Writer by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

He pours out the command words of the eternality of wave,
the mist overflowing climbs down the peninsula of sky at across island
and the power of yearning is shingled by firmament (XIII: I).

When the eagle are floating, you pulls its soul’s restrains,
the wind- wave are never stop to infiltrate your sand’s core,
that is the shadow of it self had arrived at the gate of waiting (XIII: II).

Releases the ancient’s hugging, treads the feet on the rock,
and then fly with the wings of knowledge passes over the memory (XIII: III).

The yearning promise of universe is testified through your hanging down hair, you
more found the prosperity, in the immeasurable depth (XIII: IV).

When the throne of your logical reasoning is messed up by the storms blown,
dust slices the eyes, on the motherland at the disgraceful dark corner (XIII: V).

Wonder the drizzle falls is increased to flood on the heart’s daydreaming
by in crowded overcast moves to all around of the space of midnight (XIII: VI).

Caresses its soft skin, then shake the candle’s flame of your heart,
it has the love, does not to turn its light off (XIII: VII).

Achieved one and then walk with swaying of hand onto the stage, the quiver of grasses are bent down,
watches the sky, that keeps giving the grains (XIII: VIII).

Behind the sea the foams are running over onto the beach, the face of drizzle be heavy falls to the prayer,
scatters the flower collects the sacred desire of the guarded winning (XIII: IX).

The awareness that as white as the white cotton become snow, be floated and freezing become island
as the land for mist of loving (XIII: X).

Gets out from the grip of eyes, you are lightly
similar like the policy of seeds, heightens the body with its branch (XIII: XI).

The musing of wind on the summits of past trace,
drags the calm sleepy infiltrates into the essence (XIII: XII).

The reaching of in passing bird in the dark of night gives the screaming
shrieks without shows the shadow
and the wink of its eyeballs, is met the willing to flap (XIII: XIII).

The silent is bent down rigidly, waits for the rain returns the memory
aims to the stretching of ocean, your screen aims to mysterious island (XIII: XIV).

In every sees the flower you want to pick it up, but you are far,
be perpetuated through the word, in order to the fragrance are permanently forever (XIII: XV).

The wind and the water are made love and lave, therefore be fair on your straits
if hope to be safe until the village (XIII: XVI).

Devoutly listens to splashing surge onto the ship’s wall,
In order that the nervousness won’t make it sunk (XIII: XVII).

The body’s direction of wave gives the breath to the fog
and the cloud become the rain with the wings of life (XIII: XVIII).

It flies the passion of times away fast aims to your beach
misses in the middle of beauties (XIII: XIX).

The sky makes sound incessantly, the blue surge teaches your soul (XIII: XX).

So many times in churned, and then the surges plunder assaults to the front
aim to wrestling of flirt kisses the cracking lips (XIII: XXI).

The thunderous of sentence attends the weather of cliff unites strong willing,
the straits gathers the power, it had decided by God to be in pair
aims to the wedding carries out the policy of sky (XIII: XXII).

The free one become sacred again approaches to the miracle,
the feeling wave of the first knowledge, heightens the spirit of perfect brain
alike the curvatures of sash drawn the souls of times (XIII: XXIII).

It vomits the heartbeat of surge to crash,
the sand of seashore had graduated, be caressed intimately by the children to
commemorate the sun,
on the peeling of love’s coconut trees flower, is fallen on the wave (XIII: XXIV).

The loves of morning light comforts the fishes in the womb of ocean
which is born by the wish of humanity (XIII: XXV).

Rises your dawn at the flight line of seagull
which is composed by the wave’s lovers (XIII: XXVI).

The star’s wink is the direction of the sailors survives their breaths,
their sailing when you are in deep sleeping in the cradle of intimate love (XIII: XXVII).

The awareness floats the loves follows the every rules of the air
without limit of your attending alike the people of essence’s searcher (XIII: XXVIII).

The throb of dry season’s weather is rolling, at the tongue of surge of a licking salt,
in throng beats down the roosted chugging, washes the sandy fishes (XIII: XXIX).

The wave is lifted up to caress the rock foreland, the sword’s flashing slithers
as sharp as draws the desire at the cove of a tear (XIII: XXX).

