Writer by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

Your courage lines up on the palette certainly,
be honest, the soft time is much deeper
as thick as the darkness of striping lances to create the wind get blue (XV: I).

Suddenly comes increased more fully,
as if the cawan yoni be loyal to wait for the heat of lingga (XV: II).

It simply means the fear,
then whose shadow caresses on its hair on nape of neck? (XV: III).

When the step are not accosted, standing with no more honor,
be insisted to run away at the middle of stingingly hot day (XV: IV).

Nets of loneliness occupy the empty rooms,
who knows about the bird’s age behind the thick glasses? (XV: V).

While it enjoys being perched on branches,
some time makes tactics onto the gravity at once to balance the thought (XV: VI).

Heard indistinctly thousands shoes are trot,
there is no dust billowing or the sign of fallen sun (XV: VII).

The shoulder are more lauded of making sound, the thunderous is lauder
disappear in a glance in your bright and muse ear (XV: VIII).

You get rear of the mysterious world carrier,
whereas be understood the less of him self (XV: IX).

The light fly away without tier, pick up the meaning as long as
has the chance, tomorrow will be arrived the reaping on prosperity (XV: X).

Feel the said meaning trough the staying still of the self at the mausoleum,
because the eyes are met and talked each other, the letter are reply each other (XV: XI).

Stretches is embroidered on a rhyme strings, gets the self be surprised
be enchanted by the periods, to day is passed by, if does not fulfill the depth of silent (XV: XII).

When the sun leaves its light,
the trot of cloud’s throb closes its formation (XV: XIII).

Day night erases the edge of twilight, passes over the stage of mind’s fear,
the copulation of dry grasses misses the rain disentangles the fast breaths (XV: XIV).

If there is saved, is told by the soul in the season of flower,
really there is a fragment of poem wants to be born from the developer of mysteriousness (XV: XV).

Looks at crazily, the life doesn’t just the wild change become too wild,
the eyeballs chews the content of words that is enough to come out (XV: XVI).

This is the sign of free incident similar like the arrow from the arc flies away,
its breaths are the blown of light, flies into your heart without uselessly (XV: XVII).

Don’t let your catching become loose away; the stars on the firmament are fallen,
the moon- sun are shined one another, why are you like the hesitate overcast? (XV: XVIII).

Who is escaping will fill his life with running, he enter by tethered into the door- windows,
but why the feeling is lost, until the shadow doesn’t want to accost the morning (XV: XIX).

He is turned around, isn’t the eye shadow around your eyes enough
gives the trust even though the sorrow rules over at there? (XV: XX).

Your looking straightly to the front leaves whole memory,
sucks the dawn of relieve, the shadow is decreased and drawn,
when will you shine at the time become so real? (XV: XXI).

Waits fully with hunger, not enough yet interesting of the seeds are sowed,
the rock is waved on the cloud, while the restless of rain assaults the yearning of past times,
be smiled on the days return the cheerfully (XV: XXII).

Pierces the period as if the fate of surge slits the ocean,
combines the stars are winked the moon is friendly (XV: XIII).

Visits your face in the darkness takes over quiet,
asks along the silent to be brave to bore (XV: XIV).

While the vibrating nurses the glorious is more pressed- screams,
every times tidies the steps up be choked by the rope’s restraints of soul (XV: XXV).

Takes the dry grasses useful for your shaded nest,
B e glued by the saliva from the seed’s vomiting after chewed (XV: XVI).

Since be visited in your heart, the everlasting flame shines the creating
alike lingga’s determination in the ceremony of making love (XV: XVII).

It is the stove that ripens the well water,
you are the hand of intention, the holy movement are embraced to become forever (XV: XXVIII).

You are like ants carry on the head of sugar aims to the home
for the understanding to makes freedom from the nearness (XV: XXIX).

The struggling is taking place for the wavelength,
never broke out to flop the feeling until the useless is lost (XV: XXX).

Paints your heart trough the swaying of hand and the unclearly waiting,
alike the smoke of chimney (XV: XXXI).

Your renewal flies away, be spirit in their bosom (XV: XXXII).

At the border of city is felt another weather, as far as the shadow settles your sleepy,
the caress of love’s air sleeps the sweetheart into the dream of queen (XV: XXXIII).

