Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805)

Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

Friedrich Schiller

Tiada belenggu mengikat daku,
tiada penghalang melintang,
Leluasa melancar daku, ke segala
penjuru ruang lepas.
Pikiran ialah duniaku, luas
tiada terbatas
Dan kata jadi sayapku, bebas
melayang terbang.

Segala yang bergerak di cakrawala
dan di atas dunia,
Apa yang diciptakan alam
jauh dalam terpendam,
Meski terorak bagiku dari
selubung tirai kelam.

Memang tiada yang menghalang
daya pujangga merdeka;
Tapi tiada lebih indah kujumpai
betapapun lama memilih
Selain jiwa yang permai
dalam bentuk puisi.

By Friedrich Schiller

No shackles binding me,
no transverse barriers,
I free to skim, to all
over the loose corners.
The mind is my world, wide
and unlimited
And the word becomes my wings, free
to float and to fly.

Anything moves on the sky
and on the world,
What nature created is
buried far inside,
Although unfolded to me from
sheath of dark curtain.

It’s nothing prevented
the power of free poet;
But there no more beautiful I saw
how long to choose
Other than the gorgeous soul
in the form of poetry.

Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller (November 10, 1759 – May 9, 1805) better is much better known as Friedrich Schiller, German poet who born in a small town in Swaben. At first, he wanted to be the expert in divinity, but he was forced to enter the military academy. Finally, he learnt the law and medicine, but he didn’t want to run it any longer, and after that he wrote his first plays, and then he became independent authors, wandered whole plains of Germany. He met Goethe to discuss about the thoughts, and both were best friends. By Goethe’s help, Schiller was promoted and chosen to be professor of history in Jena University, then he married and lived at there for long time. Because of his health was impaired, he resigned from the University, then back into the field of literature. For the last years of his life, he lived in Weimar with Goethe. Outside of Germany border, Schiller is not as famous as Goethe but he is more popular in his country. His success is in the field of plays, his short poems only touch to the youth by its substances are idealism, for the more mature soul it is tasteless, because it is based on reasoning too much. The best of them are, Die Glocke, reflections of human life as the top of his ability to make substances of deductive lyrics. His works in plays are Die Räuber (1781), Intrigue und Liebe (1799), Don Carlos (1787), Wallenstein (1799), Mary Stuart (1800), Die Jungfrau von Orleans (1801) and William Tell (anti-oppression and colonialism). His writings in the prose are interesting, including naive and sentimental poetry that affects up to adult age. (of the World Poetry, Volume II, compiled M. Taslim Ali, Balai Pustaka 1953, which is in retranslated into English would be more or less like above)

This time what I did of poem interpretation entitled poem, then I would try to view what the poetry is, from the adjusted point, or definitely not far from the reflection of the work of Schiller above.

The poet with his stripes could not be engaged; they are joined up to attain unique form and a different style, by the other poets, or anyone else’s works.

Similar personal shadow, but not just merely the shadows, yet it incarnates to be the figure of twins.

That’s would be if could free the soul expression without the blocked by shackles in every days life, besides to be loyal to the believed way, this is the meaning of freedom of the author.

Because Schiller explored the world of drama, therefore I would enter his poetry through the body of searching on the stage, endeavored to play as him when I interpreted the heart and mind are explored in the jungle of words.

As much as his motion-nervousness, observed the lived history, conduced to the presumed periods. For him, I would observe one line to another line with wildness of retracing his composition; hopefully it could take the benefit and gained the flowers of wisdom.

Poetry is smart and intelligent actors on the stage of life, philosophy resembles to the old characters which too much focus to read the books in library, religious to be a hermit who sometimes wander into the market.

Astrology represents a efficacious predictor of veil to reveal, chemistry acted a part as such theatrical great magician, math like conservative teachers, and physics represents the actor of sculptor.

History is the script being played, it can change as the will of the director, and the poems is almost approached to the dancer whom decorates any exhibition.

Opening the world of Schiller; dancers or poems have no shackles to him, played a lively dance without any legs barrier, if only the stands are divided in two, he still could control the location of the gig.

The actor, who softens the stage of life issues, has no willing to give a lecture but the colors of his path spread understanding, the flower sown in circulated motion on the crown of audiences.

Any one receives his smile will get the fragrance of enchantment that doesn’t deliver the complacent one, into the unseen understanding by the flowering audience’s heart, unintended clapping was all at once along with the sound surrounded in the charisma.

His reasoning motioned by the heart and drawn by the power of universe, the graceful of words frees the soul of stupidity, the body was continued to revolve like a charmed mystical ballet, and no eyes blink even for a second.

Flight the scarf of instinctively beyond imagination of people in the theater whom merged, as if they were pulled by oversight to estrange the body away from the shadows.

Flash of colorful scarves reach the firmament of testimony stages, the light and the dark have the strength that someday will infiltrate the soul and permeate the spirit, the people saw it would also feel it.

So is to dance the sword dancing, it slice the heart of witness by its flash, the thunder collided with the plates of ideology that will be perfect.

The readers really apprehended onto the implicit of words though pierced into the chest cavity was given voluntarily, it means that it implied by the rhythm of sentences that sensed by the lips which is thirsty on warm kissing of sensory.

The invisible was uncovered into the ocean of feeling, it traced the consciousness of jingle anklet of dancer feet that is playing the song of loneliness, intoxicating supple.

When culminated into the silent, the power was plenitude and hypnotized the eyes, the lips are closed by admiration that is coming unexpectedly from the heart which was not burdened by crazy life, the pain of his anguish was whipping, it is dug for the sake of the find essence of works.

The stage is gone and the material of sheets of papers are extinct, remain the song of words paints the meaning of body shape to forget all unless the furnace, it was fun to explore the rain grains in every bending, a cute moving of seductive hypnotize that is participated into the personal of secrets.

The maturity of past get repeatedly magic, when the poetry danced the firmament of possibility, the understanding was melting into the rotation of life in seriousness.

The dancers and poetry, both are have special gift, be tough to balance the self to cultivate the body of in saying, apprehends over the life through continuance practices, appropriated chosen into the rhyme of supple motion rhythm.

Here, Schiller comfort soul taste the sweetness, efficacious character of the poet recites the holy sentences, to train muscles of flexible words turning the elegant body in rhythm with the soul sing the inner did not want be separated.

Since the cool and warm events were revolving, the burst of emotion body of the freshness, the breaths in and out of the purity of certitude.

Incapable to hinder when the dance rushed to the words and densely bushed the flower of values of dancer’s hip pounding by a line emotional dancing jerked and touched the passion.

Lay down along side in intimacy, the world of stage of him, the poem with its meaning, the poet has spirit of wanderer, the air of life moves the power repatriated the most pain into the estuary.

Schiller enjoyed the heaven of creating the poetry; dancers took the pleasure of bodily of mastering the stage as if the nights were merely for her.

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