Wear such a robe of the guerilla’s shadow be awaked the prisoner
but don’t be bowed at the slope of wine’s garden (XIII: XXXI).

It scream; catches the passion, feels the tinkling sound of shaking inner heart
and dances, you will be lifted up onto the summits of primary (XIII: XXXII).

Be moved to the front answers the emptiness of sad fill the space of pain,
this is the news about the coming of freedom of suppressed souls (XIII: XXXIII).

Who point the arrow is exactly to the heart, licks the fresh blood
be wiped out without remains? The wrong direction one is just bones left as remains (XIII: XXXIV).

Conscripts the buried ones, composes the cloudy sea pushes the night,
passes over it with the seriousness of wind, when the fires is intercepting your eyes (XIII: XXXV).

Don’t spoils because the whip lashing breaks the hearing,
will run head over heels as long as the sky is in bruised (XIII: XXXVI).

The fragrance of wild flower confuses the imaginations of pedestrian
as pure as the cleanness of mountain water washes your body,
alike the star believes on its light (XIII: XXXVII).

The grains of seashore’s sand are symbolized the soft caress of the ocean
but why are you seen so sad and pale? (XIII: XXXVIII).

It brings but doesn’t trough the ear only, embrace you is really pay good attention
to the softness, the singing behind the hills, you are the witness of beach’s heart (XIII: XXXIX).

The symbols lands the row of sentences, tomorrow will be moved
from energy is plugged by the hunk of steam’s pile (XIII: XL).

Slide at the time of holy word’s lines also the names
by the wonderfully rug of soul universe of the wanderer (XIII: XLI).

Watches and kisses for indeed of fresh bosom fully value
and then no need to doubt again (XIII: XLII).

If turns around don’t be too far, enough on the smiling will know
the quiver of your personality propagation flows a knitted of little cute string,
approves to process the field with the hand of softness (XIII: XLIII).

Performs the sparkler to entertain on the singled night,
the exhilaration of the winked stars attractive to meet the eyes,
as firm as the body be shake by spirit, the glass’s water is poured out on the dress (XIII: XLIV).

You are wet with fully trust, fondles the night until the dawn comes,
the flowers are wiped out on the hand of season that is changed on the renewal, seem noisy- foam is squeezed, be flopped to vomit the freshmen (XIII: XLV).

Be hoped on you will be more waits for the coming of old age,
be locked in the space- time in the teaching of age (XIII: XLVI).

The edge of limits of yearning is passed, the stones squeezes without continuously (XIII: XLVII).

It is run forth to leave them behind,
aims to the strange conviction that very silent (XIII: XLVIII)

; releases the noisy without knowing on doubt is enjoyed,
while they deems that it is only invent (XIII: XLIX).

It invites to come here for collects the salt on the bosom swells out surge,
the smiling of beach’s curvature, be poured out passes through the throat of firmament (XIII: L).

Bring your empty kendis, it fulfills it with the dew of heaven
through the fingers picks up the holiness (XIII: LI).

The procession of tributary as heavy as the beginning of times goes to the estuary
as sharp as the dust to the looking of eyes are splattered to slice, the branches are cut off
the scattered leafs multitude be dropped off by the wind of beach (XIII: LII).

The hurricanes are ward off by rapid rate blesses the story of night
be decorated with the lamps on the middle town square of stillness (XIII: LIII).

Nurse the campfire in order that whole village have eyes like guard
whom be furious glance on the billowing smoke at the place of beginning news (XIII: LIV).

You passes the track of way home, the past writing does not just memory,
cleans the dusty forehead, the prayers penetrate the climbing is arrived (XIII: LV).

Welcome to the heart’s consciousness sanctifies the freedom of love gives the way
at the sunless of will rising dawn (XIII: LVI).

The seawater has fast wind, is caught by the night’s rules in the rhythm of wave,
swallows the sun alike steals the inheritance property (XIII: LVII).

The stolen one splats the fire of your courage, in every its flaring is flame of everlasting,
nail the feet of fall a sleep interferer (XIII: LVIII).