Perfects your self to pack the butterfly’s wings is always in the memory,
the first heavy rains freshens the memory follows the daydreaming (XV: XXXIV)

; the beauty of mirror in the odor’s room, and then the body is lay down
after the window is closed by the mist of lover’s blanket (XV: XXXV).

At the hall, the quivers of soul are echoing by the blessing of the sky,
it sits on the throne of attention of united feeling (XV: XXXVI).

This happening is the biggest, the horse’s rider flies with the wings,
the swaying fog of adultness climbs the mount of psyche (XV: XXXVII).

This is the grand spirit loosens the whole power of willing, the wind is understood
on the journey of logical reasoning be loyal to it self, the breaths are attached onto the experience (XV: XXXVIII).

Combines the age does not make tired on the gift giver,
the prince at the side of a beloved rose (XV: XXXIX)

; the door of his inner heart is knocked to recite the verses of twilight’s swaying, when
gets in to the night to the coarse grasses sleeper, safes the yearning makes late on the noon (XV: XL).

The sleepy changes the passion, defenses the night of rest energy (XV: XLI).

Takes care of the color of rainbow, in order to be not become faded of the blown of softness air (XV: XLII).

Close your eyes seriously, make chance on your sleepy
to read with the feeling of hungry (XV: XLIII).

You spell your own body repeatedly to find the low satisfying (XV: XLIV).

Searches your self at the skin of rain’s trees in the suffocating heat of sun of thirsty season,
the rhyme of tropic gives the calamity trough the long sleeping,
this is the flower more than just the dreaming of story teller (XV: XLV).

Rules over the stage, burn the island of revenge also holds its rhythm in your hand,
if doesn’t change, it sound enters the first level of sky (XV: XLVI).

A glass of kohwa doesn’t calm the brain down anymore
when the dancing of fire licks the nights on the stage of moon (XV: XLVII).

Before all kinds bones are collected,
the spirit is blown since from womb of sky’s ordering (XV: XLVIII ).

The passion of bachelor breaks the frozen down, bears the climb yearning by tottered,
drags the feet’s chain, ask for help when is chased by own shadow (XV: XLIX).

It sows the seeds of light on your head, guides like own child,
the one who doesn’t read will be paralyzed, accompanied by the mat for sick until the death comes;
whose finger that puts the grains of holy dew on the forehead of beloved one? (XV: L).

The trees are drying overwhelmed by the dry season, the butterflies tastes the flower’s honey,
the birds are swing at the flexible stalk, its chirp is the composing of genuine dream (XV: LI).

Its wing’s flapping spells the full moon,
celebrates the universe’s wedding on the blessing of motherland (XV: LII).

Be everlasting on the universe, you are called and your soul really comes
the power for making love is collected and smiled and then kissing each other (XV: LIII).

Blown to be awaked, its visiting performs the immortality (XV: LIV).

If on the nearly to the death determine your self,
doesn’t the flower is charming at the edge of ravine? (XV: LV).

The soul of pepper’s seed is hot, even dried by the restrains of asceticism practicing (XV: LVI).

The ocean sink the dugout of the self has a plan,
the body is hugged with dust, be dumped off (XV: LVII).

Visits the odor passes over the room of worship,
Receives the smiling accosts the lover for always (XV: LVIII).

Engages the feet’s chain, flies fast more than the beginner,
the weather of sincerity is nursed, as long as doesn’t weighted by the over yearning (XV: LIX).

If there is the one who follows, suffer is lighter by hears the words,
be the loyal follower, don’t be the treason as equal as your flame (XV: LX).

The bright of struggling flaring becomes the smile to understand the honesty,
the stars on the space becomes blue on the spirit of the one who will born you (XV: LXI).

The time moves simply, all kind of rope are loosened,
the fingers are not passionate to attractive the paper, but reads after that (XV: LXII).

The pen’s striping to you pushes the fog to hunt the air, the ship moves front
similar like the releasing arrow from the arc aims to the target, in front of you the stem threaten (XV: LXIII).

The stone that as big as buffalo is fallen from the edge of ravine, the river’s water is cracked
at the point of awareness, gnaws the bones behind the flesh of meeting (XV: LXIV).

The steps pass over on the noisy of your soul’s mountainside
aims to the formation of hill that test on your feet (XV: LXV).

