Poetry of Nurel Javissyarqi

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Translated by Agus B. Harianto

To K’tut Tantri

The life of became invisible dancing with the life spirit
the soul rose up in the middle of the drizzle.

Anklet’s jingle of dancer’s feet
expresses the dancing in the motherland.

The eyes of brown-skinned children
hands unite the dawn of the sea.

Thrust sharp pointed bamboo
ripped neck of the invaders.

The power spurted the blood
as fragrant as jasmine and as hot as rose,
the red and white cloth bandages the wounds.

In the evening guerrillas spied on
behind the stars of the reef of conscience
fired up the heart to strike.

The smelling of the wind in the sky of frangipani
caressed crown of head smoothed by full moon.

As the silver color of the wedding of my eyes
in the midst of night fully light of ink.

For Samira Makhmalbaf

From the gate of Iran
flapped the princess with eagle’s wing.

Strength of her soul anxious
acrossed the vortex of cloud.

Height of the wave of silence
such as butterflies wade lotus.

Closing wings of books on the lap
her cute eyes tantalizes the man.

Prince glanced from the throne
shaded by light of the tranquility of twilight.

Along with shepherd flute singing on valley
attracted the deep love of date’s palms.

Invited to incarnate the sun
swayed the roar of wind, on
the dust surrounding the flare of longing.

Rolling to burn the age,
sweat is boiling and passion expressed
hurled rocks transformed the full moon.

Odorous night of flowers kanthil
as strong as stupa staunchly upright
as sap trees shall not collapse.

Wandered the dream educated by the Mpu
when he was sharpening the kris has seven groove
persistence to receive the destiny of time.

The cloud of history was as thunderous as the soul of the universe.
I do not know where is she now?
Hopefully she still loves the land of Iran.

To Kahlil Gibran

Expressing oddity met orderly
followed by heavy stream,
the tinkling of wine into the rocks
its foam overflowed,
interpreted the body of night river
to pulse the breath.

The road stretches memories
hair of fir dancing
as drizzle fall broke the heart.

Twig wings of hills fog
bubbly dew dropped
he nursed it to the land of birth.

Lift paddles of the sweat of arm,
as high as the cloud herded by the wind
severed by lash of the fraction of light.

The fruit stranded toward the dawn
brown studied at boundaries of village
to ladder of paddies on valleys.

He felt the cold month
old songs planted,
settled to make nest of loyalty.

To Pantomimer Enderiza

Passed through the thousands lamps
his body blanketed in white
: he showered in the light
face powdered as full moon.

His soul crushed beaten by the time
the eyes has pieces of news:
he is more sane than the elapsed
consciousness of stepping legs
lively reached the origin of words.

The clear of sentence fragments
as soft as the night sheet
melted the dance of physical
possessed the soul which has thousand of it.

His feet kept walking
until standing such as the monument
in the middle of the city of Yogyakarta:
as strong as the brave and as old as his time.

For the Dancer, Saraswati

When the wing of your shawl lost swallowed by the stage
it shadow coming here, delivered by the morning light.

The sun paints the horizon and packs river flows
of it forget my mistakes, then forgive me.

O, rustle of coconut hairs and green coconut leaves and the dew
toward the wave of sky of my soul greets to you:

The law of heaven gives loves as such affection of mercy
from you, blesses my steps all the time.

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