THE Stillness of the Poet

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Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

To the late Suryanto Sastroatmodjo

The poet
Stays in valley of fog of humanity
his voice echoes
onto the rock walls of civilization.

He doesn’t run out of the will, but at there is his consideration
when we could not reach the softness of soul.

He is naked such as the stones showered by the rain
and also stung by the sun of consciousness.

Whoever saw his step in the middle of town that is merely shape,
we are powerless to talk, at the nodding scatterbrained.

The time always takes care of itself along with the nature of softness of
wind cues alike mother was amazed watching him
when he recited the words touched to the heart
pebble scattered, the thunderous of crowded.

He misses to paddle the nature into the estuary of prosperity
his alms relies on a large stone mound,
the laying head, fills in singing of contemplation
When he stood up, the motherland gives him blessing of sincerity.

Hermitage that doesn’t need anything appeared
only the gift from the sky he was gazing upward
His power is reached from the nearest heart, the human love.

The longing embraces the style of deed of his fate
yearning with melody of the freshness of the water flew. Oh …
the tinkling strains of the soul incessantly recite the mantra.

Plants give advice
to the souls of sensitivity
into the mature heart to receive the gift.

Roads passed, leaves accosted and wings flapped
whispered sentence he got unrecorded by senses.

And every throbbing of his blood saved events
its streams seen clear as his heart does.

His insight goes through without loosing control,
his testimonies breaks promontories of the soul
his personality contains substances of tenderness
tough as such fibers of scent-tree of the life.

His hair hanged loosely reflects the light of thrown
unseen for luxurious, he seen fresh and simply
objects and meanings, the pure destiny carried by saga of life.

He received, found his skin’s body is complexioned
the soft touch of the motherland’s wind
as babies breath supports grass
puffs filled by delights
in the depths of your untouched soul.

That’s where we find ourselves, destinations are shown
performs the character, when we were creating affection.

When he walked he got no shadow, he was concealed
bowed politely and stayed still to feel the light of shame,
the devotion of being alone in the sheath of worldliness
separately from the smell of incense.

He hastened when people were rushing to ask
he wouldn’t escape from responsibility, but he did indeed on it
the shy was shined back from each of them
inhabits the quiet of advice.

The reflections seen arrogant when viewing fully envy
but again, the bad reasons are denied
to cover some levels of problems.

He used to interpret the souls incarnated the light of life
snort of feet stepped on to the long muttered,
his heart’s breath about human being, got realize from intoxication of shadow.

Anyone saw him meant continuously, he admonished slowly.
Oh … naked body dissolving in fragrant smell of the night
the birds see it swathed by silk of honor
: the shown is deceptions.

Doesn’t the pure intention would never be deceit
maintains clarity until the end behind the view.

The honest souls pulse to climb the light of consciousness
deepest motion with the leg of rotation, level is set by
the fog that doesn’t dazzle the eyes and gives relief.

The craved sincerely receives the past sweet-bitter,
he doesn’t deny some gave unpleased place.

It’s gently into the eye of a needle knitting the meaning
would not have vindictive spirit, the flame is not ambition
but conquers tears transformed to be gemstone.

Grain of salt hit by the wave of glowingly inner
the biggest coral accommodates spaces of possibility
High wisdom of the sky sincerely practices seriously.

The letters are motionless to let out the power
since the sky nest to manifest the teaching
the skies enlighten the direction.

The peaceful spirit anchored knowledge,
not in the skull of storing wealth,
Treasury hidden in the human hearts.

Conscience guided in to the silence of the love penetrates
the seriousness of intentions and strong willing to educate the mind,
viewing each standpoint of introspection under the clear mind
behind the sign is the spaces bear the meaning.

It doesn’t mean to fill all with the full quality
the valuable interpreted similar the splashing water
anyone comes through it discovered the wisdom
ripen fruits of the seasons confinement results
performs the personality accepted gracefully.

Perhaps these poems are boring for you
when reasoning reached it without purity
or indeed reviewing, but not based on intentions.

The night comes, bend and dancing such the fire of creation;
he grills the loneliness, longing nature of his ideas.

Get ready to educate the children in the silence of longing,
sometimes late at night keep out the flame of the longing of creation
he invited the thirst into dumb of the searching of belief.

The contemplation of quiet steps is the education of life doer
took him into silent veil proclaimed tenderness,
lips of fog shut in the cavities of breath.

The inner of hermit billows in the sea of words follows the time
he curled up on the roadside, often outside of the door closed.
He waits for none; his soul was not rushing,
warm of his quest plunge into the lake of love.

Oh someone bathing in the spring, took a sip
reminded your age in balancing of your soul
testimony of life, shows color of the light of grace.

He did not mean to paint the silence and the unseen,
but lifted it with untouched soft-hand.

Myopia condensed on the skin of your arm doesn’t negligence,
polite awareness of between doesn’t care about the night to share
the everlasting buds, offers your longing to warm bed.