The quiet soul will be added more than the stolen,
its glory reflects the light of heart’s peace (XIII: LIX).

The thief is caught by the trouble, is swallowed by useless flood,
and is horrified explains each other, releases the understanding (XIII: LX).

For the one who follows will get the misfortune, the unlucky day tails at him, the one who steals
your calm and quiet is more seized of his time, the most secret in the wounded of soul (XIII: LXI).

Supreme owner of the elders, serve their children to search the wisdom of feeling,
perfects the collection and the beauty of sunlight, shines to the loyal moon (XIII: LXII).

The determined guarded one, is gave enough of the generosity (XIII: LXIII).

The disaster’s night of the robber, the eyes is brained by the legal owner,
be frighten of legacy man are gone, after the nervous hang around (XIII: LXIV).

The awareness of clock’s second spindle are fallen onto the floor freezes the asceticism practicing,
this is the universe of inner heart in the world of realizing (XIII: LXV).

It promised before the words are chiseled enough, the steps visit the heart of
mankind are blessed by the silent of the heart’s wailing, is contained with the air lies down of its self (XIII: LXVI).

The fingers paint the eyes of dew onto the weighted grasses,
the curving river of green valley at across season is caressed by it (XIII: LXVII).

The waiting of light is reflected by plate of glass,
the eyeballs dumb to receive each other (XIII: LXVIII).

Alas the night’s bird, follow to revolve the earth means the seed, the guard
picks up the surge’s vibrating, infiltrate softly breaks trough the deep sleep of morning (XIII: LXIX).

To the soft touching, the calm and quiet lies down the sweetheart,
and slackens the all kind of ropes, for the steps won’t be numb (XIII: LXX).

Goes down along the policy of ship’s moving, onto every visited island looks for the supplies
of boring tired remover of be lazy to sail, a wavelength of old prejudice (XIII: LXXI).

The consciousness is bent down shy by the arrogance of boy, be restrained
the desire inhibits, is scattered so much glittered light (XIII: LXXII).

The young girl be worried to grow up become adult, alike butterflies on the bud of flowers,
the charming of curve upward of eyelashes aims to the estuary, the odor doesn’t only until the ocean as limit (XIII: LXXIII).

It climbs the daydreaming on the warm dancing of introducing, be more distinct of the revolving
of world disperses the color, and you begins to fall down because of the love (XIII: LXXIV).

Saliva really wets the sticky tongue to the summits of spacious, at
the night of wood’s branch, becomes real on the shaking of gathered leafs (XIII: LXXV)

; the dew of soul’s calm and quiet
this is the uncovering of times that never stop to pick up the wisdom (XIII: LXXVI).

Be tense and exited with enthusiasm in the empty room, be realized that the days are covered apart by the sweat that
plow the rice field while looking on the orange bride of sunset (XIII: LXXVII).

The river water flows and to lead the broken stalk, its inner heart is swimming
to disperse the beating of clean heart, and if the flapping nurses the bird’s wings,
its desire fulfills the blue of sky with nervous hand of the chiseler (XIII: LXXVIII).

Play the flute sings the night’s song, the swelter of sun at its time,
the past receiving, just left to miss the peace (XIII: LXXIX).

The beauty of doubt that really far away without supplies, empty at the place of fulfilled
then the sky is cheerfully, while the diligent boys steps his feet again (XIII: LXXX).

The air enters the door, it sit alone, the yelling of courage is come,
the chirp of friendly bird in your soul’s jungle
sees the branch is touched by absolute hesitation (XIII: LXXXI).

The powerless one is stabbed by the knife of certainty, the blood- time are freezing in the stove,
be fluted on the emptiness of alliance is searched, after incarnated become the air (XIII: LXXXII).

A pair of wanderer’s eyes is sadly, rides on the flying horse,
the sound of its feet’s steps and its wings are fast to fly away into hunting forest of sun
similar like the arrow of arc to the ground are fallen by blessing of the destiny of tired (XIII: LXXXIII).

The face is commotion when accept the time’s connection, the drizzle breaks through the dry land,
a wiping of dust also leafs are freshened after dry season’s face was roasted,
this is the warm of romance assimilates the horizon of great east (XIII: LXXXIV).

