
75. Disagree on something will make different on belief, but accept the conditions each others.
76. Animals and plants do not create just like that.
77. Differentiates between complicated talking and talking with deep meaning.
78. Honor oftentimes be valued trough known performance.
79. Ideas are like seeds spreading on the temporality of the world.
80. The eternality beyond space and time, but it doesn’t beyond the God’s law.
81. Be careful on soil’s sale, because you came from it.
82. Remembrance is the description of hidden treasury.
83. The seriousness shows the strength, and also the hidden conceited, hence be careful on its path.
84. The fire spreads, the light creeps.
85. The life always gives, but we don’t really search.

*) In Arabic, we surely know the word ‘kul’ which mean ‘say of you or talk’ and ‘ya’ which mean ‘hey, alas’. In here, translator captured that the writer wished to combine this words becomes ‘kulya’ which mean ‘hey, you better say, or, hey, you better talk.’ Wallahu alam bishshowab.

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