Occasionally smoked a cigarette deeply
breaths notified the past, reviewed missed matters.

The morning opens its wealth, you’re a guest in its home
most abstruse is creating heavy silence to be felt so light,
sings the possibilities in your head that always asks
about the supernatural of life.

This is conversation merging faithful, which missed
invites your soul to fly onto the place of destination
the limit of rigidity shines, drowned the memory
provokes the climbing of creation.

The layers composed the patience of memory
the stories believe the dream and invite the craving
the perfect time is the birth of degree of the human being wishes,
the night-day fused into your soul follows the breath of attendance.

This is a silence poem declares struggle,
unification of the spirit of the natural boundary lifts mistakes
incarnates wing and leads the breath onto the royal bed.

The twilight steps on the meander path of fertility, the eyes of the heart
enjoyed Javanese’s song onto the slope paddies of Dwipa.
Gives testimony of the body to these sentences,
constantly and harmoniously played by the past.

The given fault, doesn’t coercion of the inner at rampart.
Since the remembrance to the face similar with you,
good looks and politely to friendship, the most wise teacher.

My soul fell in love with most familiar steps,
the willing bedraggles the times at the specific times
continued overflow of blessings that is never ended by tired.

Cold sweat increases peak of the testimony
sky-ocean presents the blue of waves to the shore
grains of salt aims to the niche of contemplation.

Rural awaits us; united into the testimony of eminent
the stars on the sky stresses the interpreted life,
shawl of dancing on the arms of your love interests a friend
such as rhyme of sash belongs to the dancers of time.

Where should it go, the blue line gives immortality to the dance of
soul-body trembled, wing’s feather lifted by the soul
gazed upward and blow breath stirring follows the song.

Not the desire of all spreads out, skipped by agreement
smears ink’s dance of the top of pen is as sharp as the advanced night.

This is the word of poet, covers your love with faith
watches the difficulties of journey taken care of by each marker
rose up by the meaning follows the time prepared for you.

Your age swallowed by the spirit of the word breaks through the silence
surging through instincts on the previous witness, the longing of love.

Your breath’s taking clarifies the difference of interpreting the doubt
maintains the silence for centuries took good care of you.

Whether severability or not, the days passed by lasting education
when ire snatched back the struggle,
the willing he hoped for, he run it with the meaning of incarnation.

The times matures wrinkled skin of teak trees (self confidence)
stood and hardened breaks through the autumn
presents the prosperity and stresses mature body of the soul
tree fibers of spades with the muscles awaked
shares the turnover times showered the meaning.

Heavy rain bites, repeated resurrection
the wind of honor blows your soul escapes
aims to tinge orange of the twilight
which offered to your longing
into the arms of the skyline.

Encounter of reasoning, proclaims your strong willing
stressed by the full moon night pulled by its sailor
crossed the quaint night and passed singing of the coastal.

Among everlasting breaths, tranquility of rhythm is stable
surrounds anything he wishes to the brilliant idea.

The eyes read the sentences of news to feel the soul
spelled thirst of willing that came in sudden
the sincerity is told constantly inland.

When wading schmaltzy, the beauty of nature shined
firmness maintains your soul; the soldier guarded
when the king took a journey to a distant land without power.

He stopped his horse galloping, retraced along the particular road
by the vague vision incarnated resignation.

Poverty is the highest level of the ladder of life,
such as sense of fever reaches an undisputed testimony.

This is recalls smelting, burnt by the poems in the stove of loyalty
renewed form of ash in the collision of regret,
deliberately searched for soft granules of tenderness.

The sentence is not storage such as vessel, immeasurable water
when there was not even a cup of hope, but your intention unified
combining words evaporated, its granulated was on the leaves of heart
distilled since the doubts pronounced by recurrent pain.

The testimony came to figure out the crossing visions
expressions perched on branch to wait for calling
bowed full-mannered with the fallen leaves of the greeting of God.

Flower appeared fortitude,
presumably ripen fruit spread its scent
all was powerless to not looked up,
picked it up for gastric of wanderer.

Confidence renewed your soul at the morning of freshness
infiltrated into your pores, repeatedly journey is assessed.

Arranged as good as the rocks of temple on the mountain of worship
where rituality tussled in harmony with the witnesses.

And the limitations correct your way to choose
for the sake unencumbered at the junction of the inner craved by the life
to prosper all human being.

When the fever was reducing you believed your testimonies
tussled with the heart of longing in intimate swing,
such as the full moon in the middle of the search of night.

The night touched desert on the skin to pulse your soul
charmed by the universe of your heart by politeness of the receipt
in leveling up the ladder of fog
freed up the shadow since the body of doubt.

He deserves to perch on the crown of eternal silence
the stage passed therewith personal substance with the glory of feeling
the perfect of ideas provokes all human kind, unforgettable
the legs stumbled by the stone, trampled grass grows.

February 17, 2008, Lamongan, Java.

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