The tributary stretches up to the stones,
be cut off by damn of your little feet (XIII: LXXXV).

As soft as the question of hope that interrupted by despair,
the flowing of awareness is thrown that came from the flopping (XIII: LXXXVI).

The thick smoke is copulated with night, awakes the air licks sharply,
the old norms are forgotten, incarnates become illness that act like king (XIII: LXXXVII)

; the claw of torture in the whole niche of soul, the sunless shadow behind the light,
pierces the dark finds hesitation (XIII: LXXXVIII).

The ray of your light on paper and the pen of decider to be reigned,
the ink of honor is innocent to meet the meaning (XIII: LXXXIX).

Be fell head long by thickness in armpit of very quiet, the roaming ghosts accost
on the water source’s lamentation is dogged by loyal promise in every times talk (XIII: XC).

The dry grasses is picked up by the birds to tie the stalks,
the air is whistled drags the cloud of sign creates the nest be immediately to go home (XIII: XCI)

; the stars are attended to decorate the sharp of coarse grasses, a counter of kissing on
cold fontanel is ordered by continuously heavy rainfall (XIII: XCII).

The bird’s flight folds the time assembles the shaded nest,
the silent of yearning in the whole heart visits the beautifulness of the lake (XIII: XCIII)

; as clean as the mirror is tempted by the warm of water, while the air is the element of your soul
be adhered with the power of wiling, melts the space of time on a lotus (XIII: XCIV).

There is the flame of candle on the stone under the night,
each of its splat creates the biting of fire (XIII: XCV)

; receive it when falls in love, language of body is told by the act,
dances as soft as the rice plant are continued to the morning, and the wind of kite
in the logical reasoning of strings, floats the wood’s bone and skin of paper (XIII: XCVI).

In the room of time’s court, the beginning of copulation passes over the music of silent,
continuously face of guitar’s string is replaced by the string for fishing will hurt the fingers (XIII: XCVII)

; become more powerful in the serious conversation, the wind creeps the hairy skin,
the fear is cured by the hope, and then the ghosts are passed away (XIII: XCVIII).

The over revenge digs the depth of oil source
and the gold mine of war on recompense (XIII: XCIX)

; its silent accompanies the fingers to paint the ocean with wings on surge,
saved on your heartbeat aim to the embracing of fish’s bosom,
the laughing and joking comes- goes trough the door continues to be swayed by the streets of sad (XIII: C).

The testimony of wave’s prayer is replied each other nurses the beach,
while the smoke of yellow sandalwood pierces the level of cloud- cumulus (XIII: CI).

Shocks the rhythms of lake disperses the sign on your face,
the lied down dew is drank for really, the morning is ended (XIII: CII).

The air blown flies the straw that is scattered on the farmer’s sweat,
pounds the rice plants in the rice barn of ruyong of possibility to go back (XIII: CIII).

Before realized the war’s cradle won’t be stopped, a spindle of intention is struggled,
covers up the dress by sword torn and poke of sharp period (XIII: CIV).

Lets follow the dancing of flopping wave’s ocean makes salt,
loosens the smell of your corpse, since from facing on the surge aim to the hinterland (XIII: CV)

; among the sacrifice there is fidgety, the passed days
at the time of your logical reasoning after deep sleep to rise up, there is no nervous made a nest (XIII: CVI).

The century is passed over by the sincerity, without the blocking screen means conservatism
and the time is come for understands the words, your weather enters the body of wave (XIII: CVII).

You wade the ceiling of bats fly at night, the pulling of anxious on
reflection of too old soul, be represented by unwilling of the baby to cry (XIII: CVIII).

You are confusing action to find the hole to come out through the door- window, the darkness of night
without opener, the heat of curious is awaked by the flopping souls (XIII: CIX).

Then who was throwing your shadow onto the wall nursed by light? (XIII: CX).

Onto the rug surface of grass, it feels the silent is greeted to wind, be chocked
before the ink is finished from the hunger, the bones are closer, from the birth- death (XIII: CXI).

1. Ruyong=hard exterior of palm trunk.

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