Writer by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

The misty roads lays leafs down, the bird flies is covered by the dark,
the sign of its chirp follows the season, where the seeds are breeding (XIV: I).

The formation of white cloud at purple sky of the old taught,
everything on earth is slept with deep sleep by wave swinging, and it is at the nearest distant (XIV: II).

Studied onto the century of past season, a cupped of yearning expands the memory,
the sun’s wings of time leaves the shadow
alike a slapping of horse rider will be sonly to fly (XIV: III).

The place calls be hoped to it want to visited
and then the chirp of crow, as fast as the death sends the news (XIV: IV).

When the clouds sharpen the firmament, the fate’s movement rotates on the loyal shaft,
the first things are dust, gas, water in the freezing of musing, the law is signed (XIV: V).

Butterfly in its bosom incarnate become flower,
arrests you similar like the cage without doors (XIV: VI).

The princess become servant since she stretched her thirsty
by her lover’s wind that is really influential (XIV: VII).

Hunger stomach gulps down the hesitation gulps the faith, look at
the dry woods are usefully for fire in the stove as water cooker (XIV: VIII).

The earth’s occupants are more brittle; an embracing of lake washes your soul it dreams about
a life of leaf’s summit of the gathering to be one the air of inner heart’s universe is being in cocoon (XIV:IX).

Before the hairs grow to meet the point of compass of time’s hanging,
it feels the pain of the self injustice, the cavity of breathing is very dry,
the mountains without trees, the river flows the brain’s garbage (XIV: X).

A fruit fall down and the others are frightened, this is the love’s description you felt
the death comes when remember on the thunderous of romance’s trouble (XIV: XI).

Enter the doubt of thought limitedness blows your wave
onto each beach, even though the back of musing is not same that is to wait (XIV: XII)

; your wing’s flapping pierces the colors of lantern,
climbs up the curvature of rainbow on the white clouds (XIV: XIII).

Come with tinkled bell, actively chisels after war (XIV: XIV).

Follow the worst grace are made enough, just left to decorate the starry night,
the empire’s gate of sky are opened widely, by the bright- bright noon,
the cloud- cumulus flatter to send news about the season of changing (XIV: XV).

The ship faces onto the ocean as if said;
I will see you until the end of the world (XIV: XVI).

Lets swings the hand as long as the longest kite’s string,
the last smiling is met the law of first crying is met too (XIV: XVII).

The ship as big as hill splits the wave separates the surge,
your hair is hanged loosely by the air of ocean, the seagulls release the greeting,
thus goes back to the beach of your beloved sweetheart (XIV: XVIII).

Watches the edge is worried enough on the overcast spreads out on afternoon,
the sun asks to recite the story is composed by the stretching of times (XIV: XIX).

The twilight on front will sink into the bottom of ocean
releases the policy of night scatters the smiling (XIV: XX).

Maghrib drags the ship in to the free straits, the wavelength become so tierce,
tears the longing into tatter misses the face in the border of kaweruh (XIV: XXI)

; as high as spear is cracked in the body of trembling soul, the beginning love on honesty
and the fate be loyal onto the self of genuine (XIV: XXII).

The flower of moon without worried to be not in full moon,
looks one another won’t make the silent become suspicious (XIV: XXIII).

Be quiet in lulled is not finish yet, the cold infiltrates as slow as the langgam;
the ship’s captain decides about safety, leads to the science finds the way to go home (XIV: XXIV).

The dawn came when the ship is still swinging, you are anxious to wait the started of morning
seem the silvery face is humming about the surge breaks the weather of ancient (XIV: XXV).

The cloudy noon’s sky of the staggered screens, be suspect on the throb of white cloud’s steps,
doesn’t it still be loyal, and god always looks after its soul (XIV: XXVI).

The softness of air spreads around widely where the end of thought is passed, it is on the island is recited the poem
this is the ballad of love that never met, lost is felt delves the fact (XIV: XXVII)

; it is shy to drain the ocean of feeling engages the chain,
churns in the billing of your heart’s niche (XIV: XVIII).

