Visiting Hazrat to Meet Rumi, Shadra, and Al-Hallaj

Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

“God for mystic people is reality”
(By Hazrat Inayat Khan)

Live is choice, the verses said implicitly in the reality of life. But, who can really choose, and who is determinant of the choice until it can be eternal?

The refined mind and tenderness of heart are aura that always changes; it is such as the destiny standards which never stop to calculate the motion of light. Hence, the range of human’s life is mystery which is rising up to the top of illusion, aims to the foundation of the deepest feeling to beat intention. These are millions of acceptance and refusal, soft and also rough.

Bridging the hesitation to transforms figure which responsible in court of space and time. Consciousness to take and give takes care of the willpower of real completeness. For instance, a young bird that has no brave to learn how to fly surely will be paralyzed in the future. Watched leaves to be fallen by the wind and also its mother flying, tether its instinct in the foundation of the truth.

Was the little bird thinking too much about its breathing when it flies? Or, before flying it has been afraid of loosing its power in the free air? Leaves from strong intention will appear the desire’s reaction, this value is true. Calculation determines the point of change to get maturity, or, on the contrary, this out of the conviction.

Hence, pray doesn’t just compliment. But, it does reality of hanging fruit wants to be taken by sensitive knowledge of hand. The heart promises to talk is not just a few moment of foggy which is disappeared by the light, but it flied over for the reality to aware, makes the cloud become the rain for plants, fertile garden, cool the looking.
This is not freshness of awaken from sleep, but this is pain to stabilize the intention. It is therefore, experiment must follow the way of consideration, self consciousness and also environment which makes someone’s soul gets the barometer of benefaction.

Hazrat Inayat Khan in the book entitles The Inner life, said;
“If man got in to the reality, he is talking with the existence of God.”

This is not compulsion consciousness; the humanity is unswerving together with the Reality, until the illusion is ignored. The time is useful; it is not digressing from nothingness. But, it came from the existence of soul humbled intimately with the Lord. And, Allah said about it in Al-Qur’an; An-Nahl: 96, “Whatever at your side will be gone, and whatever at the side of Allah will be forever. And, We (Allah) will really give reward to the patient person with reward that much better from what they have done.”

The patient is without grievance of creature to other creatures. In the sincerity to stable our self to step for witness of his soul, which experienced and grounded on the eternality of reality. This is not tantalizing but it must, it is imperative. Where, the taker of it feels fine to take this way without an objection by his breath which is repeating again and again to breathe the genuineness. This is not motivation that will be forgotten tomorrow morning, or conceivable ingenuity suggestion. But, you have vision about the essence through miracle, or no more magic by maturity. A level presents our self to be submissive in the apathy of desire, unless submission to Him.

The materialists often think that the God is imaginative. It’s wrong, which can appear unusual outcomes, having ritual of far raising, or doesn’t believe at all. Doesn’t it same between imaginatively God and atheism? Commonly, it bears confusion among the tradition. It is like preposterously collecting in the mind’s reality of materialists. It is freshened lameness, such as the song of thirsty soul on entertainment. It such as busy man wants pleasure, or put down the worship as a game.

For instance, the tradition was good, but, together with the time it is not friendly anymore. Because of the need of human kind oftentimes changes by the process of his mind. Therefore, selections of mind’s change become legal, beside keeps looking for the solving problems for the position that much better to his generation. And, the appearing of new pattern should be wary of. Is the old way covered, or it is really new but wasting other side without calculation of decreasing a particular sector. It is our duty to place the chair as the reaching that must be better.

This is the description of the spiritual progress that leaved from child imagination to definite aggregation when grow up, and will be expressed when the time has come. Hazrat Inayat Khan had said; “The purpose of mystics are reaching the awareness as wide as they could, to get highest progression and also the deepest fidelity.”

The same way as Hazrat, Jalaluddin Rumi in Fihi Ma Fihi said; “The world is developed through imagination. You mention the world is fact, only because of this world can be seen and real. Whilst the true idea that represents the branch of world, you name it as imagination. Whereas, the fact is adversative, the imagination is the world it self.”

It is the jumping of resuscitation to compose yesterday views which is passive materialist to be positively, whatever the name is and wherever it leaves from, does it from mystic or from materialist. Because of in the depth of feeling always clear, to be exist as the deepest true reality and it really influences the motion of whole illusions.

Truly, reversing the view is easy after we really learn whatever was really in the contemplation. By regretting yesterday directions, straighten the nowadays enlightened process. The difficult came from hesitation to embed the renewal, the doubt militated the progress of to be. Hence, open your soul as wide as you can to receive everything freshens. It doesn’t pleasure, but it is deepest longing. It is the freshness which wants to be taken by future generation.

Mulla Shadra said; “Every virtue is obscure light of bright beauty light of Him.”

Doesn’t obscure views are because of it hits the inhibiting factor of illusion reality that unseen yesterday. Therefore, let us try to aim to the light of God; approaching our self to His lights, in order appeared treasury is not vague anymore. But, it becomes distinctly reality of essence.

We step up and down because our passion is still following, but isn’t it with always take care of the present views; which is the Infinite of realist, all admiration will be intimation. The miracle that shown is the satiated flattery, will be caught a cold (suffer) if too much swallow the wind of indistinct on the journey. Furthermore, all captured panoramas transform to the grateful thanks for the grace of giving mandate, which make the times passed in this life are useful.

The finishing of process will be really disappeared if the consciousness is really taken by The Time. Which mean it doesn’t lost by desperation of tired to search. Al-Hallaj in his book Thawasin VI, about Adam AS, 23, said; “If you don’t know Him, then see and recognize the eternal signs of Him, the everlasting signs; and the sign is Me, and I am the Truth (Ana al-Haqq), and substantially, I will be forever with that truth.”

Al-Haqq is the regarded reality of the truth which goes to the reality of God’s truth. Therefore, use cosmetic for your eyelids to stop sleepy, in order your vision will be really accurate. It becomes the appearing of essence from the Sign which make us friendly. We may have conclusion, explainable or not of a phase will get in to be understood in the contemplation on the most quiet place, and also millions testimony will be found, captured in the miracle which is not magic anymore, just because of it had in His reality.

This is another journey of the body and the deed of outside part of us. It becomes teaching of maturity from spiritual process, the mind and heart wanders to the yearned peace home, to be far away from mistaken past prejudice. Hence, asks for blessing and pray seriously, in order to the schedule doesn’t be impinged, but to be the best arrangement and to be accurate views.

As the closing entry, I wrote below, the lines of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s pray;

Oh Allah
bless me the deep thinking
sweet dreams,
a little talking and a lot of contemplation,
straight path
wider way of views
to be end in peace

Lamongan, 2004.

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