The indication of decorative poem’s appearance

Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

A poet should find (has obligation to find) values of his own life, eventhough he is learning or even had already learnt the knowledge from any source and other wisdoms.

In the depth of himself, it deserved to explore the every days fluctuation, by the reflection of neighborhood life, also the course of encountered history.

It is not just focused to understand paths that had been trough or had been token by predecessors. These are the challenges, is he a real poet or just follower (plagiarism) from the existed values, which is from religious values, or the other knowledge’s values.

We know Ibn Arabi, although he took from Islam teaching as swept river of his soul, he didn’t just follow the stream at that time, there were hard efforts to explore or to research the deepest recess of his heart, at the seethed or the pulsated in the depth of soul.

Al-Hallaj was also a character in story who kept a value devoutly and tawadhuk, but still, his faith was not like a man whom blinds the eyes of heart.

There were serious researching or exploring from the school of thought he believed until it did bear the bright light of enlightenment; it became new school of thought for his endeavor in seeking the essence of life in his period.

Let’s see to the West, I just picked up some France’s literature by Marcel Raymond to de Baudelaire au Surrealism (Jose Corti 1963), which noted or copied by Wing Karjo:

“Modern Poetry of France could be said that it arrived from Charles Baudelaire, for his anthology of poems Les Fleurs du Mal, which is as the source of nowadays poetry, had born two ideology of poetry; the artists and the eyes. One of it refers to Mallarme to Valery, and the other, infiltrates to Rimbaud and then go back down to avontir, the Surrealists.”

It seem everywhere, the trace of poetrical standing tightly on the fighting of his destiny, not only read the book and then interpret it immaturely, but also learn about the pulsations of his soul, realizes and focused to the around neighborhood or environment or around nature until found a new style of form, which can be felt synchrony or harmoniously with the nature of self he has.

It is not only the disagreement (denying) of thought, there are some deed for his fruit of effort; a group of his masterpiece as the monument of justification (correction) on the happening of the existence of certainty.

I don’t know about the decorative poems had been figured out or not. Definitely, its mainstream came from the art of handicraft, by the flourishing of industry revolution that didn’t have a chance to be shifted, it didn’t mean that industrial revolution was blocked or was hampered by William Morris (1834-1896).

By matures the modern’s values which is touched or associated with humanity that had never been postulated by the mass product of any factory (production), there are some of it use the worker to work humanly, i.e. the cigarette factory which a half of its worker use the power of man.

Now, I am taking the liberties of interpreting what we call as poems with ideology of decorative. This kind of poem beauties the value that had been received universally, normatively, definitely to strengthen the already exist thought, within it is the fruit of poets predecessor’s efforts or religion’s teaching that he believed.

What already are there, the brightly of colorful, but we knew by the previous reading. Those touches are felt, when we thoughtful the inner characteristic of those masterpieces don’t have any deeply emotions, or there are no spirit of creation from the depth of poet’s soul, such of actively hand, some expert to combine beautifulness.

In this era, where the information comes in widespread, possibly formed the stream of decorative poems, because soul’s precipitation of the poets are less, he just count on ton add or lessen the color of poetry, which is in it still carries a value, but clearly seen that those works are the result of mind’s efforts on the standardized soul, because it follows the style of known poetical in the world of poetry.

This indication began from the relationship or friendship among one poet with others poet, more clearly observed the motion of letters publishing that attended anthology of poems, it could be seem by the same style in researching or exploring the light of poems, here is the excess and the blind side of all.

The benefit is, of course, facilitates the beginner to get all as he likes from his beginners (predecessors), to actively and brilliantly beginners will be easy to gulp the pure water of the poetry’s formula. But, he didn’t know that what he gulped is a poison, because he doesn’t want to create a different style of form, and he really doesn’t have a soul’s attitude of searcher or explorer, because he satisfied with the bright results of his decoration.

Before it getting far away, let me tell you the complaining of our local national poet. I don’t mean to break the prestige he built up. I just want to take a little of his concern. He said that he wanted to shift to short stories creation, before he moves to poems through a new style of form, because his student took the style of form he created from the beginning. He said that the idea he kept for years had token over just in a few months. That’s more and less what he said.

From the explanation above, we can dissociate where the immature poet and where the matured one through self-identities or self-development by the experience of wandering until found the style of different poems, also keep inside of his soul tightly than created to be just incarnated to be a poet.

I thought this won’t lessen the law or the rule to socialize, where human race influenced each other, but what we call a creator is that he must find his own way. And, the forerunner won’t be interest to the finished creation, but refuse it in hard way as hard as exploring the well of beauty, from his battle to feel the comfort (enjoyment) to make or to read poetry.

I took the atmosphere of the art’s creator above from the voice of classical music observer, J. Van Ackere which had been translated by J.A. Dungga in the book of Musik Abadi:

“It seem in us that in the art of paint, letters, and art of music, have same scholarly tradition. Impressionism, Symbolism, Debussy, are the voices from same period and spirit. There were such interconnections among the artists. They saw each other through their fence and picked the flower in the garden of each other. The poet played music, the musician painted; the painter created poems, and created orchestra with the colors. The young artists from the new scholarly tradition had often met in the house of Stephane Mallarme on the Rome road, Paris. Debussy played his newest prelude, Whistler showed his last painting, and Mallarme recited the poems he just created.”

Ackere, as if he watched orchestra or the party of light from the beauty of the meeting of those artists on a stage of creation which could anaesthetize, made its watchers felt eerie, where “saw each other through their fence and picked the flower in the garden of each other.” It is really a glorious description of a relationship (friendship), the noblest created music, and the most poems that was lachrymose to the soul, on the meeting of different spirit in the union of the power of creation spirit.

Let’s see the friendship among three poets in romanticism era of poetry in England; Byron, Keats and Shelley, three of them were die young, they could show their ability to one another, bear their own self-identities and brightened feeling with different prestige.

Hence, it should be for the poets to skin their soul, from the engagement of homeless and also from friendship are the deserved to fight for, hold it tight and won’t ever let it gone, but creates pleasant rivers from their souls.

To the anxious poets above, because he is a poet, prove exactly what he said; create short stories with another style of form from the reflection of his poetical nature of this time, and then entering the alley of world of poetry that can stimulate his soul in different form.

Whilst, his entailer will be still the same like the beginning, indeed his decreasing of soul will be seen. That is the reward or it should be, because the soul of real artist is a searcher or explorer figure that will not be satisfied to him self, the surrounded condition and also the history shelters its period.

If we go back to discuss the appearance of decorative poems, I thought they are legal (deserved), it is as effect or reward of leaving the eminent values, which supported and lived by the master of the purity of thought, or concepts.

The poet of decorative poems is only dealing him self to some condition in the future, which is the best performance (decoration), eventhough at the soul side of the spirit exploration of his time is weak, such kind of following the stream of change, he doesn’t create the turmoil rivers from the essence of time’s voice as the stuff for lesson, for the created strong masterpieces represents the period.

Java, 2010

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