It peeps at from behind the cloud, be shy to reply the pantun
whereas in fact the space- time give you a mount of smiling (XIV: XXIX).

The paper is saved in the bottle, be washed away floats on the ocean and opened too,
the heart is showered by happiness, and the daydreamer is drew by the Kris that is with the curving of loyalty (XIV: XXX).

The cloud have friend to wade, the time is run at the ceiling of her room,
all day without the nylon of rain, as far as the limit of twilight leans the story (XIV: XXXI).

The time of maghrib on the ship, two slipper of days is putted on the line,
the stretching of sky- ocean, surge- cloud, the stars so bright at that night is wrote about relieving,
as fast as the counting the sleeping body, when your sleep on the hill (XIV: XXXII).

Blanketed on the mist, the wanderer leads the dream aims to the new birth land,
the port are begin to be able to see and welcomed by the seagull are running around on your small world (XIV: XXXIII).

The hot day forces the adult sweat, the baby is playing in the womb of inner heart,
say some greeting to the elder whom their land is almost touched (XIV: XXXIV).

Step on the stairs aim to the bridge; be remembered on the face of brothers,
the ship harrows more than ten of dugout, the curving straits is passed over (XIV: XXXV).

Puts up and shown the heart’s curtain and longing’s cloud and sonly
all of the longing is met the rain for you (XIV: XXXVI).

Ride the horse trough the rubber trees, the underbrush at the edge of going to hill road,
the shoots of looking sings the soul to enter the calamity of body (XIV: XXXVII).

At the gate of town you are whispered about a wing of cloud bends down to pour out the rain,
the lime’s hill stories about your traveling since from behind the veil (XIV: XXXVIII).

You are smile with the little one to pick up the fallen fragrant flower,
no willing to be withered, be soluble in the time becomes dumb (XIV: XXXIX).

A fragment of poem at another country, seven-beauty island that have lake at the middle,
the place of angels to take bathe while joking, when return home trough the line of rainbow, for the loyal one
is not less of the doubt, even though the gods- goddess flatters privately when you went (XIV: XL).

Alike the past letter as connector of spirit’s scratching,
this is the echoing tinkling from the bosom’s beating is burnt by the stove of period (XIV: XLI).

The ballad has fibred on the meaning from the roots of reality,
sometimes a tree is burnt, grows among the white cloud (XIV: XLII).

The awake of the flame, candle’s wick dances the light,
burries the silent into the earth (XIV: XLIII).

The lost one returns the odor’s clod; the flower kumuda is blossoming,
the others are falling off in the gold color, this is the rotation of season commands the changing (XIV: XLIV).

The night rules over the noon, the fog blankets its limit
where does the beginning of nervous, since from the sneeze as deliverer of age’s trial (XIV: XLV).

Among the night there are no noon attends,
be murmured to burry the time of waiting (XIV: XLVI).

The one who opens the told robe,
the stones are wafting when the words about trip on the hand’s finger (XIV: XLVII)

; writes on your life’s thread about snowy top of mountain
the molten makes river, the stems of woods aims to the ocean of yearning (XIV: XLVIII).

Doesn’t the wave ever stop to send the prayer?
You are deserved on angels, where will you go at the similar time? (XIV: XLIX).

The reincarnation of knowledge in the park of dreaming, since from the buds of
sediment of silk string is embroidered, your heart looks for the color of deserter (XIV: L).

The history is repeated; the bosom of child is beat in the heart of period,
recites the night to flare the struggling up (XIV: LI)

; the insect’s singing in the dim of moon’s light,
cries on mistaken, as intact as the men’s blood presents (XIV: LII).

The striping is seethed in the culminated dancing,
a line of grandeur hunger falls the desire out (XIV: LIII).

Climbs up the top of mist as thin as the mysteriousness of a flower
at the edge of ravine the surge beats the stones, smelts to become sand (XIV: LIV).

It shocks the hunting of arrow’s arc,
the discus is strident and shrill onto invulnerable of prison’s cold,
the stuffy body is droop ripped apart by carcass bird, but
a hand full of dirt strengthens the destination (XIV: LV).

