Written by Olyrinson
Translated by Agus B.Harianto

The twilight assaulted that woman at veranda when the sun was very low and hazy that started to go down. The cold wind dropped leafs off and made them wafted to the holes of heaping land’s scratching. The drizzle may be fall soon. That woman rolled her hair and tied it with rubber tier. She just finished to bathe didn’t feel so nervous like that time. Lanjutkan membaca “SANDY CLAY”


By Danarto
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

At a chalk hill which is all around growth by date tree in Town of Jericho, Palestine, three child seem suddenly discontinued their game which at beginning those children were chasing each other. Those three children, each were about twelve years old, were staring at to space. There was something in the sky too interesting in order to be paid attention. A remarkable object was level of, precisely giant stone block, gold color wrapped by orange, was wafting slowly from east direction to the west. A lump of light was more bright than sunshine. Lanjutkan membaca “STAR OF BETHLEHEM”


Written by Ahmad Thohari
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

The bus I took entered Cirebon bus station when the sun almost reached summit of the sky. The stinging sun increased the heat of old diesel engine to roast that bus along with its contents. Fortunately, the bus was not so full that each passenger doesn’t have to stand close one another to have body contact. But on my left side someone used newspaper fan just to blow the smell of sweat trough the air. Behind, the cigarette smoke came out of a man’s mouth that in his half sleepy condition. Lanjutkan membaca “THE BEGGAR AND “SHOLAWAT BADAR””