At the top of hill approximately the very soft wind assaults the robe of your fear from
the whole direction, the eyes that as cool as the death are ready to pick you up (XV: LXVI).

The one who fasting on being dumb, the dew’s soul calls,
someday later will present the flower’s sheaths (XV: LXVII).

Alas the dew of copulation, curls your eyes up in the kingdom of light,
it is the redeemer of thousands loyalty, visits the loneliness of feeling (XV: LXVIII).

Who’s passionate to gulp intention leads the light of feeling,
composes the sky’s ballad for praying service,
but they don’t want to be curious (XV: LXIX).

Be sprinkled with the time fills the complaint, no need strangeness in the waiting room,
makes the jail as the liberator of deathly love, its poison is primary (XV: LXX).

The death one is in curious condition, alike the carcass bird minces
opens the spirit infiltrates in to the aorta, circulates the blood again (XV: LXXI).

In the earth you thrust the stalk of flower, the breath of wind spells the sky of
the poets are stabbed by the silent, the crying of regret grips the solar plexus (XV: LXXII).

There is predicted way, the death because of the short agreement, the stalks are broken,
the torn scratches the skin, the frozen blood buries the light of resolute (XV: LXXIII).

This is the impulse of soul wades the dreams, the part slicing of power visits the night,
the stars are spelled by truth of shaded looking (XV: LXXIV).

Walk aim to the slope of love’s hill, the actively feet
as free as the air recognizes friendly the color of shining leafs (XV: LXXV).

The one who can open the gate is breathed by him the longing at the inserted of prayers,
the night lifts the mist up be hoped on the dew’s grain will be intact on the hand (XV: LXXVI).

It suddenly comes to pound on the most secret’s door
at the old house that is growth the spider’s nest (XV: LXXVII)

; as full as the ancient’s dust on your forehead be lined by the regretting, thus commemorates
the flesh circulates the blood of youth, for the flaring space of soul’s fire (XV: LXXVIII).

Steps on the stairs of wave to the level of your twilight’s cloud,
motivates the self-forming as much as the rhythm of hill be everlasting (XV: LXXIX).

The kapok gets the age follows the wind be visited,
this grade the love tethers the horse’s ropes of lover (XV: LXXX).

The swaying of lotus’s stalk blossoms its sheaths on the swamps,
while the lantern of fisherman by net, shines to as far as the throwing (XV: LXXXI).

The dew is tinkled as much as a pitching of chord in the song of peace,
the first is desire, then the meeting composes the courage (XV: LXXXII).

The calling of horse’s rider comes the storm with heavy rainfall to obstruct,
only the sweetheart knows when it will be stopped, lays the looking down (XV: LXXXIII).

The beginning is behind the cumulus stoops on the blue sky, the faith is not released
by the heat of stove cinders, the sincerity is similar like the most holy wine (XV: LXXXIV).

Its remembering goes upward to leave the throne of sun, the black stone is parted
on the light of conviction, is this the biggest war? (XV: LXXXV).

On the lime’s hill, the fog goes down to sink the feeling,
its limit is in the throat (XV: LXXXVI).

Why are you in the errant federation,
paints a thickness of crow’s parade? (XV: LXXXVII).

The splashing of lightning rapids the drizzle calls the mob of heron,
and there is no more hesitation comes out from the fontanel (XV: LXXXVIII).

The old spirit demands, the breaths of curing are floated (XV: LXXXIX).

Catch the sound of spider’s net, listened the sound of blown rustling of
the air to you, while the butterflies are the embracing of flower’s season of the body (XV: XC).

Trough the pores of air, you are guided to fly the flying horse
as long as your feet flanks strongly, its aroma is not released from the glance for war (XV: XCI).

Nippy arm swings the courage, the booming of bell hypnotizes
reaps the cloud of wind’s empire, the beginning place of news of creation (XV: XCII).

The one who doesn’t want to be old sonly become wanderer, attacks violently on the kindness,
your arrow is aiming at the apple or a knife peels its skin
which become so quickly dries even though the time doesn’t insist (XV: XCIII).

1. cawan yoni= some kind of statue at the temple that symbolizes vagina.
2. lingga= is the contrary symbol that is for penis.

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