Read Ravel (1875-1937) through Yuja Wang

Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

Joseph Maurice Ravel (March 7, 1875 – December 28, 1937), French composer of impressionist music, who is known especially in melodic, orchestra, instrumental textures and effects. Most of them are the piano music, chamber music, vocal music and orchestral music had entered the standard concert repertoire.
According to J. Van Ackere; people do not describe Ravel like Beethoven with his messy hair, with his music notebook escaped him self to the world of loneliness, or like Schumann, who contemplated at the river Rhine, with unfocussed eye and lost to somewhere else. No. Try to follow to the summer house in Montfort I’Amaury in studio to freshen eyes. Here, Ravel was sitting behind his desk, was studying the results of his orchestra combination with the precision of an expert in the laboratory which would determine the chemical reactions in the pipe of his experiments. With a timbre, he merely turned anything he desired; the forest where Duimpje is hopping, fragrant of gardens of Spain in the light of morning from the pastures of Greece. He was counting, thinking and calculating. Not even one of musical note got far from he wanted; and rested for a while, even the slightest sign of life has meaning. To Ravel should check our vocabulary. He did not like the noise, adjectives, exclamation marks, and the attackers. He was suspicious to the spirits and feelings. But of course Ravel is a touchy (token from the book Musik Abadi (Eternal Music), translated by J. A. Dungga, Djakarta, Gunung Agung, Tth.)

On the work of Ravel entitled “La Valse” which was adapted by Yuja Wang in the music of piano, and a note of J. Van Ackere;

Ravel lyricism appeared to be in the mastery of all reason, how it is floating but it still in the limits of logic.

That is maturity of a realist, who was not drifted out by the outside colors, although walking in the garden of flowers and the luxury of the city.

Because of his devoted to explore the natural of himself, after understood the social matters, by a careful consideration.

Similar like the simplicity of the people of the city, which creates their own elegance, when power of needs have been resolved.

Ravel’s desire was not sloppy, whom wandering far without lunch, but sailed all the schools onto the game has known.

From the private rooms, reflected introspection in each his arisen music.

Flowers blossom of marble stones, or pure crystal on the table, when luxurious banquets of reflection.

Or the middle class of the seeds of thought by philosopher Leo Tolstoy, on the enlightenment of life in the countryside;

rate of time run regularly, so that research on human soul, also thought the city, can be examined carefully.

Period hung normatively, creates concepts of harmonism, by the personal tensions, surrounded by the motion of heart, searching for an established and stabled principle.

The considering of his music turns on the meanings of the rhyme of life.

Ravel in the womb of impressionist, could establish the effects to transform to be the touches of life, all in an understandable limits.

Neatness of his music is not from the impact of upheaval, also did not sink away the soul to be washed away to the sea of fantasy, which eliminate supplies. No.

But his determination processed personality, mature the fiber planted roots into earth of consciousness.

Until the hurricane did not budge, did not knock down he already built, from the simplicity of student character.

I thought Yuja Wang deserved a place to play music, which is not far from the touching of playing sense, in the struggle of logic of Ravel.

Magic that had done by Ravel was so pure and abundant, the bright grains of stars scattered by the evening robe.

Until our eyes won’t stop to look at his playing, the beauty of music from a choice of formula has appropriate living.

Hypnotized the stage in the continuously rhyme and sometimes late into the soul, also along the sensory awareness.

There jolt intelligence of logic, systematic calculation, which is dangling strands of hair, in enchantment of his music.

The ocean waves have never stopped to do its destiny, aim to the steep rocks, and hit toward the sand of feelings.

Crouching like the silence of the rock of moon, in the sides of the human soul.

Ravel’s Music tempts the logic, and then just down the feeling, it was within the throwing limits of nets of reason.

He was not a charmer who spilled out all his pain, the longing of soul for the beloved, but created the mysteries, so the beloved one guesses what he desired.

Resembling like stretching of the modern world orders, withdrew the critical and accurate reasoning.

The calculation in the war, with sophisticated tools, from some of the sacrifices of the past;

his musical is the summary of life melodies, a fascinating and brilliant one.

By the diligence of his research, produced intelligence, deliberately or not, grew jealousy.

In the eyes of witnesses, token curiosity, they wonder what Ravel processed his smart brain from.

Those whispers, never had spoken, be a mystery in expression of admiration, which gave him breaths.

Yuja re-played Ravel’s music, and still maintained the awareness, not to get to the top of unawareness.

The madness is still calculating like reflection in a mirror, a cluster of schools of memorizing, which plays an important role, regulating the balance of long breath.

Thus reached the end in a stable state, such as suspicious romance, pleasure limited by distance (between).

However, the running of the melody and the rhythm of tensions, keep haunting the ear of memory, the clink rang, a told human desire of formulation is acceptable, and in the depth there is the truth.

Ravel could have done nothing tragic. He did not know the play. That other fields that interested to him, which is legendary, and full of charm (J. Van Ackere).

His rhythm fulfilled with joys, the world of the fairies, the figure of beautiful women, in the shadow of brilliance.

Nimble feet, stepped down on the wood ladders aim to the lake, daydreaming on the outskirts of prigi (spring or lake), which occasionally jolt by droplets.

Falling from leaves of dream incarnate hope, his music extends into the desert to reach the dream of logic of justification, with the beauty.

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