Written by Nurel Javissyarqi *
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

I compared reformation with stomach ache, defecation for cleaning, laundering. While the revolution, like a toothache, a process where tensions of brain occurs and constrict circulation of the air of freshness. Till engenders pressures that takes irrepressible pain. It is derived from unbalance material process, dirty in sphere of politics.

As so many repeated mistaken incarnated lumps of explosion, definitely cries came out of pain conditions occurred. Scream yet to be meant, not to be understood before the advent of the freedom of time on nerves slack of momentarily flexibility. It will disturb sense of societal, and someday will meet the rebellion.

Some say this is caused by taken colds. Too many discourses swallowed by indigenous without regarding to the high value or simply rumor. Where patterns of critical analysis were not embedded, inviting speculators, and then interpretation of value scatterbrained, broken into the pieces. Signs are tension of idealists still confined to the material needs, transformed to the demands and make the whiny character.

It should be underlined, that toothache is complexities sense of logic. Mind that is often used with a smart and agile, nimble in taking the substance of outside discourse by the distance of self, but it still less paid attention to the effect which in happens. So that the symptoms of dirty had ingested becomes the most critical issues when it comes to create a work as a destination.

Substantively, the tension of revolution could have been avoided, so we won’t be so misery. But could it be? The magnitude began to occur, increasingly cornered in the waiting room called the breath of silence. Hence the revolution is necessary to reach the top of the highest consciousness on the reality of chaos, turmoil that bated from wild motivation, or it had been referred to the early as emergence of taken colds.

But the purpose of it, it does not mean taking the teeth out that always drag into delicacy. We can fix it with cleaning environment, adding nutrients; beside we need a full break, in order to restore the power. Through taking relax, when an alternative healing was started. With great care, high sense of humanity, and continue to use the considerations of reason, will be figured out when to stop, when tensions began to encourage the attitude to the bad.

The reality of teeth hole must be accepted consciously, to facilitate the healing techniques. Plus it is supported by several elements; massage and the clergies give enlightening, medicine of the experts. And over here, the positive suggestions are even worth to run, because the toothache is not detained, hence any help to decrease the pain is needed. Peaceful environment, the dialogue is not patronizing, or anything we should swallow such as medicinal roots.

After all elements were under control of the supreme leader of the highest consciousness, the total revenue in the implementation enables the resolved crisis. So it must been began with very carefully consideration, in order not to disturb the smell of revolution. Doesn’t the smell of revolution into other spheres give bad result, and most of it is in the form of anarchist satisfaction.

We should discuss the meaning of balance as well here; between bureaucrats and the public within the consciousness, that indeed a revolution. There are confusing situations at one hand for those who are not ready to accept it. Fully tension, argued each other, if it does not cleaned with gargle, such a kind of finishing stage of the revolution.

The meaning of revolution is not at one stroke, but the repetition of self-aware of the situation, the reality of teeth hole, by evolving the possibilities, so the pain tooth wouldn’t be uprooted. Or we have to critically deal with every issue, so there won’t be any social jealousies. For those who know the problems in government, don’t be pretentious presumptuous, though he is a doctor of democracy.

Noteworthy too, we must dare to tackle the symptoms of magnitude of the infiltration of discourse, with accurate analysis and soft feeling, humanitarian management tools. At another time and space it must be calculated, so the times do not focus on just one tooth. This wouldn’t be going up if the pain is still vibrating body of the country. But we could get out of the precarious situation by draining a cold sweat over the work, the spirit to develop other sectors. But the whole things must be aimed for the improvement of the tooth that sucked a lot of the government’s concern at that time.

There should be amelioration to harmonious information channels, which capable to be salutary to the body of the nation. Aspects needed to be maintained is always measure the body temperature and air pressure of warmth. Because, no matter how cold the area or how freezing the information is really determining the pressure of low temperatures. And from the impermanence obstruction was back again, which automatically resulted an emergency, or relapse.

Hence, the harmony of all elements of the bodies of state should be sung well, with the flute of love and peace. At another side is also concerned things that could carry the toothache into pyorrhea. In here we are demanded not merely comply to the order of the doctor of democracy, but also viewing other impacts. Considering to the expensive of medicine or fuel, the problem of a rigid governance structure. Or even turned around to the situation such as the earlier, eat the delicious without obey the bad result for the teeth. It is similar like the demand of need that doesn’t appropriate with the government budget.

We can not manipulate the state of emergency with-roaring party of independence, such as the disposal of funds that are not properly given. In order not to be repeated the state of crisis, we need to concern or we use the language called suspicious. Suspect to the gestures of the government that could engender the collapse of funds, just like the budget for car only to be seen flashy, in other case we were still having toothache.

We could remodel this view with frugality in all fields, but not to the sector clearly needed, such as cases of famine are still hit everywhere, especially in the suburbs. So there should be a room for conversation, information exchange on all sphere, transparent, continuance calculations to attain fidelity of form, the truth effective-efficient.

These are goals or dreams? But, when all nations of the body had a dream in the whole thing, didn’t organs feel isolated, and then found the ultimate consciousness. The realities of togetherness of working mingle with the gestures of the government. And foreign investors just remembered, without seeing the origin of the pain that lodged in the depths of us, children of the nation.

Therefore, we must reconsider the sense of reasoning, in order not to be in stagnate condition, or food between teeth which creates another toothache. The top of consciousness is total revenue with feel the pain of all over the body of state, members of the government and the people take the debt as capital to climb up the time even up so difficult and cautiously. In order not to fall back within the misguided capitalism structure, extortion that only invites enjoyment for a moment as a sort procession of shaman vein. It will recur, if not exactly with a fundamental consciousness, it is not merely nonsense.

We could not solve all by overrides the pain, or with only modest care, preaching of the braggart who makes pain in the stomach, caught a cold, and so forth. In here, we should be conscious, the distance between the sick and healing there is immeasurable pleasure, an exciting form. And hopefully what it feels towards complete recovery. Any form of government, most importantly it’s all for the prosperity of all kind of people, amin.

*) Wanderer from village Kendal-Kemlagi, Karanggeneng, Lamongan, East Java.
2005, written at the secretariat of SPL (Serikat Petani Lampung), Surabayan region, Bandar Lampung.

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