The stopping line alleviates,
alike the candle’s blown that its gone trough the window to the space of firmament
of its satisfied enjoys the night, as cool as the lake is shaded by trees (XIV: LVI)

; the roots vine, the fishes swim to decorate the white stones,
the clean water reflects the heart of peace’s waiter (XIV: LVII).

Upside down in so many times is pressing steps at isolated dark,
you are a bird that floats to be in dumb; how can you mention it lost
whereas the far is still be loyal? (XIV: LVIII).

Nurses the loveliness of baby reads the face of musing
to the heart of your life presents (XIV: LIX).

Can’t make happy trough whispering, will be better to flop the body onto the bed
and be cured by the long sleeping (XIV: LX).

Just at moment forget the perspiration is coming out,
sinks in the thirsty of times (XIV: LXI).

Stuck out the spirit of seriousness creates,
sculpts the fate of being cocoon, with simple destination (XIV: LXII)

; the night opens its light, receives the color of your light,
the cloud in throng as fragrant as the jasmine lives in
the reside of wedlock’s stories (XIV: LXIII).

The stillness of memory returns the holy intention, the children plays
when the green of cluster rice field reaches the mountain, watches trough the cart’s glasses
when brightness dwells in the house, the soul is trembling (XIV: LXIV).

You are realized that the chord playing are disorganized alike a storm’s blown assaults
to the doors- windows, the stiff bodies are lied down tiredly (XIV: LXV).

Leafs are dry because the dry season overwhelms, the soul is hugged with fully crying
fully regretting, heats the flaring of spirit (XIV: LXVI).

Oh the vagrant man turns the stupidity upside and down,
sometimes the small crying become bigger, the decider of the old hermit
or be failed by the impulse of river’s romancing (XIV: LXVII).

Makes sure to mention the list of sweetheart’s names, the universe and whatever fills on it are onto you
will be forever from the death (XIV: LXVIII).

Finish your doubting to retrace the way to get home,
guides the faith alike the flare on the hand (XIV: LXIX)

It writes the invisible attending of preciously time like pearl,
a piece of hair is uprooted without willing to be in charge (XIV: LXX).

The words don’t satisfy them anymore, you know the room of honesty,
the holy stillness without pockmark of conceit (XIV: LXXI).

The left time perpetuates the kindness,
be written the pure desire to self-endeavourer (XIV: LXXII).

Before the wings are stiff, the end of throats is empty,
allows to say the magic words, be tough to sculpt the fate fulfills
for open the curtain’s glaring of creating (XIV: LXXIII).

In here the waiter receives the last saying,
when gave without fear to the certainty (XIV: LXXIV).

The pouring out of sweat with the power of travels, the steps of full moon at afternoon
be welcomed with the drizzle’s falls on the residence, its holy command is as much as a broken rib (XIV: LXXV).

The pigeon take deep breath then jumped, in bent down to picking up the meaning
is composed by the drizzle’s rhythm wets onto the house’s yard (XIV: LXXVI).

Remembered on the servant of river flows onto rice field,
the rice plant submits the bud of heart purity (XIV: LXXVII).

The night’s bird flies in throng from east, their wing’s flapping perpetuates
the dark without any slot, the disappeared of sight is swallowed by the fog of valley (XIV: LXXVIII).

Doesn’t the marble of noon’s sky dazzles the eyes,
while the branches bothers to find out the quiver of chirp (XIV: LXXIX).

By it that the chirp of bird in the cage is fully nervous,
be forced to believe; the others are free without feet’s chain (XIC: LXXX).

The world of dew on leafs of the beach, so many glaring of the sun fertile the cloud
on the park is created tembang of worship and praise of universalism (XIV: LXXXI).

In the ant’s village, thirsty on splendor is united with an embracing of love,
the lake of its heart is kissed as cool as touched on the mist of beauty (XIV: LXXXII).

Thirsty bird steps down the stairs of cloud aims to the edge,
be lightly jumps the stones of tributary, sink its head
gulped and splashing to wet the coolness of pain soul (XIV: LXXXIII)

; the freshmen of wanderer after stretched the thirsty,
this is the well manner as old as a sowing of rice plant’s seeds (XIV: LXXXIV).

