Rosalía de Castro (1837-1885)

Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

Rosalía de Castro

Hari tentram,
Udara panas-panas-dingin,
Dan hujan turun
Pelan dan bisu;
Dan selagi aku bisu
Meneguk tangis dan mengeluh,
Anakku, mawar mungil itu,
Matanya ditutup maut.
Damai dan sepi terekam dikeningnya, kala
Pamitan dengan ini dunia.

Sungai-sungai pada kelabu; kelabu
Pohonan dan gemunung, abu-abu;
Kabut yang meliputinya, kelabu,
Dan abu-abu gemawan yang berarak di langit.
Seluruh bumi berliput sedih kelabu,
Itu warna usia tua.

Kadangkali redup-redup bangkit desau
Hujan; dan angin
Yang bertiup di pohonan, melulung dan mengeluh,
Demikian aneh, hampa dan perih bunyi
Ratapnya, seakan orang menyeru si mati.

(more less the translation in English is like this)

Peaceful day,
The weather is hot-hot-cold,
And rainy
Slow and dumb;
And while I’m dumb
Sip crying and complain,
My son, the little roses,
His eyes closed by the death.
Peace and quiet recorded on his forehead, when
Farewell to this world.

The rivers are in gray; gray
Is the trees and the mountains, gray;
The fog that blanket it, dull,
And gray of cloud marched across the sky.
The entire world covered by gloomy sadness,
That’s the color of old age.

Sometimes the dims rustle up
The rain and the wind
The blowing at the trees, loudly voices and complained,
So strange, hollow and raw of its sound
Its wailed, as if calling on the dead person.

{dari Puisi Dunia, jilid I, susunan M. Taslim Ali, Balai Pustaka 1952}
{this poem token from the collection of M. Taslim Ali translation entitle “PUISI DUNIA” vol. I, published by Balai Pustaka, 1952. And I don’t have the original masterpiece}

Rosalia de Castro Murguía, better known as Rosalia de Castro (February 24, 1837 – July 15, 1885), was writing in the Galician language. Important figure of romanticism movement of Gallegan whom nowadays is better known as Rexurdimento (Renaissance), together with Manuel Enriquez Curros and Eduardo Pondal. Her poetry is marked by ‘Saudade’, the combination is almost indescribable by nostalgia, longing and also melancholy. Date she published her first poetry anthology “Cantares Gallegos (Galician Songs)”, May 17, 1863, commemorated every years as “Día das Letras Galegas (Galician Literature Day)”, the official holiday of Galicia Autonomous Community, as well as dedicated specially for great writer of Galician language since 1963. She was a strong opponent of authority abuse and defender of women’s rights. Cervical cancer until she died. Her image appears as logo on paper money, 500 peseta of Spain. Stood together Espronceda, Zorrilla also Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, on the top of romanticism era in Spain (this data added from / / /)

When disaster came, the greeting of swept natural color presses the air, sharpens the heart beat to fulfill transcription.

Dim pale light of the bottom of heart, carves the memories as if sliced by dagger, so heavy in the heart when held pain in the loneliness.

To a flock of flying birds interpreted as mourning, every one had starting point to follow the feeling, until the sun rises assumed as if it set all day long.

More poignant likely treasonous but instead, because of His blessings, humans leave the shadows of life with tears of eternity.

Just brings the comfort of mysterious to see the returning, passes the side of path supported only by acquiescence, dumb as deep as consciousness.

The rivers of thought didn’t flow slope slightly, subsided on the fields whom not covered by trees, when big stones collapsed by the waterfall, there are no inhabitants, except the testimony of ear of dew at the far away.

When Rosalia built poems from the unmeasured depths, the hands groped over the dark, unsigned expectation suddenly attended and anxious took control.

The power of natural magic drawn by invisible strength, but it was really felt, the law of heart followed hunch.

The view of life is set out from the struggle, regret comes and spreading to represent, although originated from a bit of hope.

Piles of ash don’t save the coal (fire), the lonely waits for the storm to destroy all and gone away, disappeared, but before became the human dreams.

If only the blast of life came, but not long after dreary of view, a strong anomaly embed tightly in the chest of dark, still feels the sorrow.

Be hurry to will to scold the joy to go away, because didn’t want any change.

From the Rosalia’s poem, highly stake of romanticism stream, like embed the belief that the heart was covered by memories, like the tradition of poetry is hard to describe.

Only the maturity of time struggles the events, eventually led her, like a blessed life of service.

Resembling a pearl necklace hanging on beautiful neck of a princess, since the present of the prince of destiny, blesses the throne of glory.

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