The bosom is beat and trembled in the pool of memory,
the long of its vision to be storied (XIV: LXXXV).

The birds of spring season in the romance’s glowing awakes the buried one,
as strong as closes the eyes calls souls that separated in a kissing,
this is the composing of love’s gathering is reached by the soul (XIV: LXXXVI).

The thickness heater on the fontanel of compact increases the body’s temperature
aims to the pole, those are the touching of breaths on the shape (XIV: LXXXVII).

The snowy weather bothers the chiseler of wings words,
pierces the water cruises over the colors of light’s shadow,
wraps the night until the dawn shows its gold feather (XIV: LXXXVIII).

Its silent is saved by the nature, seem that it memorizes the verses of musing,
reverberates spirits of a life (XIV: LXXXIX).

The blue sky welcomes the clouds, the mob of heron waits for the drizzle’s kissing,
its wings is combed on powder of sunlight’s glaring (XIV: XC).

There is spirit in the loneliness without saying; the iron’s grains are stroke down by steels of night,
the ancient air accompanies the yellowing rice field (XIV: XCI).

The surge creates curvature of border’s kite, the child’s whistling
gives fast wind lifts up the mist without counting (XIV: XCII).

The thread represents this, when you don’t understand about the game,
the sleepy one please take a rest, be awaked a passion of flower to be nursed (XIV: XCIII).

In a third of night, the dumb leafs are far away stared
stretching after sleep of warm body on the crawling of stung sunlight,
the desire of depressed logical reasoning is pushed away, the lashing of thunderclap burnt forebode (XIV: XCIV).

The composing of clearly water’s tinkling in frame of your eye’s painting
or relief in the depth of cave of times loneliness (XIV: XCV).

When the sky’s gate is opened, the cloud wades the valley kisses the flower,
its eyes as bright as the night’s glaring, passed by the bitter tongue of lover (XIV: XCVI).

This is the letter that controls to the soul, alike the thunderous of surge cracks on the era,
the flower’s concoction are drank for the sick one retraces the north shore (XIV: XCVII).

Your power grips the heart on the air’s rotation that becomes temple,
the time become stand still like statue on the angel’s face, similar like the poem conspicuous forever (XIV: XCVIII).

The common wealth of her heart, the coolness tinkling of history gets you
have the light, this wise laws is as the bride prize of love and lave of searching atom (XIV: XCIX).

After knew by heart, the breaths burn the paper fulfills the house’s occupied
similar like the fish be alive in the billing of his heart, this dissemination onto the folks (XIV: C).

The blind love infiltrates aim to the secret of the world,
this is the longing of sky meets the earth (XIV: CI).

If the night’s longing in the virgin’s breast, the very bright periods,
the master piece misses forever, as old as to set ocean’s love freely (XIV: CII).

This is the letter of soul’s filler in the human’s bosom is trembled peeps at the love’s curtain,
when the wisdom is sank by the others mankind (XIV: CIII)

; all knowledge evaporates to the cloudy sky,
then the spirit of angel catches for propping (XIV: CIV).

The confusing heart of wave shakes the body of ship aims to the beach of understanding,
love on true direction in your heart as surely to poem won’t never fall off (XIV: CV).

The loyal spirit is seethed, the ballad of your life alike stones
rolls the death picks up flying ride the horse,
be testified of the cloud drapes over on the wanderer’s journey (XIV: CVI).

The eternality comes to you, similar like the queen’s leg unadorned discloses
in your kingdom, doesn’t the best actor always follows on the script? (XIV: CVII).

The singing pierces beyond the limits, the children steps down when the full moon is on the streets,
rules over the nightmare of long sleeping of the rulers (XIV: CVIII).

He up holds the holiness of broken grass, submits for you the drying
as far as the cloud reaches the hill, the rarely rainfall arises the staring (XIV: CIX).

1. Maghrib= the time of sunset prayer.
2. Kaweruh= the understanding of knowledge about mysterious world.
3. Pantun= a kind of traditional poetry; each verses of which consist of two couplet; the first suggest the second by sound or ether similarity.

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